Ballerinas Of Darkness: Chapter 13 – Burn Baby Burn

Ballerinas of Darkness: Chapter 13 – Burn Baby Burn

by Dark Genesis (


13th part of the previously un-named series.

Slowly walking down the stairs, the girl felt shivers running through her body. The abandoned mansion was crumbling fast, it wouldn’t stand at the cliff for a week. For centuries it had stood there, never in the need of renovation, but now it was a wreck. She walked to the lounge to her aunt, brother and cousins.

“Looks like there’s nothing we can do, we’re going down…” Said Beth and sat down next to her brother, Troy. “How could all this happen
in one night?” Wondered Patrick.

“Well, it’s obvious who’s responsible, that girl who stood up against all this…” Lady Craven pointed out.

“What will we do now?” Asked the twins, Maria and Amber. Lady Craven let out a sigh and got up from the chair. “Amber, Maria, Troy and Beth shall follow orders from the ‘Organization’ from now on, Patrick and I shall go down with this house…”

An endless silence filled the room, Rose and Patrick Craven weren’t the kind of people that would work for a company that did what the ‘Organization’ did. They heard noises from upstairs but didn’t react, they knew very well that the current and last visitors were up.

“Patrick can handle those two, I’ll retreat to my crypt for my eternal sleep. And you, get going before the house crumbles on our backs.” Lady Craven left the room to finally enter the rest she had waited for a long time. Patrick sent his sisters and cousins away to be picked up by a car and get them to California from the cold Scotland.

As Patrick returned to the lounge, he saw the three guests walking down the dusty stairs, Katherine Heigl, Leelee Sobieski and Reese Witherspoon who had brought them there in the first place.

“What did we miss? This house is ready to collapse.” Asked Katherine.

“Nothing to worry about, did you sleep well?”

“Yes, the bed was very comfortable.” Nodded Leelee.

Patrick gave them a smile, but Reese was well aware that everything wasn’t right. “Well, why don’t we check if the garden is still intact, something must’ve happened last night…”

When arriving into the dome where the garden used to be, all they saw was dirt on the ground, everything was gone. No pool, no plants, just nothing. “What’s the plan?” Reese whispered to Patrick.

“Just to take care of these two as soon as possible, after that I will return to my crypt with my mother, and this place will cease to exist…”

“The rest are at our disposal?”

“Yes… but please be careful, they can be very dangerous.”

“Things have been bad for a while now… ever since the leadership changed, all we’ve done is hunt and hunt, this is the only thing I could do to get away from it all…”

“Well, we’ve served our master for a long time, she’ll resolve the mess once she returns.”

“… The problem is that I’m not sure she will…”

The day passed slowly, the weird sounds coming from the walls made Katherine and Leelee want to get out as soon as possible, but Reese and Patrick kept them inside until the sun went down. The house was still in shape to be slept in, but things took an ugly turn.

A car pulled over to the yard and a man stepped out. He opened the trunk and took out two big canisters. After closing the trunk he walked to the window of the driver’s seat. “So… here we are.” Said Damon, smiling at the woman in the car. “Yeah, we are.”

“… You don’t need to stay, I can get back on my own.”

“Oh, I’m not here, I just happened to be on vacation around here and I picked you up right after that big fire on the cliffs.” Smiled the woman.

“… Right…”

The man gave her a soft kiss and thanked her with his eyes, the car pulled out of the yard leaving him with two canisters of gas.

“Well, Damon… this has got to be the dumbest shit, ever…”

Inside the house, Leelee, Reese and Katherine were playing poker. Leelee was winning, leaving the others almost completely broke.

“Whaddya got?” Asked Katherine.

“Err… flush?” Smiled Reese. Katherine took a look at her cards. “Nope, that’s a high card, Leelee?”

“… I don’t think you want to know…”

“Well yes I do, since I’m gonna win with my four kings!” Yelled Katherine, slamming her cards on the table, revealing the kings. Leelee smiled at her, feeling sorry for what she was going to do. She revealed the four aces from her hand and set them calmly on the table. Reese smirked amusedly, setting her eyes on Katherine, who had her eyes on the cards at the table, her face completely vacant.

She didn’t say anything, just stared at the aces on the table. Leelee set her hands on the money and carefully pulled them over to her pile, expecting Katherine to jump up to grab the money back.

“… I’ll live…” Murmured Katherine, still looking at the cards. “Right, well I’m broke, so I’ll just retreat…” Reese got up and walked into the bathroom. “How about you?” Asked Leelee.

Katherine just shook her head and left the room to the hallway. Leelee gathered the money into her pocket and grabbed her toothbrush.

She ran into Reese in the bathroom who was washing her face from the make-up. Leelee started to brush her teeth and Reese lifted her face from the sink. “Did she go?”

“Yup, it’s late, she was probably tired…”

“No, she was broke. Where did you learn that shit?”

“I didn’t, this was my first time.”

“Really? Mine too.”

Leelee rinsed her mouth and gargled, Reese noticed that this was a good opportunity. She felt pretty bad, but the faster this was done with, the faster they’d get out of the house, and more importantly, she wouldn’t have to return ever again. She moved behind Leelee’s back and leaned against her back, setting her head over her shoulder. “Tired?”

“… Not really…” Said Leelee, looking at Reese from the mirror. “How about if we just stay up?” Reese kissed her neck softly, trying to get her in the mood, but she was in for a cold reception. “Stop it, I’m not like that.”

“Not even a little?”

“No, can you please sleep in another room?”

Reese backed away from the girl, feeling a little hurt. But she didn’t need to take care of her, there was always plan B.

Reese ran into Patrick in the hallway. “OK, plan B!” Said Reese.

“What the heck is plan B?” Asked Patrick.

“Switch… you didn’t take care of Katherine yet, did you?”

“No, I was on my way… I suppose we can switch.”

“OK, she’s in the bathroom, try to be quick so we can leave.”

Patrick nodded and Reese walked into Katherine’s room, closing the door behind her. Meanwhile, Leelee was getting ready to go to bed. She wasn’t that shocked about Reese’s behavior, she knew what she was like and wasn’t going to mess with it. Patrick walked in on her while she was covering herself with the sheets. She noticed him closing the door and starting to stare her. Leelee started back, almost feeling Patrick’s eyes on her skin, covered with a red silk sheet, revealing much of her figure to him. “Did you want something?” She asked, feeling much calmer than Patrick who started to approach her slowly. “Yes… there’s something I want…”

Outside the house, Damon was spreading the gas on the wall of the mansion, breaking few of the windows and pouring the stuff inside. It was a hard job, it would take long to make sure all of it would be destroyed, but somebody had to do it. The moon shone on the ocean, and lit the enviroment just enough to give Damon the perfect condition for arson.

Upstairs in Leelee’s room, Patrick had made it to the edge of the bed. “So… did you find something interesting?” Asked Leelee, letting go of the sheet. “Yes, you could put it that way, or… you could put it this way.” Patrick started to pull the sheet off the girl’s body, revealing her parts slowly one by one. The sheet slid off her juicy breasts, dropping off her hard nipples, erected by the sexual tension between the two. Continuing down Leelee’s body, the sheet gave her shivers, moving softly on her skin. Her stomach revealed, Patrick stopped pulling the sheet and leaned over to kiss Leelee’s bellybutton. Her whole body was starting to burn, the feverish feeling was pulsing from her crotch, warming her blood and skin, Patrick moving her tongue around her belly. He started moving up the girl’s body, still moving his tongue on her blushing skin. Running her lips up to her face, he softly grazed Leelee’s soft breasts on the way. Their lips met and the fire between the two bursted, the game ended and the passionate kissing filled their whole lives, not thinking about anything else. Patrick let himself press against Leelee’s naked body, kicking the sheet right off, along with Patrick’s clothes. The girl ran her fingers around her lover’s back, pulling him softly against her body. The heat increased as they merged on the silk sheets, Patrick caressing Leelee’s hair and kissing her face, already breathless. Leelee spread her legs, giving Patrick enough room to push inside her. Slowly entering her, Patrick panted out of a new experience, this was different. Everything was different from before, the girl under her was doing something, making him feel better than ever. He moved himself slowly inside the girl, every time he poked her womb she let out a tiny moan. Her hands were pulling him deeper with every push, the slow motion was making them feel like a trance, feeling unbelievable pleasure and comfort at the same time. She pulled him against her, leaning her head over his shoulder while they gasped into each others ears. Leelee wrapped her legs around Patrick, locking her tight against her body, keeping him inside her. The sweat was splashing between the two, almost boiling in the heat their passion and instinct had created. Leelee felt herself coming, she came on Patrick, who just kept going, not stopping for a moment of calmness, but still moving himself inside her. Holding him strongly in her arms, she whispered something into his ear with her eyes closed, her grip on him loosened a bit and Patrick started to make deeper pushes, forcing her against the bed and almost running her through it. He put his arms around Leelee and kept going while kissing tasting sweet lips with his. He looked deep into her beautiful eyes, seeing the pleasure given by his every thrust. She kept pulling him against her, feeling that he couldn’t go any deeper, and she couldn’t handle it any deeper either. The gasping was coming to an end, Patrick’s moaning got intense, wanting to make Leelee come on more time. He thrusted himself inside the girl’s hot wetness, trying to hold his inside, Leelee came to another climax and Patrick felt safe to let it go. He went on with the final push, coming into the girl’s body, making her smile of delight and tranquility. She let go of his body and let him pull next to her on the bed. They didn’t say anything, they just laid there, staring at the ceiling.

Damon threw the empty canisters into the ocean. He looked around just in case to ensure that anyone wasn’t there. He walked in front of the mansion and was about to light the gas…

“… If I go in there I might get killed, but on the other hand, there might be innocent people inside and they would die… I guess it’s one of those days.”

He glanced up and saw light in one of the windows. “Well… I suppose I can try…”

He broke into the mansion quietly and started to look for any bystanders.

Meanwhile up in Katherine’s room… Katherine was checking her wallet for any spare money, but didn’t find anything. “Shit… just my luck.” She threw her wallet on the desk and removed her shirt. Collapsing on the bed on her back she let out a sigh. “Who do I have to fuck to get some cock in here…” Suddenly she heard something from under the bed. Katherine thought about checking it out for a sec, but let go of the idea, who the hell could it be anyway? And there it was again. Like something crawling under the bed or something… now she was too damn scared to look under the bed, or even move.

“This isn’t funny! Who is it?” Yelled Katherine, trying to cloak her fear with her voice. Suddenly five hands ripped through the bed and grabbed her. She didn’t even get a chance to scream for one of the hands gagged her. She tried to struggle herself away from the hands, but they were too strong for her. Katherine felt someone breathing on her neck and letting out small moans as the hands ripped off her bra and the rest of her clothes. Two hands grabbed her tits and other two spread her legs wide open. Katherine was getting turned on as the hands kept kneading her big tits and squeezing her nipples, she felt something rising up from the bed between her legs, the cock rubbed it’s tip against Katherine’s clit first, getting her horny and nicely wet enough to slide in, but this wasn’t still the perfect way to do it in the girl’s mind. She tried to mutter a ‘Stop’ but the hand muffled the sound completely. The big cock from the bed penetrated her slippery cunt, Katherine squealed and squirmed as the cock expanded her cunt roughly, almost ripping the walls apart.

Reese walked in just as the cock started the rough pounding into Katherine’s tight cunt. She tried to scream for help but it wouldn’t do any good. Reese removed ehr clothes and climbed on top of Katherine. “Don’t you like it? I did…” She turned around and set her cunt against Katherine’s face just as the hand pulled away. Reese pulled the cock out of her cunt and set it against Katherine’s butthole, starting to lick her clit slowly. As Reese was forcing her cunt into her mouth, Katherine saw something appearing from the wall, closing in on Reese with it’s cock. It shaped into a man and set it’s cock on Reese’s pussy lips, ready to thrust it in, setting it’s balls into Katherine’s mouth. She started to suck the sweet tasting balls of the guy who was entering his cock into Reese right above her face, also feeling the cock against her slowly pushing itself against her virgin ass. Reese forced her hands under Katherine’s ass, spreading her buttocks wide open to give the cock some room, still licking her wet clit hornily. The guy grabbed Reese’s hips and started to pound his cock into her slowly. At the same time, a cock penetrated Katherine’s rectum, it slowly pushed into the tight butt that was fully spread by Reese’s hands, squeezing the buttocks softly with every push Reese got from the guy behind her. Katherine started bucking up her hips and landing on the cock pounding her ass, making it thrust deeper and deeper, also letting Reese take her clit fully in her mouth, starting to suck it and roll her tongue around it. As Katherine felt herself coming, she sucked the balls in her mouth hard, giving the guy extra boost on making Reese’s hot cunt squirt out it’s juices. As Reese saw Katherine’s juices escaping her body, she gave her clit a soft bite and gave her a second orgasm in a row. Her juices ran down to her asshole, giving the cock more lubricant on ravaging the fine skintight butt under Reese’s eyes. She was beginning to cum too, the long thick cock was too much for her wet cunt to handle. Her juices ran down the shaft of the cock, ending up at the guy’s balls where Katherine drank up all of it. The guy slapped his hips against Reese’s asscheeks, making them jiggle in front of him. The veiny cock was almost there too, but wasn’t going to cum just yet. The other cock however wasn’t going to take Katherine’s hot ass anymore, Reese pulled it out and stuck the tip into her mouth, starting to roll her tongue around it, waiting for the hot load to squirt out. She loved the taste of Katherine’s ass, she gave it all the sucking she got in her and felt the sperm building up and ready to shoot. She gulped twice as the warm load of semen filled her mouth, ending up in her stomach soon. The guy fucking Reese was there too, he pulled it out and let Katherine jerk it hard. The sweet load spread all over Reese’s buttocks, giving Katherine the opportunity to taste both. The hands, the guy, everything pulled away, leaving them laying on each other.

“… What’s that?” Wondered Katherine.

“… Oh, that’s my tongue…” Smiled Reese.

Katherine suddenly jumped up and put her clothes on. “Not that, the smell.”

Reese sniffed a couple of times and smelled it too. “Gasoline!”

They ran into the hallway completely dressed and ran into Leelee and Patrick. “You too?” Asked Leelee.

Suddenly they saw Damon running into the hallway. “There’s no time to explain, please leave the house.” He said and was about to walk back downstairs. “What have you done?” Yelled Patrick.

“Nothing, yet!”

Suddenly they heard thunder and smoke started rising from downstairs. “Hmph… I guess I don’t need to either…”

A single lighting from the clear sky had set the gas on fire, the house was heating up fast and the smoke was filling the second floor. “If you want to get out, this is your last chance!” Yelled Damon and ran downstairs. The rest looked at each other and ran after him. Downstairs in front of the door, Patrick stopped. Leelee stopped too to see what was wrong. “Come on! There’s nothing you can do!”

“… I can’t leave…”

Katherine stopped too, but Reese tried to drag her along. “Come on! Let’s go!” She shouted, trying to let them leave Patrick alone. “I should’ve died a long ago, now it’s my chance to redeem…”

Leelee looked at him confused. “Go, I’ll be fine.” She hesitated for a second, but when Katherine and Reese ran outside, she rushed after them, leaving Patrick into the sea of flames.

Katherine, Reese and Leelee sat outside on the ground, just looking at the huge bonfire in front of them. Damon had split, his ride was just down the hill waiting for him, the mission was quite succesful. The Craven mansion was destroyed, along with the master of the house, and no innocent people got killed. Beth, Troy, Maria and Amber were the only thing left from the old mansion on the cliff.

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