Backstage At The Lilith Fair [Parts 1-3]

Disclaimer: The following tale is a fictitious story, involving a detailed
account of a sexual encounter between three real women. If such concepts as
lesbianism, oral sex, anal sex, or other similar types of sexual activities
offend you, or you are in anyway prohibited by law from viewing the following
material, please do not read any further.

* Backstage at the Lilith Fair *
by Mr X.


Paula Cole sat on the edge
of her small feather bed in her
trailer, backstage at the Lilith Fair, somewhere in upstate New York. It
was August, and very hot indeed. Paula was wearing a light, flowy dress,
and as was usual for her, nothing underneath. Her silk dress was unbuttoned
from her ankle to her waist. Her slender honey-colored legs sticking out of
her dress, parted wide open. Between her lovely thighs was the pretty face of
Sarah McLachlan. She was dressed much more conservatively, in a white cotton
tee-shirt, and a pair of denim cut-offs. Her rich red hair was draped across
Paula’s legs, as she lapped away at Paula’s hairless lips. Both were
barefoot, trying to keep cool, their skin covered with a thin sheen of sweat.
Paula propped her self up on the bed with her elbows, her head back, her
face frozen in a state of ecstasy. Both had finished their sets with standing
ovations, but the real rewards hadn’t come until now. Or should I
"OH MY!" Paula moaned, her slender fingers running through
Sarah’s hair, pulling her as close as possible. "Someone must be
hungrrrrrryyyyy ooohhhh…"
"It’s hard not to be with this beautiful pussy in my face,
honey." Remarked Sarah, kissing the slick swollen lips in front of her.
"I love your tongue inside me, baby. Just promise you won’t
stop!" Pleaded Paula, slipping a finger into the side of Sarah’s lovely warm
"I may have to sexy," Sarah breathed huskily, "There’s a lot
of you I haven’t licked tonight…"
Just then, in walked Jewel, who had just finished her set on
stage. She looked ravishing as always, in a short black dress, which spanned
between the middle of her chest to her upper thighs. Her gorgeous bronze skin
was also slick with sweat, and the very tight little dress made what wasn’t
showing look like it needed to. Her hair was tied back, and only a few golden
strands had slipped down to frame her beautiful face.
"Paula, do you have any-ice?" The pretty young singer’s face
was frozen with shock, at the sight of these two beautiful young women, whom
she had know until just now to be straight, engaged in heated and sweaty sex.
>From the doorway, she had a clear view of Paula’s panting face, and Sarah’s
shapely rear pointed straight out at her.
"Oh, damn, I’m soo sorry I’ll come back…" Jewel stuttered, and began to
back out of the trailer.
Startled by the Jewel’s pretty voice, Sarah looked up and
turned her head to see the girl, her face still partly coated in Paula’s sweet
cum. Before she could say anything, the very straight-forward Paula spoke up,
in an attempt to ensnare Jewel and her supple young body out of that dress and
into a threesome.
"Oh Jewel, you don’t have to go anywhere," Paula said,
pulling Sarah up on to the bed very close beside her. Sarah purred and pressed
her body in closer. "We were just having a little ‘post-show celebration.’"
Paula voiced seductively, sliding a hand around Sarah, and under her shirt to
her soft right breast.
"You should join us, sweet thing," purred Sarah, as Paula
continued to rub and fondle her breast and stomach beneath her v-neck
tee-shirt, her skin sticky with sweat. "We’re having quite a good time."
"Gee, I really appreciate the offer, but I’m not really
into that sort of thing…I think my boyfriend is waiting for me back at my
trailer." Jewel quickly said, again starting to edge out.
"I don’t think so, baby," Paula said, not willing to let
this sweet little piece of tail get away untasted. "Sarah, honey, why don’t
you go help our friend make herself more comfortable…" she husked into
Sarah’s ear, taking the lobe between her teeth, then tapping her on her tight
Sarah quickly rose, and strutted across the carpet,
closing the door, and locking it. Before Jewel could say anything, Sarah
pressed against her from behind, wrapping her arms around her waist. When she
started to squirm, Sarah ignored it, and pressed her mound against Jewel’s
round bottom, one hand straying from her waist to Jewel’s crotch, and gently
began to rub.
"Baby, you don’t have to talk or anything, just let me do
it all.." Sarah cooed in the girl’s ear, as she continued to rub her slit
through her clothes, and now began to plant a series of wet kisses on the
smooth shoulders and neck.
"Maybe I can stay just a minute," Jewel stuttered, her
pretty eyes closed. "Oh that’s lovely, Sarah…" the girl groaned as she
rubbed her ass against Sarah’s crotch, and she quickly kicked off her heels,
her beautiful bare feet touching down on the soft carpet.
"Lets get you out of this dress, honey," Sarah murmured
between kisses, and then pulled the thin black straps off of Jewel’s
shoulders, and momentarily pulled her body away, allowing the little black
dress to slip quickly to the floor between them. This now revealed Jewel’s
smooth slim back, and firm tummy. Her bra and panties wear matching black
satin. "Oh I love your underwear," Sarah whispered, slyly slipping her
fingers into the girls panties. "They’re sooo sexy."
"Thanks." Jewel moaned between clenched teeth, stealing
a glimpse of Paula on her bed, who had now shed her clothes, lying on her
stomach, fingering herself, mesmerized by the seduction which was occurring
before her.
Jewel then turned in Sarah’s arms, and in a brief
moment, shed her bra. Sarah’s gaze dropped at the sight of the young woman’s
perfect tits, and the engaged in a soft playful kiss. Sarah’s tongue slipped
between Jewels full lips, as she pulled the girl close against her. Jewel
moaned softly as the redhead nibbled her bottom lip gently, and in a bold
reply, slipped her soft hands up Sarah’s back, touching her soft damp skin.
Sarah took the hint, and paused their kiss to pull off her soaked tee-shirt.
As Jewel had guessed, Sarah was not wearing a bra. Her mouth greeted Jewel’s
once more, briefly, and then slid wetly down the girl’s throat to her full
young breasts. Jewel’s breath became heated as Sarah lapped at her sweat
sticky skin, planting wet kisses and dragging her clever tongue all over her
tits. As she reached her brown nipples, Jewel began to moan, and this only
made Sarah hotter. She sucked hard on each little nub, squeezing Jewel’s hot
ass in her hand simultaneously. All Jewel could think to do was use both hands
to press Sarah’s head tightly to her, not wanting it to stop. Sarah,
encouraged by this began to bite the little nubs, meanwhile sneaking her hands
around between the two of them, her index fingers hooking the waist band of
Jewel’s soaking wet little panties, and pulled them down to her knees, all
the while sucking and biting like crazy, her tongue rubbing all over the tips
of sweet flesh between her teeth, moaning and panting just as hard as the nude
girl in her arms. Jewel’s head was spinning, and it took all of her remaining
concentration to slide the sticky panties down her bronze shins and fling them
away. Then, wanting to see Sarah’s wet cunt, she fumbled blindly with the
button on the girl’s cut-offs. Distracted near completely by the fabulous
sensations of Sarah’s greedy mouth, Jewel struggled to pull down the zipper
fly, and at last, pulled them down. Still sucking and nibbling Jewel’s now
bruised nipples, Sarah kicked off the shorts, and quickly pulled her own
panties off. She quickly handed them to the girl, and then a familiar hand
guided her head back to Jewel’s chest. Jewel smelled the wet panties, and
then dropped them to the floor beside them. Sarah’s hands again found
themselves on Jewel’s luscious ass, and a single index finger snuck into
Jewel’s brown asshole. Jewel squealed in pleasure, and pulled Sarah’s head
close again.
"Make love to me." Jewel whispered seductively into Sarah’s ear,
and they dropped to the carpet.


Sarah dropped to her knees, and the angelic young Jewel seated
herself indian-style, facing her. Sarah dropped to all fours, and began to
lope towards Jewel, her hungry eyes fixed on the girl’s gorgeous young body.
The gritted her teeth and growled.
"Grrrr…." She snarled, her round breasts hovering gorgeously
over the rug, as she pawed closer.
Jewel’s face lit up. She grinned, and licked her lips, her
eyes beaming. "Come get me, you slut." She snarled back playfully, parting
her legs slightly, revealing her beautiful glistening slit.
This was too much, and Sarah pounced. Her prey giggled loudly
and fell to her back. Sarah now had her ideal position; directly on top of
this sweaty gleaming goddess. Her mouth descended on the young Alaskan’s and
again there was a heated kiss. As their mouths sloppily met, smearing saliva
all across each other’s faces, Sarah ground her body against the girl’s below
her. Their round breasts mushed together, their wet mounds greedily rubbing
together. Sarah ran her hands through Jewel’s silky golden hair, touseling it
as they kissed. Jewel’s hands meanwhile, busily rubbed all over Sarah’s
smooth back, scratching up and down her back like a cat in heat. Again,
Sarah’s mouth began the sloppy transition to Jewel’s sore little nipples.
"Oh thank you honey, yeah give me more!" Jewel moaned,
arching up hard against her partner’s body. " Suck my little titties. Oh
please, bite them and suck them! Your hot little mouth gets me soo
And she wasn’t kidding. As Sarah again began teething on
Jewel’s bruised little nipples, her juices began to flow. Her toned, sticky
thighs intertwined with Sarah’s, as she moaned and panted. Sarah nipped and
sucked the little nubs, occasionally pausing to plant a bright red hicky on
the soft flesh nearby, or drag a wet tongue up the sensitive undersides of
Jewel’s tits. The young girl’s hands worked in response to her partner’s hot
mouth, pinching and groping the sticky spongy flesh of Sarah’s ass, squeezing
at every bite.
"Ohhh, uuunnnhhhhh. Oh I love it I love it I love it! Keep
fucking my tits. They hurt, but it feels sooo good. UUUUUunnnnnnnhhhhhhh!!!!"
Sarah slowly began to lower herself on this luscious young
body. Though her tits were a lot of fun to play with, she was starting to
smell the perfumy treasure about 12 inches below. Her tongue darted and
pranced across the golden flesh of Jewel’s belly, as her teeth dragged
steadily downward. Using her hands to hold the beautiful body where she wanted
it, she nipped and left wet kisses all over and around Jewel’s navel.
Jewel could only guess what was to come, and so she remained
silent, her hands running through Sarah’s thick red hair, concentrating on
the sensation of her lover’s touch. As the mouth moved dangerously close to
her little pussy, Jewel closed her eyes and braced herself. But the sensation
never came. Instead the little mouth moved misteriously away. But before she
could open her eyes or even protest, she felt it again, now on her ankle.
She knew she was being teased, and loved it, knowing the pleasure would
arrive soon.
Sarah planted wet kisses all over Jewel’s gorgeous feet and
ankles, playfully tugging on a leather ankle bracelet with her teeth. Soon
she was kissing her way up slender calves, and then at last the sweet sticky
skin of the girl’s inner thighs. Pausing to nip and bite the soft warm flesh,
which was greeted with giggles, she knew that at last it was time to fuck this
little princess.
"Here we go," Sarah warned, and with that her hands slid up
Jewel’s thighs to the lush pubic hair of the girl’s sweet young twat. A single
finger slid between Jewel’s pink, swollen lips from her asshole to her clit.
A large moan from her subject announced the start of the oral sex. Sarah’s
tongue slipped between the lips, and slid up and down several times. Using
her hands to steady the girl’s already bucking thighs, her lips encompassed
the swollen little clit. And she sucked very hard, making wet slushy noises
as she did it.
"Ohhhh fuck…fuck me…..unnnhh yeah, oh yeah! Your hot
little mouth..ooooohh, just suck and suck….mmmmmm use your tongue! Oh you
feel soo good in me!" Jewel cried aloud, clutching Sarah’s head tightly to
her crotch. "MMMMMM…yeah! Ohhh, finger my asshole Sarah! Fuck me!
Fuuuuuckkkk meeeeee

And doing as instructed, Sarah snaked a finger into
Jewel’s naughty asshole again. Wetting it first in the Jewel’s sloppy puss,
she began to pump her finger in and out of Jewel’s ass as she fucked her
simulatneously with her mouth. Her lips brushed the girl’s opening, as her
tongue pumped in and out, sliding all over. Occasionally she would pause to
bite and suck the sexy girl’s tender clit.
"Mmm you taste so good baby…..come for mommy…" Sarah
moaned as she enjoyed the taste filling her mouth and coating her face, as she
ground her face hard against Jewel’s mound. Faster and faster she licked and
sucked, biting and pumping the girl’s ass, again and again. In and out in
and out in and out in and out….
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhooooohhhh!!!!!" Jewel squeeled pressing
hard into the pretty, wet young face. " I’m coming honey…..get
enormous sigh, and a cummy grin from the lovely Sarah, they collapsed in each
other’s arms, panting and sweating.

Sarah awoke later to the sound of rummaging around in the
trailer’s small bathroom. Jewel, her sexy little angel, and new-found
lover, stepped out fully dressed, or at least as dressed as anyone could be
in the little black dress she had been, and now again, was wearing. Her hair
was wet from the shower, and Sarah watched in awe of her amazing glow as she
slipped her delicate feet into her shoes. Sarah imagined the sensation of
putting on those little black satin panties again, still sticky with cum after
getting clean again in the shower. It must’ve felt so dirty! She thought….
And soo good… She still lay there sticky and naked in the heat, covered
only with a single sheet. She was just starting to notice that Paula, who had
so intently watched them fuck, had vanished, when Jewel opened her pretty
"Wow, Sarah, thank you soo much," Jewel started, like a
little girl expressing graditude for a present. Sarah grinned beautifully at
the girl’s adorable innocence. It made her wanna fuck her again. "I mean I’ve
never had my pussy eaten like that in my life.." she exclaimed excitedly.
"With your little poot, it’s easy…" she grinned back at Jewel.
"Maybe we could do it again some time," the girl giggled
"The sooner the better, sexy." Purred Sarah, her eyes livid
in the dim light, it was now dusk.
"Well anyway, I have a date, so I guess I’ll see you around
before we move out for Boston tomorrow." Jewel said, and at that, she turned
to leave.
"You mean you’re…leaving…now?…But..but…" stuttered
Sarah, shocked that she would take such advantage of her pleasures.
"Hey, I’ve gotta go, sorreeee…" Jewel exclaimed with
false-reluctance as she headed out the doorway.
"I don’t think so," growled Paula, stopping Jewel in the
doorway from the other side. She was dressed in a tank top and a pair of
jeans, she had a bag of ice under her arm, and in her hand, she was holding
a bottle of champagne. "You’re not going anywhere, you little slut.
Apparently you aren’t familiar with how our ‘celebrations’ work. You’ve gotta
earn your pleasure, honey. And besides," she scolded sternly, her pretty
brow furrowed, "you haven’t cum nearly enough yet." And with a devilish smirk
from Paula, and a woeful whimper from Jewel, she pushed the girl back into
the trailer again, following her in, and closing the door tightly behind her.
And as Paula locked the door and shut the bolt, Sarah sighed a sigh of
relief, and giggled to herself. They weren’t done with their little sex toy
yet. And it was a good thing, because she was really horny; and this time it

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