Ballerinas Of Darkness: Chapter 20 – What Lust?

Ballerinas of Darkness: Chapter 20 – What Lust?

by Dark Genesis (

Maybe there was a thing that was more pure than simple lust. Some people call it love, some call it biochemistry, some say it doesn’t exist. Well, it was a good thing you could always trust your most important things in life to be decided by your lust, although by doing this your life will most likely go straight to hell. Control your lust, that’s the key to a successful human life, unfortunately humans aren’t able to control lust…

“GOD, this is TORTURE!” Screamed Michelle Trachtenberg, frustrated by the traffic in
LA. After doing some business, she was to return to the hideout right away, normally that would be easy, but a few car accidents had delayed the trip significantly. The driver was one of the spies who had connections to the ‘Organization’, Angelo. Most information he had gotten was by screwing some of the heads, in any case a good informer.

“How late are we?” Asked Angelo.

“I dunno, a couple of days… we should’ve been there hours ago. Maybe I should call again just to say that we’re OK…”

“Yeah, there’s a lot that can happen in 3 minutes.”

“… Yeah, I guess you’re right…”

“What’s up? You haven’t been yourself lately.”

“Maybe it’s these kidnappings… maybe it’s nothing. I’m just a little nervous what they’ll do to retaliate.”

“I don’t think they’re in hurry to strike back, their main concentration has been locating Damon. That’s kind of weird, since Damon isn’t the head of the resistance, you are.”

Michelle didn’t show him that she knew exactly why they weren’t after her, if it would come up that the leaders of the opposite sides had fallen into passion for each other, who knows what would happen. They’d propably think that Michelle was able to persuade the head of the company to destroy it… that wasn’t going to happen.

“So? What do you think?”

“… Huh?”

“Why Damon?”

“Oh… I dunno.”

After a few hours they arrived at their hideout, Hades. They ran into Damon on their way in, the first kidnap was complete, but there was one more for him to handle. Michelle went straight to see the prisoner in the old labs. Since it seemed that there were no more people coming to stay in the hideout, they could still use the labs as cells. She looked at the girl laying on the floor next to the bed, refusing to go to sleep, even though she had been drugged heavily to keep her from struggling.

“Unfortunate that it had to be like this for her…” Said Michelle.

“It’s her problem, we just need to keep her here until we’re finished and the company doesn’t exist anymore.”

“And how long will that take?”

Angelo didn’t say anything, he turned and walked away, leaving Michelle feeling sorry for the girl, sobbing in the room.

“Why are you crying?” Asked Michelle as she stepped into the lab and closed the door behind her. The girl lifted her head to see that it was her she was talking to. “Oh, it’s you… I thought it was the drugs talking…” She let out a small laugh from beneath the tears.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

Michelle sat down on the floor next to her, trying to make her feel better and maybe put some sense into her skull.

“I don’t even know… betrayal maybe… I didn’t even resist when Damon pulled me into the car and we drove down here… or maybe I just realized that I’ve been fighting with the wrong side… I just don’t know.”

“Well don’t kick yourself for not knowing what side you are on. We all have doubts.”

“Yeah but not you… you just took control of the situation just like that. Captured me, propably the other teams too?”

“They’re on their way here.”

“See? If I had been smarter I wouldn’t have been captured… hell, if I had been smarter I would’ve just left.”

“You still can.”

“… No… I’ve picked my side, no matter what I say now. I think you’d better leave… but thanks anyway…”

“No problem.”

Michelle got up and left the room, locking it tightly to wait for the next prisoners. Most of the people in the resistance were outside spying on the ‘Organization’. Obviously it was very dangerous, but there was nothing else they could do until the prisoners would arrive. And even after that, their only hope was that they’d learn something new in the interrogation. Things were much worse than the opposition thought.

Later that day Damon brought in two more captives, one of them was Troy Craven, brother of the girl they had lost track of in San Francisco. She wouldn’t try to free them alone, and even if she’d report back to the company, they had no idea of their location. Michelle got a good night’s sleep, she hadn’t been able to sleep that good in a long time. Maybe it was the kidnappings that were keeping her up, but there’d be another one the next day…

“FULL HOUSE! Everyone has returned and the place is crowded, along with prisoners in Lab 13! After today’s job it all might be over, so just sit tight and relax!”

“Well… how about if we just SLEEP tight and relax…”

Michelle was woken up by the annoying sound from the speakers. It wasn’t that necessary anymore since the hideout was completely ready, but some of the people had their own work to do.

Stepping into the cafeteria to get some coffee, she saw Damon and Angelo sitting in a table. That was weird, since Damon used to sit with his ‘Girlfriend’, but not this morning.

“Hi guys. What’s up?”

“Crap… it’s all crap.” Mumbled Damon.

“Looks like you didn’t have any sleep last night…” Smiled Michelle picking up her cup. “Nope, I’m tired because I HAD some sleep last night. Usually I don’t have sleep at night, but we’re fighting…”

“Fighting? What could you possibly be fighting about?” Asked Michelle a bit confused.

“Affairs… I decided to tell her that I had a small scene with one of the prisoners we brought in yesterday.”

“Oh no…”

“I wanted to tell the truth so it wouldn’t come up later in the interrogation, so I told her what happened and she just freaked!”

“What happened, is she OK?”

“And that’s not the best part! The best part is that SHE also had an affair with TWO of the prisoners! And now she’s blaming me of everything!” Damon laughed as he said those words but he was still devastated.

“What can you expect, she’s an asshole!” Yelled Angelo, taking a sip from a bottle with clear fluid in it.

“And what’s with your breath?” Groaned Michelle as she smelled Angelo’s breath.

“Booze! What do you think I should’ve done, this guy is about to lock up my only long term relationship I’ve ever had today, and afterwards he’s propably gonna interrogate her with very violent ways! Excuse me for wanting to take a drink in the morning.”

“OK, OK… sheesh, aren’t we grumpy today…” Michelle took a sip from her cup and saw Angelo’s eyebrows rise up.

“… Hey, wait a minute… why aren’t you pretending to be an asshole too?” Wondered Angelo.

“Hey, yeah! You’re the one who’s been acting like a major bitca for the past week, what happened?”

“Nothing happened, and I think that’s why I just had the best sleep I’ve had for a month!” Smiled Michelle. “I think it was all about the fact what Natalie would do to react to the MIAs in the lab. There’s really nothing bothering me now, and I’m gonna take full advantage, so I planned to take the whole day off and relax.”

“I don’t have to do anything either, yet… and by the way I am not the one who’ll get the final group from Vegas, thank you very much, I let Reese handle that one. I’m gonna go out and drink my ass off, and since my privilege to the room of the girl now known as my ex is cut off, I might pay a visit to some cheap prostitutes I used to know in LA.”

“Well if you’re going there, be careful. They’re looking for you with cats and dogs.” Reminded Michelle.

“Or with cars and hot dogs!” Laughed Angelo. Unfortunately Michelle and Damon didn’t see the humor in the phrase.

“Forget it… just forget it…”

Damon spent the day drinking, as did Angelo. Michelle took a ride to a beach in Los Angeles. A risky place to be sunbathing right now, but since they weren’t looking for her, they might not notice if she’d walk right past them on the street.

After laying on the crowded beach in her black and white bikini for a few hours, she decided she had enough sun for the day and was about to leave. “Hey, Michelle!”

As she turned around to see who it was, she saw one of her fans that she had closer contact with. “Aron, hi!”

“Wow, I haven’t seen you in months.” Said the guy, standing in front of her. “Yeah, I’ve been kind of busy. There’s a lot of stuff going on… but, hey! It’s great to see you, are you busy?”

After Michelle got into her jeans and sandals, they headed to a nearby cafe, it was near the beach so Michelle’s outfit was acceptable. After ordering drinks they sat down at a table. Aron was a fan she had met a year ago, they had been meeting up as friends for a long time too, until things had gotten complicated with the company.

“So, how’s the acting?”

“Umm, it’s still cool. Keeps me occupied though, I haven’t been able to call for a while…”

“That’s OK, I know you’re busy.”

“… So, how’s the fixing things?”

“Very good lately, I haven’t had a break for a couple of weeks, I managed to get some freetime today, it was lucky I ended up at the beach.”

“Right, but don’t work too hard. It’ll make a mess of your personal life.”

“You are my personal life, remember?” Smiled Aron.

Michelle gave him a smile back, Aron was the most dedicated fan of Michelle’s. He owned almost everything there was to own about Michelle, everything except her, that is. Back then Michelle had been more with Damon and some other guys, but so far she had liked Aron as one of her best friends. They spent the whole day together, walking around town, stopping for drinks and going to the movies, until night prevailed and the sun started sinking into the horizon.

“Come on, I wanna show you something!” Aron lead Michelle through a dark alley to a tall building that looked dirty from the outside. “What could possibly be interesting enough to see in a place like this?”

“You’ll see at the top, come on!”

They ran up the stairs through the dusty stairwell, the elevator was out of order according to Aron. He knew how to fix things like that, he just hadn’t got the time to do it yet. Reaching the top floor, Aron opened up the door that hadn’t any dust or dirt on it, opening up a beautifully decorated room, with a view of the darkening city.

“It’s beautiful… who’s place is this?”

“Mine. Like I said, business has been very good.”

“Wow… you really made it.”

They watched as the sun sank deeper and deeper into the ocean. It was getting late and Michelle had promised to be back early. But on the other hand, she was going to be stressed out with the interrogations, so would it really harm if she’d sleep in LA? But what would Aron have to say about that? Michelle walked up to him and put her arms on his shoulders, locking him into her arms.


“… For what?”

“This. All of this. I haven’t had this much fun in a very long time…”

Her lips started closing in on Aron’s, but he quickly pulled away from Michelle, looking very troubled. “Michelle, what are you doing?”

Michelle let out a sigh, still moving in on him. “What do you think I’m doing, Aron?” He backed up with every step Michelle took toward him. “What’s going on? You’re acting strange…” The wall stopped Aron from moving any farther away from Michelle, who pushed up against him in her black and white bikini-top. It wasn’t hard enough to resist her without her breasts pushing against him, but it crossed her mind that why should he resist? Michelle gave him a long and soft kiss, giving him something to look forward to. “Listen, Michelle… are you sure you’re OK? You don’t seem like yourself…”

“Aron, listen what I have to say… this is me. It’s who I am… you once said that you would like me, no matter how I was… so here I am, you got me. Now what do you want to do with me?”

He couldn’t say a word, this wasn’t the girl he used to know, but things change, people change, so this had to be normal, right? “I’ve got an idea…” Smiled Michelle, lowering down on him. Aron felt his pants lowering down along with his boxers, and finally he let out a sigh as Michelle’s hand took a hold of his shaft. Michelle slid down her bikini-top and started rubbing the tip of Aron’s cock on her erect nipples, feeling it hardening with every rub. The cock rubbed Michelle’s warm and tender skin on her soft breasts, making Aron pant softly. After getting him hard, Michelle took the tip in her mouth, making Aron let out a moan as her tongue started rolling around it. As her lips were sucking the red tip of Aron’s cock, sinking it with Michelle’s saliva, her hand took a hold of the shaft, starting to stroke it softly as her other hand cupped Aron’s balls, squeezing them softly in her palm. She slobbered all over the long veiny shaft and spread it with her hand, starting to speed up her stroking. Aron was about to come, Michelle’s warm and wet mouth and her soft lips were too much for him, plus the fact that he had a big crush on her, but he managed to keep his load inside.

Michelle pulled away from Aron’s cock, getting up she removed her jeans along with the rest of her bikini and grabbed Aron, turning them around, with Michelle’s back against the wall. He kissed her with craving of her taste in his mouth, lifting her up against the wall with his cock in her crotch, rubbing her inner thighs. Michelle lowered down a bit, feeling the cock rubbing against her hot pussy lips, her moist brown pubic hair grazing the shaft that was about to fill the young girl. Aron grinned and Michelle whined as the tip of his cock slid roughly into Michelle’s young and tight pussy, pushing the shaft slowly deeper and deeper… until Michelle felt it in her womb, making her let out a loud cry. Starting to pump the innocent and slippery cunt of the girl against his wall, he let out a violent pant every time he pushed deep into Michelle. Her hard nipples rubbed against his chest with her breasts slapping gently against him, she guided Aron’s hands on her butt, telling him to squeeze it hard. Michelle’s whining got louder and louder as Aron’s grip on her little hot ass tightened, with his speed also picking up making Michelle’s cunt burn of pleasure. “Who’s been a bad girl, huh? Who? Why haven’t you called?” Aron groaned as he let go of Michelle’s other buttock, getting ready to slap it silly. “Please no! I won’t do it again, I promise!” Whined Michelle, nearing her orgasm. Her juices escaped her hot cunt, filled with Aron’s cock as he slapped her buttocks hard, making her whole body quiver. “Bad girl! You’re a very bad girl!” He kept spanking the young ass as hard as he could, making it red from the beating. Michelle was almost screaming of delight with every push of his cock and every slap of his hand, her tanned skin was getting the most exciting beating of her life, her butt was getting numb from Aron’s hands, but she could still feel the slaps.

The veiny shaft was ravaging Michelle’s horny cunt with all it had, pushing itself deep inside the girl, making her smile and scream at the same time. Michelle’s butt clenched up as her second orgasm covered Aron’s cock with her cum, the beating Aron was giving her was making both of them feel extremely horny, Aron felt his cum gathering inside and dropped Michelle on the floor and stuck the cock into her mouth. “Suck it bitch! Suck it all the way!” He yelled as he face-fucked Michelle’s mouth furiously, banging her head against the wall. The cock slid deep into Michelle’s throat, with her lips tightly on his shaft, not gonna let anything out.

“That’s it Michelle, that’s it… God your hot mouth feels so good… I’m gonna cum, baby… here it comes!”

The load of hot sperm ran straight down to Michelle’s stomach, Aron kept moaning as Michelle didn’t stop sucking his worn out cock. He pulled away from her and dropped on the floor in front of Michelle.

“I never knew you had it in you, I always thought you were the ‘Make Love don’t Fuck’-type…”

“Well, you know… I always thought you were that type, so I acted like that type.”

“Good thinking…”

“… Are you in a hurry?”

“Nope… can I spend the night in here?”

“Sure, if you fancy sharing a bed.”

“No problem…”

That night, Michelle got her insomnia back. All the problems she had forgotten for a day were there again, and there was that other problem that had showed it’s face… she still felt something for Natalie.

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