Bad Blood: Who Done it? Killer Anal – Episode 5


Title:  Bad Blood: Who Done it? Killer Anal – Episode 5

Author: X-tremeFAN

Content Codes: ANAL, FF, mast, MF, rape, SICK, SNUFF, viol, X-tremeFAN

Celebrities: Alicia Keys, Calvin Harris, Eamon, Gwen Stefani, Kanye West, Rihanna, Taylor Swift

Disclaimer: Be aware that this story is for adults only and should not be construed as a true story in any way. It is pure fantasy and for non-commercial use only.

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Taylor Swift arched her back and could hardly contain herself as the throbbing between her legs climaxed into a long and pleasurable yet aching orgasm. In reality it was only her forefingers rubbing her clit but in her head Calvin Harris might as well have been there, and making love to her. She couldn’t remember ever wanting a person as bad as she wanted him. She just had to have him, his big arms wrapped around her waist telling her the things she wanted to hear. Looking her in the eyes like he could never lie to her. Having his children.

If only he knew Taylor thought to herself, opening her eyes to herself naked and sprawled out across her queen size bed, and her fingers still rubbing her clean shaven pussy ever so lightly. The orgasm had gradually subsided and it was now her contemplation phase. She knew Calvin was going to be at that party tonight. He had better be there. Whatever it took she would get his attention and then draw him into her world of long breakfasts, romantic dinners and walks on a moonlit beach, any beach for that matter as long as it involved a future with him in it.

She was Taylor Swift after all. She could do it.

“Hello Taylor”, Alicia Keys exclaimed welcoming her guest. “I’m glad you could make it.”

“I couldn’t miss this party e.s.p you’re the host”, Taylor lied but at the same time admired Alicia’s warm smile. “Nice dress.”

“Thank you. You look good too.”

A slight pause ensued.

“I should warn you though Eamon is on the prowl and I think you are in his sights tonight”, Alicia said with a half-hearted laugh.

Taylor hated parties. Everybody always put on an act all nice and shit. And the ones who didn’t you had to look out for.

“Why is he even here? He’s had one hit song I can’t get over it”, Taylor asked whilst grumbling to herself. “Don’t even think about me.”

“Well if it’s any conciliation Calvin is here.”

Taylor looked confused.

“Wait. You know”, she asked.

Alicia laughed again.

“Everyone knows. It’s your eyes they give you away. And the way you look at him… well.”

“O you mean at the Grammy’s. Was I that obvious?”

Alicia nodded making Taylor blush.

“Hay if anyone can reel him in and hit him over the head with the oar it’s you babe.”

Taylor was amused.

“Don’t say it like that Alicia.”

Alicia smiled again as some more peeps walked in the door.


“We’ll talk some more later… ”

Taylor sat at the bar sipping on a coke. She thought the lonely drink would be a good approach to the night but Calvin looked like he planned on being on stage all night. At least she got a wave she thought.

Kanye West arrived at the bar again and Taylor blurted out her thoughts without hesitation.

“Haven’t you had enough to drink already?”

“Keep talking with that attitude and Imma show you just how drunk I am and shove my black cock up your ass!”

Taylor looked dignified as she retorted, “You’re the sweet talker aren’t you.”

“You know you want it baby. You just need some encouragement that’s all. How about I buy you a drink?”

Taylor laughed.

“That’s not quite what I had in mind.”

Kanye stepped in a little closer and whispered in her ear, “Well what did you have in mind?”

Taylor’s jaw dropped and she got up and moved her stool away disgusted.

“Bitch!” Kanye exclaimed as his drinks arrived.

Up on stage Taylor noticed Calvin was having a conversation with Rihanna and looked back into her glass of coke feeling a little bit jealous. So far she wasn’t winning.

Not a moment too soon Gwen Stefani suddenly tapped Taylor on the shoulder and asked her for a dance.

“Well okay”, she said even though Gwen had already grabbed her hand almost dragging her to the dance floor.

Rihanna had begun to sing You Da One! on stage gyrating at every possible moment in a flashy red dress and matching lip stick. Taylor refrained from copying her and danced like she was jogging on the spot or something.

“Babe you got the moves”, said Gwen who herself wagged her tail like she was about to eat a three course meal of roast beef.

Taylor smiled and after a while moved in closer so she could converse.

“Did I ever mention you are one hot mamma?” Taylor near yelled to be heard all the time looking Gwen up and down. “If I’m half as hot as you when I’m a mum I’ll be happy.”

Gwen couldn’t help herself but wrap her arms around Taylor’s neck.

“Looks like I have another fan! The question is how big of one?”

Taylor smiled as she grabbed Gwen’s wrists.

“You know I love you”, she said. “Just not that much.”

Rihanna came to the end of her tune but stayed on stage upon request of the ballroom to sing her song Diamonds.

“Well anytime you change your mind”, Gwen said assuredly. “Dance again?”

“Just warming up”, Taylor claimed beginning to enjoy herself.

Taylor ran up the garden path as quickly as she could trying not to lose any more dignity than she already had. She was supposed to be meeting Calvin outside but instead here she was disgusted at Eamon who had the audacity to flash her wanting sex and now she was afraid she would start balling her eyes out. How could the night get any worse?

She decided to walk it off rather than head straight back to the ballroom and found a quiet sanctuary in a court yard up near the house. She eyed an antique seat to relax in but before she could even take a breath she felt a sharp pain and a thud in her lower back sending her sprawling forward onto the concrete and gasping for breath. Something or someone had hit her from behind and as she reached for the pain the blow was repeated this time at the back of her head.

“No”, Taylor tried to say but could only manage to mouth the word. But it wasn’t until she felt her belt buckle being clicked open and her pants being pulled down to her knees that she fully realised what was going on and tried to snap herself out of it. She had to fight.

But it was too late. The perpetrator sat on her back, wrapped something around her neck and pulled so tight she felt her eye balls might explode. She could no longer breathe and instinctively tried to lever her fingers under the noose to loosen its grip but it was to no avail. Her neck was then wrapped twice more and tied off leaving her no chance to fight it.

At that moment the moon got lost behind some clouds and the night went very dark. Taylor tried to stay calm and repeated the word ‘please’ to herself as the perpetrator rubbed up against her buttock and then penetrated her anus with no mercy. The pain was so unbearable she actually found the strength to lurch forward trying to break free but simultaneously felt her head smash into the concrete as all her and the perpetrator’s weight was put on it. She tried to get angry but it turned into something like crying that had no escape except for a few tears from her bulging eyeballs.

In one last burst of energy Taylor reached up behind her grabbing handfuls of hair but the perpetrator had the same thing in mind and yanked her head back. It was then she started to feel like she was falling. Her anus was being pounded but she was now oblivious to the pain. She was losing consciousness and as her grasp on the perpetrator’s hair loosened the moonlight found its way back from behind the clouds allowing Taylor to see one last moment of her and the perpetrator’s reflection in a glass doorway leading into the house.

The strap-on dildo Rihanna wore was custom designed and made, extending down and up into her vagina so that with every thrust she made with it her g-spot was stimulated. She watched with elation as Taylor’s hands went limp and fell to the ground pushing her all the way to climax in one long and deep penetration. She took the moment even further and shoved Taylor’s head hard into the concrete and punched it several times. The ecstasy was amazing. More than she expected. She then slowly withdrew and stood above Taylor’s lifeless body rubbing her clit to a complete and satisfying orgasm before collapsing down on top of her most famous kill in exhaustion.

Rihanna couldn’t help but giggle, “Fucking bitch!”

She leaned forward and punched Taylor in the side of the head one last time and then began to sing, “Now we got bad blood…”; getting some energy back before undressing her completely, dragging her body to the pool and dumping it into the cold water.


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