Backstage at the Golden Globes

Story Title: Backstage at the Golden Globes

Author: JJGARCES1980

Celebrity: Maria Menounos

Story Codes: cons, oral, anal, MF

Disclaimer: The following story is fantasy, and fantasy is legal. It’s on you if you think any of this is real. Questions/comments? Hit me up at

Other than Oscar night, there is no bigger night in Hollywood than the night of the Golden Globes, and this year’s edition was certainly no exception.

And as such, all the entertainment reports in town always put their best foot forward to look as good as the stars they’re covering that night.

And I was lucky enough to get to work as a runner/cameraman for Maria Menounos that night, as I had been for a while by that point while trying to get my foot in the door in Hollywood through various small jobs here and there.

But being the kind of person I was, things progressed, at least on my end, to the point where I had gotten to know Maria so well that I began to pursue a more serious, and physical, relationship with herm even though it was no big secret around town that she was in a long-term relationship and should’ve been considered off-limits.

But that didn’t mean I wasn’t still going to try and get into her pants.

Or dress, as the case may be, since Maria was looking stunning in a full-length blue dress on this night, and that was making it almost impossible for me to focus on my work, especially when my work involved staring at her all night for live shots and stand-ups and whatnot.

But once the show actually started, and we had a little bit of down time. I wasted no time trying to once again charm my way into Maria’s pussy.

“I know what you’re doing John, but you know that’s not going to happen tonight,” she playfully told me, brushing me away when I tried to lean in for a kiss, turning her head away before I could fully lock lips with her.

“Come on Maria, we’re gonna be busy after the show, so if we’re gonna fool around, we might as well do it while the show’s on the air,” I told her, grabbing her arm and pulling her close to me as I ducked into a little room backstage with her.

“You’re making it very, very hard to resist you, but you know I can’t John, not back here…” she whispered as she looked at the open backstage door, which caused me to think quickly and not only close it, but lock it, as well.

“John…look…maybe at the hotel or something…but-“ she said to me, cut off by me laying a long, deep kiss on her lips that she tried to fight at first, but soon her slapping of my back turned into her placing her hands on the back of my head as we started to make out in the cramped room we were in.

“We don’t have a lot of room in here, but I think we can make it work,” she whispered between me planting kisses on her as I sat her down on an equipment case and dropped the straps on her dress, letting it fall to the floor as I kissed the side of her neck and then started sucking on her tits.

“UH…OHGOD…keep going…” she moaned, her lust for me beginning to get the better of her as I reached between her legs and yanked her panties off as she reached for my shirt and pulled it over my head before pulling at my pants and yanking my underwear off.

“Get down there and suck it baby,” I teased her as she stared at my erect cock, appearing to be mesmerized by it.

“I did this to you baby?” she whispered as she dropped to her knees and wrapped her hands around my dick, gobbling it up in her mouth, “that is kind of hot.”

“OHGOD…suck it Maria…your lips feel so good on my dick…” I hissed as she started to blow me in that cramped backstage area, her head bobbing up and down in it as she cupped my balls in her hands.

“MMM…such a hot cock…I just might have to let you stick it in my pussy later on after all…” she teased me, winking at me as she took one of my balls up into her mouth and sucked on it for a while before doing the same to the other one as her hands ran up and down the base of my cock.

“OHGOD…FUCK…keep sucking Maria…gonna cum soon…” I hissed as I began to buck my hips into her face, her hands holding my dick in place as I slid it to the back of her throat and held it there.

“OHGOD…here it comes you sexy bitch…” I hissed as I thrust my hips into her face one last time and shot my load to the back of her throat, my hands on the back of her head as she started to gulp my load down and sucked away on my dick for a few more seconds, only stopping because I pulled her off of it.

“You did lock that door, right John?” she asked me as I sat her down on the equipment case and started making out with her, wanting to make sure that no one would catch us in the act as I nodded my head yes and lifted her by the hips, bringing her down onto my dick.

“OHGOD…FUCK…YES…” she moaned as I bounced her up and down on my dick, bracing herself on the equipment case as I began to fuck her a little harder and a little deeper.

“God you feel so good wrapped around my dick Maria…” I whispered to her as I began to suck on her tits again, her back arching as I continued to impale her on my dick.

“OHGOD…right there…FUCK that felt good…” she hissed when my dick grazed into her g-spot, her hips pushing forward into mine as she maneuvered her legs around me and allowed me to thrust even deeper into her.

“UH…OHGOD…YES…” she purred as I drove my dick into her, her walls tightening around it as she rolled her hips and ground her pussy down onto it.

“Cum for me Maria, and then tell me where you want me to cum baby,” I whispered to her as I felt her cunt walls wrapping up my dick, her body going rigid as she threw her head back, arched her back and shoved her hips into mine as she shot her creamy load all over my dick.

“UH…OHGOD…fuck me John…I need your cum inside me…cum in my pussy…” she begged me as I grabbed her hips and pulled them into mine right as I blew my load into her cunt, her walls milking every last drop out of me as I filled her womb a few more times and pulled out of her.

“I told you I was having trouble resisting you,” she teased me as we slumped off of the equipment case and to the floor of the little room we were in, completely spent.

“Thank goodness there’s a couch in here,” I whispered to her as I picked her up and laid her on it, placing her legs on my shoulders as I lined my dick up with her tight pussy again and slid it back into her, “because I’m not done with you yet, baby.”

“UH…FUCK…fuck me John…make it hurt this time…” she shouted as I began to thrust in and out of her, her walls wrapping tightly around my dick as I pounded away on her cunt.

“SHIT…such a tight little pussy Maria…” I hissed as I drove my dick in and out of her for the second time, her back arching as she wrapped her legs around my waist and twisted her hips around my dick.

“UH…OHGOD…YES…fuck me…pound my pussy…” she purred as she arched her back, her walls starting to grab at my dick as I thrust it in and out of her, her eyes rolling back into her head as she threw her head back.

“Even though the door’s locked…you might want to keep it down baby…” I teased her as she started screaming my name, her cunt walls putting the squeeze on my dick as she pushed her hips back into mine.

“FUCK…OHGOD…let me bite your shoulder then…gonna cum…” she moaned as she put her hands on the back of my head and did just that to mute her shouts of passion as she shot a second load of her cunt cream over my dick as I thrust a few more times into her myself and came deep in her tight pussy for the second time that night.

“FFFFUUUCCCKKKK…you feel so good inside me…” she moaned as I filled her cunt, shooting my cum into her womb in streams and pulling out of her after completely draining my balls into her.

“I think it’s about time we got back out there before anyone catches on to us John,” Maria whispers, still trying to catch her breath as she went to put her dress back on.

“I want this ass tonight, too, Maria,” I teased her as I bent her over the couch and slid my dick over her ass cheeks, kissing her neck as I slid my dick into her tight ass.

“FUCK…pound my ass…” she moaned as I grabbed her by the hips and started to thrust in and out of her tight, juicy ass, pulling on her hair every now and then to propel myself deeper into her bowels.

“SHIT…this ass is even tighter than your pussy is,” I teased her as I drilled her shitter, her anal walls beginning to tighten up around it as I put a death grip on her hips and drove my dick into her ass.

“OHGOD…OHGOD…gonna cum…gonna fucking cum…” she hissed as when I buried my dick into her ass and held it there, throwing her head back as she squirted out a few shots of her cum out onto the couch and down her sexy thighs.

“FUCK…fuck my ass…” she moaned as I worked over her ass for a few more seconds, pulling her hips back into  mine one last time as I prepared to cum.

“OHGOD…YES…pound my ass…” she hissed as I thrust into her hips one last time and came deep in her bowels, flooding them with another load of my cum as she moaned my name and went limp next to me as I finished filling her and began to pull out of her ass.

“OHGOD…it’s gonna be so hard to get back to work now…” she teased me as we made out on the couch, her legs still hooked around me as we started to get all hot and bothered again, finally remembering to cut things off before we went at it again.

“Let’s go baby…the show’s almost over and we have to get ready for the post-show interviews,” Maria whispered to me as we got dressed and did the best we could to straighten up the little room we were in before returning to the backstage area and finishing our duties for the night and contemplating going back to the hotel to finish what we had started earlier in the night.

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