Backstage: Britney Spears And Madonna

BACKSTAGE: Britney Spears & Madonna
by Calufrax

Britney Spears was so excited! The MTV Video Music Awards! All the
stars of music were here, and she was highly nominated. Even more
was that Madonna, her idol, was there, too – and she was outside of
dressing room, now. There was a single guard outside, a large man.
I’d like to see Madonna, please," she said, with her most earnest

He replied, "And who are you?"

Britney was stunned. "I’m Britney Spears! One of the
tonight." The man nodded casually and pulled a small radio from his
hip. In
a low tone, he spoke into it, and Britney heard her name mentioned.
After a
moment, he returned the radio back to his hip and he opened the
door. "You
may go in."

Britney’s heart raced as she went into the room, hearing the door
behind her. There she was! Madonna! She was wearing a black lace
bra and
panties, obviously in the middle of dressing. Britney was
speechless – her
inspiration, standing no more than five feet away! "Oh god, " she
"Madonna, you’re my idol!"

"Really?" Madonna rose an eyebrow, and looked Britney up and down.

"Oh yes! I remember when I first heard Like A Virgin, I – "

Madonna snapped, "Shut up!"

Shocked, Britney said, "Excuse me?"

"Who the fuck do you think you are? One hit single and you think you
can come
in here and talk like you’re in the same league as me?" She sneered
at her.
"Little cunt strutting around, getting a set of implants to stretch
17-year of tits "

Britney couldn’t believe what she was hearing! After all these
years, hearing
her idol talk to her like this. Not only was she shocked, she was
pissed! "What what are you talking about? What about your
fuckin’ tits?
Tell me those aren’t fake?"

Madonna stepped over to Britney and unsnapped her bra, tossing it
off. Her
nice, melon-like tits jiggled free, nipples pink. "Here they are,
Grab a handful and tell me they’re fake!"

Britney refused to let Madonna intimidate her. She reached out and
her palms around Madonna’s boobs, squeezing defiantly. Their soft
throbbed in her hands. Britney tried to keep an angry look on her
face while
she touched them. "Well, little bitch?"

"So what? They’re fuckin’ real! So?"

"Then why are you still squeezing them?" Britney stopped and
started to let
them go. But Madonna reached down and took them, keeping them on
her tits.
Her hands then went trailing up Britney’s hands and arms, until she
her head. Madonna began pulling her head down. "C’mon, Britney,
suck on
them "

Britney’s eyes widened. This was the last thing she ever expected –
never even thought of another woman in that way before! She began to
but Madonna said, "Shhhhh." Her urging of Britney’s head was
stronger, now,
and Britney couldn’t fight her.

Madonna’s breasts loomed closer and closer and finally Britney’s
closed mouth
was on a nipple. The young girl was both frightened and excited.
She opened
her mouth, and accepted the nipple; it was big and semi hard. She
shyly sucking on it, looking up at Madonna for a reaction. The
older woman
smiled lustfully, her red lips curled up. "Mmmm that’s it.
Suck it."

Britney sucked harder, rolling the nipple with her tongue. Then,
she had an
idea and she bit. Madonna gasped and closed her eyes. "Ahhh!
Yes!!" She
took one of Britney’s hands from her tits and pulled it down into
panties. "Put a finger into me now " she ordered. Britney felt
moist, hot pussy beating against her hand, and she obediently
slipped a
finger between her lip-s. Ahhhh yeah!" Madonna moaned and started
her pelvis against Britney’s hand.

"Another one! Put ano – uhhhh another in " Britney poked a
second finger
in, thrusting in and out. Meanwhile, she continued to suck and
Madonna’s boob. God, she was getting so hot!

"Uh uh uh Britneyyyyyy " Madonna reached into her panties
and guided a
third finger into her hole, moaning. Her pussy was so wet; she was
onto Britney’s hand. "That’s it, baby. Fuck me. Fuck meeee good,
uhhh "
Madonna bit her lower lip and finally grunted out in orgasmic fury.
"Ahhhhhh!!!" Britney felt a flood over her hand, and decided to go
for broke
– she thrust a fourth finger into Madonna’s cunt, and bit down hard
on her

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!" Madonna’s eyes were tightly closed as she came,
wave after
wave shattering her pussy. Her legs weakened and she tumbled back
into her
chair, panting. Britney stood silently, staring at her hand that
glistening with Madonna’s pussy juice. She couldn’t believe what
she’d done!

Madonna opened her eyes, panting, and saw her reaction. Laughing,
she said,
"Well, that was nice! So now, I think I should reward you " She
down her panties in the chair, and Britney could see her shaved,
cunt. Madonna reached into a travel bag next to her chair, and
pulled out a
big black strap-on dildo with a vibrating knob. She began pulling
it onto
her crotch, positioning the knob so that it was against her clit.
With a
final snap and tug, she was satisfied that the cock was in place
"Now, Britney, my sweet little bitch, take off those clothes so I
can see
that sweet pussy and those new store-bought boobies "

Britney thought a moment. After what she’d just done, how could she
say no?
Plus, her pussy was hot now. She reached down and pulled her tight
pants off, showing she had no underwear on. Her pussy was fuzzy
with blonde
curls. Then, she began pulling off her blouse, again revealing no
Her big, firm tits stood out proudly.

Madonna looked at her. "Very nice. Now, get over here and suck my
Britney slowly went over and knelt down, staring at the dildo. It
was bigger
than any cock she’d ever seen! She leaned in and opened her mouth
taking it in slowly. It was hard in her mouth, but she relaxed her
muscles and took it inch by inch, sucking. She looked up at Madonna
puppy-eyes. Madonna laughed. "Well, looks like little Britney’s
done this

Britney slid the cock from her mouth and said with a smile, "How do
you think
I got my recording contract?"

Madonna laughed. "A girl after my own heart! Now, get on the floor
and bend

Britney gave the cock a final suck and was about to comply when a
came to her. It was her chance now to prove she was just as hot a
piece of
ass as Madonna was! She stood up and hooked her legs over Madonna
in the
chair, straddling her. She lifted a finger and traced around
Madonna’s lips
"I think it’s time I gave you a special performance, baby." She
down and positioned the dildo at her cunt, and with a groan slipped
it in.
"Ohhhhhh. "

"Go for it." Madonna reached and took Britney’s tits. They were so
firm and
so big. Implants or not, they were incredible! She started
Britney’s nipples as the young singer started riding her. Britney’s
hips and
pelvis rotated as she took her plastic cock deeper and faster into
her tight
pussy. She squealed out small peals of pleasure.

"Ohhh ohhh Madonna oh yes mmmm " She quickened her
[pace, thrusting
and gyrating. Madonna felt a stirring in her own pussy. The
vibrating knob
on the strap-on was moving with Britney’s fucking, humming against
her clit.

"Britney, oh yes, bitch oh yes " Madonna reached around and
grabbed a
handful of Britney’s hair, pulling her had to her. She kissed the
young girl
fully on the mouth, tongue dancing with hers. Britney reached out
grabbing the back of the chair for support. Her hips began to buck
the cock hungrily, and both of the singers moaned with each thrust.
sweat dotted Britney’s face and tits, which were jiggling firmly.
broke the kiss, and begged, "M – ahhh – make me cum again,
Britney "

"Oh yeah get ready ohhhhhhh!!!!!" Britney screamed out as
she pounded
her pussy against the dildo. The knob rubbed against Madonna’s clit
and she
moaned out, feeling another orgasm coming. "Oh shit
ohhhhhhhh ."
Britney clenched her teeth as she came, grabbing Madonna for
support. The
two women came, their naked bodies rubbing and squeezing against
each other.
Once her orgasm passed, Britney collapsed onto Madonna, her sweaty
mashed against the older singer’s.

"Ohhhhhh " Britney cooed, "oh fuck I never "

Madonna smiled, laughing. "The way you took that cock? Bullshit!"

Britney giggled, playing with Madonna’s tits. "No! I meant, I never
did that
with a woman before!"

Madonna rose an eyebrow, looking at her. "And, what did you think?"

"Mmmmm I think I could like this. You still think I’m a little

"Of course." Madonna smiled at her reaction. "But, I think you’ll
fit into
the music business just fine."

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