Ballerinas Of Darkness: Chapter 21 – Missing In Action

Ballerinas of Darkness: Chapter 21 – Missing In Action (MF,anal)

by Dark Genesis (

“Good news, we got a hold of a serum that’s supposed to wipe out their memories of the last couple of days, we might not need to keep them here after the interrogation.”

“What about afterwards? Will their memory return in time?”

“Impossible to say, it might not, but we’ve seen them bring back the dead, so we don’t know what they can do.”

“We should ask them about that too, I’m dying to know how they do that… OK, that was a slip-up, not a tasteless joke.”

“Ignored. When will
we start?”

“As soon as the guys get here, Damon’s on his way back from LA. You really meant to hurt him, didn’t you?”

“He started it, go off and screw the enemy just like that! He didn’t even think how I would feel about it.”

“Yeah, but you slept with two of the enemies.”

“Who the hell are you to talk to me about Damon and me? You’re the whore in the corner of the local strip-club!”

“I don’t charge, thank you very much! And I pick my subjects very carefully for that matter. And I used to do Damon, so I do know what I’m talking about.”

“Shit, they’re awake. What are we supposed to do again?”

“Just shut up and stay here. I’ll handle things until they guys get here.”

Claire Danes opened the lab door to start questioning one of the prisoners. She was tied up to a chair so she wouldn’t be able to do anything. “OK, we’re gonna do this nice and easy…”

The woman’s head was slowly swinging from side to side. The heavy drugging tended to get them like that, the only problem was getting the information out of them. “Can you hear me?” Asked Claire, holding the prisoners head in place. She nodded tiredly and Claire let her head go on it’s own course. “Here’s the deal… we want information about the company, you’re one of the heads, so I think you’re the first person we need to question.”

“What… questions… ask…” She mumbled, obviously ready to fall asleep. “Jesus Christ, what did you guys give her? She’s like a talking corpse!” Claire yelled at the people looking through the window.

“Ask… the damn questions…”

“… Alrighty, here’s the thing, we don’t know the questions, we just want answers.”

The woman moaned and laid her head back to stop it from moving. “OK, here’s a good one… how do you bring up the dead?” Asked Claire, not expecting for an answer. The woman started waving her head again, trying to mumble something. “Could we get some questions she can answer here?” Claire yelled again, no one reacting behind the glass.

“The… machine…”

Claire turned her head to her, not sure what to say.

“Umm… say what?”

“The machine in… the bottom floor… don’t know how it works, but it works…” Her speech was getting clearer.

“Yeah, fine… that’s a start… is it small, or big, or… invisible?”

“Invisible…? Get the fuck out of my face…” She moaned, feeling much better. The effect of the drugs was starting to wear off, they might catch something useful after all…

“You said about a machine that revives people, what about it?”

“It’s in the basement… it’s small… not small, not big… kind of like a coffin, except you don’t go in, you lay on the lid.”

“How does it work?”

“Oh, come on… I’m not God over here…”

“Fine, that was out of the line, is there anything else about the machine… what runs it?”

“Don’t know… ask Natalie…”

Suddenly she passed out, a side effect maybe. Anyway she was outcold and was carried into the other lab, where the other prisoners were resting. Claire was pretty nervous about who’d come next. The twins were too scared to talk, Beth was missing and Troy… walked in.

“… Sit down, please…” Claire was nervous about talking to Troy, after that incident in Scotland she hadn’t felt quite like herself anymore.

“If you intend trying to break me into telling about the company, you’re out of luck. I know nothing about it.”

“We’ll just see about that…”

A man walked in and gave Troy a shot of something. After a few moments he started to look like the woman who sat there before, his actions were the same.

“Who are you?” Asked Claire.

“… Troy Craven… why do you ask, sweetie?”

“Enough of that, what so you know about the company called the ‘Organization’?”

“… Nothing.”


“Absolutely nothing, my dear Claire… I haven’t left the mansion ever in my whole life… and you just came and burned it down… not very nice was it?”

“You can blame Damon and Michelle, I had nothing to do with that…”

“But Claire… why so touchy? Are you thinking about what happened last time we were in a room alone together?”

“We weren’t together, remember? Beth was there.”

“Ah, yes… Beth… when will you tell us what you’ve done with her?”

“We’ve already told you, we don’t know where Beth is!”

“You lying bitch for a woman…”

“Well this was a waste of serum…”

Troy was carried out and put in with the rest. They decided to stop the interrogations there and wait for Damon or Angelo to show up, both were heading toward the hideout.

Meanwhile in the lab with the prisoners…

“… Are you OK?” Asked Troy. The twins just nodded, not saying that they were scared to death. He looked around and started to feel convinced that they really had no idea where his sister was. The girl and the woman were beat, completely out of it, not knowing what was going on, things were starting to come to an end.

“What did they ask?” Asked the girl.

“Oh, the usual… do I know anything about the company, I said no and I called her a bitch and then she threw me out…”

“Oh good… maybe we should just switch sides we could get away with this a lot easier…”

“Damn straight! Let’s just give up, we don’t know anything they already don’t know anyway… somebody call the guard!” Said the woman.

“No! We must keep the company together, it’s all we have left!” The twins gathered their courage and spoke out. “Oh yeah? It’s all you freaks have! The rest of us have a real life!” The woman got up, leaning against the wall.

“What life? You’ve been so devoted to the ‘Organization’ that you haven’t even worked! And you say that you have a life?” Brawled Troy, still dazed from the drugs.

“… No! She’s right… we need to go back to our normal lives, and the only way we can do that is destroy what’s left of Natalie’s company.” The girl spoke out from the floor.

“I don’t believe this! First our own employees betray us, the mansion, our home gets burned down, Dominique is on verge of suicide, we get kidnapped, and now you want to destroy everything we’ve worked so hard to build? I’ll kill you before I let that happen!”

“… Well bring it on, peanut-balls, cause I don’t care anymore!” The woman took position to evade his assault, but he just stood there, fear starting to gather up inside him. “We need to stick together! Think about what we could do! Destroy the resistance and live a perfect life!”

“… You know what, Troy… there’s no such thing as perfect life… you might have thought so in your little mansion up in the hills, but not here you don’t… welcome to the world!”

Troy was wordless, along with his cousins. It was true though… everything he had lived for in the mansion was destroyed along with it, and the life outside it was hard without the company that supported him in every way. But he wasn’t going to live a normal life, it was too late for that…

“… You’re right, Sandy… you’re right…”

Troy looked at the mirror on the wall for a second, just to see what he had become, seconds before he’d end it.

The twins let out a scream as Troy punched his fist against the mirror, breaking it into shards. He picked up one of shards and held it in both of his hands.

“Umm, guard! Guard, there’s a lunatic in here! Guard!” The girl yelled but her voice was lost behind the screaming of the twins. You would’ve thought they’d leave someone there to guard the lab, but there was no one there.

“So, what are we gonna do with them? They won’t talk, or they don’t know anything, and we can’t keep enemies in the complex without guards and who’s gonna stay up all night?” Asked Claire, walking down the hall with Angelo.

“I don’t know, OK? I don’t know!”

They stopped just a few feet away from the lab door. “Listen, me and Sandra have had a relationship for a long time, you should ignore everything personal she says, OK?”

“Yeah yeah…”

As they walked in they saw something they’d never hoped to see. The blood was everywhere and the corpse on the floor was covered in deep wounds, still some blood running out of them. In the corner they saw Amber and Maria, their completely lifeless bodies laying next to each other. The woman and the girl were in the other corner, both in shock about what just happened in front of their eyes.

“Christ… I guess Troy didn’t have a pure conscience then…” Thought Claire. “Are you OK?” Angelo rushed to the woman, trying to recover her from the shock by shaking her by the shoulders. She didn’t reply, neither did the girl beside her.

After burying the bodies in the desert, Damon and Angelo returned to the hideout to figure out what was going on.

“OK, so Troy cut himself, the twins died and we came in?”

“No, actually it was more like Troy ripped himself open from numerous parts of his body and the twins went into cardiac arrest and then you barged in.” Explained Sandra.

“Oh… big difference?”

Damon and Angelo walked in, informing of the fact that the bodies were disposed of. “Dead and buried, the two were easy to bury, but the one with the blood on it… yikes!”

“Thank you, Damon, that was very kind of you to put it that way…” Said Claire as Angelo walked to Sandra, just to make sure she was OK.

“That was the most scariest thing that’s ever happened to me, and I’ve seen some weird shit in my time…”

“It’s OK now… I’ts OK…”

Damon and Claire decided to give them a little time alone and left the room. “I guess she’s gonna be OK… what about the other one?” Asked Damon.

“Still in a coma, we have no idea what she’s gonna do when she wakes up… if she wakes up, that is… we need someone to guard her at all times.”

“I can do it…”

“… Nope, Shannen already took that job. And obviously you already know why, don’t you?”

“Well, I don’t know…”

Claire stopped Damon in the middle of the hallway.

“It’s you who has to know, Damon. No one else can know… tell me, are you trustworthy?”

“… Afraid that I might do something?” Asked Damon.

“… Maybe…” Claire smiled as reply.

“I’m doing my best to be loyal to Shannen, Claire.”

“Well your best isn’t good enough… you might need professional help.”

Claire walked away toward the dorms, leaving Damon into his own thoughts. “A professional, huh?”

“And it’s past midnight, Hades! Time for you to sleep and me to shut up…” The speakers let out the last voices for the day and the hideout went to sleep. Angelo and Sandra had stayed in the lab by themselves, it seemed that she was ready to give up her position in the company. The girl guarded by Shannen was in deep coma, it seemed that she wasn’t going to wake up any time soon, but according to what Sandra had said, she was ready to quit too. The company was getting smaller by the day, now 3 of their employees had died and 2 had switched sides. But there were still many threats, Troy’s sister Beth was at large and she wasn’t going to take the death of her brother easily. Jake and Crystal, the demonic children of Natalie were probably looking for them right now and the resistance wasn’t any closer to the answer how to destroy to ‘Organization’.

“Damon… don’t you ever sleep?” Asked Claire as Damon walked into her room. “No, I usually don’t… I get drowsy when I… you know, sleep.”

“Well, you’d better leave, before my room-mate wakes up and tells Shannen that you were in here, talking to me in the middle of the night.” Claire wasn’t exactly sleeping, just laying in bed after all that had happened that day. Damon didn’t usually sleep at this hour, he wasn’t used to sleeping at night.

“So… bye?” Smiled Claire.

“Actually… I wanted to talk to you about something…”

They left the dorms so that they wouldn’t disturb anyone who were asleep. Going back above the ground to the desert, they sat on the platform to look at the stars. “So… what did you want to talk about?” Asked Claire.

“Lots of stuff… but one thing’s been bothering me for a long time…”


At first Damon couldn’t say it, but it wasn’t that hard to say. “Back when we… you know. Were you with the company?”

“The company? I’ve never really been in it. I had enough when Troy and his very perverted sister molestated me in a damp cave.”

“Sounds just about right for you…”

“Why do you ask?”

“Well… I’ve been thinking, most of the women I’ve slept with have been in the company at one point or another, so I thought that…”

“It wasn’t you, it was them?”

“… Yeah, that’s about it.”

“Well, you’re wrong. I think you got to most of them before Natalie picked them. You don’t need to worry about things like that.”

Damon looked at Claire, watching the sky with a beautiful smile on her face. He had already had one affair, what could a second one do to make it worse? He moved in on Claire and started kissing her neck. “Come on, stop that…” Smiled Claire, not really reacting to his doing. “Why? Are you afraid that I might do something?”

“No…” Claire let Damon continue kissing her, until she pushed him away and locked her arms around him. “But you should be…”

Claire stuck her tongue into Damon’s mouth, embracing him strongly with her whole body. She pushed Damon against the platform, continuing to kiss him, while at the same time removing her clothes. After her upper body was completely bare, she started removing Damon’s clothes. After she got his shirt off, she felt Damon’s hands running down her back, sliding down to her buttocks, starting to caress them softly. Finally they got their pants off, feeling their privates rubbing against each other. Damon felt his cock getting bigger and harder as the tip rubbed the tight buttocks on Claire, her breasts rubbing against Damon’s chest as their wild kiss continued. Claire rubbed her thighs together, making Damon’s cock moisten of her juices running down her pubic hair on him. “Remember this?” Claire panted as her pussy lips rubbed against Damon’s rock hard shaft between her legs. “God, yes…” Moaned Damon as a reply. A slightly cold wind blew through their bodies, making their hot skins cool down a bit. Claire broke the kiss and straightened her back, giving Damon a chance to push in…

“Oh, yeah… that’s it…” Claire panted as Damon’s cock slowly pushed between her pale buttocks. Damon pushed the tip against her butthole, ready to push it in, staring at Claire looking down on him, her hot body illuminated by the stars. He watched her face grinning and heard her mouth breathing heavily as his cock pushed into her tight little ass, making her quiver. Claire started moving up and down, letting Damon’s cock slide deeper and deeper inside her bowel.

“Oh, fuck! Oh shit! Fuck my butt! Harder, GOD!” Screamed Claire, feeling the cock inside her ravaging the walls of her rectum violently, her girlish nipples hardening in the cool night in Nevada. Damon bucked his hips up every time Claire’s hot buttocks slapped against him, making him slide deeper into the girl’s slippery and tight rectum, filled with his hard cock. “Oh God, Claire! Just like that, baby!” Damon moaned as Claire started clenching her hot butt and rubbing his cock with her assmuscles, making them both feel like heaven. Claire whined loudly as Damon’s thrusts kept getting harder, her ass was getting numb and her cunt was ready to explode. She stuck her fingers deep inside herself, starting to finger herself violently, trying to make her cum as fast and hard as she could. “You wanna cum Claire? Is that it?” Claire nodded hornily for Damon and he suddenly jumped up from the ground and turned Claire around, pushing her against the concrete platform, with his cock in her butt and her fingers in her cunt.

“God, my ass!” Whined Claire as Damon started pounding her ass even harder, her pale buttocks shining beneath the stars and flattening as Damon pounded into her tight little butt. Damon groaned loudly, his voice lost in Claire’s whining, while he pushed his cock into her rectum giving her a ride of her life. Claire let out a loud moan as her cunt let out a very wet orgasm, making a puddle on the platform under them.

Damon pushed the last thrusts into Claire, groaning wildly as the load of semen started to gush out. He quickly turned Claire over and jumped on top of her, starting to jerk his cock on her chest. He spread his cum all over Claire’s flat chest, rubbing his cock against her small erect nipples.

They stayed outside that night, talking about the times they used to be together more often. Those times were way gone, but the memories were still there, ready to warm up the old relationship they used to have.

And what comes to the Cravens and the company against the resistance, both sides were getting ready for a war…

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