Backstage Pass

Title:  Backstage Pass

Author:  Tori


Subject:  G. Hannelius

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

The concert was going full blast.  It was loud and it was hot at the main stage and everyone was jumping up and down, dancing to the beat of the band rocking out on stage.  People were passing around bottles of booze and wine as well as some big fat joints.  There were even a few girls sucking off roadies to earn a pass backstage.  One of them was a cute little 16 year old named G. Hannelius.  G. was an actress on a popular Disney show but tonight, she was just another teen trying to meet her favorite band and she’d do just about anything to do it.  The fat sweaty guitar tech was enjoying the tiny girl slobbering all over his cock.  He’d had so many of these sluts during his time that it had become routine to him.  Every once in a while, he’d even get to fuck a few in the ass to earn a spot in the dressing room.  He looked down at the skinny little girl with her lips wrapped around his cock and decided that she was going to have to do more than just give him a blowjob.  He pulled her up to her feet and led her backstage.  He found a spot behind some large equipment cases and pulled down her shorts and panties.  Once he bent her over, he pressed his cock against her tiny asshole and started to enter her.  G. didn’t like where this was going but the band was so loud that the guy didn’t hear her yelling for him to stop.  She felt his cock open her tiny asshole and the next thing she knew, he was slamming his 9 inches in and out of her gaping hole.  G. had never had anything in her ass before and the pain was excruciating.  Tears were running down her face as the fat roadie pounded away at her ass.  She was so fucking tight that the roadie didn’t last but a few minutes before he was shooting his hot load inside of her.  When he pulled out, he pushed her to her knees and made him suck his cock, cleaning off the vile mixture of her ass and his cum.  G. started crying, humiliated that she had let things get so out of hand. The roadie pulled out a back stage pass and put it around her neck and left her there with her shorts and panties balled up around her ankles.

After a few minutes, G. got up, pulled her shorts back on and staggered over to the stairs.  Two of the backstage crew saw the tiny girl and came over to her.  They led her down a long tunnel to one of the empty dressing rooms and started to take her clothes off.  G. told them to stop but they kept going.  One of the guys shoved his cock into her mouth while the other one got behind her and saw her freshly fucked asshole.  He figured that she liked it in the ass so he shoved his cock into her.  G. screamed from the invasion but the guy fucking her face just kept ramming his cock down her throat.  The two men sodomized the skinny teen for almost 15 minutes before they both came all over her.  They left her naked and covered in cum lying of the floor of the dressing room.  She eventually made her way to the bathroom and cleaned herself up the best she could.  When she walked out, there were five more guys standing there.  They pushed her to her knees and took turns fucking her mouth.  A few of them shot their hot loads on her face and hair and then, they took turns fucking her.  G. didn’t have the strength to resist and over the next several hours, the men gangraped the Disney princess in all of her holes.  The concert was long over by the time they finished and after they dressed her, they carried her to one of the exits and pushed her out into the cold night air.

G. could hardly walk and she could feel the cum oozing out of her bruised and battered holes.  There was huge stain on the back of her shorts and her face and hair were matted with dried cum and sweat.  She spotted two policemen standing by their car and slowing made her way over to them.  The cops looked at each other and put her in the backseat of their cruiser.  G. told them what happened and the cops told her not to worry.  They drove away but instead of going to the hospital or the station, they took her down a dark alley and parked.  They pulled the ruined girl out of the car and bent her over the trunk.  One of them pulled her shorts down and sodomized her once again.  When he finished, the other guy took his place in her ass.  They held her down on the trunk lid and assraped the skinny Disney starlet in the dark alley over and over again.  G. was in shock and didn’t speak the entire time.  Her mind was someplace else and by the time the cops drove off, she was a lifeless piece of meat lying in the dirt, naked and battered.  A little while later, two homeless men found her and put her in their shopping cart.  They pushed her into an abandoned warehouse where they raped the young girl repeatedly and even sold her to other men in order to buy booze and drugs.  Several weeks later, her lifeless body was found in a dumpster on skid row.  No one was ever arrested or held accountable for what happened to her.

The End.

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