Backstage Fuck

I met her at a gig in a park. I had managed to find my

way into the backstage area. and was sitting on the

step of a caravan, sending a text message on my mobile


“I hope you’re planning to come inside, otherwise get

the fuck out of my way”, a distinctive scouse voice

broke into my thoughts. I looked up, to see Natasha

Hamilton of Atomic Kitten staring at me, hands on


Within minutes of us stumbling through the door of her

trailer, she was on her knees in front of me,

unzipping my flies. I moaned quietly as she took my

erection out of my boxers, and licked the
tip. She

looked up into my eyes and put her lips round my cock,

slowly feeding it into her open mouth.

Tash sucked me gently, and slowly, gradually deeper

and deeper. I ran my hands through her chestnut brown

hair as she began to quicken the pace. She gripped

onto my arsecheeks, forcing my cock as deep into her

mouth as she could each time she sucked it in. I was

so aroused already that it only took minutes before I

felt on the verge of coming. I moaned out a warning to

her, and Tash began taking very short, hard strokes

with her mouth, keeping me on the verge until I

finally exploded into her mouth. The sexy little bitch

swallowed and kept sucking, almost hungrily, as I

pumped more of my cum into her. She ran her tongue all

over my cock, before tilting back her head and making

a real display of having swallowed it all, before

standing up.

I collapsed onto the leather sofa behind me with a

satisfied sigh, and Tash walked over. Standing in

front of me, she seductively removed the sexy blue

lace top she was wearing, to reveal a satin black bra

(although it could clearly be seen through the top

anyway). I responded by removing my tshirt, and not

wanting to waste any time, I removed my trousers too.

With a wiggle of her hips, Tash dropped her jeans to

her ankles, showing that she was wearing nothing

underneath. I whistled appreciatively. “Show me that

famous rear of yours then” I grinned, and she was

quick to oblige. Having won “Rear of the Year”

recently, I imagine that her arse must have come in

for a lot of attention recently, and I was certainly

intending to continue that trend.

“That’s a fine arse you have there, Tash” I commented.

“Thanks” she replied with a hint of a blush. “Bend

over for me” I whispered, and she smiled at me in the

mirror opposite us, as she slowly complied with my

request. With Natasha Hamilton semi-naked naked and

bending over in front of you, what would you do? I

couldn’t resist temptation, and gave her arse a

resounding slap. Tash shuddered, but made no protest

and stayed as she was, which I took to mean that she

didn’t object, so I repeated the slap twice more. It

became obvious that she was getting mighty turned on

by me spanking her, as her shudders were stronger and

her already wet pussy was beginning to drip.

I slowly pushed a finger into her pussy, and Tash let

out a low shuddering moan, which soon became a squeal

as I pushed a second in. As I fingered her, I added a

third, and started to flick her clit with my index

finger. Tash was crying out with passion by this

point, and when I slapped her arse twice more with my

free hand, she orgasmed wildly on my fingers and went


The sight of Tash bucking around on my hand, as well

as the sight of her arse turning a lovely pink colour

where I spanked her had restored my erection, and I

helped her over to the sofa, laying her on her back.

I positioned myself over her, and started to push my

cock into her soaking twat, stopping only when it was

in to the hilt. Tash looked into my eyes and gasped as

I pulled out and rammed back in as hard as I could.

Her passionate moans and squeals began to build up,

and as far as I could tell she came three times in the

fifteen minutes that I kept that up for. I felt myself

approaching orgasm again, and I pulled out of her

pussy, starting to wank furiously over her. “No, no,

don’t come!!” She gasped, and propped herself up on

one elbow,”Tash wants more cream”. With that, she

grabbed my cock and guided it towards her mouth. With

my cockhead just inside her lips, she wanked me as

hard as I had been doing, but her soft hand made it

even better. Tash massaged my cockhead with her tongue

as she wanked me, and once again I exploded into her

mouth with a groan. A little of my cum dribbled from

the corner of her mouth as she swallowed again, and it

was enough to make me wish I could keep her for days.

Tash evidently enjoyed blowjobs, and I defy any man

who says they wouldn’t love to have her suck him off.

Tash lay back panting, with a grin on her face.

“Thanks for the fuck”, she smiled, “I can’t explain

why I liked your cum so much.. Maybe it’s because you

guessed my secret fetish for being spanked.” I sat

down. “It was pure luck! I just had to do it with you

bending over in front of me like that”. “Perv!” She

giggled, and I slapped her lightly on the side of her


We chatted for a while about nothing in particular,

and I started to stroke her clit, cutting short the

conversation and drawing sighs of pleasure from her.

I slipped a finger inside Tash’s still wet pussy, and

began fingerfucking her as I played with her. Her

sighs turned to moans, and I added a second finger,

then a third, then a fourth. With four fingers in her

pussy and my thumb on her clit, Tash orgasmed again,

but I continued to frig her. Tash was approaching

another orgasm, when I slipped my little finger from

her soaking pussy and pushed it up against her

arsehole. She squirmed a little, but offered no

protest as I slowly forced it in. Her moans became

cries again as I continued to fingerfuck her, though

now my little finger was fucking her arse. A finger in

her arse, three in her twat and my thumb still firmly

on her clit, I brought Tash to orgasm and slipped

another finger out of her pussy. I slowly pushed a

second finger into her arse, which made her scream

out, and I continued to fingerfuck her. When she

orgasmed for a third time, I pulled her up, and gently

turned her around, facing the wall with her feet on

the floor. Tash knew exactly what was coming, and

leaned forward to rest her hands on the back of the

sofa. I pushed my rock hard cock into her pussy, and

fucked her slowly for a moment, before pulling out and

resting my cock against her arsehole. “Be gentle”,

Tash moaned, as I pressed my erection against her

tight hole. She gave a yelp as my cock penetrated her,

and I inched my way into her arse. Once I had a couple

of inches inside her, I withdrew a little, and started

to fuck her incredibly tight arse, pushing more of

myself in each time. Tash’s screams became more

persistant, and she reached back with one hand to frig

herself as I grabbed on to her hips and fucked her

arse with more determination.

Despite the fact that I had cum twice already, I could

feel my third orgasm on it’s way already. Tash was

screaming out, babbling nonsense as she fingered

herelf to another orgasm while I slammed into her

tight sphincter, I couldn’t stop myself now, and with

one last hard thrust, I came up her arse, and we

collapsed in a heap on the sofa.

I pulled my softening cock out of her arse as gently

as I could, and lay on the sofa with her, cuddling.

Before long she had fallen asleep, and I took this as

my cue to leave. I left her a note with my phone

number, and slipped outside.

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