Backstage At The VMA’s

Backstage at the VMA’s

“My God, Chrissie,” Britney Spears gushed as they left the stage, “was that hot, or what?”

Christina Aguilera replied with a simple “It was OK,” hoping that her fellow pop starlet and former Mouseketeer wouldn’t press the issue. She knew Britney wouldn’t let it drop there, of course, but every time she still hoped.

“OK?” Britney yelled, drawing the attention of a group of stagehands. She grabbed Christina’s hand and pulled her through the backstage chaos to the huge dressing room that they were sharing with Madonna. When she’d arrived for rehearsals, Britney had wondered why
the older woman had arranged for all three of them to share the same private dressing room; now, she thought she knew.

When the door was safely shut (and locked) behind them, Britney continued. “All you can say about that is ‘it was OK?’ Fuck, Chrissie, Madonna just made out with us both on live TV!”

Christina took a moment to consider what to say next. Finally, she replied, “Don’t call me Chrissie, Britney.”

Britney’s eyes lit up, and the look that came over her face was one Christina knew all too well–and the one she’d known she would get from objecting to Britney’s nickname for her.

“I’ll call you whatever I want, bitch,” Britney said in an icy tone as she slowly, deliberately, walked toward Christina. Christina tried to suppress the moan that Britney’s insult inspired, but she knew that Britney had not only heard it, but knew that she’d tried to suppress it. Both would only add to Britney’s arousal–just as knowing that added to Christina’s own. Christina tried to back away from Britney, but managed only a few steps before finding a wall at her back.

Britney stopped just inches away from Christina. “So, I’ll ask you again,” she continued in that same icy tone, “was that hot?”

“Yes,” Christina whispered.

Britney put a hand on Christina’s thigh, and started slowly sliding her fingers up. “Did it make you wet?”

“Oh, God, yes,” Christina moaned.

Britney worked her hand inside what was left of Christina’s “wedding dress” outfit. “Holy shit! It made you wet, all right. You’re fucking soaked!”

Christina was already past the point of coherent speech by this point. Britney was running a finger lightly over her pussy lips, and even that little bit of stimulation was almost enough to make Christina come in the state she was in. She wasn’t even aware that her hands had moved up and grabbed the straps of her outfit until she felt the fabric sliding across her erect nipples, leaving them exposed to the cool air. Momentarily torn between taking more of the outfit off and playing with her tits, Christina decided on the latter–she knew Britney loved to watch that.

“Yeah, grab those titties,” Britney urged her. As a little reward, she moved her finger up and brushed it across Christina’s clit. Christina moaned, and cupped her breasts, taking her nipples between thumb and forefinger and squeezing them hard. “Fuck, yeah, baby, you know I love to see you get rough with those big nips of yours.” Christina squeezed herself even harder, pleasure mixing with pain, and both of them only making her hotter. Britney pulled her hand out of Christina’s outfit, and watched as Christina let go of her nipples and cupped her tits higher, offering them to Britney’s mouth. “What do you want, Chrissie?”

“I want you to suck on my tits,” Christina whispered. “I want you to make it hurt, Britney. I want you to bite my nipples until I scream for you.”

“Good girl,” Britney said as she took Christina’s right nipple into her mouth and bit it. Christina moaned. Britney moved to the other nipple, biting it even harder. Christina moaned again. “Fuck, Chrissie, I can’t even get a scream out of you tonight. You must really be feeling slutty.” Britney grabbed Christina’s boobs, shoved them as close together as she could, and started biting at her nipples, rapidly alternating between them.

“Yeah, I am. I’m feeling like a total slut tonight.”

“And whose slut are you, Chrissie?” Britney grabbed Christina’s tits even harder, bringing her nipples right next to each other so she could bite them both at the same time.

This got the scream they’d both been wanting. “Yours, Britney! I’m your slut!” Britney bit down again, even harder, and was rewarded with another scream.

“Good. Now that you’ve admitted it, it’s time for your reward.” Britney moved her hands from Christina’s tits to her outfit, grabbing the material and ripping it all the way down the front. Britney wasted no time in falling to her knees and burying her face in Christina’s shaved pussy. Spreading Christina wide with her hands, Britney shoved her tongue as far inside as she could. Looking up, Britney saw Christina playing with her tits again, and smiled as best she could around her extended tongue.

“Fuck, yeah, Britney, eat your slut’s pussy!” Christina yelled. Britney spared a moment to hope that Madonna had been telling her the truth about knowing that the dressing room was completely soundproofed earlier.

(As it happened, Madonna had indeed been telling the truth. The room was totally soundproof–unless you counted the twenty-four microphones that had been installed in it the day before rehearsals began. The feeds from those microphones could only be heard in a locked room deep in the bowels of the backstage area, and only two people had the key. As it happened, both were in fact in the room at this very moment, watching the action being recorded by the four HDTV cameras that had been installed along with the microphones, but enough about them for the moment.)

Britney continued to tongue-fuck Christina–knowing that just a few seconds of work on Christina’s clit would now be enough to make her come, Britney avoided it entirely. Christina would have to beg for her orgasm.

“Fuck, Brit, your tongue feels so good shoved deep in my pussy.” Christina’s speech was interspersed with groans, gasps, moans, and lots of panting. “Deeper… ohhhhhhhhhh… fucking shove it deeper… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Britney did her best to give Christina what she wanted, but there wasn’t a lot she could do-her tongue was already about as deep inside Christina as she could get it. She was also a little surprised that Christina wasn’t begging to come yet–usually, when Christina was this worked up, she wasn’t much on being teased. Fortunately, Britney knew just how to get her to beg.

Christina made a disappointed sound when Britney removed her tongue, but followed it with a very satisfied moan when Britney shoved two fingers into her cunt. “Oh, yeah, fuck me, Brit! Fuck me hard!” For her part, Christina knew that Britney wanted her to beg for an orgasm, and was doing her best to hold out as long as she possibly could, even though she’d desperately wanted to come ever since Britney first touched her. “As long as she possibly could” wasn’t going to be very long with Britney expertly finger-fucking her, though, so Christina decided to just give in to the inevitable. “Make me come, Brit, please make me come,” she begged, moving her hands slowly down to her pussy and spreading it wide, revealing her hard clit. She watched as Britney moved her head closer, knowing that Britney wouldn’t make it easy for her. Sure enough, Britney stopped well short of Christina’s pussy, knowing that Christina would beg again. “Please put that tongue of yours right on my clit and do it to me.” Britney made a quick licking motion with her tongue as she moved a little closer. “Yeah, just like that. Lick my clit. Oh, god, please lick my clit.” A little closer. “Nobody does it to me like you do, Britney. Please make me come.” Britney was so close now that Christina could feel her breath on her pussy, and knew it was time for the final little thing that Britney needed to hear. “Make me come, and I’ll do anything you want me to, Britney. I’m your little slut, and I’ll fuck you twice as hard once you make me–FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!”

Britney had never heard Christina scream that loudly before in any of their previous encounters. She was getting a little anxious–and more than a little turned on–herself, and had decided not to wait for the rest of Christina’s plea before giving her what she needed–what they both needed, at this point. She gave Christina’s clit a couple of quick licks, and then took it into her mouth and sucked hard on it. That was what had produced the truly impressive scream. Britney release Christina’s clit, and ran her tongue back down into her pussy, reveling in the sweet taste of the Latin star’s juices. Her feast was cut short, though, as Christina couldn’t hold herself up anymore, and sank to the floor.

(In that locked, hidden room, one of the two observers stood up, kissed the other passionately, and said, “Time to get involved.”)

Britney stood up, grabbed her own outfit with both hands, and ripped it down the front just as she had Christina’s. Christina knew what was next, and moved herself away from the wall, so that Britney would have enough room to straddle her face. Which was exactly what Britney did, pausing only to spread her pussy wide open before lowering her clit right onto Christina’s outstretched tongue. “Do me quick, Chrissie,” Britney told her. The assertive tone she’d displayed through most of the encounter was gone–in fact, Britney knew she sounded almost like she was begging. She loved playing the dominant role with Christina, but knew she would have just as much fun submitting to her friend–or to a new friend, which she thought might happen later on…

But that train of thought disappeared as Christina grabbed her ass and began moving her tongue around Britney’s clit in tiny circles. Christina had been in this position enough to know exactly how to get Britney off, and she used all that knowledge now. Britney reached down and grabbed Christina’s long black hair in both hands. “Fuck, yeah, that’s it. Eat me, Chrissie, fucking eat me!”

Christina didn’t need any urging. She kept working Britney’s clit in tiny circles, waiting for the right moment to try something new. That moment wasn’t long in coming–Christina soon felt the tension in Britney’s body that she knew meant the blond starlet was ready to come. She waited just a second more, then took one of her hand’s off Britney’s ass–only to bring it back down as hard as she could.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” Britney yelled as the smack on her ass triggered her orgasm. It wasn’t quite as loud a yell as Christina had made earlier, but then again, neither woman had any doubt as to which of them had the better voice. Christina spanked Britney with her other hand, just as hard, and to both their surprise that triggered another orgasm. Christina gave her one more smack, this time with both hands, and got the biggest surprise yet, as Britney’s third orgasm was a squirter, drenching Christina’s face in the sweet juices that the blonde occasionally produced. Christina had never seen Britney squirt without the help of her curved G-spot vibrator and Christina’s tongue on her clit, though.

As Britney sank forward off her face, Christina became aware of a new sound in the room: a pair of hands clapping. “Excellent show, girls,” a voice said. “But I think it’s time to show you how it’s really done…”


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