Backstage At The Concert Part 2

Backstage at the Concert PT. 2

Lila McCann, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw & Gary Allan

Written By: Spyder

Codes: Anal, Oral, Rape, Toys

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is intended for adults only. If you continue to read, you will do so at own risk.

Lying quietly on the floor, Lila thought her problems where over after the men had pounded on her sore body, but it wasn’t over at that point. A now naked Faith Hill, who joined in towards the end added in her sexual deviance and is now preparing to continue while Tim and Gary rest.
Lila’s need to gain revenge will have to wait for the next period of time as Faith continues what the men have started.

Reaching in her overnight bag, Faith pulls out her favorite sex toy, a strap on that she will use shortly. She walks over to a prone, bruised and bloody Lila, kisses her mouth, then her ass and then ending with her pussy. She licks the cum that covers her hairy cunt, sucks her clit and slowly moves up to her tits. Seeing some spooge on her boobs, Faith licks the white goo from her flesh, and then starts to slap her large mammaries around with authority. Lila cries as her friend or so she thought punches her stomach as she fist fucks her pussy, which is already aching from the attacks on it from the men in the room. Hearing her stomach growl Lila is in need of food, but knows until this is all over she has to wait to eat.

The growling seems to have set Faith off, as she straps on the huge dildo and moves to use it on the prone singer. Rearing back, Faith takes a deep drive in the ass of the younger blonde. Lila yells out loud, thus waking up Tim, who takes his dick and shoves it in Lila’s mouth. She gags, as never has a man drove anything in her mouth. In and out the married couple ram the mouth and ass of Miss McCann, Tim slaps her head after Lila took a little bite of his cock, Faith looks forward and drives her ass even harder once she realizes what has happened. Tim explodes in her mouth as a load of cum shoots inside, Faith looks again, but continues by slamming her fist in the buttocks of Lila.

Lila’s tears are ignored as Tim lifts the aching body and slams his cock in her ass. By this time Faith has removed the dildo from the white ass and plunges it even harder into Lila’s bloody pussy. Two of Lila’s holes are being raped over and over again, as a now wakened Gary slams his cock in her mouth. Nearly passing out, Lila takes a breath as Gary face fucks her, reaching the back of her throat every time he drives forward, making Lila gag each time. Close to puking, Lila holds back and wonders when all this will end. Faith steps back and sit down as the men fuck Lila; she has swallowed another load of cum, this time Gary Allan’s load. Tim shoots his cuz on her ass and pussy, while Faith masturbates off to the side. Faith squats over Lila’s face, lowers her shaven twat above her lips and yells to her to eat and now. Tim is shocked, as Faith has never asked him to eat while he sits on his face. Unfazed, Gary fucks Lila one more time.

Noticing that Lila is about to pass out, the onslaught stops as Faith licks the inside of Lila’s cunt, getting every drop of her cum. Gary and Tim sit tired as they watch Faith slap Lila a few more times. Lila finally heaves the loads of jism, as the trio dress and leave. The bruised star begins to form the plan that will get the revenge she so badly wants, but it will entail recruiting….

The End

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