Ballerinas Of Darkness: Chapter 17 – Apprehension

Ballerinas of Darkness: Chapter 17 – Apprehension

by Dark Genesis (

Beth Craven and Jessica Alba had been sent to hunt down Damon after the arson of the Craven mansion. On the move were also Troy, Amber and Maria, with their escorts. There was only one thing for them to do… to kill Damon. Beth and Jessica were heading toward San Francisco, their employer had thought that they’d be hiding in one of their friends apartments where Jennifer had been killed. Jessica knew the neighborhood since she had tailed Damon around the city, this time he would be captured and killed, not followed. They started
their search from the local bars, if Damon was going to spend time outside, he would need to keep low profile.

“OK, this is going nowhere… we’ve been sitting here for an hour and no trace of him, we should get a room in a real hotel before we take the search any further.” Thought Jessica, looking around in the smoky bar, full of the stench of beer and cheap whisky. “We must remain here until this Damon shows himself, you might scare him away if you’re here, why don’t you go make reservations in a hotel and call me when you’ve picked one out?” Suggested Beth, continuously but cautiously looking around for Damon.

Jessica nodded and got up from the table, heading for the exit, escorted by the whistles and cheers from the drunk guys in the bar. Beth ordered more beer, getting ready for a long wait, but she was sure… Damon was going to come here, no doubt about it.

In a nearby hotel, Jessica had made reservations for two rooms, she might have been on a job, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t have some fun in between, besides the company was paying for all of it. After getting the keys, she gave a call to the office…

“Well, we’re here… … no sign of Damon though… … Beth is looking out in the bar, but I don’t think he’ll show up, he might be a thousand miles away… … no, we won’t give up before we find him, I’m just thinking that you should carry more worries about the other groups, I don’t think Sandra has been herself lately… … right, not my problem, I’ll report when something happens.”

Jessica was sure that something was going to happen to the others, San Francisco was a place Damon wouldn’t be able to stay still, but there was no guarantee he was there. She decided to leave the spotting and catching to Beth, after informing her about the hotel they were staying in, she decided to relax and enjoy herself. She changed into her bikini in her room and headed for the pool. Of course it was closed at this hour, but there were ways…

As she approached the entrance to the pool and showers, she ran into the guard. “Miss, the pools are closed, you can’t come through here.” Jessica pulled her innocent girl-stunt, and it worked like a charm.

“But mister, I need to take my midnight swim, I just can’t bare to go to sleep without dipping into water. Just for a second, please?”

The guard grinned at her and walked up to her. “Well, Miss… if you have trouble sleeping, I think I could arrange something better than swimming…” He groped Jessica’s ass with both of his hands, making her startle. “Oh… how about if I go in there, and…” She unzipped the guard’s pants, forcing her hand inside. “… You come along… just you and me? Afterwards we could relax in the sauna?” Jessica smiled at the guard, flirting with every possible way. The guard smiled evilly and zipped up his pants, removing his hands from Jessica’s butt. “You go on in, I’ll catch up with you, maybe in the sauna…”

Jessica smiled at her as he passed the keys to her. The guard headed straight for the dressing rooms, leaving Jessica with the keys to almost everywhere in the hotel. “… What an asshole…”

She slid into the pool and floated in the middle. Jessica started swimming slowly on her back, lifting her arms high when crawling backwards. As she lifted up her leg to give it a small rub, she felt someone’s eyes watching her. Well, that just HAD to be the guard, maybe he was too damn shy to do the real thing, but weird… he didn’t seem shy at all. Well, the more he’d keep her out of his sexual activities the better. Spending the whole day walking, Jessica had worn herself out. The warm water caressing her skin was very relaxing, not to mention that she hadn’t had time off in a long time.

“You can come here if you want… I don’t mind…” She spoke out, but there was no answer. “I really appreciate this, I haven’t swam in a long time.” Still no answer, the fact that Jessica desperately needed someone to talk to was making her uncomfortable, she needed to get it out of her system.

“Listen, I’m gonna go to the sauna now… if you wanna talk or something, I’ll be there, OK?”

She climbed out of the pool, water dripping down her full and tanned body, sore from all the work she had done. After squeezing the water out of her black hair, she headed for the sauna. “That was smart, why the hell would he want to talk?” Thought Jessica as she removed her bikini and grabbed a towel. She wrapped the towel around her and stepped into the room full of steam. She couldn’t see anything, but she managed to take a seat, although she didn’t think she’d need the towel after the guard would step in, she decided to keep it on anyway, who knows, maybe he was a family-guy or something… no way that would be way too freaky.

Someone walked in and sat about 2 feet away from Jessica. “It’s okay, you can sit closer…” She let out a small laugh.

“No thanks, I’m fine…” The voice startled Jessica, since it wasn’t the guards, it was someone else’s… “… Where’s the guard?”

“Well… he’s taking a nap, I don’t think you’ll be seeing him today.”

“Thanks, I was already having regrets… who are you?”

“Who are you? You come here doing whatever you like, getting past everything that you come across, that’s pretty peculiar if you ask me.”

“You didn’t answer my question, did you? Tell me now, or I’ll make sure you won’t be passing that name to your children.”

“You wouldn’t do that, now would you? I mean, who would kill someone just on orders or… maybe just because of pure pleasure upon the kill. Now that’s sick.”

Jessica tried to rush out of the door but she was grabbed by Damon and was thrown on her back on the floor. Setting himself on top of Jessica under the steam, they could see each others faces perfectly. “You should’ve listened too instead of just following, you aren’t one of the brighter ones, are you?”

“Let me go! Get off me!” Screamed Jessica, trying to break free of Damon’s hold on her, but she was too tired to resist… much. “I wonder… how did you off Jennifer? We never got the chance to really investigate, and her body just went missing from the morgue. That’s what we read anyway…”

“I was just doing what I was told to do, you can’t blame me for her being stupid!”

“OK, that was an insult…” Damon grabbed her by her shoulders and threw her against the wall. She tried to make it to the door again, but she was slammed into the wall again. “Now, you be a good girl and you won’t get hurt.”

“What are you gonna do? Rape me and kill me like you did with Dominique? You touch me like that and I’ll bite your cock off!”

“Spicy, very spice indeed, but no. I’m here to capture you and make you as uncomfortable is I can, until the troops arrive, that is…”

“Where’s Beth?”

“… Oh her, she’s propably still in the bar, waiting for me to show up. Luckily I had seen her before leaving the mansion, I spotted her just before I walked in, right after I saw you leaving the bar. If you had stayed in just a few seconds longer, you would’ve had a chance of capture.”

“… You bastard…”

Damon set Jessica down and sat next to her. “We all make our little mistakes in life, this was one of yours.”

“Spare me the philosophy, I’ve had enough of it at the office.”

“Funny, I thought murderers and rapists didn’t think the rights and wrongs in life.”

“Look who’s talking…”

Damon turned his face to her, only she was staring at the floor, and turned his head back, looking at the ceiling.

“… Yeah, I guess you’re right…”

Jessica glanced back at him, and turned her face back toward to floor. For a while they just sat there, neither one saying a word, sweating like horses in the extreme heat. They weren’t going to be picked up for a long time, and Jessica was hoping that Beth would come back from the bar and notice that she wasn’t in her room and come looking for her, but that was pretty remote.

“She’s not gonna show up here, she looked pretty determined on staying at the bar.”

“I thought so too… she’s pretty pissed at you for killing her aunt and cousin, you should be mor careful.”

“And why should I listen to your advice?”

“I’m not asking you to, but I’m suggesting that you start looking over your shoulded more often, you didn’t even notice I was following you a while back.”


A long silence came over them again, until Jessica broke it. “Married?”

“Nope. You?”


“Really? Congrats…”

“Yeah well, I don’t know… it might be a shocker to my fiance that I’m a psychopathic killer-slut.”

“I don’t think he’ll mind. Just leave the psychopathic and the killer out of the sentence.”

“I’m not even sure about that, and all the hollywood-relationships seem to go to hell…”

“Most marriages do, they just don’t announce every divorce in the newspaper.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Suddenly Jessica stood up and jumped into his lap, locking her legs around him and starting to kiss him passionately. Damon broke the kiss softly. “I’m kinda seeing someone.”

“I’m kinda engaged.”

“Oh, right.”

They continued where they left off and ran their hands on their sweaty bodies in the deep steam. Damon’s cock started rising up against Jessica’s cunt, her dark pubic hair was tickling the shaft and her cunt was getting hotter with every graze the cock gave her pussy lips. Jessica started panting as the tip of the cock pushed against his full round butt, almost forcing itself between the hot buttocks like it had it’s own mind. She bent backwards to give Damon a good move down to her breasts, and he did, he squeezed her right tit with his hand, feeling the firm and sexy breast in his hand, rubbing his palm against Jessica’s erect nipples. As his hand kneaded the other, his lips were on the other’s nipple, wetting the surrounding with his tongue and softy biting it to give Jessica shivers of pleasure. The sweat from Jessica’s neck and back was running down between her asscheeks, wetting her fine ass from the inside to the outside, some reaching Damon’s cock that was struggling to get between those buttocks. The sweaty taste of Jessica’s nipple was making it torture not to sink his hard meat into the girl, but patiently he kept doing his thing with his mouth, making Jessica’s cunt wetter and her breathing more intense. She took Damon’s face into her hands and as she gave him a soft kiss on the lips, she uttered out two words. “Fuck me!”

Damon took a strong hold of Jessica’s thighs and lifted her up, letting his cock align to slide into the girl. He softly lowered Jessica on his cock, seeing how deep it was in her, just by looking at her beautiful eyes. As his cock hit the bottom inside her womb, Jessica started riding the big cock, moving her body back and forth, up and down, anything to see the pleasure on Damon’s face. He started to moan as Jessica slid herself up and down on his shaft, her warm and wet cunt giving him a unbelievable feeling. Jessica’s round ass slapped on Damon’s balls, making them gather up the sperm ready for launch. Damon grabbed her sweet butt with both of his hands and squeezed softly, sinking his fingers into the soft and hot buttocks of the girl, he started helping Jessica in moving up and down, letting her concentrate on the back and forth. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Do it! I’m gonna cum! FUCKKK!” Her ass clenched up and Jessica’s juices escaped her tight pussy, lubricating Damon’s cock even more. As he looked into Jessica’s eyes, he could see that she was more than satisfied, like a cat who just drank the cream, but the cream part was yet to come. Damon gave Jessica’s cunt a few more pushes, before he pulled out and took a short breather. Jessica reached down and pushed his body closer to Damon’s, to give him more room to work. She relaxed her assmuscles and let the hard cock slide smoothly between her buttocks and the tip press against her tight butthole. Damon wasn’t even sure he’d get it in, but he was still going to try. As the tip slipped in, she saw her pain on her face. “You want me to stop?”

“No… a girl’s gotta learn someday, right?” Smiled Jessica, hiding her agony behind those strawberry-lips. The rest of Damon’s shaft started sliding in, roughly it rubbed the walls of her rectum, making her let out small moans. As the cock poked the back of her bowel, she let out a loud groan. “Is it in?” Gasped Damon. “It’s in… it’s in… God!” Jessica almost screamed when Damon started moving his cock inside the tight butt. He picked up his pace as she saw that Jessica was getting used to it, she had been fucked up the ass before, but she had kept her ass tight. Damon’s hands started slipping on Jessica’s round butt, making it hard not to poke the back of her rectum, she grinned every time it happened, obviously a painful experience, but still so exciting for her. Damon started grinning too as he felt his meat slide into the girl’s round and very tight butt, covered with sweat, shining in the light. He wrapped his hands around Jessica, embracing her with full force, her hot breasts and hard nipples pressing against his chest, he felt the sperm gathering up… it was almost time. “Listen.. we didn’t do this… this’ll be our secret… right?” Panted Damon as he felt his cock tense up inside the girl’s ass. “Uhuh… uhuh… Yeaaahhhh!” Hissed Jessica as he felt Damon’s cock spurt out his load of semen.

They just layed there blindly against each other, not noticing the time, they sank into their thoughts. “What time is it?” Asked Jessica.

“… Oh crap…”

They rushed out of the sauna and Damon quickly got dressed, escorting Jessica upstairs to her room to put some clothes on. Up in the room, Jessica prepared herself to be captured but the man she was sent to capture. She didn’t know why she didn’t resist, maybe it was that she hadn’t really talked to anyone even as much as she talked to Damon, but she was going to go with the flow. As she closed her room door she felt a cold pipe through her shirt. “I need to use this, they might suspect something if…”

“Yeah, I know…”

They went down to the lobby, paid the bill and walked outside, where a car was waiting for them. After entering the car, they just drove away, heading for Hades.

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