Ballerinas Of Darkness: Chapter 14 – Hades

Ballerinas of Darkness: Chapter 14 – Hades

by Dark Genesis (

On the run for a couple of months now, Michelle Trachtenberg had settled down with some other stars that wanted out of the ‘Organization’. They had purchased an old silo complex in Nevada that the government had abandoned, it was perfect for hiding out, but there was much to be done if they were going to bring the company down.

“No hard feelings?” Asked the woman, handing over Kirsten Dunst to Michelle. “No hard feelings… are you sure you don’t wanna come with?”

The woman smiled and shook her head. “Fine then,
we’ll see you later.” Said Michelle. The woman nodded and left the bar in the heart of Las Vegas. “So… what are we gonna do?” Asked Kirsten.

“We’ll wait here for a while, then we’ll go some place safer than this, they’re looking for us everywhere…”

“Are you sure SHE won’t follow us?” Asked Kirsten, referring to the woman that had brought her there. “… No, I’m pretty sure…”

After a couple of drinks, their ride came and they drove off toward the desert. The driver was no other than Alyssa Milano, who had been ordered to kill Michelle some time back, fortunately she had second thoughts…

“… How’s Natalie?” Asked Michelle.

Kirsten looked at her, a bit surprised she cared. “Umm… she’s fine, why do you ask?”

“Nothing, I just… I’m glad she’s OK…”

They left the city and took a small road off the highway. It was pretty dark and the road was bumpy, not giving the passengers much room to relax. “I’m pretty sure that if we stay close to people we can still work, I’ve got one more season to go with BtVS. I don’t think they’d attack us in broad daylight.”

“Yeah, I’ve got my projects too… I’m just kind of shocked… killing people?”

“That’s what I thought too… but luckily I got myself a killer gone soft.” Smiled Michelle. “Right, I’m a real psycho…” Said Alyssa, turning the wheels toward the empty desert. “Hey, wait a sec. Where the hell are you driving?” Yelled Kirsten.

“It’s OK, the hideout is in the desert, it’s a lot easier to spot in daylight, really.” Explained Michelle.

After a few minutes they pulled over to a metal plate in the middle of a concrete platform. The lift took them down to a place they had fixed up as a garage. Driving off the plate, the lift went back up.

“Cool gadgets, what did they cost?”

“Dunno, you’ll have to ask our sponsor.”

They walked in front of a large double door that Alyssa opened.

“Welcome to Hades!”

They walked through a long corridor with one glass wall, giving a view of the cafeteria on the right. Walking further, they got to a large cavern, the main hall. “There are 14 of us now, two are still travelling in Europe, they should be back any time now…” Said Michelle, letting Kirsten have a look around. She walked around looking at the signs; dorms, cafeteria, laboratories… “Hey, what are you doing here? Cloning?” Asked Kirsten referring to the labs. “Oh, they aren’t ours. Officially, this place doesn’t exist, we were lucky to know someone who could buy this place. If they find us here, they can find us anywhere…” Said Michelle.

“Well, they’ll definitely find you now, because once I get back to LA, I’m giving them the exact location of this little get-away of yours, sorry!” Smiled Kirsten, but Michelle wasn’t surprised. “And why would you do that, Kirsten?”

“Because, unlike you, I trust Natalie completely, I think you’re lying to me about everything. I believe Nat and I’ll give you away the first chance I get!”

“Tell me, what do you remember about our trip to Scotland?” Asked Michelle, leaving Kirsten stunned. “I-I don’t know what you mean…” She stuttered. “Well what did Natalie tell you?”

Kirsten looked at Michelle’s determined and assured face, trying to get the words out of her mouth. “I drank too much, and I had a long amnesia, which I have!” She tried to smile, but the truth was flashing in her head. “Really, she didn’t tell you about the kids?” Asked Michelle, walking in front of Kirsten. The flashes appeared again, clouding Kirsten’s mind completely of the truth. “No, that was a dream, I… it wasn’t me…”

“Right, it wasn’t you. It was Natalie and Patrick, in your body.”

Kirsten collapsed on the floor going unconscious. “Shit, I told you to get her to sit down first!” Yelled Alyssa. “Now we have to drag her all the way to the dorms!” They grabbed her and carried her into the dormitories, putting her in a room with someone, just to make sure she wouldn’t freak out by herself. After the incident, Michelle and Alyssa were sitting in the cafeteria, trying to figure out what to do next.

“Do you think she’ll get over it?” Asked Alyssa.

“I don’t know… Natalie has a strong influence on people… it’ll take time.”

“What about you?” Alyssa took a sip from her cup and set it down expecting an answer from Michelle. “What?”

“Are you OK about this Natalie-thing?”

“… Of course, why wouldn’t I be?” Said Michelle nervously, trying to get Nat out of her mind. “Right, why wouldn’t you? Because you have absolutely no feelings for her, what so ever!” Smiled Alyssa, getting up and heading for the dorms. Michelle sighed and collapsed on the table.

“Hey, cutie!” Said the male voice.

Michelle immediately cheered up. “Damon! You made it!”

“Yup, one big bonfire on the cliff, they didn’t even bother to call the fire department up there, beautiful…” Said Damon while sitting down. “How did Shannen do? Any screw-ups?”

“Of course not, she just drove the car. You should show her more respect, you know… without her I’d probably be dead.”

“Wow, you’re really into her…” Smiled Michelle.

“Yeah, I guess I am… it’s different.”

“I’m happy for you… I only hope some day I’ll feel different too…”

“Don’t worry, you’ll know. The person will be the only thing you’re thinking about.”

Damon got up and headed into his room, leaving Michelle puzzled with her mind. “Is that a fact?”

Meanwhile in one of the rooms, Kirsten was starting to wake up. “God… not exactly the bed at home…”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it…” Said the female voice in the opposite bed. Kirsten knew Claire Danes from the time in Scotland, right before she had her ‘Amnesia’.

“Feeling OK?” Asked Claire sitting up in the bed. “I’m not sure… things are really screwed up in my head right now…”

“Don’t worry about it, few days here and it’ll all be sorted out, I got rid of all my personal problems in this room…”

The room was quite small, just enough for the two beds and a desk in the middle of the room, and a stereo on a shelf on the wall between the beds. “So… how’d you end up here?” Asked Kirsten, sitting up and leaning against the wall. “Got tired, one of the requirements in the ‘Organization’ was to be able to seduce women and lure them into the trap. Thank God I’m not into women like that, I might have gotten killed.”

Kirsten looked at Claire, hesitating to ask the question, but there was no choice if she wanted peace of mind. “… Have they actually killed?”

“… Yeah… I’m surprised Michelle didn’t tell you already, but yeah…”

“She did… I just couldn’t… I…”

“It’s OK, take your time on this one, it’s not like we’ll be raiding their HQ right now.”

“… Thanks…” Smiled Kirsten, laying down to think things over one more time, and for good.

Meanwhile, in Michelle’s room, it was past midnight and she was laying in her bed, watching TV, wearing her white panties and nightgown. She looked at the clock, to make sure everyone was asleep, as they usually were at this time. She got up and walked to the door, locking it and kneeling down to pull something from under the bed. It was her collection of DVDs, all starring Natalie Portman. She inserted ‘Anywhere But Here’ into the player and sat against the wall on the bed. Looking at her walking around in that bikini, she became hot. She slid her hand down along her nightgown, finally reaching the hot cunt that was desperately needing Natalie’s touch. The small flock of hair above her cunt was moist, she had stopped shaving right about the time she had stopped seeing Sarah. Rubbing the lips with her whole hand, she was starting to breather heavily, still looking at Natalie’s hot body on the TV.

“God… Natalie… fuck me…”

She rubbed her swollen clit with wide circular motion, trying to make herself cum fast, if someone caught her masturbating and looking at Natalie they’d commit her. Her white panties were moistening more and more, her hands moving faster and faster on her clit. She reached down with her other hand, forcing it into her panties under her ass. She slowly pushed her middle finger into her ass, contracting her muscles around it. She stopped rubbing and pushed two fingers into her tight cunt, starting to rub her clit with her palm and thrusting the fingers deeper into her young innocent cunt. So turned on by Natalie, she stuck two fingers into her ass, sliding in and out of her slippery and tight rectum. Her hips buckled up and her butt contracted around her fingers as the thundering orgasm came over her, draining the unending horniness into her wet cotton panties, causing Michelle’s fingers to make splashing sounds in her cunt, on her clit and in her tight ass.

“More, Natalie! I want more!” She groaned as her passion for the inhumanely beautiful girl grew. She quickly pulled the hand away from her panties to get the juices into her mouth and slid it back into it’s place to get more of the sweet juice. “Natalie… you taste so good…” She murmured, tasting the juice of her own cunt, spreading it on her face, making her hot lips shine of the tasty liquid. The smell was intoxicating, her breathing switched into hysterical panting, trying to shove all her fingers into her young cunt and her beautiful butt.

“Please! Fuck me! I’ll do anything, please!” She moaned with tears running down from her eyes. Shoving every last finger into her tight cunt, she came once more, flooding her butt and cunt with the other load of juice. That was enough for her, she pulled her hands away from her panties and fell asleep exhausted for the loss of fluid.

“Goooooooood morning, Hades! Another day, another reason to be happy!”

“Oh, God… it’s 5 in the morning…” Moaned Kirsten, trying to get up from the bed. “Well yeah, if you have work in LA, you have to get up early. And if you’re gonna drive, you need to register for one.” Said Claire, leaving the room heading to the bathroom. “Shit…” Hissed Kirsten and almost fell while getting up.

“And the dorms are PACKED, more people arriving last night and still more to come! Anyone who hasn’t got any work, please report to the main hall for fixing up the old labs!”

“What the fuck is that noise?” Whined Kirsten, sitting down in the table with Alyssa and Damon. “That’s what we like to call ‘The shithead who can’t sleep’. She’s up in the surveillance room.” Mumbled Alyssa, trying to keep her eyes open.

“Surveillance? Do you really need it?”

“No… but it’s the only room that has the microphone to wake us up with the speakers…”

Kirsten looked at the corner of the ceiling in the cafeteria and noticed a speaker. “Oh… that’s pretty lame…”

“Anyway, I have work to do back in LA, I need to go… right now… any second…” Alyssa was about to fall asleep but dipping her nose in her coffee, she freshened just enough to get up from the chair and try to get into the garage. “Did Michelle wake up yet?” Asked Damon.

“I don’t know, I didn’t see her…”

“I’m kinda worried, she hasn’t been herself lately…”

“I really can’t blame her… I just found out that my lover is the head of a company that kills people…”

“… Not really a shocker for me, I’ve seen pretty much everything what stressed-out actresses are able to do.”

“Stressed-out? Is that what you call it? They kill people for crying outloud! That’s not stress, that’s insane!”

“Depends on your view, really… besides, they revive most of the people that they kill, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had been killed and you wouldn’t even know about it…” Damon got up from the table and walked away, leaving Kirsten alone to give her some time to figure it out.

Noon took over and the sun rose high into the sky, Alyssa was just finishing her work and was about to get into her car when stopped by a girl. “Wait a second!”

“I don’t have time for you…” Snapped Alyssa.

“All I want to know is… did she make it there OK?” Asked the girl.

Alyssa sighed and gave her a chance to speak out. “… Yeah, she’s doing fine…” The girl just nodded and looked at Alyssa, walking up to her. “You can make it stop, just disband the whole company.”

The girl shook her head. “… No, it’s too late for that, Alyssa… they would never have it and they’d start slaughtering your friends and your family to get to you… the only thing keeping them from doing it, is my command. I need to go take back my leadership.”

“No! Come with us, we can bring the company down! We’ve already started, the mansion in Scotland has been destroyed!” Explained Alyssa, leaving the girl speechless. Seeing that she had upset her she opened her car door. “You shouldn’t have said that… you shouldn’t have…”

“Look, this is your last chance, we’ll be coming for you in the end if you won’t give yourself up.” Alyssa offered her a choice, but the tears running down the girl’s cheeks were against the offer. “Do you think you can threaten me, is that it? Scare me so I would destroy the company I’ve built? You’re wrong!” The girl yelled at Alyssa.

She started the car and quickly drove off. “You have no idea! You’re in deeper shit than any of you fuckers can imagine! You’ll all die!” The girl screamed in the middle of the street, making people think… “She must be an actress.”

Way past midnight, a car was driving along the highway in Nevada, a guy was driving the car, obviously drunk, with Claire sitting next to him, giggling her ass off. “Waitwaitwait, stop here…”


“Yeayea, right here…”

They pulled over a few feet from the vaguely visible road leading to the silo. The guy turned the engine off along with the lights. “Whyyy… did we… pullll over?” He mumbled to Claire, tiredly turning his head to her. “WE… stopped the car… because I promised…” Claire stopped the sentence to have an inordinate giggling event. “Wha? Come on, what?” Smiled the guy, looking at the girl, squirming in her seat.

“Because I promised to give you… a…” She moved her head down to the guy’s pants, unzipping his jeans. “Oh, that…” He smiled and relaxed, but just as she was going to dig it up she lifted her head. “Is that it? No objections? No, ‘You don’t have to if you don’t want to’?”

“… OK then, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“Aww, but I wanna!” Whined Claire, with a begging look in her eyes. “Fine, I wouldn’t want to upset you or anything….”

Claire smiled at him and went back down to pull his cock out of his jeans. The guy moved his hands on Claire’s head, ready to start pushing it and pulling it, finally the girl got it completely into her hands and slowly pulled it out, taking the tip of the soft cock into her warm mouth. Stroking the shaft of the semi-hard cock with her hand, she gave the guy extreme pleasure, gently moving her tongue around the tip of the cock. Hardening completely, it grew deeper into Claire’s moist mouth, starting to poke the back of her throat. She lifted her head up from the cock and started to roll her tongue around the tip, still stroking the shaft hard and letting the guy moan loudly. He moved his hand under Claire’s blouse, massaging the small breast of the young actress, feeling the hard nipple pressing against his palm. Claire suddenly pushed her head down burying the cock deep into her throat, she felt the guy almost pulling her hair off from the surprise. The big cock covered with Claire’s warm saliva was sliding into her mouth like into her cunt, the tight walls rubbing against the tip, the veiny shaft and her lips kissing his balls when she was all the way down. “Oh, Jesus! Keep going, baby! Don’t stop, never stop…” He moaned as Claire locked the cock into her mouth for her tongue to roll around. The guy’s grip in Claire’s breast was tightening, squeezing the nipple hard and pressing her tender skin against her chest, feeling his orgasm closing in, Claire slowly pulled the cock out of her mouth, with her lips tightly around it, after getting it out she started to stroke the shaft slowly, not to make him cum yet. “Oh, God, baby! Suck it hard… don’t stop…” After stroking it a while to give him more time, she ran it into her mouth keeping her lips tightly around it. The guy moved his hand from Claire’s breast to her lower back, running his hand along her skin to her buttocks, caressing the pale butt softly, making Claire’s cunt excited. He moved his hand even further, reaching Claire’s swollen pussy lips, starting to rub them gently. While Claire’s cunt was getting a massage, she was coating the hard cock with the warm saliva running down on his balls. The cock wasn’t going to take this much longer, it tensed up and Claire pulled it out of her warm mouth, starting to stroke it with all she had. “OHHH FUUUUCCKKK!” The guy shouted as his cock squirted the hot load of sperm on Claire’s pretty face.

While the guy was recovering from the orgasm, Claire wiped his face into his shirt and stepped out of the car. The guy glanced down to see that his shirt was completely messed up and the girl was gone. “Man, that’s the most realistic wet dream I’ve ever had…”

He drove off back toward Las Vegas, not noticing Claire staggering along the dirt road toward the desert. After some time she collapsed on the plate and started pounding the plate with her hands. “Heeelp!” She kept moaning until the lift lowered down. She made it to the main hall where Michelle, Kirsten and a few others were sitting. “Hey! You were supposed to come here with Alyssa, not go off with some guy you just met.” Scolded Michelle.

“Not my fault, he promised I could give him head!” Yelled Claire, getting the attention of all the people in the hall. “Jesus, will you keep it down?”

“Well I’m sorry if I want to have a good time every now and then!” She yelled again, this time falling down on her back. “Well this is new… help me out?” Asked Michelle from Kirsten. “Yeah, sure…”

They grabbed Claire by the limbs and started to carry her to the dorms. “Hey, I can walk by myself! You guys just don’t understand how many things there are to do here… ALL I WANNA DO IS HAVE SOME FUN BEFORE I’M DONE…” And that was the last memory she had from that night, next morning was a little difficult though, luckily it was Saturday.

“Morning, all the early birds and hopeless alcoholics! Time to rise and shine, Saturday is WORK DAY!”

All the people in Hades had started to work with the old labs that were much bigger than the dorms, there was enough room for dozens of people. Although working with a hangover isn’t that fun.

“Would someone please tell me what I drank last night?” Whined Claire, emptying some shelves from glass tubes and other pointy things. “I think it was 4 margaritas, 2 bloody marys and lots and lots of cider. I don’t know what you drank in the car with that guy, but…” Smiled Alyssa. “No, I didn’t swallow, thank you very much. If I had I would’ve got all the booze out of my system with one giant throw-up…”

Alyssa, Kirsten and Claire had almost cleared one lab completely, there was nothing but bright lights illuminating the white room. “This looks too clean, I don’t like it… should we spit on the walls or something…” Wondered Kirsten. “I dunno… this looks like a hospital, I don’t think we can put anyone to sleep here unless they have cancer or something like that.” Said Alyssa.

“Guys… I don’t feel so good…”

“Maybe we should paint them green?”

“No, maybe brown…”

“I gotta go…”

Claire rushed out of the lab toward the bathrooms, leaving Alyssa and Kirsten wondering what happened. “Charming…”

They kept cleaning up, there was still some dust on the shelves. “Saw Natalie today… she wasn’t feeling good.”

“Really? How bad was she?”

“Not bad, just… very pissed off. She started out calmly, asking if you were alright, and then she freaked out. I wouldn’t wonder if she was in jail by now…”

“… Did she ask about Michelle?”

Alyssa glanced at Kirsten, guessing what was going on. “… No, she didn’t, and you two need to forget about Natalie for good. She has made it very clear that she’ll get us all out of the way.”

“I know… it’ll take time, but… I miss her so much.”

Alyssa took her into her arms, comforting the pain in the girl’s heart. Claire soon returned feeling much better, unfortunately the same couldn’t be said about her face. The labs were ready later in the day, all that was missing were beds and a paint-job, it looked a bit depressing with completely white walls, it reminded that this place had been used to make something very secret. It was a good thing they weren’t told what they had made in there.

“What’s out next move?” Asked Alyssa, sitting in the table with Damon and Michelle. “I don’t know… Natalie’s probably going to go back to running the ‘Organization’, so she’ll call of most of the searches…” Thought Michelle. “Are you sure?” Damon was pretty sure that she’d come searching for Kirsten, but the rest of the people didn’t agree.

“There’s a reason she sent her here, she wasn’t safe with her. I think she’ll be here until the end.” Said Michelle.

“I don’t know, she’s kinda wrecked, hasn’t gotten over it yet.” Thought Alyssa. “So, we’ll let her figure it out herself, let’s not bother her for a while.”

Alyssa looked at Michelle, disapprovingly. “That’s the last thing we should do, she needs someone to hang on to right now.”

“To do what? She was so close with Natalie that there isn’t anyone who could go between them.” The words from Damon’s mouth suddenly made sense in Michelle’s head. She couldn’t figure out what was it that made her so attracted to her. “… Yeah, there’s nothing between them. I think we should just keep her away from any relationships for now.”

Alyssa was disappointed. In her experience being alone was the worst thing after something like this. “Fine, we’ll just let her be… I think we should move Claire away from her room too, she isn’t feeling well. “Already done, don’t you worry about Kirsten. She’s stronger than she looks.”

Kirsten was sitting in her bed, waiting for the next day to begin. She couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t move, she just sat there, waiting for someone to take her away from the nightmare she had fallen into. Alyssa slowly opened the door and peeked in. “Can I come in?”

“Why couldn’t you?”

“Well… Michelle thinks it’s a bad idea to let anyone come here, she thinks you need more time to yourself.”

“Time for myself when all I have left is time… I don’t think so, sit down.”

Alyssa closed the door behind her and sat on Claire’s bed. They looked at each other for a while not saying anything, until Kirsten broke the silence.

“I heard about Jennifer, I’m sorry…”

“That’s what they’ll do to us if they catch us. They might revive you in hope that you would forget everything that has happened… but they’d definitely kill the rest of us.”

Kirsten shook her head and smiled. “No… that’s what was bothering me about Natalie a while back, I’m not the most important person in her life… it’s Michelle. They might act like they hate each other and they’re ready to kill each other any time, but… they still love each other, more than anything else in the world, like I used to feel about Nat… now it’s gone.”

“… So it’s true… that’s why Michelle didn’t want to go for the head of the company first. But she can’t keep this show up forever, soon she’ll have to face Natalie and then we’ll see her true feelings toward her.”

“I can’t take it… I can’t bare to think Natalie dead… but still she needs to be stopped. I just wish it won’t kill me…”

Kirsten started sobbing, laying her head on her knees. “Do you want me to go?”

“… No… hold me.”

Alyssa moved to Kirsten’s bed and took her into her embrace. All she could feel was that the pain she was feeling was lessening with Alyssa’s solace. The closer she was to her, the better she felt. Alyssa felt Kirsten’s lips on her skin, softly kissing her shoulder and making their way to her neck. “… What are you doing?”

“Shut up and kiss me.”

Their lips collided as Kirsten finished her sentence. Kirsten’s past sorrow of losing her love and Alyssa’s guilty feeling for losing Jennifer had erupted into this. Their lips kept devouring each other hungrily, like trying to suck the lifeforce out of them. Their tongues rubbing against each other, letting their tastes mix between them, making them feel intoxicated by their feelings. Sliding their clothes off they fell on the bed, kissing and running their hands on their bodies. Kirsten’s milky skin colliding with Alyssa’s tanned complexion, sharing their bodyheat as one person, their legs crossing each other and rubbing their crotches strongly. Their breasts rubbed against one another, giving the two extreme feeling of pleasure and safety. This was a good place, the kind of place that they didn’t want to leave. Kirsten’s hands ran down Alyssa’s body, grabbing her back and pulling her strongly against her body, while Alyssa’s hands caressed Kirsten’s blond hair. Alyssa felt her climax approaching, reaching down with her other hand, pulling Kirsten’s leg against her hot cunt from her thigh, running her juices all over it. Kirsten was panting softly, kissing Alyssa’s beautiful face that had just recovered from the rough orgasm she had, Kirsten wanted to feel it too, so grabbing Alyssa’s buttocks firmly she roughly started rocking her against her young cunt. Her whole milky skin started to blush all over, her blood was boiling as Alyssa’s body was giving itself to her, not able to resist anything from the pulse of delight she experienced. Their hard nipples pressed against each other and Kirsten’s eyes started dripping tears.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing… nothing…” Hissed Kirsten, starting to quiver.

The sweat on their bodies was increasing, their legs were very tired and their strength was fading. Kirsten wasn’t going to stop, she was going to get the comfort and strength from Alyssa to forget about her old life. Her body was giving up to the pleasure and her whole body cramped up, letting the juice run out of her system on Alyssa’s leg. They didn’t move, they had had enough, they were both forgotten about the terrible things happening for a while and concentrated on the moment… but as they returned to their old routines, their past was creeping behind every single corner.

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