Ballerinas Of Darkness: Chapter 22 – Children Of Fate

Ballerinas of Darkness: Chapter 22 – Children Of Fate (F+M,oral)

by Dark Genesis (

Jake and Crystal, the children that were given birth by Kirsten Dunst, but conceived by Patrick Craven and Natalie Portman. Their last order had been to find their missing mother, Kirsten, but she was helped to escape by Natalie and some other person in the ‘Organization’. Even after that, they have been looking for the hideout of the resistance, where they had hidden Kirsten. Unable to catch her at work, they needed to sweep out the surroundings of California. After a long time, their search finally came up
with results…

“You there, sis?”

“Still here, bro.”

“I think I just made a very interesting discovery, in the middle of a desert.”

“Yummie! What is it?”

“It’s a platform lift of some sort, it takes vehicles filled with people underground.”

“Underground to where, Jake?”

“We’ll see, Crystal. We’ll see…”

Sneaking down to the hideout just before the lift closed, Jake locked himself inside the hideout of his worst enemies, if there was something to learn about their activities, it was here. He sneaked around, making a map of the place in his mind.

“Crystal… can you hear me?” He spoke into his cell phone.

“Yeah, go ahead…”

“I think you should get your ass away from Jamaica and get down to Nevada, where I assume I’ll be arranging a reunion with our mother…”

“Which one?”

“… Both.”

Night came over Nevada, as Crystal rushed into LA to inform Natalie about their latest discovery. Meanwhile, Jake had located Kirsten but wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to get her out of the hideout, she wasn’t going to come freely, that was for sure, he had to think of something else…

“Are you sure it’s the place? I have a lot of work to do at the office.” Natalie was still a little sceptical about whether they had found them, maybe in the back of her head she was wishing they hadn’t, but this was looking like the real deal…

“Yeah, I’m sure. I’m standing right next to her… she’s so cute when she’s sleeping… I think you should hurry, I hear they wake up early.”

“… Fine, me and Crystal will be waiting outside the platform in a few hours, be ready to lower the lift.”

“Got it. I’ll wait here until you show up.”

Jake looked at his sleeping mother on the bed just big enough for her to fit in it. On the other side of the room another woman layed on the bed, sleeping very deeply, so she didn’t notice Jake watching over her room-mate. Everyone in the hideout was asleep, Jake was able to keep himself from dealing with Kirsten by himself, because in the end it was all about taking her out, but it seemed that Natalie wanted to see her one last time or maybe explain to her why this had to happen… it wasn’t for Jake to know, he was the one who did what was told, just like the Cravens had done before him. Natalie thought that she had them under control, but eventually they did what they found appropriate, Beth Craven had been missing for a while now, and everyone thought that she was captured by the resistance, but the truth was very different. It was Crystal and Jake that had captured Beth and killed her. There really wasn’t a reason why they did it, maybe it was in the genes, or maybe they just didn’t like her. The children that were made to obey their master had gone against her, without her knowing about it, but even with their sinister minds they would never beat Natalie at her own game. They would leave when the time comes, but right now they had Kirsten to worry about.

An hour before the people in Hades wake up, Jake lowered he platform lift down, letting the black limo enter the hideout. Crystal and a man steooed out of the car, inside Jake could see Natalie, waiting for them to bring her old lover to her, they had plenty of time for the abduction, but they wouldn’t risk getting Natalie captured. “What are you waiting for? Go get her, now!” Yelled Nat.

Jake and Crystal nodded, entering the main complex along with the guy that was supposed to get the girl to come along. Going through the empty rooms, they ended up at the dorms where Kirsten was still asleep. Crystal took out a needle and was about to sting her, but Jake stopped her. “I think we can do this without any medication, I think Natalie has plans for her.” Crystal backed off with the needle, and instead the guy and Jake grabbed her by the feet and arms, starting to carry her out of the complex.

“Damn this brings back memories…” Murmured the guy, pushing Kirsten into the car next to Natalie. “Yeah, I’ll always remember that night when we got her in… do you think she remembers?” Smiled Natalie, referring to the night she had gotten Kirsten into the ‘Organization’, it was one night after the Oscar-gala at some club. All three, Natalie, Kirsten and the guy had an intimate confrontation in the bathroom of the club… things had changed since then. Just as Crystal was going to enter the car, she stopped. Jake and Natalie didn’t say anything for a moment, but as Crystal returned to the entrance of the hideout, Jake got out of the car.

“We need to go now, we have less than 30 minutes and some of them might already be up.”

“… There’s something here… I’m not sure, but something has happened.”

Crystal opened the door and walked to the hallway, followed by Jake who went to get her sister back into the car. They stopped in the main hall, leading to the dorms, labs, the cafeteria and the lift. “OK… tell me now and I won’t drag you back to the car.” Crystal glanced at Jake and kept looking around. “I think it’s Troy… and the twins.”

Suddenly Crystal turned her head toward the labs and continued making her way to the last lab at the end of the hall. Reaching it they found it was locked, but they could see inside through the window. Both Jake and Crystal looked through the glass and looking rather shocked looking at the empty room. “… Do you see it?”

“… Yeah…” Jake nodded looking at the floor of the lab. “… Whose blood is that?” Asked Crystal, but Jake just shook her head. What seemed to be an empty room wasn’t that empty at all, Crystal and Jake saw a big puddle of blood on the floor, along with some shards of glass on the side, in the corner there were 2 piles of white powder. Finally they realized what had happened there, the blood should’ve been obvious, and the white powder in the corner… they were the last ones now. It’s not like they wouldn’t have killed them later if they wanted to, but they still cared about them, after all they were their father’s relatives. Crystal and Jake backed away from the window and rushed back to the car.

“What the hell is the matter with you? We need to go, right now!” Snapped Natalie from the car, with Kirsten starting to wake up next to her.

“There’s been a change of plans, you go ahead without us.” Said Crystal.

“… You’re nuts, do you have any idea what they’ll do if they catch you here? You’re coming with us and that’s final!”

“… Sorry mom, but we’re staying… we’ll catch up with you later, we promise.” Ensured Jake, slamming the door closed as Crystal moved the lift back up. They didn’t hesitate to drive away at that point, their minds were made up and now that Natalie had Kirsten with her, she only needed to finish her business with her. Meanwhile in Hades, Crystal and Jake were seconds away from making the people in the place to feel some extreme horror.

“Time to make them pay… get ready to feel some pain, sis.”

“I’ll be OK, if you’ll be, bro…”

The siblings kneeled down in the middle of the main hall opposite to each other. It was only a few minutes before the speakers would wake up every single person in the hideout, but this ritual didn’t look at the time. The children started chanting in Latin, some mist started to gather around them, with closed eyes and open minds they started summoning up something from the mist…

“Good morning everyone! Rise and shine before the sun does! There’s plenty of work to do today, no one gets to… what’s this…”

Suddenly the speakers went dead. The mist in the main hall was so thick that people couldn’t go anywhere from the dorms, some tried but ended up somewhere way different from where they were heading.

“There’s something in the middle of the mist… I can hear something.”

“… It’s Latin… it sounds like a…”

Suddenly the mist started materializing in the middle of the main hall, starting to take shape above the twins. After a few minutes a huge green dragon appeared above the twins, who recovered from the trance they were in.

“We really outdid ourselves this time, bro! Let’s get out of here!” Yelled Crystal, following Jake out of the complex, leaving the dragon into the hall. It puffed for a while, looking at the people running past it toward the list. It let out a loud growl and a large wave of fire bursted out of it’s mouth, torching the main hall completely. The people in Hades made their way out of the dorms fast before they’d get burned to death, the dragon tried to bash it’s way through the ground to reach the surface, but it was too much to do, even for a huge dragon. Instead it filled the whole place with flames, letting the structures crumble and almost fall down, which they eventually did. The dragon got crushed under the ground and it died a very painful death in it’s very short life it had lived.

The plan was almost a complete failure, no people got killed, just the hideout of the resistance got leveled… it was better than nothing. Jake and Crystal headed back to LA, to find out what their mother was up to…

“… There you are, we’ve been worried sick. Haven’t we?” Smiled Natalie, with Kirsten roped to a chair. “We took care of the hideout, you shouldn’t have any more trouble trying to find them now.” Said Jake, sitting down next to Kirsten, Crystal leaned against the wall opposite to him.

“May I ask how? Last time I let you on an assignment you flooded a lot of Europe.”

“That was an accident, this was intentional, now why won’t you tell me why we brought HER here?” Asked Crystal.

“I just wanted her to know something… don’t worry, we can deal with her now.”

Jake untied Kirsten from the chair and she immediately jumped up, trying to make it to the door. “That won’t do, the door’s locked…” Noted Natalie.

“I figured, I just…” Kirsten stopped her sentence there and turned to face Natalie. “What you just told me… I don’t know if I can live with it anyway.”

“Mother, dear. You sound like we’d be trying to kill you.” Smiled Jake. “Don’t call me that, I’m not your mother.” Replied Kirsten, giving him an angry look.

“He’s just playing with you… but I had something else in mind…” Crystal walked to her and set her hand on Kirsten’s forehead. Suddenly a flash of light went through both of them and suddenly disappeared.

Kirsten removed Crystal’s hand from her forehead and looked at her. “Come here…” Kirsten followed Crystal to the table and started undressing herself. Both Jake and Crystal took their clothes off too, leaving Natalie the only person in the room dressed.

“What did you do?” Asked Natalie, approaching Kirsten who seemed to be in some sort of trance. “Cleared her mind of angry thoughts and memories, think of it as when she didn’t know you.”

Natalie smiled as she caressed her Kirsten’s hair next to the table. She recovered from the trance and looked around, noticing that she was naked. “What’s going on here?”

“Don’t you remember? You were supposed to be our slave, remember?” Said Jake.

“… Slave?” Kirsten seemed a bit suspicious, but not remembering where she was, gave in to their commands. “Yeah, slave.”

Natalie moved behind her caressing her body from head to thighs, her lust became even greater as she knew that Kirsten didn’t remember anything, just like she had met her before and had put her through her first lesbian- experience.

“What are you going to do?” Asked Kirsten.

“We just want to play… if that’s alright with you?” Smiled Crystal, starting to approach her. “Play… OK.” She nodded, not sure what they were going to do with her. Crystal set herself in front of her and sat on the table behind her. “What do I do?”

“It’s easy, just play along…” Whispered Natalie and slowly pushed Kirsten ino Crystal’s arms who gave her a long wet kiss. As Crystal pulled away from her she saw insecurity in her. “What’s wrong? Don’t you like this game?”

Kirsten seemed embarrassed and replied to her. “I… I’ve never played this game before…” Natalie smiled, as she pressed against her back, fully undressed now. “Trust me, you’re very good at it…” She started kissing her neck while slowly pushing her against the table, between Crystal’s legs. Crystal took Kirsten’s head into her hands and pulled it down to her crotch, making her bend over and give Jake a chance to move behind her. Natalie kneeled down and crawled between Kirsten’s legs, starting to rub the girl’s cunt with her hand, with Jake behind her, ready to penetrate. He didn’t force himself into the actress right away, but put his cock between Kirsten’s buttocks and started rubbing it against them as Natalie was preparing her for Jake’s dick. Nat felt Kirsten’s pussy getting wetter, her swollen lips screaming for a good fuck, she moved up to the slit above her and started licking the throbbing clit in front of her. As Crystal saw the pleasure on Kirsten’s face, she pulled her gently against her cunt, and started rocking her head against it. Kirsten got the idea quickly and started working her tongue deep into Crystal’s wetness, while experiencing the thrill of having Natalie licking hers. Jake could see and hear the moist condition of the girl’s pussy and set his dick againt the mouth of it, starting to slowly slide it in. Natalie felt the cold shivers running through Kirsten’s body as she saw Jake’s meat sink into her, she grabbed Kirsten’s full and round breasts, starting to knead them against her body, feeling the lust going through her too.

Crystal smiled as Kirsten’s head kept bashing against her pussy and her wet tongue explored her insides with the excitement of something new, Kirsten could feel her delight too, the intoxicating smell and the taste full of passion made her want more and more, while she was being licked and fucked at the same time. Jake hammered his shaft as deep as he could get into her, feeling the tip of his cock almost forcing itself into Kirsten’s womb, the walls were pressing against it and the wet lips of her cunt were practically sucking it in. After Natalie gave her a few more licks, she let out a loud yelp muffled by Crystal’s horny pussy, she came on Jake’s dick. The juice almost didn’t get out as the cock was blocking the whole entrance, but he pulled out for a few seconds, letting the cum run down to Natalie’s mouth and quickly pushed himself back into her.

Crystal was on the verge of coming too, her grasp on Kirsten’s head tightened up and her legs started shivering as Kirsten sank her tongue into her cunt, making her moan of extreme pleasure. She filled Kirsten’s mouth with her sweet juice and let go of her head, the girl pulled away from her and coughed a bit, swallowing everything she had in her mouth. The ones not ready yet were Natalie and Jake, who pulled away from the girl after Crystal had given in. Jake turned her around and Crystal gave them some room on the table. Kirsten was put on her back on the table, just enough on the edge to give Jake enough room to screw her, Natalie climbed on the table and started sucking Kirsten’s nipples with her butt in the air. Crystal climbed on the table too and stopped behind Natalie, starting to finger her moist crack.

Kirsten was brought under the influence of her deepest fantasies and wet dreams she had kept secret, Jake pushed himself into her tight young cunt, grinning because of the small walls pressing against his cock, Natalie massaging her tits and sucking her nipples, with someone making her cum. Kirsten couldn’t help but to moan as the endless flood of satisfaction ran through her innocent body, her perky breasts shivered, her breath was more intense than ever, her legs were jelly and her cunt was on fire. The dick kept bashing into her warm innocence with Kirsten feeling the veins on it rubbing against the walls of her insides, she felt completely filled up by Jake and his big cock. Crystal was making her best effort to satisfy Natalie’s needs, her fingers sank deep into her and made her moan against Kirsten’s hard nipples, pinching her clit she made Natalie bite Kirsten a bit, giving all of them a small boost in their passionate moment. Nat finally came and squirted her juices out of her gorgeous and wet pussy, right on Crystal’s hand, Nat moved up from Kirsten’s breasts to her face, starting to kiss her almost hysterically and panting rapidly.

The sperm was ready to shoot out of Jake’s dick, he groaned as he would shoot his load into the girl ready to receive it. As Natalie gave Kirsten one last kiss, Jake’s semen filled her and her eyes went completely lifeless. Natalie whispered one more word into her ear before Kirsten was lost beyond this world. Suddenly it was quiet and no one moved an inch. Jake looked at the pale girl laying on the table and then looked at her sister.

As Crystal and Jake moved away from the body, with Natalie sitting next to it on the table, they suddenly saw the difference between life and death. It occured to them that maybe doing this was wrong, cutting human life just like that, without any regrets.

“… What did we do?”

“We killed her… she’s not breathing…”

Natalie saw the change in their eyes, they had changed in a blink of an eye. “We killed the others too, didn’t we?”

“I guess so… I never thought of it this way, but… is this right?”

It really didn’t matter anymore… now that Jake and Crystal decided to go separate ways and into different corners of the world, Natalie was free to do anything she wanted, no longer threatened by the presence of the children. Taking a few days off might be a good idea, letting Kirsten’s situation unfold itself as ‘Missing’.

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