Backstage At The Teen Choice Awards

As with any other story on CSSA, this is just fantasy. The celebrities in the story don’t act like this in real life. Comments, suggestions go here- Enjoy the story.

Backstage At The Teen Choice Awards

By Buckeye Mike

Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez (f/f, oral)

Miley thanked everybody for coming and waved goodbye as she made her way backstage as the Teen Choice Awards were ending. She headed to her dressing room and flopped down on the couch, thankful the show was over. A knock on the door a couple of minutes later startled
her as her publicist popped her head in “Hey Miley, great show tonight” she said as Miley stood up. “Yea, it was pretty awesome” Miley said as she grabbed a bottle of water and took a drink, walking over to the door. “Somebody wanted to talk to you, I hope you don’t mind” her publicist said as the girl scooted past her into Miley’s dressing room. The girl was Selena Gomez, a fellow Disney star that she had been having a bit of a stupid feud with in the last few weeks. “Hi Miley, sorry to pop in like this, but I wanted to talk and put this feud to rest” Selena said as Miley’s publicist backed out and said she would see her later.

The door closed behind Selena as they both stared at each other for a little bit before Miley spoke “So, what did you wanna say?” she asked. Selena was staring at the floor “Well, I think this whole feud thing is kinda stupid, don’t you?” she said as Miley giggled. She got a smile on her face too, thankful that Miley wasn’t getting mad at her. “Yea, you’re right Selena” Miley said “this thing has gotten crazy, we should be friends, not fighting over some stupid boy or something.” They both laughed as Miley walked over and hugged her “So are we cool now?” she asked. Selena smiled as she looked at Miley and her cute little face “We’re totally cool” she said as they stared at each other. They both had the “is this really happening” look on their faces as they got closer, face to face. “What are we doing Selena? This is crazy” Miley said “I don’t know Miles, but if you want to I’m game” Selena said as their lips touched, giving both of them goose bumps.

The girls held each other as they started kissing, their lips all over each other and their tongues rubbing against one another. Miley gently sucked on Selena’s lips as they pulled apart “Wow, that was good” she said as Selena licked her lips and smiled. She reached down and grabbed Selena’s ass, giving it a playful smack as her new friend returned the favor. “So, what now? I’ve never done this before” Selena asked as Miley got a huge grin on her face. Selena giggled “I’m guessing from that grin that you have done it before” she said as Miley started rubbing her hands on her tight little stomach. “Well, I don’t wanna brag, but yea I’ve done it before. I’m not like a lezbo slut or anything, just messed around with a couple of girls” Miley said as she moved her hand up under Selena’s shirt. She got her hand on one of her tits and started rubbing it over top of her bra, getting a moan from her. “Mmmmm….that feels good Miley” Selena said as Miley moved her other hand up and grabbed her other tit.

“If you think that’s good, watch this” Miley said as she pulled Selena’s shirt and bra up, exposing her little tits. She leaned down and started licking and kissing on them, flicking her tongue over Selena’s hard nipples. Selena ran her fingers through Miley’s hair as she sucked on her tits, feeling her teeth grazing on her nipples as she nibbled on them. “Ooohhh….so good” she moaned as Miley pulled away and pulled her own shirt and bra off, letting Selena get a good look at her tits. They pushed against each other and rubbed their tits together, giggling and moaning as they did. Selena leaned down and took Miley’s fat little nipples into her mouth “you like this?” she asked as Miley moaned and said yes. Miley pulled her up and kissed her hard, shoving her tongue into Selena’s mouth as she sucked on it. “Fast little learner, aren’t you? I think we should get out of the rest of these clothes” Miley said as she pulled away.

The girls both stripped down the rest of their clothes, exposing their whole naked bodies to each other. “I still can’t believe I’m doing this” Selena said as she stood their admiring Miley’s clean shaven body. Miley just smiled as she looked Selena up and down “You haven’t freaked out, so it should be easy from here” she said as she pulled Selena down on the couch. “So, what do we do now?” Selena asked as they rubbed each other’s bodies. “Well, have you ever done anything with a guy yet?” Miley asked as she moved her hand up Selena’s thigh. Selena looked kinda embarrassed as she told Miley she had only kissed before. Miley smiled as her hand got to Selena’s pussy, admiring the thick patch of hair “I’m gonna have fun with you” she said as she started rubbing her hand up and down on her pussy. “Oh god…mmmm…” Selena moaned as Miley rubbed her hand on it and slipped a finger in, slowly pushing it in and out.

Miley was licking her lips as she watched Selena squirm while she fingered her, her body starting to shake. She pulled her finger out and licked some of the juice off as she savored the taste of Selena’s pussy. “Mmmm…tastes pretty good, here you try it” Miley said as she held the finger up to Selena’s lips and slowly rubbed it back and forth. Selena opened her mouth and started licking Miley’s finger, then taking it in her mouth and sucking on it. “Yea, that’s it, taste your own pussy…ooohhhh…good isn’t it?” Miley asked as she pulled her finger out of Selena’s mouth. Her fellow Disney star was all smiles “Well, it was certainly different, but yea it was pretty good” Selena said as layed back on the couch. Miley got down on the floor and spread her legs apart “Now it’s time for some real fun” she said as she started kissing up Selena’s legs. Selena started to giggle a little as Miley got closer to her pussy, not believing she was actually doing this.

“You’re gonna love this” Miley said as she teased Selena by slowly licking around her hairy pussy, reaching up and spreading her lips apart. Selena moaned as she felt Miley’s tongue brushing up against her pussy, settling on her clit. “Yesss….so good…mmmm…lick it more” she said as she held onto Miley’s head, feeling her suck and nibble on her clit. Miley slipped a finger back in and started fingering her again as she sucked on Selena’s clit. She was sucking, nibbling and flicking her tongue all over the hard little nub. Selena was going crazy as Miley ate her out and she started to grind her pussy all over her face. “Mmmmfffhh…ohhh yessss….eat me Miles…uugghhmmmm” she yelled as Miley moved down and started licking up and down on her pussy lips, going back and forth between them and her clit.

Miley pulled her mouth away and spit on Selena’s pussy as she rubbed it hard and fast with her hands “You look so hot girl….mmmm…gonna cum for me?” she asked. Selena was moaning and groaning as Miley kept up her assault on her pussy, feeling her orgasm starting to hit. Her body tensed up as she grabbed the couch and arched her body “Ohhh…fuckk….gonnna ccummm Milesss…OHHH YEESSSSSSS” she yelled out. Miley kept going as Selena came, her orgasm unleashing a torrent of pussy juice all over the couch and she leaned down to lick it up. “Mmmm….tasty pussy juice you got Selena” Miley said as she got up and layed on top of the sweaty and breathless girl. Selena stared at her as Miley leaned in “Wow Miles, that was…I don’t know what to say, but it was amazing” she said as Miley kissed her. She tasted her pussy juice again, savoring the taste as her and Miley kissed deep and hard.

Miley was just about to speak when they were interrupted by a knock at the door “Just a minute” she yelled out as they scrambled to get their clothes back on. They just finished in time and Miley went to open the door, it was her publicist “Sorry Miley, but we have to be leaving in a little bit, just wanted to give you a heads up” she said. Miley thanked her and closed the door, turning to look back at her new friend Selena “Shit, talk about bad timing” she said as Selena started to walk out. Miley grabbed her and gave her one last deep kiss before she left “We will have to continue this some other time” she said as they exchanged phone numbers. Selena had a big smile on her face “Thanks so much Miley, I’m so glad we are friends now and I’m definitely looking forward to this again” she said as she walked out, waving goodbye to Miley. Miley blew her a kiss and smiled as she grabbed her stuff and headed out, looking forward to the next time.

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