Backstage at SummerSlam (Part 1)

Title: Backstage at SummerSlam (Part 1)

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Anna Kendrick, AJ Lee

Codes: FF, cons, oral

Summary: Anna Kendrick and friends are backstage

Disclaimer: The following is a fictional story about celebrities engaging in consensual sex. Any similarities to real life will cause my penis to explode and are also purely coincidental.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online. When it comes to request, I will take them if they interest me and I like the celeb (no Miley, no Lohan, no Scarlett and ABSOLUTELY no Kardashian).

On August 17th, 2014 in Los Angeles, California, the WWE held their annual “SummerSlam” event in the Staples Center, the sixth consecutive year in the arena. Always filled with celebrities, this year was no different. In the crowd were names like Eric Stonestreet, David Arquette, Maria Menounos amongst others. Also in attendance were ‘Pitch Perfect’ stars Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow who were there to support their friend CJ Perry, better known to the WWE audience as ‘The Ravishing Russian’ Lana, who was an actress in the popular film

Prior to the show, CJ invited Anna and Brittany, along with their two friends and fellow actresses Kelley Jakle and Chrissie Fit, backstage to catch up, as she had not seen her friends in a long time. The girls all arrived at the Staples Center at different times, with Anna arriving first. She sent a text to CJ, wanting to meet up before the other girls arrived.

“I’ll be in the Divas locker room in a few minutes, wait for me there. It should be empty, almost everyone is doing something around the building,” CJ sent to her.

Anna, wearing a loose black short-sleeved shirt with a flower picture on it and short red shorts with high heeled shoes, walked through the corridors of the arena until she saw a door with the Divas butterfly logo on it. She lightly knocked on the door, getting no answer. She pushed the handle down and entered the dressing room.

Looking around, Anna looked at the outfits hanging up around the room. She immediately noticed a red business attire, which obviously belonged to her fake-Russian friend. She continued to look around until she heard a sound behind her. Anna turned around and saw a short woman facing away from her at the entrance to the shower.

Unable to look away, she saw the woman’s long black hair clinging to her bare back Her eyes drifted further down, seeing her tight, naked ass with beads of water dripping down her thighs. The woman turned around and their eyes met.

“What the?” the woman said as she covered her chest and pussy with her wet hands. “What are you doing here?”

“I..I was waiting for someone,” Anna said, frozen.


“CJ,” Anna said as she (finally) shielded her eyes. “Or Lana, whatever she wants to be called. I’m sorry.”

“Well she’s not here,” the woman said. “Wait, you look familiar. What is your name?”

“I’m…Anna Kendrick,” she said.

“Oh right, Pitch Perfect girl. CJ said that some of you would be here,” she responded as she uncovered her chest to reach for a towel. “I’m AJ,” she said as she wrapped the towel around her nude, wet body and extended a hand to the actress.

“I’m really sorry, she told me that everyone was busy and this room should be empty,” Anna explained as she sat down in front of CJ’s locker.

“Ahh yeah, I got finished working out and wanted to grab a shower before I ate,” AJ said as she grabbed a t-shirt and jeans, laying them out on a bench. “Bet you weren’t expecting to see bare female ass tonight.”

“I can honestly say I did not,” Anna said with a chuckle.

“Too bad you got to see my tiny butt instead of someone like Trinity or Nattie, they have big ol’ butts,” AJ said as she ran a brush through her hair.

“Nah, yours was nice,” Anna said. “It’s nice to see a short girl with a nice butt, it gives me hope,” she laughed.

“Ha, thanks,” AJ said. “How tall are you?”

“5’2”,” she responded.

“Same here. Stand up and turn around,” AJ instructed.


“You got to see mine, at least show me yours. You don’t have to pull your shorts down or anything,” AJ said as she grabbed her by the hands and pulled her to her feet.

Anna turned around and felt AJ’s hands grasp her ass cheeks. Her eyes went wide as she looked over her shoulder, down at the mostly-naked girl groping her.

“You don’t need hope, sweetie, your ass is just perfect,” AJ said as she turned back towards her locker.

As Anna turned back around, her eyes went wide as AJ dropped her towel to the ground and stood completely nude in front of her.

“Your towel fell,” Anna said.

AJ looked over her shoulder and laughed before slowly turning her body back to Anna. The shocked actress’s jaw dropped as she saw AJ’s fit form staring back at her. From her perky breasts, down her toned stomach and to her cleanly shaven pussy, she was in amazement at the sight she was seeing.

“Wow,” Anna said as she looked back at AJ’s face.

“You like?” she asked as she bit down on her upper lip.

“Umm…,” Anna froze as her eyes continued to look AJ’s petite nude frame up and down.

AJ walked up to Anna until she was standing within a foot of her. She grabbed the bottom of Anna’s loose shirt and started to pull it up. Anna grabbed her wrist to stop her for a second before taking a deep breath and letting go. AJ giggled before pulling the shirt all of the way off and tossing it onto the floor.

Anna was still in shock as the cool air hit her exposed body. AJ placed her palms to Anna’s black bra and gently squeezed her pushed-up breasts. She stared at the surprised girl as she squeezed harder, getting a handful of her.

“Nice boobs,” AJ said as she continued to grope the older woman.

Anna’s eyes closed and she slowly opened her lips, taking in a soft breath. A small smile formed at the corners of her mouth as her breasts were continually fondled. AJ slid her hands to the sides of her breasts before slipping under her arms. She pulled herself closer and softly placed a kiss on her waiting lips. Without thinking, Anna kissed the perky girl back.

The girls pressed their bodies together as AJ’s arms wrapped around her newfound friend’s body. Her hands met at the hook of her bra and she slowly pulled it open, loosening the restraint. She pulled the straps down as she took a step back, allowing the bra to fall down Anna’s arms and to the ground.

“Damn,” AJ said as her eyes locked onto the pointed nipples aimed directly at her. “Can I?”

Anna looked at her confused until she watched the petite wrestler lower her face to her nipples. She closed her eyes as she felt the warm tongue press against her hard nub.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as AJ sucked on her nipple.

AJ placed her hands on Anna’s waist as she went back and forth between each nipple, sucking and nibbling on them with a gentle aggression. Slowly, she started to drop to her knees while keeping her lips wrapped tightly against her chest. Once her knees hit the floor, she released her mouth and started to kiss down Anna’s sweaty body.

Anna was still a bit nervous and in shock, causing beads of sweat to form all over her body despite the cool chill in the air. The increasing sexual curiosity only increased the situation for her. She continued to stare forward as she felt kisses down her torso until AJ reached the top of her shorts.

“Tight shorts, my kind of girl,” AJ said as she pulled the waist of the shorts off of her body and put it between her teeth.

AJ let out a sexy growl as she began to pull the shorts down with her mouth. Anna held her thighs together as hard as possible to narrow herself and allow an easier time for her horny friend. It took about a minute until the little pair of red shorts was at Anna’s high-heeled shoes.

Slowly, AJ’s eyes ran up her luscious legs until she was face to face with a pair of black cotton panties. She slipped both index fingers into either side of her panties and slowly lowered them. She happily squealed when she saw a few pubic hairs popping out of the top. She quickly drew her mouth close to feel the pubes against her warm tongue. She licked down her shortly trimmed pubic hair along with each inch the panties slid down until she felt contact with the throbbing red clitoris.

Anna reached down and grabbed AJ’s head, pulling her harder against her once she first touched the clit. AJ let go of her panties and gripped onto the girl’s ass. Anna moaned loudly as she felt a massive rush of pleasure spread throughout her petite frame. Her knees began to shake as she orgasmed against AJ’s tongue and mouth. She balled up AJ’s hair and fell backwards against a locker to avoid falling forward.

“Oh my god!” she said through heavy breaths while AJ lapped up any cum that leaked from her slit.

AJ waited until Anna’s orgasm died down before she broke contact with her crotch. She slowly rose to her feet until she was nose to nose with her exhausted plaything.

“Someone was horny,” she said before giving her a kiss, allowing her a taste of her own juices.

Anna ran her tongue around AJ’s tongue and lips, savoring every molecule of her cum that she had left on her. She grabbed AJ’s face and pulled the kiss in as hard as possible. The kiss lasted for a minute before the wrestler pulled away and smiled.

Without saying a word, AJ dropped back to her knees and turned away from Anna. Placing her hands on the floor, she bent down and exposed her clean pussy and spread ass to her lover. She flung her hair out of her eyes as she looked back at Anna, signaling with her eyes for the exhausted girl to repay the favor.

Anna pulled her panties back up before dropping to her knees behind AJ. She got on all fours about a foot behind AJ and slowly crawled forward until her nose was within an inch of her asshole. She closed her eyes and poked her tongue out, tickling the bottom of AJ’s pussy. She moved forward some more, sliding her tongue up the crotch while the point of her nose bumped against her puckered sphincter

AJ purred like a kitten as she rolled her shoulders back and lifted her head, arching her back as far as possible. She loved feeling Anna’s warm tongue slide up and down her swollen slit while massaging her ass with her nose. She felt hands grasp her toned cheeks as her friend went deeper, allowing her tongue to enter her pussy while her nose ever so slightly slid into her ass. Anna gently rocked her head back and forth while her tongue happily twirled around inside her cunt.

“That’s perfect!” AJ yelled as her jaw hung wide open with her eyes pointed at the ceiling.

AJ balanced herself on one hand while her other grasped at her tiny breasts. She roughly squeezed herself as Anna pleased both of her lower holes. She squeezed even harder once she felt a hard slap to her right cheek. She looked back at Anna, being met with a smile before the girl slapped the left cheek. AJ turned her attention back to the ceiling as she felt both cheeks being slapped as Anna fell forward a bit, shoving her tongue and nose farther into her.

Anna, after one final slap, reached forward and pressed a finger against her clit and roughly massaged it. With her tongue deep enough into her to have her chin resting on the lower portion of her pussy, she was pleasing her now as good as she thought was possible. She wiggled her nose around in her ass as she could her lover’s body reaching its climax.

AJ placed both hands on the ground and lowered her face to the floor as her body exploded in an orgasm that she would never forget. Every muscle in her fit, sweaty body tensed up (including her asshole, which gripped Anna’s nose) and her pussy shot a high volume of liquid out of it. Anna pulled her tongue away and watched a thick spray shoot to the ground. With droplets still falling from AJ’s abused pussy, Anna dropped to the ground and started licking her juices off of the carpet.

AJ was frozen in place as her body recovered. She was panting heavily with her eyes closed and her mouth opened and smiling. She could feel Anna’s hair tickling her exhausted cunt as she continued to clean the floor of her cum.

“Now THAT was amazing,” Anna said as she rose to her knees.

AJ spun around and sat on the floor, her entire body still vibrating with lust.

“Amazing is the right word,” she responded as she ran her hand down her body, collecting beads of sweat on her fingers. “I think I need another shower.”

Anna laughed before looking at her pile of clothes.

“Yeah, I think I should get dressed before CJ and the girls get here. This would be hard to explain,” she said as she stood up and grabbed her clothes.

“Very true,” AJ said as she reached for her locker, pulling out a piece of paper. “If I’m in L.A. or you are in Chicago, give me a call and maybe we could have some more fun,” she said as she wrote her phone number down and handed it to Anna.

Anna, already dressed again, slid the paper into her shorts and giggled towards AJ.

“I guess I’ll see you later,” she said.

“Definitely,” AJ said as she slowly crawled back into the shower area, showing her crotch and ass to her new friend once more.

Anna left the locker room and, as she closed the door, was met by CJ face to face.

“Hey, where were you?” CJ asked.

“I was in there waiting for you,” Anna explained.

“Oh shit, I must have sent someone else the text. I wanted us to meet in the interview area for a picture. Kelly, Chrissy and Brittany are waiting for us,” CJ said, grabbing Anna by the hand.

All five girls met at the interview area and took a picture

After the picture was taken, Anna noticed a wet streak down the back of Brittany’s leg.

“Brit, you have something on your leg,” she said, causing Ms. Snow to look back and smile.

“You will NEVER guess what I just did,” Brittany said as she pulled Anna by the arm away from the other girls.

To be continued…

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