Ballerinas Of Darkness: Chapter 16 – When The Going Gets Tough…

Ballerinas of Darkness: Chapter 16 – When The Going Gets Tough…

by Dark Genesis (

After the disaster in Scotland, Beth, Troy, Maria and Amber Craven had moved into Los Angeles into the accommodation of the ‘Organization’. The resistance had built a hideout in Nevada, making sure that they wouldn’t be found. So far the old silo had kept them safe from all the agents of the company after them, but there was always the danger of being spotted when going outside. On top of all this, Natalie Portman had taken over the leadership of the ‘Organization’ once again, when hearing this, the resistance
had thought they would have a breather, but they didn’t know how wrong they were…

“This place is crumbling, we’ve lost too many people to the opposite side, why do you think this has happened?” Asked Natalie, sitting in her chair at the end of a long table. “One of the reasons must be that the leadership before you came back was incompetent.” Notified Troy.

“Maybe… but the reason wasn’t just in her, it was all of us. We let one small errand change into a possible threat, underestimating one little girl, we have destroyed a big part of this company.”

“How can we help?” Asked Beth.

“One man is responsible for the arson of your mansion, also responsible for killing Rose and Patrick. I want you to hunt this man down, no matter where he is, if he goes to Canada, you go after him, if he goes to Indonesia, same thing. Your target is a man named Damon.”

“What will we do to capture him?” Asked the twins.

“You just locate him first, he doesn’t know you, so you have a better chance to catch him. I’ll order someone to accompany you.”

The Cravens nodded and left the meeting room. Natalie called in three of her most trustworthy employees, sending them along to be there when they find Damon. They divided into groups and headed into different directions.

The sun sank into the horizon, darkening the city. Natalie wasn’t thinking of leaving her room, but something told her otherwise. Her vacation wasn’t a complete success, everything had gone straight to hell. One thing on her mind was Crystal and Jake, her children that were sent to kill her lover. But this wasn’t the time to worry about that, she decided to hit a club in town with one of her friends not from the ‘Organization’, Shiri Appleby.

“I heard about the fire, is Katherine OK?” Asked Shiri.

“Yeah, the only ones dead are the people who had kept the place up. But she was kind of shocked…”

“No wonder… did you get her?”

“Yeah, she didn’t resist.”

One of the things Natalie was good at with her job, was that she was able to manipulate people to doing things her way, like the way she had intimidated the Craven’s into turning his mansion into a big ghost house. Natalie had been able to keep Shiri out of her business and inside her personal life quite well, she wasn’t the first person to be thought when thinking about newcomers into the company because of her pure innocent look. To tell the truth she wasn’t more holy than some of the freshmen in the company, but with the help of Natalie, she had been keeping low profile.

“Enough about that, how about you?” Shiri finished her drink.

“Nothing… everything I do is work or work-related, even when I was on my vacation I couldn’t keep my mind off…”


Natalie looked at Shiri with sadness in her eyes. “… Yeah.”

After a few stiff drinks they decided to hook up with some guys. It was nice to stay away from women for a while, all Natalie was going to see at the office was going to be women. Shiri, who didn’t have much experience in these things was in need as badly as Nat, although she wasn’t into women she was still curious.

They were so stoned that they didn’t have any idea where the guys were taking them, of course these situations had their dangers, but Natalie was experienced enough to know what to do if it came to that.

Next thing Shiri and Nat knew was them laying on sheets in some room, with the guys undressing next to them. The had been well undressed before they figured out what was going on, Alonzo and Pete were approaching the beauties on the floor, with their cocks hardening from the sight of the naked ladies.

Alonzo layed down next to Natalie and Pete layed next to Shiri. Natalie reached for the bottle of wine, taking a long swig and setting the bottle next to her on the sheet. “Watch out with that stuff, it’s expensive.” Mumbled Alonzo. “You know what’s more expensive? This…” She gave him a long and wet french kiss, pressing her body against his and rubbing his cock with her hips.

Shiri and Pete were kissing and groping each other hornily, Pete broke the long kiss and rolled her on her stomach, moving down on Shiri’s young body, kissing and caressing the tender skin on his way down. He tapped her ass with his hand, making the skin vibrate and proceeded caressing the crack with his hand. “God you have a cute butt…” He started kissing the tight buttocks making Shiri giggle inanely, he moved his tongue between the crack, wetting the girl’s butthole. Shiri grabbed the bottle and filled her mouth with the stuff, swallowing it with one gulp. As Pete was playing with her ass, squeezing the buttocks and licking the hole, Shiri watched Natalie and Alonzo starting to get serious with the job.

The guy was sucking Nat’s nipples and starting to approach her cunt with his hard cock. At the same time, Pete had taken position behind Shiri, ready to push his thing inside her too, rubbing her asshole with the tip of his cock. Alonzo pushed himself into Natalie, who let out a loud groan, feeling the cock bulging of veins slide into her horny cunt. He lifted Nat’s leg up, causing her to take a good grip of the sheet under her because of the continuous pushes of pleasure. “Oh fuck, Natalie! Oh shit…” Alonzo gasped as he picked up his pace, making Natalie squirm and whine under him. Next to them, Shiri felt Pete’s big cock penetrate her butt, her whole body blushed as she got a cock in her ass for the first time. She kept contracting her butt, giving Pete extreme amount of pain and pleasure, good that they were too drunk to feel the pain. Her buttocks gave in to Pete’s pushes, relaxing every time he went in, but clenching up at every time he pulled it out. The violation of her rectum was feeling so good to both Shiri and Pete. Shiri’s high-pitched panting was turning both of them on, Natalie looking closely at Shiri’s face with every time Pete pushed his cock into her innocent little butt. A smile rose upon Shiri’s face every time, it was poking her so deep… no-one had ever been so much inside her. “Oh, Liz… your cute butt is so tight and hot… Jesus…” Shiri wasn’t bothered that Pete called her by her role name in Roswell, infact she was glad, tonight she would be Liz…

Now both of Natalie’s legs were on Alonzo’s shoulders, her cunt squirting out her juices and her mouth letting out moans of happiness. Alonzo grabbed her shoulders, giving him more strenght to continue his passionate fucking and making Natalie happy. Her hot cunt was sucking Alonzo’s cock, wrapping its walls against it, making him moan of pleasure also. The tip of his cock was poking Natalie’s womb, making sure Nat felt how deep he was, her whole body was giving into the pleasure and tensing up as her second orgasm escaped her body. She was happy, feeling herself satisfied and looking at Shiri getting fucked up the ass, whining and moaning for more with a smile on her face. “You want it like that too? Do you?” Groaned Alonzo, Natalie nodding as her answer. Alonzo lifted her body up, revealing her bare ass to him, massaging some of her juices on her asshole. Natalie landed on his cock, sinking it deep into her warm rectum and starting to rub it with her assmuscles.

“… Oh shit… Oh God, Liz… I’m gonna cum…” Groaned Pete, pushing the last ones into Shiri’s virginal butthole with all he had. As he pulled the cock out, the load of warm semen flew on Shiri’s back, making her let out a final moan.

By the look on Alonzo’s face, he wasn’t far away either. With all his strength he pushed his cock as deep as he could get it, shooting his sperm deep into Natalie. At that moment, she passed out, was it the booze, the sex, who knows…

The next day Natalie woke up naked in a apartment unknown to her, there was no trace of Shiri or the guys from last night. The hangover started to kick in and her head felt like a blacksmith lived inside. She got up from the sheets on the floor, got dressed and walked up the stairs. Luckily, after some wandering inside the old building, she found herself on a familiar street. Apparently the place was an abandoned warehouse or something, but Natalie didn’t quite care.

After reaching the office via taxi, she went straight into her private room in the top floor. The enourmous stack of pills in the desk drawer would come in handy now, she didn’t need to give orders, recruit or anything else she was just going to lay back and relax… alone.

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