Ballerinas Of Darkness: Chapter 15 – Criss-Cross

Ballerinas of Darkness: Chapter 15 – Criss-Cross

by Dark Genesis (

There’s two things you can do in this world, either right or wrong, there’s nothing between them. This used to be how Dominique Swain had once thought, but now the black and white picture had just gotten more color. Different shades of grey, green, yellow… it was just too much for a human being to take with one swift strike. With her mind clouded, she had done horrible things with her power, killed, revived, raped… all the things she once hated from the bottom of her heart. Now she had been raped, killed and revived, and
she felt terrible. Sitting in her office in LA, looking out of the window by herself. The rainy weather wasn’t cheering her up, sirens and lights flashing in the street… she could have caused. At that moment Dominique decided that she wouldn’t take part in these terrible things anymore, but getting out was much more difficult than she could even imagine.

“Dominique, we need to go now. We’ll catch her on her way to her car.”

Dominique glanced at the door and got up from her chair, threw her coat on and walked out of the office. On her way down with the elevator she took a good look at her assistants, a guy who had raped dozens of women, the girl who had poisoned one of the former heads of the ‘Organization’, and finally Dominique herself, the girl who had ordered all the killings and rapes.

Reaching the lobby, they stopped just before opening the door. “Something wrong?” Asked the girl. Dominique took a look outside into the rain, clearing in her head what she was going to do. “… No, let’s go.”

Dominique and the girl jumped in the backseat of the car, letting the guy drive. They headed toward one of the local bars where a certain person liked to go and was spotted there that night.

“That’s her car, pull over in front of it.”

The guy pulled the car over almost against the bumper, making sure that she wasn’t going anywhere fast. They took comfortable positions in the car to see when she was coming out of the bar, they had no idea when or if she was coming out.

“Do you want me to take care of this?” Asked the girl.

“… No, me and him will handle this.” Dominique referred to the driver in front of her. The rain looked like it would never stop, puddles started growing on the street as the bar’s closing time approached. Looked like she wasn’t going to come out at all… until the owner and the girl stepped out of the door.

“Right, you stay here. In case they have backup or something.” Said Dominique.

“Got it.”

The guy and Dominique stepped out of the car and went to stand behind the girl’s car. Reese Witherspoon crossed the street in enough hurry not to notice Dominique standing next to her car. As she was opening her door, she felt Dominique’s hand grab her arm, pulling her to the nearby alley.

“What the hell? What do you think you’re doing?” Snapped Reese, confused about Dominique’s behavior. “I’ve been hearing things… like you’re getting tired of the searches… the constant working… pretty much everything in this company.”

“What are you talking about? How could anyone know how I feel about these things?”

“We just know… and we’re very concerned about your mental health, that you might switch sides or something like that.”

“I’m not switching sides, I’m just sick and tired of…”

“What? Say it, if you want to quit.”

“I don’t want to quit, I don’t need a vacation, I’m just full of… You! Ever since you took leadership, we’ve been chasing a ghost! We’ll never find them like this, and I’m sure everyone else feels like I do too! Your obsession over this is worse than anyone’s, you’re not thinking straight!”

“I’M not thinking straight? You just practically signed your death sentence.”

“I don’t care anymore, if you don’t step down I’ll have to do something.”

“See? Ask the right questions and the truth will pop out, tell us everything you know, or we’ll do THIS!”

The guy turned her around against the wall, flattening her body between his and the wet conrete. Dominique leaned her shoulder on the wall, facing Reese as the guy ripped her jeans down. “This is where you beg.”

“I can break away very easily, you didn’t think this quite…” Reese felt a sting in her arm, the needle fell on he ground after the guy emptied the fluid into her. Reese started to feel her body letting go and becoming unable to do anything to resist their actions. “Now… I’m pretty sure that you’ve been in their hideout already… we’ve tried everything and we still can’t find it, do you have anything to say to that?”

Reese slowly lifted her eyes to face Dominique. “Think carefully now, it will affect the rest of your life.” Reese spat on her coat. “… Fuck… you…” Dominique smiled and gave the guy the all clear. He pulled his cock out and started rubbing it between Reese’s legs. “That’s what I thought, we’ll get it out of you with one way or another.”

Reese tried to break away with her last strength, but she was way too weak. “One more chance, and a word of warning… this guy has done this dozens of times, and every time he does it, more pain he inflicts on people. If you give away the location, we’ll let you go, if not… what’ll it be?”

“You’re scared aren’t you… you won’t be around much longer, and you can’t do anything to stop it…”

Dominique sighed in frustration and the guy pushed his cock into her ass. All the serum had done was take the strength away from Reese’s body, the pain was still there and it was intolerable. The cock was pounded vigorously inside her cute butt, her wet skin was vibrating with every push. Dominique watched from the side, from time to time glancing at Reese’s face that was grinning of the torment. “Do you like that? I can make it stop, just say the words.” Reese just bit her lower lip, not saying a word to her, Dominique wasn’t surprised, but still she was mad. She grabbed Reese’s wet blonde hair and pulled her face to hers. She gave her a violent kiss, biting her lips and sucking her mouth completely dry. She took Reese’s hand and guided into her pants, she forced her fingers into her pussy and started fingering it with Reese’s fingers. The guy ripped the girl’s coat off and threw it on the ground, her shirt was completely wet and her nipples were shining right through her thin shirt. He then grabbed Reese’s breasts and lifted her up from the ground, pushing her hips against the wall and continuing the ravage of the girl’s hot tight ass. Reese’s wet pubic hair was brushing against the wall, along with most of her body, scratches started appearing on her and small drops of blood escaped them. Her naked full thighs and the juicy buttocks were begging for the guy to stop, but her voice was too quiet and it was lost in the rain and wet slapping. Dominique’s cunt was ready to cum, Reese’s fingers were sliding in and out of her horny pussy, with one loud groan Dominique let out, her cum escaped onto Reese’s hand. She left the fingers into her cunt, pressed in by her tight black panties. “Where are they? Tell me, now!”

Reese wasn’t even capable of saying anything anymore, Dominique had to settle for a loss. She pulled Reese’s fingers out of her cunt and let her hand hang out of her body loosely. The rain was getting very unpleasant to everyone, but the guy wasn’t going to stop until he was done. Slapping his balls against her crotch and stuffing her butt with the hard veiny cock, inflicting agony on Reese, pain that wasn’t going away for a long time. The tip of the cock was rubbing painfully against Reese’s rectum, delight for him and torture for her, Dominique just stood there watching what she had done, once again. Reese started to get some voice out of her lungs, moaning like she was being ripped apart. Her nipples were sore from the pinching of the guy along with her breasts that had been under the hard squeezing of the guy behind her. He felt himself coming and pulled his cock out of the girl’s fine ass, turning her around and pushing her on her knees, forcing the red tip of the cock into her mouth. He pinched Reese’s nose so she couldn’t breathe but through her mouth, forcing her tongue against the cock, he slowly massaged it against the wet tongue and groaned of pleasure as the load gathered up from his balls, shooting the sperm into Reese’s mouth.

As he pulled away from her, she collapsed on the ground, barely breathing and completely wet, with only her wet shirt on. Dominique kneeled down next to her as the guy returned to the car. She moved her head down to Reese’s ear and whispered something softly.

“… Sorry…”

After an hour or so, Dominique was sitting in her office, looking out of the window, witnessing the rainiest day of the month. Another ambulance rushed along the street, sirens howling. Dominique turned around in her chair and leaned against her table. Setting her hands on her forehead, she started sobbing softly. As the door opened her crying got even worse, a flood of tears dripping on the table.

“Something wrong?” Asked the female voice.

Dominique lifted up her head looking at the girl covered in shadows. “Everything is completely fucked up… the company is coming apart… we’re turning against each other… the mansion has been destroyed… we’ve lost trace of the escapee completely… I’ve died and been raped, and we just figured out that Reese was an informer…”

The girl stepped out of the shadows and set her hand on Dominique’s head. “You don’t need to any of that anymore…”

Dominique didn’t look any happier when she heard those words.

“I’m taking over…”

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