Bad Marriage

Title: Bad Marriage

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Carrie Underwood

Codes: MMF, rape, anal, viol, preg, fist, toys, ws

Summary: Carrie Underwood’s marriage becomes a nightmare

Disclaimer: The following is a fictional story involving the violent raping of a celebrity. This story is only for those who enjoy pain and violence in their sex fictions.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online. When it comes to request, I will take them if they interest me and I like the celeb (no Miley, no Lohan, no Scarlett and absolutely no Kardashian).

Carrie sat in her car with her forehead resting on the steering wheel after receiving horrible news. The thirty-one year old country superstar had just come back home from her doctor’s office, having learned that she was about to become a mommy to a little boy or girl. Normally, this would be fantastic news for a woman but this was the farthest thing from ‘good news’.

Over the last year, Carrie had been working hard on an album while her hockey-playing husband Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators had been begging for her to give him a baby. He wanted to be a parent while Carrie was still focused on her career, which was more on-fire than ever. The more she put off the impending pregnancy, the more her husband’s personality changed.

Mike was no longer Carrie’s loving husband but instead had been increasingly violent towards her. What used to be kisses and hugs were quickly being replaced by slaps and chokes. Over the recent months, the blonde superstar had felt the anger from within him more than she could have ever imagined. No longer where the words ‘I love you’ said in the house and instead were replaced by the single word ‘stop’.

Every night, Carrie would be slapped across the face. In the morning, Carrie would be slapped across the face. During a meal, he would toss food at her face and choke her if she dodged it. The couple’s love life was not a ‘love’ life anymore. After throwing away his wife’s birth control, saying that “only whore’s use the pill”, Mike only had sex with his stunning wife three times, wearing condom every time. He had never forced himself on her but he made sure she was in pain during every session. No foreplay, no loving attitude – just a quick, hard fuck before pulling the condom off and pouring its contents into her mouth. He would snap the condom like a rubber band on her neck before shoving her off the bed. She would crawl back on and cry herself to sleep while facing away from him.

With his constant condom use, there was no way, in his mind, that he could have impregnated Carrie. A broken condom was likely the cause of her impregnation but she knew in her heart that he would call foul and claim she was cheating on him. The last thing Carrie wanted was another reason for Mike to possibly cross the line he had stayed behind the entire time. She feared that he would rape her, beat her and possibly kill her.

Carrie sat in her car trying to figure out what to do. She could not just simply say that she was pregnant without risking a beating. She racked her brain for about twenty minutes before she decided on a strategy. The superstar decided that it would be best to seduce her husband into having unprotected sex, giving him a reason to believe that she had not been cheating. She wiped away the tears from her face and gained her composure.

The nervous woman entered her big Nashville house and ran upstairs, trying to find Mike. She scurried past several open rooms until she saw him standing in front of the dresser in the bedroom. She took a deep breath and put on a fake, sexy smile.

“Hi babe,” she said as she approached her husband. “Whatcha up to?”

“Just putting away my clothes because your lazy ass forgot to do it,” he said as he slammed the dresser drawer shut.

“I’m sorry, I had things to do this morning,” she said, keeping her sexy look.

“That’s no excuse, you know that it’s the wife’s job to so this shit,” he said as she stared at her.

“Listen babe, maybe I can make it up to you,” she said as she pressed her hand to his chest. “What do you say we have a little fun?”

Carrie’s hand slid down the front of his shirt until it was at his belt. He looked into her loving eyes and grabbed the sides of her face, pulling her in for a kiss. The couple kissed for a second before he pulled away with a half-smile.

“What’s the deal?” he asked. “You haven’t wanted to be anywhere near me in weeks, why are you all lovey all of a sudden?”

“No reason, you know how I get when the weather changes,’ she said as his belt became undone.

“You’re sure this has nothing to do with your whore ass getting knocked up,” he said, losing his half-smile.

“Uh – what are you – how did,” she said as all of the color in her face disappeared.

“Dr. Jackson called and said you forgot your parenting book,” he said. “You were trying to get me to fuck you so I’d think the bastard was mine, didn’t you?”

“I-I-I,” she stuttered, unable to find the words. “I didn’t cheat on you.”

“Bullshit!” he yelled before slapping her in the face. “I used a condom every time I’ve fucked you.”

“The condom broke!” she yelled as she held her cheek.

“How stupid do you think I am!?” he screamed as he slapped her hard enough to knock her off of her feet. “You won’t have a kid with me but you’ll give some other fucker a kid!”

Carrie rose to her feet, only to get a two-hand shove into the dresser. Carrie yelped as her spine hit the wooden furniture. She slid down until she was sitting against it, taking deep breaths. Mike wrapped his hands around her throat and started pulling her and shoving her back into the dresser. She cried every time her head hit the steel handle.

“Stop! Please stop!” she begged as he grabbed the collar of her t-shirt, dragging her back to her feet.

Mike wrapped his hands around her throat again and bent her neck back over the dresser. He got his face in hers and started screaming again.

“I’ll stop when I’m damn well ready to stop, you little whore,” he said as her kneed her in the vagina.

Carrie cringed and groaned as her private area was attacked. Mike pulled her back and spun around, wrapping his arm around her neck and putting her in a sleeper hold. Her arms flailed around as she began to lose consciousness. She felt a hand grope her breast as she passed out at the angry hands of her husband.

An hour later, Carrie awoke with her chin resting on a couch cushion facing the back of a chair. She tried to move but her arms were tied at the side of the recliner. She was bent forward with her knees on the ground, her feet also bound in place. The singer was stuck and unable to move. She looked back and saw nobody around her but did see that she had been stripped completely of her white t-shirt and black yoga pants, along with her underwear and sneakers. She was completely nude and scared to death.

“Help!” she screamed. “Help me!”

“No one will help you,” her equally nude husband said as he walked in with a beer in hand. “Do you like my present?”

“No, I don’t like being tied up!” she yelled.

“That’s not what I was talking about, whore,” he said as he reached down and shoved two fingers in her exposed pussy. “I meant this,” he said as she saw leftover semen on his hands.

Mike had raped Carrie while she was unconscious and ejaculated inside her. She was horrified at the sight of his cum on his finger. He slapped across the cheek with his sticky, wet hand. He took a sip of his beer before pouring the ice cold beverage on her blonde hair. She buried her face into the couch and groaned at the feeling of the beer being poured on her like she was trash. One the bottle was empty, he held it about two feet over her head and dropped it, letting the bottom hit her in the back of the skull.

“Waste of a beer on a waste of a woman,” he said as she slapped her ass. “Tell me who you fucked around with and I’ll let you go.”

“I didn’t cheat on you!” she yelled through tears. “The condom broke!”

“You don’t get it, do you?” he asked as he picked up the bottle and walked behind her. “Maybe this will, well ‘open you up’ so to speak.”

Mike pressed the neck of the bottle at her pussy and began to rub it around, teasing that he would slam it in. He did this for several seconds until the opening of the bottle was nice and lubricated. Carrie’s tear flow suddenly stopped as she felt the warm bottle brush up her pussy and against her ass hole.

“No!” she screamed. “Mike, please don’t!”

“Who did you fuck?” he asked one last time.

“I-I didn’t fu-”

Before she could finish her denial, Mike pushed the bottle forward into her tight asshole. She once again buried her face in the blue cushion and screamed bloody murder as the thick-necked bottle slid inside her. She tried to flail her limbs around but was unable to move an inch as her husband had tied her tightly in place. All she could do is relax her sphincter and scream.

Mike was relentless was he pushed the entire neck of the bottle inside his wife’s ass. Once the bottle widened he stopped. He pushed his thigh against the bottle to hold it in place. He reached forward and grabbed a handful of blonde hair, taking her face off of the cushion.

“One last chance,” he said. “Who. Are. You. Fucking?”

Carrie sobbed and took a deep swallow.

“The mailman,” she lied, hoping any answer would get him to stop.

“Liar,” he said as he pushed his thigh forward, allowing the thickest part of the bottle to insert itself in her ass.

Carrie let out the loudest scream she had ever released in her life. The pain was indescribable for the poor tortured wife. She felt her asshole expand out farther than ever expected. Mike forced her face back into the couch to muffle her excruciating screams. He continued to shove the bottle in with his thigh until it stopped moving, leaving two inches sticking out.

“I’m not stupid, Carrie,” he said he knelt next to her. “I poked a hole in every condom I’ve fucked you with.”

Carrie, with tears streaming down her bright red face, looked at him with a look of shock, disgust and pain. She wanted to curse him out but knew that it would only lead to more torture.

“Why?” she asked.

“Your career meant more than family, you deserved it,” he said before spitting in her face.

A ring came from the door and Mike ran to the window. He grabbed his robe off of the door and headed downstairs. Carrie tried to force the bottle out of her ass while he was gone but the object was lodged in too tightly. She started screaming; hoping whoever was at the door would hear her. It was now that she was regretting getting the family room soundproofed for her while practicing songs. With the door shut, nobody could hear her scream.

Seconds later, Mike came back into the room with a shit-eating grin on his face.

“Who did you say you cheated on me with?” he asked her.

“The mailman,” she quietly responded.

“See Rick, I told you she wanted to fuck you,” Mike said to the mail carrier Rick, who walked in and saw Carrie tied to the chair with a beer bottle almost completely engulfed by her ass. “I bet you’ve wanted to nail her for years.”

“Damn right, Mike,” he said as he stared at Carrie’s backside.

“Carrie, don’t be a rude little cunt, say hello to our guest,” Mike yelled.

Carrie remained silent with her face buried in the couch, trying to push the bottle out. Mike, upset at his wife’s disobedience, walked up and roughly tore the beer bottle out from her ass, leaving a loud popping sound as it ejected. She let loud a groan of relief as she felt a rush of air enter her butt.

“You might not want to take that hole, Rick,” Mike said. “It’s a little wide right now. Just fuck her right in the pussy.”

“No worries about pregnancy?” Rick asked.

“Bitch is already knocked up, you can fill her with as much cum as she can take,” he said as he walked over to her face with the bottle. “Lick it,” he demanded of Carrie.

Carrie looked up at him before taking a whiff of the bottle. Never before had she smelled something so rank and disgusting before. She kept her mouth closed.

“Lick it or I’ll smash it over your head and shove the glass shards back in your ass!” he screamed.

Frightened, Carrie stuck her tongue out and licked around the smelly bottle. She wanted to vomit as saw streaks of blood on the white label. She kept licking the bottle while Rick was pants-less, kneeling behind her. He put the head of his six inch cock at her already-raped pussy, shoving it in with force. Her head moved forward at the force at the same time Mike had turned the bottle sideways. He grabbed her by the hair and shoved the neck of the bottle down her throat.

“Suck it like you should be sucking me,” Mike said as he shoved it further into her mouth.

Carrie was struggling to breathe while her pussy was being violently raped. Rick was taking no mercy on Carrie’s cunt, slamming into with all of the force his five foot, six inch skinny frame could force. He placed two fingers at her gaping asshole and rubbed around the edge.

Mike pulled the bottle out of her mouth and Carrie had to fight every urge to vomit her guts out. She could taste the rancid anal residue on her tonsils, getting a fresh taste with every inhale, made worse by the fact that she was breathing heavy from fear and violation.

Rick shoved three fingers deep in her ass while he abused her pussy. He started rapidly finger-fucking her ass at a matched rhythm to her pussy fucking. Carrie’s back was arching from pain while Mike was spitting in her face.

“Tell Rick how much you love him fucking you,” he demanded.

“I hate you!” Carrie screamed, receiving a hard slap to the back of her head.

“Tell him you like it!” he yelled.

“No!” she cried.

Mike, angry at her defiance, grabbed a chunk of her blonde hair and with one hard tug, ripped it out of her scalp. She gritted her teeth and groaned as the pain set in.

“Say it!” he yelled.

“Please, stop hurting me!” she yelled.

“Fine, I guess I’ll smash the bottle and feed the shards into your ass then,” he said as he stood up and smashed the bottle onto a table.

“No, wait!” she screamed. “I love it! I love getting fucked by Rick! It’s great!”

Mike started laughing at how easy it was to manipulate his wife. Rick laughed as well as he had fit his entire fist into her gaping ass. He held it inside of her as he humped her like a rabbit. He felt himself close to reaching orgasm and wanted to humiliate her more.

“Can I cum on her face?” he asked Mike.

“She’s your bitch, do whatever you want,” he responded as he walked back to her and wrenched her neck back as far as possible.

Rick got up and walked to the opposite end of the chair. He aimed his cock at her face and jerked himself until he exploded, coating her sweaty, tear-soaked face in a fresh coat of thick, white semen. She closed her eyes and mouth until Mike ripped another chunk of hair out of her. She screamed just in time to take a large spot of cum directly down her throat. She gagged as she felt each sperm swimming along as they slid down into her stomach. Once the last droplet fell from his cock, he wiped himself off in her hair.

“Good girl,” Mike said as both men spit into her open mouth. “Rick, I give you permission to enter this house anytime and fuck her whenever you want. If she refuses, you call me and I will make her suffer.”

“Thanks, Mike,” he responded. “I’ll make sure to give her a good fucking every Monday through Saturday.”

“Carrie, thank Rick for fucking you,” Mike said as he stared at his defeated wife.

“Th-thank you, Rick,” Carrie said as all emotion left her body.

Rick pulled his pants back on and headed back to work. Mike went downstairs to the kitchen and retrieved some food for Carrie. He came back upstairs with a small salad bowl in hand. He placed it on the chair, just in reach of Carrie’s head.

“You should probably eat, you’re insane if you think I’m untying you today,” he said as he opened his robe and pulled his cock out.

Mike let out a steady golden stream onto the salad before aiming at his defeated wife’s face. Carrie cringed as she felt his hot piss rain down on her. When he was done, he pointed at the salad and demanded she eat it. Slowly, she poked her head forward and started to eat like a dog, gagging at the salty taste of urine.

“Good girl,” he said as he petted her head and left the room.

Mike would leave his wife alone for nearly a full day, returning the next morning only to feed her with another urine soaked salad.

The next few months were torture for Carrie. Rick kept his promise and showed up daily to rape the blonde singer, getting no fight from her as she feared her husband. Between the two men, she was simply used as a cum bucket for month. As her baby bump grew, her worst nightmare came true. During a hockey game, Mike suffered a concussion and was sat down for half of the season…meaning he would be home every day for the remainder of her pregnancy.
At the seven month point of her pregnancy, Carrie had been beaten and raped several times a day, every day. He refused to allow her to visit her doctor, afraid of being caught. The beatings and rape continued until he went too far. One rape with just weeks left of her pregnancy caused a miscarriage. She was rushed to the hospital and told the doctors everything that had happened to her in the past year. Mike and Rick were both arrested for kidnapping and rape while Mike also had a charge in the death of the unborn child. Both men are in prison for the rest of their lives while Carrie visits a therapist every day, her career on hold as she gets her brain fixed.

The End.

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