Ballerinas Of Darkness: Chapter 18 – First, Second And Third

Ballerinas of Darkness: Chapter 18 – First, Second and Third

by Dark Genesis (

“OK… I know you guys are… the age you are, but I think we should have gone just a LITTLE further to look for Damon. Everybody agree?”

Amber and Maria Craven looked at their escort, Sandra Bullock like she had just said a whole bunch of pig latin, and Sandra looked back at the twins, licking their ice-cream cones like two 8-year olds.

“What I mean is… I know he might be anywhere and… but you’re 18 for God’s sake, and I think that trip to Disneyland was very inappropriate for this mission,

“… We’re sorry.” Said the twins in one voice and kept licking their ice cream looking very pleased. “… I’m never gonna run this company…” Moaned Sandra and took a long sip from her glass. “I’m drinking coke in a terrace full of infants with the 18-year old twins that just hugged Mickey Mouse, that’s… very weird…”

Answering to her cellphone, she didn’t notice the twins getting a little too immature even for the other kids on the terrace. “Yeah, hi we’re just… having a beer, right… … where are we? We’re, umm… in San Diego… … no, we haven’t located the target and I’m pretty sure that we never will, I don’t think he’d come this far south… … my guess is, that he’s over in Nevada, where the other’s headed out… … yeah sure, I guess we could do that, I’m… oh shit! Listen I gotta go, the twins just spread the ice cr… ICE from their beermugs on their… table here… … yeah, they put ice cubes into beer here in San Diego, funny… yeah, bye!” Sandra ended the call with a short fake laugh, afterwards looking very stressed.

She stared at the twins with vanilla- and chocolate-warpaintings on their faces, looking back with their innocent puppy dog eyes. “I’m not gonna say anything about those, I’m just gonna sit here, like an uncaring mother and finish my coke. Afterwards, we’ll be heading toward Las Vegas, there’s been an incident that pretty much confirms that Damon is much farther north, and… wipe that off your faces.”

“… We’re sorry.” Uttered the twins in one voice, again.

“… OK, that’s not exactly what I meant but… your embarrassment… and mine…” Sandra tried to look away as the twins started licking the ice cream off their faces, giggling like little girls.

After a few more embarrassing moments, they were heading toward Las Vegas, where they’d meet up with one of the employees of the ‘Organization’. The mission to find Damon was already hard enough for Sandra, but two girls that acted like infants on the backseat of the car was too frustrating. The news that she had been given was that one of the groups that went after Damon had disappeared, along with Beth, cousin of Amber and Maria. But she wasn’t going to tell them, it might just upset them, and make them cry or something even more emotional, emotion was something Sandra wasn’t going to take right now…

It was midnight when they reached Vegas, the hotel they were supposed to meet up in had reservations for 4, with 2 different rooms. Sandra wasn’t very thrilled about it, she wanted to get a good night’s sleep after that very annoying drive through the state of California, with teenage girls giggling in the back. Although her contact hadn’t arrived yet, Sandra decided that they should go up to their rooms, she was dead tired from sitting behind the wheel and her nerves were about to explode. Besides, the contact would propably ask if they had arrived anyway.

“OK, here’s what we’re gonna do… you guys OK with sleeping in the same bed?”

The twins nodded in their identical white nightgowns. “You sleep there and I’ll sleep here, and we all SLEEP. No staying up and bothering the tired lady in the other bed, good night…”

Not a few minutes later, Sandra was bothered by the whispering and the silent giggling in the other bed. She rolled over in the bed to see what was going on. It was pretty shocking, knowing that they were over 7 years old. They were under the sheets whispering about something, but Sandra didn’t care enough to ask about what, she just wanted to sleep. She turned back to face the wall and closed her eyes.

“Are you awake?”

Sandra was woken up by the silent voice from next to the bed. “Well, if I wasn’t before, I am now.” She took a look at the clock and realized something. “Wait a sec… hasn’t our contact arrived yet?”

Maria and Amber shook their heads, fully dressed standing next to Sandra’s bed. She jumped up from the bed and went straight into the shower.

After a few minutes they all went back to the lobby to make sure they were wrong, but they weren’t.

“OK, according to the receptionist no one has asked if we’re here or went into the room I reserved. Looks like I’ll have to make a phone call.”

After confirming that it was the same hotel and the contact should’ve arrived last night, they started to get a little worried. They returned to their room, just in case the contact was just late and they were overreacting.

“OK, this is starting to scare me… either the contact is late, or they’ve killed the contact…”

The word kill was wrong to use in the presence of the twins, they started sobbing and curled together on the bed. “Did I say kill? I didn’t say kill, I said… I said… OK, I said kill, but that doesn’t mean that they know that we’re here, right? We’re just fine.”

The twins didn’t stop, they just wept against each others shoulders, this was almost the worst it could get. They waited in the room, ordering food from the roomservice, too scared to go outside. Sandra tried to reach LA with her cellphone, but no one answered, was it over? Had the company been destroyed? No way, that wasn’t possible in the matter of hours. Night came over Las Vegas, and the only ones in their hotelrooms were Sandra, Amber and Maria.

“What time is it?” Asked Maria.

“12.05… should we go to sleep?” Replied Amber.

“… No… let’s stay up.”


Sandra walked out of the bathroom, just gotten off the shower, wearing only a towel. “I can’t believe this place doesn’t even have bathrobes… I’m never coming back to this hotel.”

“How many times have you showered today?” Asked Amber.

“Oh… about 7 times. Don’t worry, the water’s free in hotels.”

“Why are you so nervous?”

“I’m not nervous, I’m just tired of sitting here and doing nothing.”

“Then why won’t you go outside?”

Sandra didn’t say anything, she just laid down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Amber and Maria glanced at each other and headed into the shower, closing the door behind them. After a while, Sandra heard them whispering again, she looked at the door and noticed it was ajar. She sighed and walked to the door intending to close it. As she set his hand on the handle, she heard the girls giggling inside. Sandra remembered what had happened last time she had done this, it didn’t turn out well. “Not this again, I’m not gonna do it.”

She took a peek through the crack, seeing Amber and Maria in the shower, washing each other… right, just washing. Sandra lifted up the front of the towel and slid her hand between her legs. The water running down Maria’s body ended up in Amber’s hands, that were strongly massaging Maria’s thighs, her sister was on her knees in the shower, her eyes leveling with Maria’s blond pubic hair. Sandra started panting quietly, feeling her cunt starting to moisten up. She slid her middle finger deep inside herself as she watched the twins in the shower, Amber’s hands running up and down Maria’s legs. Like Sandra had hoped for, Amber’s hands ran higher and higher until they started rubbing against Maria’s young cunt. Maria closed her eyes and leaned back against the wall as Amber started sliding her fingers into her sister’s hot slit, while on the other side of the door, Sandra was sticking hers into herself. Her horny pussy started sucking her fingers, greedily absorbing the finger inside. Amber gave Maria’s cunt a small lick, her juices sticking on Amber’s tongue as she rose up to give her sister a long kiss, their saliva and Maria’s cuntjuice mixing between their mouths. Sandra tried not to make any sounds, but as her cunt bursted out an orgasm, she couldn’t help letting out a small cry. Amber and Maria broke their kiss and looked at each other playfully, smiles rising on their faces as they walked out of the shower. As Sandra opened her eyes, recovering from her orgasm, she saw the twins closing in on the bathroom door. “Shit, not again!”

Amber opened the door, walking out completely naked and wet, along with her sister, her cunt still moist from her juices. Sandra looked at them, hoping that they hadn’t noticed anything, but the fact that they were approaching her with no clothes on had to mean something. She had rushed straight into the bed under the cover just before they had come out of the bathroom, but apparently not fast enough. Amber stopped to wait for Maria to go to the other side of the bed.

“Something wrong?” Asked Sandra.

Maria smiled and pulled Sandra’s cover off, revealing her naked body to the twins. Sandra felt a little ashamed but that was fixed quickly. The twins climbed into the bed with her and pressed their bodies against Sandra’s. Maria moved up to kiss Sandra’s lips, moving her hands on her breasts, while Amber lowered down on her body, moving her tongue from her breasts to her belly, moving toward her cuntjuiced slit. Maria broke the kiss to move down to Sandra’s breasts, starting to suck her nipples gently, speeding her toward her second orgasm. She let out a small moan as Amber’s tongue reached her cunt, starting to rub against her clit and her hands moving under her thighs, squeezing them gently and moving her body into the right position to give Sandra a chance to make up for the pleasure she was giving her. Sandra moved her hand up Amber’s thigh, sticking her fingers into her hot pussy, with Amber’s firm ass in the air, starting to move back and forth. Maria moved above Sandra’s face, slowly lowering her crotch down to her mouth. Maria felt extreme pleasure flowing through her body as Sandra’s tongue started darting inside her young cunt.

All of them were getting an enormous tension relief from each other, their cunts starting to almost burn as their finger and tongues probed inside them. Sandra felt herself cumming again, she took Maria’s clit between her teeth as Amber’s tongue gave her the spasm of pleasure, Sandra’s teeth softly biting Maria’s clit, making her gasp, enjoying Sandra’s orgasm almost as much as she did. Amber licked the juices off Sandra’s exhausted cunt, another one like that and she’d faint. Maria’s sister moved in front of her sister, giving her a french kiss to give her a taste of Sandra’s cum. As Sandra opened her eyes, she saw Amber’s dark pubic hair above her, still wet from her fingering that she kept doing, to let her taste Amber’s juice too. Amber’s hand slid down to Maria’s butt, starting to rub her asshole with her finger, she was close, but not yet there. Maria started cramping up and her body trembling as Sandra put all of her energy into moving her tongue inside Maria’s hot cunt, ready to explode. By the look on Amber’s face, she was almost done too, they joined in a passionate kiss above Sandra’s body, their cunts starting to flow the juice, both streams ending up on Sandra’s face, letting her taste both of the twins in her mouth. Amber’s juices were making a mess of Sandra’s hair, but that was OK, all she needed was another shower.

“That was beautiful… God, I haven’t felt that in a long time…” Gasped Sandra as Amber and Maria slid next to her, on other sides of the bed. “Wonderful…” Panted Amber, running her hands back and forth on Sandra’s chest.

“Yes, wonderful…” Maria repeated her sisters words.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, making them hurry on getting their clothes on. After a few knocks later, Sandra opened the door to see a familiar face. “Oh, thank God it’s you, you’re a bit late.”

“I know, let’s go.” Said the girl standing in front of the doorway. “OK, let me just get my…” She didn’t get to finish when the girl pulled a gun on her. “I mean now.”

Sandra realized what was going on, she called the twins to follow the girl’s orders and they headed down to the lobby. Outside they were met by a limo that took off right after they entered. Sandra knew where they were going and that the contact was most likely a traitor, or worse, dead. She could’ve been watching their contact from eye to eye for all she knew, but all she could hope for, was that she’d survive this nightmare. The twins looked at the girl with fear in their eyes, a person they didn’t even know that well was pointing a gun at them, with anger and grief in her eyes.

“Where are we going?” Asked Sandra.

“Just sit tight, Sandy… just sit tight…”

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