Ballerinas Of Darkness: Chapter 19 – Backstabber

Ballerinas of Darkness: Chapter 19 – Backstabber

by Dark Genesis (

Entering the safehouse near Las Vegas, Nevada, Troy Craven and Sarah Michelle Gellar had prepared for the worse, with guns in their pants. There was no guarantee what would happen, one of the groups to find Damon had gone missing, and one was to meet them in Las Vegas later that night. Sarah knew Damon pretty well, they used to get together pretty much everywhere, they hadn’t taken it that seriously but things had just gotten a violent shove into serious.

Troy was pretty concerned about her sister, Beth, who had gone
missing along with one of the members of the company. He didn’t care about the company, but he cared about Beth… and his cousins too who were in the other group. But there was nothing else to do but to follow orders, the only way to stay alive from now on…

“This place is deserted, let’s go.” Said Troy, ready to leave the building on the sight of the main hall. “No, we need to check that he hasn’t been here in a while, this place is empty, so I expect there was something that drove them out of here, maybe some guys kidnapping a known celebrity and keeping her here.”

“If you’re referring to the other group that went missing, no one would be stupid enough to bring them here where we could find them.”

“True, but maybe they want us to find them.”

Sarah approached the stairs. “Why on earth would they want us to find them? That doesn’t make any sense.” Said Troy.

“I know, I just said it to shut you up.”

Sarah walked up the stairs, leaving Troy downstairs exploring the rest of the first floor. After they disappeared into the rooms, another person entered the safehouse, following Sarah upstairs.

After investigating the rooms downstairs, Troy decided to go see what was keeping Sarah. Entering a room, she saw her talking to one of her old friends, Shannen Doherty.

“Oh, Shannen, this is Troy Craven.” Sarah introduced them to each other.

“We’ve met before, hi Troy.”


Obviously being in the ‘Organization’, she had most likely met Troy before in the mansion. Not everyone in the company had visited the mansion, but most of them had, Troy had been one of the vital assets in manipulating stars.

“Shannen was looking for Damon too, on her own of course, she heard that he was going to come here later.”

“Really? And where did she hear that?” Wondered Troy.

“Around, places where he used to go. A bar in Vegas.” Answered Shannen.

“How incompetent for a man who has been hiding from us for a long time, don’t you think, Sarah?”

Sarah just shrugged and walked out of the room, heading downstairs. Troy gave Shannen a long look before believing that she had really heard what she told. “I would have never thought you’d work outdoors.” Smiled Shannen. Troy didn’t reply, but went back downstairs after Sarah.

“Any idea when he’s gonna arrive?” Asked Sarah.

“Nope, that’s why I was kind of early… or can I say early when I don’t know when he’s coming? I dunno, doesn’t really matter. I took the necessary precautions…”

Shannen pulled a knife out of her pocket. As a response, Sarah and Troy put their guns on the table. “So I got a left over… but this doesn’t run out of bullets.”

After waiting for a few hours, playing cards, talking about old friends, the company and the resistance, they started to get bored of waiting. This was pretty much normal at the office, but Sarah and Shannen had taken a break from publicity until things cool down.

“What are we supposed to do again?” Moaned Sarah, laying on the floor looking at the ceiling. “Kill him, easy…” Said Shannen, cleaning her fingernails with the knife.

“This seems like waiting for Santa. We’re not even sure he’s gonna show up. We should take watches.” Suggested Sarah, turning her head to Shannen.

“Good idea.”

They both looked at Troy, lifelessly staring at the deck of cards between the table. “Troy… pretty please?” Whined Sarah, sounding very tired.

“Fine, whatever…”

He got up and walked out of the door. It was already night, clouds covering the sky enough not to let the moon shine down. Sarah and Shannen went back upstairs in order to get some sleep, but someone had another idea…


She turned around to see what was wrong, seeing Sarah standing in the doorway to her room, staring at her with lust in her eyes. “I don’t want to sleep alone… if Damon gets past Troy…”

“Yeah… it might be dangerous.”

Shannen took up on Sarah’s offer, entering her room and closing the door behind her. “So… what side do you want?” Asked Sarah, backing up against the bed.

“… How about the top?”

“I can deal with that…”

They joined in a kiss of lust and heat, slowly landing on the bed with Shannen on top. Sarah ripped Shannen’s clothes off, feeling the same feeling she had felt years ago when they had met.

After gotten tired of standing around outside, Troy decided to take a look inside and see if they were really sleeping. Maybe they’d like to take the watch or something… very unlikely, but still possible. He heard them in Sarah’s room and he slowly opened the door. It was nothing new to him, but he had never left the mansion, and all he had seen was inside the rooms of that house. Sarah and Shannen had noticed him, but didn’t react. Troy removed his clothes and kept staring at the beauties. Sarah’s tongue probing into Shannen’s and their skin pushing against each other.

Troy watched as the naked girls kissed each other on the bed. Sarah ran her hands up and down Shannen’s back as she moved down licking her skin, ending up at her big juicy breasts, starting to knead them against her body, pinching the nipples with her fingers and wetting the tips with her tongue. Troy wasn’t sure if this gonna work, he hadn’t fucked anyone outside the mansion and now he was gonna do two girls at the same time, it wouldn’t hurt to try?

Troy moved in on the beauties, climbing on the bed with them. Shannen stopped to lower down to Troy’s cock, along with Sarah behind her. They took the in their mouths, Shannen on the other side, Sarah on the other, sucking the life out of the tip of Troy’s cock, he was pushing their head hard against his cock, letting them kiss with his cock in between. He felt Sarah’s and Shannen’s tongue’s rubbing against each other on his cock, the warm and wet mouths of the actresses making their best effort to please him.

They pulled away from him and Shannon layed back on the bed, letting Sarah move above her head, lowering her shaven cunt down to Shannen’s mouth. Troy spread her legs and pushed his cock deep inside her, starting to move it slowly in her wet cunt, moistened by Sarah’s groping and kissing. Shannen moved her tongue in Sarah’s cunt with delight, she smelled and tasted her juices that started running down to her neck and Sarah started to moan loudly. Troy kept going faster and faster, more speed he picked up more closer Shannen was to getting her orgasm. Her hot and wet cunt was getting pumped with full force, the cock sliding in rubbing the walls of her horny pussy, the tip of the cock poking her womb furiously, causing a smalla amount of pain. That pain was only delight for Shannen, who got more enthusiasm in licking Sarah’s clit every time she felt a poke in her womb. “I’m gonna cum… gonna cum soon… that’s it…” She moaned as her cunt was ready to give in. Both Troy and Shannen let out a loud moan accompanied by Sarah’s high-pitched panting as Shannen made her cum by biting her clit. Both girls erupted at the same time, Shannen flowing onto Troy’s cock and Sarah dripping her juices into Shannen’s mouth.

Shannen pulled away from both of them with moans of satisfaction, letting them continue with her watching from the side. Sarah was more than glad, having Troy to all herself. Sarah rolled over and spread her legs for him, reaching back to spread her buttocks with her hands too, giving Troy the idea. He set the tip of his cock onto her butthole and removed Sarah’s hands from her buttocks, replacing them with his, only he pushed them tighter around his cock. Shannen’s cuntjuice gave a good help here, Troy pushed his cock slowly into Sarah’s ass, making her grin and pant. It was hard, but he got his cock deep into the end of Sarah’s rectum, starting to pull it out without hurting her too much. The second thrust was much easier, sliding into the slippery asshole and rubbing the walls. It didn’t take much time when Sarah wouldn’t dream of asking him to stop, her sweaty buttocks being rammed and squeezed by Troy, who was getting one of the most wanted asses in the world.

“Fuck me! Oh God, fuck me!” Whined Sarah as Troy pumped his veiny cock into her tight juicy ass. He tightened his grip on Sarah’s buttocks, sinking his fingers into the sweaty blushing skin, his cock ravaging her rectum with powerful thrusts. Troy’s balls slapped against the girl’s pussy lips, giving enough vibration to Sarah’s horny clit to cause an extreme orgasm, wetting Troy’s balls all over and some of the juices running down Sarah’s thighs. Her butt clenched up with every push, causing Troy to let out small moans, feeling her muscles around his cock, rubbing it and almost making him cum.

“Christ, I’m gonna cum!” Troy pulled his cock out of Sarah’s butt and turned her around. Sarah grabbed her breasts and set Troy’s cock between them, starting to move them up and down, licking the tip every time it came on range. Sarah looked up at Troy, making eyecontact just as he started moaning loudly, Sarah’s beautiful tits rubbing his shaft and her tongue licking the tip… “Here it comes, baby! YYAAHHHH!”

The warm load of sperm flew on Sarah’s lips, some of it dripping on her breasts. Sarah collapsed on the bed for a while, letting Troy get up from the bed. As Troy was getting his clothes, Sarah sat up on the bed. Then things took an ugly turn…

“Don’t move…”

Sarah felt a cold pipe against her back, escorted by the familiar voice of Shannen. “Get your clothes on, both of you.”

Sarah turned around to see that it was really her, but it was her and she was pointing a gun at them. “I said, get dressed. We’re late.”

They heard a horn from a car outside. “I told you he was going to come here, now get on with it.”

Troy and Sarah got dressed and were taken downstairs by the girl holding their guns. Outside Damon was waiting them in a limo, ready to head for their hideout. “Hey baby…” He gave Shannen a quick kiss as Sarah and Troy entered the car. “How’d it go?”

“Just perfect. Let’s get going.”

“Where is Beth?” Asked Troy.

Damon turned his head to him, seeing his angry face staring back at him. “You’re in no position to make any questions… besides, believe it or not, we don’t know where your sister is…”

The drive wasn’t long, the hideout of the resistance was just a few miles away. Shannen didn’t feel a bit sorry that she had betrayed her old friends, it was clear that they had gone crazy and she wasn’t going to play like that. Hoping that she would help bring down the ‘Organization’ together with Damon… it was all she wanted.

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