Bad Case of Scarlett Fever

A Bad Case of Scarlett Fever (FF+, cons, vamp)
by Number One (
Celebs: Scarlett Johansson, Sara Underwood, Kayla Collins
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based on a recurring fantasy, and is not for anyone under the age of 18 and/or offended by the material.

Sara Underwood, 2007’s Playmate of the Year has been through a lot in the past year. She still recalls her encounter with Scarlett Johansson, and the moments after she learned that the famous actress was actually an evil vampire vixen. Sara would later be seduced into being part of Scarlett’s dark world, and the pair actually became quite an item…that is, until a couple of months ago.

Since escaping Scarlett’s clutches, Sara has attempted a life of normalcy. In that time, she hooked up with another Playmate–Kayla Collins, Miss August 2008. Sara was relieved to be in a much less hostile relationship with someone she truly loved, though she continued to be haunted by Scarlett. She could never gather up the courage to tell Kayla that her past relationship and that she, herself, is a vampire. Sara has also tried to control the urge to sink her fangs into her lover numerous times.

Sara was parked in front of Kayla’s house late at night, feeling intensely nervous. She was mulling over whether or not to tell Kayla her dark secret, when suddenly her cell phone rang.


“Sara,” she heard a panicked voice say, “I’m at your place. An intruder has broken in! Come quick! I’m so scared!” The voice she heard appeared to be Kayla’s, and Sara drove off in a huge rush to save her. With the lack of traffic at night and the high speed she was going, Sara arrived at her home in what seemed like five minutes. She ran inside looking for her lover.

“Kayla?!” screamed Sara. “Are you OK? Where are you?!” Sara heard nothing…except for the sound her front door slamming shut. The loud noise immensely frightened Sara, but what she saw next scared her even more.

“Hi, Sara. It’s been a while.”

Sara turned around and saw her old flame, the villainous Scarlett Johansson, laying across Sara’s sofa, smiling deviously at the terrified Playmate. “What have you done with Kayla?!” she yelled. Scarlett’s answer would add to Sara’s shock.

“Oh, that wasn’t her on the phone,” Scarlett replied–in Kayla’s voice. “That was me. It seems to be the only way I could get you to me.” Sara glared at the vampiric beauty and was about to leave, but she was physically blocked by an angry Scarlett, who appeared right in front of her. The auburn-haired beauty shoved the PMOY to the floor, and began showing an ominous glare of her own.

“Did you really think that you could avoid me?” Scarlett said angrily. “Let me remind you of something, sweetheart. I own you. You belong to me for all eternity. And I’ve been sending you those little mental images ot me to remind you of that fact.” The wicked vampiress walked closer to her shaken ex-lover, who was slowly backing away.

“I am not going back to you, Scarlett,” said Sara. “I am over you. You cannot control me anymore.”

“Oh, really?” Scarlett asked coyly. She began opening her black robe and she flashed her large, natural, luscious breasts–the same breasts Sara feasted from during their time together. Sara tried hard to supress her dark side, but it was a battle she was slowly losing.

“You can’t resist, Sara,” the sinister seductress said. “Come on. You know you want to.” Sara’s eyes displayed a red glow and her fangs had elongated, and she walked closer and closer to Scarlett. She softly kissed her undead superior and sank her fangs into her left breast.

“Yes,” Scarlett whispered. “Surrender yourself to me.” Sara continued feasting from Scarlett’s left breast and was about to do the same to her right one, when Scarlett suddenly stopped her. “Just what do you think you’re doing?” she asked. “You think after what you’ve done to me, you can act as if nothing happened?”

“I’m sorry,” Sara said as she licked her lips.

“You’ll have to do better than that,” said Scarlett. As she redressed herself, an evil smile appeared on her lovely face. “There is one thing you can do for me: bring that cute little blonde hottie of yours to us.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Sara.

“Don’t lie to me, Sara,” Scarlett said firmly. “I’ve seen all the pictures.” She picked up one of Sara and Kayla together. “This must be Kayla,” she said. “Is she one of your Playboy Playmates?”

“Yes,” answered Sara. “Miss August 2008.”

“Excellent,” said Scarlett, who gave Sara her cell phone. “Call her. Give her some excuse for her to come here. She looks like she’ll believe anything.” But as soon as Sara was about to call Kayla, there was a knock at her door.


“Who’s that?” asked Scarlett.

“It’s Kayla,” Sara replied.

“What perfect timing,” said Scarlett. “Let her in. I’ll be waiting upstairs. Do not be long.” Sara rushed to the front door and let her lover right in. “I was waiting for you all night,” said Kayla. “Where were you?”

“It’s a long story,” Sara answered somberly.

“You can tell me,” said Kayla, “I’ll understand.”

“I don’t think I can,” said Sara.

“Are you worried about what I might think?” asked Kayla. Sara gave no reply, but that said it all for Kayla. “Don’t worry about me. You can tell me anything.” After giving a deep sigh, Sara kissed her lover and said, “I’ll tell you upstairs.” The two Playmates went upstairs, with Kayla leading the way. She opened the bedroom door and stunned to see Scarlett laying across Sara’s bed–fully nude.

“What took you so long?” Scarlett asked coyly. “I’ve been waiting forever.” Kayla quickly turned to Sara, looking quite bewildered. “Sara,” she said, “what the hell is going on?!”

“Yes, Sara,” teased Scarlett. “You should be ashamed of yourself. You didn’t tell her about us?”

“Like I said,” Sara uttered, “it’s a long story.”

“No, it isn’t,” said Kayla. “It’s a simple statement: ‘Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that I fucked Scarlett Johansson!'” As there seemed to be friction between the two Playmates, Scarlett simply watched, grinning insidiously. “What the fuck are you smiling about?!” Kayla angrily barked. That sudden outburst got Scarlett out of bed and walking slowly towards Kayla.

“If I were you,” said Scarlett, “I would watch my tone, little girl. You have no idea what I am capable of. But Sara does.” The evil beauty gave the PMOY a quick glance. “Sara,” she said, “do you want to tell her, or should I?”

“Tell me what?” asked Kayla.

“Never mind,” replied Scarlett. “I’ll be happy to show her.” She engaged Kayla in a soft, romantic make out session, right in front of Sara. After the romantic amenities took place, Scarlett revealed her fangs by hissing venomously at the young Playmate and tossing her onto the bed. Kayla stared in horror at Scarlett, who had her firmly pinned down.

“Now, my dear,” she said. “You are full aware of my true power. And now, I will make you answer to me.” But Scarlett stopped herself right there–because she had a different trick up her sleeve. “Sara,” she called. “Come.” The young blonde did as she was told and joined her Playmate girlfriend and her evil vampiric mistress on her bed. “Kayla,” said Scarlett, “Sara hasn’t told you the whole story. Watch us closely.” Scarlett took Sara’s red dress off of her and the pair started making out passionately. The sexy actress positioned herself behind Sara and slowly fondled her voluptuous body–from her luscious breasts to her shaved pussy.

“Mmmm…,” Sara gently moaned. Scarlett started out petting her lover’s snatch gently, right before she inserted her fingers inside and began toying with her. “OHHH! OHHHH!!!” Sara screamed erotically as Scarlett finger banged her–right in front of Kayla. “What is it I am supposed to see?” she asked.

“Just wait for it,” Scarlett replied. “In fact, I’ve already got her started. Why don’t you finish her off?” Without reply, Kayla placed her fingers inside Sara’s tight snatch while Scarlett remained behind her, showering Sara with soft kisses and fondling her breasts. “OH GOD YES!!!” Sara shrieked as her fellow Playmate girlfriend picked up where Scarlett left off. “Harder!”

Kayla obeyed Sara’s orgasmic command and put more intensity into her finger play. It caused Sars to go into such a huge orgasmic fit…


…that her vampiric features revealed themselves slowly, as did Scarlett’s. As soon as Kayla saw that Sara was also a vampire, she stopped her act right on the spot. The look of shock on Kayla’s face made Scarlett smile. “What do you think?” she said smugly. “Doesn’t she look lovely?”

“Oh my God,” was all Kayla could say as she watched the two vampiresses kiss each other. “Sara,” Scarlett whispered in her ear, “do it.”

“Yes, Empress,” said Sara. The sexy blonde cackled evilly as she crept closer to Kayla. “You don’t know,” she continued, “how long I’ve wanted to do this.” She gave a soft kiss to her lover, and then she sank her long fangs in to her throat. Scarlett gave an evil laugh of her own as she watch her sex servant slowly drain her girlfriend’s humanity. As soon as she was done feeding, Sara and Scarlett kissed each other once more as they looked down at their creation. The usually bubbly Kayla had become a sexy vampiric beauty, and she was already filled with an equal lust for sex and blood.

“Did I do well, Empress?” asked Sara.

“You have pleased me, Sara,” replied Scarlett. “You deserve a token of my gratitude. Both of you.” Scarlett laid herself down right between Sara and the newly turned Kayla and motioned for them to come to her. “Come here, my pets,” she said, “and pleasure your evil Empress.” Sara and Kayla took turns making out with their wicked lover and also pausing to kiss each other. After their brief make out session, both Playmates turned their attention to Scarlett’s breasts. With Sara on her right, and Kayla on her left, the pair of lovelies inserted their fangs into the actress’ natural tits.

“Ahhhh…aaahhh yes,” Scarlett passionately moaned during their breast-feeding act. After a while, she snapped her fingers at Sara, getting the PMOY’s attention. “Sara,” she said, “leave some for Kayla, please.” Sara moved downward to Scarlett’s pussy, while Kayla moved over and turned her focus on the big screen beauty’s right breast.

“OHHHHH…GOD!!!” Scarlett orgasmically screamed. She was in complete ecstasy. She had one Playmate feasting on her breasts, and another feasting on her sexual fluids from her snatch Scarlett could have wanted this to last all night. Instead she gave the word:


And the pair of Playboy beauties ceased their act. Scarlett gave a deep sigh of relief and then turned to Sara. “Sweetheart,” she said, “could you please tell your girlfriend what has just transpired?”

“I can’t believe it myself,” said Kayla, “I’m a vampire! And I just drank blood from Scarlett Johansson’s breasts!”

“How do you feel?” asked Sara.

“To tell the truth,” replied Kayla, “I feel…awesome.”

“That’s good,” said Sara. “Because by feeding of Scarlett, you have become her servant…just like I am.” Kayla took the news well, kissing Scarlett and later French-kissing Sara. “You two look so hot together,” said Scarlett. “So I’ve decided not to interfere so much in your lives. I want you to go off and live your lives together.”

“Thank you, Scarlett,” said Sara.

“But you two little girls remember,” Scarlett said firmly, “that I am still your Empress, and when I call for you, you come. I won’t ask twice. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Empress,” both Playmates said in unison.

The End

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