Ballerinas Of Darkness: Chapter 23 – Breaking Up With You

Ballerinas of Darkness: Chapter 23 – Breaking Up With You (MF,anal)

by Dark Genesis (

“What the hell are you doing here?” Natalie startled in her bathrobe as she came out of the shower. “We need to talk.” Dominique Swain replied to her, standing next to her bed. Natalie was very surprised, she thought she was the only one who knew where she sometimes spent her nights, Dominique must have followed her here… “Can you wait until I get my clothes on?” Asked Natalie, starting to look for proper clothes from her closet. Dominique left the bedroom and went to sit on the couch in the living room.
Natalie was pretty sure what they had to talk about, Dominique hadn’t taken the stress of running the company very well, she had a total nervous breakdown and Nat had to take over again. She threw some clothes on and went into the living room, she didn’t sit next to Dominique though, she took a seat on a chair opposite to the sofa. After a short quiet moment Domonique opened up the conversation. “I want out.”

Natalie looked at her for a moment and replied calmly. “OK, just quit.”

“I want out alive, not dead.” Said Dominique, aware of the fact that anyone who quit would suffer consequences. “What would you do? Go permanently back to acting? No offense but you aren’t that experienced in it.”

“As a matter of fact I just got a very good offer of a sitcom and a contrant for 2 seasons. How about my resignation?”

“Is that why you’re doing this? Because of an job offer? Don’t be so hasty, things happen you know…”

“What? Will you have the whole cast killed?”

“If you want to.” Smiled Natalie, but that wasn’t humorous to Dominique’s ears anymore. They used to talk like that when it wasn’t so busy, but they had so much to do for some time now that Dominique had completely lost her humour for that.

“Come on, don’t be so stuck up. Of course you can quit, but I don’t know what the rest will say about that…”

“… What rest Natalie? The Cravens are dead, almost every ally you had has switched sides and the rest are too afraid they might get killed.”

Natalie sighed and got up, heading for the cabinet. “Yes, I suppose you’re right… but once I deal with Michelle I’ll start over. Trust will be built again and I’ll make sure that there won’t be any killing anymore.” She opened up a bottle of brandy and poured some into a glass.

“Yeah, IF you deal with Michelle.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Snapped Natalie, turning around quickly to face Dominique, almost spilling her drink. “It means that you’re holding back with Michelle. That’s one of the reasons I’m quitting and you should do something about her fast, before the last few others with you will notice and they’ll quit too.”

“Why I’ve left her alone for a while has nothing to do with my feelings for her, that is if I had any for her.”

“Yeah, right. You’re absolutely not attracted or in any other way drawn to her, we’ve seen that haven’t we…”

“OK, I admit that I find her attractive but that’s it! Do you remember why you’re one of the heads in this company? It’s because I once found you attractive, and I don’t have any feelings for you.”

“You know what? I’m not gonna take this conversation any further, I’m out of here!” Dominique rushed out of the door, making it clear for Natalie that she wasn’t going to come back. She was right though, maybe too right.

The same night Dominique had a discussion with her manager about the new sitcom and came to the result that it was just what she needed, after the good news, she decided not to go out to party, but have a nice night at her apartment, relaxing after her discharge from the company and at least 2 seasons of work.

She turned the TV on and sat down on the couch with some popcorn. After watching for a few minutes, she noticed that the quality of television entertainment had severely lowered from yesterday, so she decided to leave the popcorn there and take a bath. While in the bathroom preparing for a bath, she didn’t hear a man sneaking in, he had a key to the apartment so he didn’t make much noise. Dominique was just about to slide into the tub as she remembered to safety chain on just in case, she didn’t usually put it on because the security in the building was tight enough, but as she set the chain, she noticed the door wasn’t locked anymore. “Hey cutie!” She felt a full palm slap on her butt and recognized the voice immediately. “Jesus Christ, Angelo!” She startled and tried to cover herself with her hands. “Oh come on, is that really necessary?” Smirked the guy. It really wasn’t, but Dominique still kept herself covered. “Did you want something?” She asked him, this wasn’t exactly the best way to talk.

“Yeah, I heard you quit the company…” Angelo leaned against the wall. Dominique looked at her for a while and shook her head. “Did Natalie send you? I know what you do in these situations.” She walked toward the bathroom but stopped as the guy said something.

“I don’t work for Natalie.”

Dominique quickly grabbed a bathrobe from the bathroom and returned to Angelo. “I thought you might be the mole, no wonder the opposition knew our plans so accurately.”

“That’s not your concern anymore, I’ve come to make you an offer.”

Dominique laughed at Angelo’s suggestion, leaving him puzzled. “That’s really funny, keep that up and you can get parts in some other program than Jackass.”

“You need to pick a side here, it’s either us or them.”

“No, that’s where you’re wrong. I don’t need to pick a side and I’m not gonna, I got a strong hold of a relatively normal life and I’m not gonna throw it away.”

“Do you hear yourself? People are dying!”

“I don’t care, it’s not my business anymore, now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be taking my bath now, and you’ll be leaving and giving up the key to my apartment.”

Angelo checked his watch and sighed disappointedly. “OK, it’s obviously too late to drive a few hundred miles, so if you don’t mind I’ll be sleeping here.”

“What? No way! You’re not spending even a minute in this building at least in my apartment, now get the hell out!” Yelled Dominique.

Angelo made himself comfortable and went laying on the sofa, taking the bowl of popcorn in his lap. “You go take that bath and I’ll watch Letterman or something…”

Dominique wasn’t far away from picking up a knife from the kitchen table, but she behaved herself and rushed into the bathroom slamming the door shut behind her. She slid into the tub filled with warm water and took a comfortable position, wanting to minimize the time she had to look at Angelo’s face. They had dated once a while back, but after he kept coming to her apartment almost every night, Dominique had cut the relationship off. He was good in many ways, but she just didn’t have time for him.

“Hey! You cell-phone’s got something to say!” Angelo pounded on the bathroom door. “God… just leave it there, I’ll call back later!” Yelled Dominique. “I think it’s something urgent, cause it’s your manager calling!”

The girl jumped out of the tub and rushed to answer the phone. She had just enough time to grab a towel before rushing across the livingroom with the towel pretty loose on her torso. “Yeah, sorry about that, I was taking a… never mind… … Really? That’s great! Can we discuss it… … Yeah, tomorrow’s fine, thanks… … yeah, bye!” She threw the phone on the couch next to Angelo and sat on a chair. “So? What was important enough to prance around almost naked and wet?” Asked Angelo.

“I got a part, again. Looks like all this work was packed below my position in the ‘Organization’… weird.”

“Yeah, might be… or maybe someone pulled some strings in high places, someone you know perhaps?”

“… Oh come on, you really think I would believe that you have connections in high places?”

“No, I said maybe someone pulled some strings, that doesn’t mean that he has connections. More like he has a tape that would affect the reputation and the marriadge of the guy in the high place.”

“That would be more your style, but I still don’t believe you, and you don’t have a reason to do it.”

“Why not?”

“Well…” Domminique got up from the chair and walked to Angelo. “I heard you were doing someone else.”

She walked back into the bathroom closing the door behind her. “Since when was that relevant?”

Laying in the bathtub, Dominique thought of something. Maybe it was Angelo who got her those jobs… it was possible but would he be that sweet? Maybe he had changed in the hands of someone else or he had just grown up… time to find out. “Angelo… can you come here for a second?”

He got up from the sofa and headed to the bathroom. “OK, what? The drain clogged or something…” As he opened the door she saw Dominique completely naked in the tub, looking up and smiling to him. “… Alrighty, I think it’s not the drain that’s the problem, you’re losing it.”

“Come on, don’t be so uptight… get in here.”

Angelo hesitated at first, maybe she had bought the story about him supposedly pulling some strings… heck, if she did, he was going to take full advantage. He took his clothes off and went in to the other side of the tub.

Dominique moved in on him, pressing her lips tightly on his. She wrapped her legs around Angelo’s body and he took her into his embrace. As they continued their passionate kiss, Dominique moved her hand down to get a hold of Angelo’s cock. The cock kept getting bigger and bigger with every stroke Dominique gave the veiny shaft, Angelo started panting softly as he broke the kiss between him and her. He moved his hands down to Dominique’s crotch, starting to rub her clit with his other hand and fingering her with his fingers. Dominique hold him tight as she felt shivers go through her body, making her squeeze Angelo’s dick hard. He gave her one more kiss before lifting her body a bit higher to make it easier to slide into her, he lowered her slowly onto his cock, making it slide deep into her tight pussy, lifting a satisfied smile upon Dominique’s face. The shaft kept sinking deeper and deeper until Dominique’s pubic hair pressed against his body, starting to move the girl up and down.

Dominique started gasping loudly as the violent pounding of her wet pussy began, Angelo kept bucking his hips up and pulling Dominique’s body hard against him. The cock sank deep into the girl and made her yelp every time it went deep enough, it was clear that she wouldn’t take this kind of treatment for long without cumming. Her breasts pushed against his chest, rubbing the hard nipples against it, giving her more pleasure beside the furious fucking, her eyes almost rolled around in her head as the juices inflicted by her orgasm escaped her pussy, mixing in with the warm water in the tub. As Angelo felt that she had gotten her moment, he turned her around in the tub and pushed his head against the wall, setting his cock between her asscheeks. Dominique didn’t resist, plus she was still high in the sky from the orgasm.

Sinking his meat into her anus, he made her squeal loudly. The cold sweat appeared on her forehead and her ass beneath the water, penetrated by the long cock was getting red. Pushing it as deep as he could get it, Angelo started moving his cock back and forth in her tight butt, rubbing against the walls of her bowel, making Dominique’s ass clench up every time he pushed it in. The water started splashing out of the tub as Angelo pushed Dominique’s and his heads against the wall, starting to ravage the girl with everything he had. The girl bit her lip as the dick kept bashing against the end of her rectum, making her feel like she was being ripped apart, even after the cock had been soaked by her cunt juice, it was still pretty rough as it slid in and out of her. His balls were slapping against her cunt, vibrating them and almost making her cum, but it wasn’t enough. She stuck her fingers into herself and let out a loud gasp as her pussy let out the second orgasm, wetting her hand completely with the juice. Angelo could feel that she had come and picked up his pace.

He pounded her tight ass with full force, giving every inch of his cock deep into the girl’s anus. Their heads hammered against the wall but they didn’t even notice, Dominique tried to recover from her orgasm while Angelo tried to achieve his. The water splashed every time Angelo bashed himself against Dominique’s soft buttocks, flattening between their bodies until Angelo pulled out, just to give it more pushes. He let out a growl as he pushed the last one into Dominique’s asshole, filling it with his sperm and making the girl smile of the feeling she had as the cum-covered cock was pulled out of her ass.

The next morning they woke up in bed, the sheets were wet and they both had a strong headache, probably caused by the banging their heads on the wall. “You awake?” Asked Angelo, looking at Dominique’s closed eyes.

“… Yeah, kinda. If I could sleep from this massive hangover I’m having…”

“It’s not a hangover we just… it was pretty rough.”

“… Oh yeah, now I remember…”

Dominique got up from the bed and went straight to her desk and dug up some pills from the drawer. “Thank heavens for drugs, you should be going now.” She walked into the kitchen and took the pills along with a glass of water. As Angelo got dressed next to the bed, Dominique walked in on him making sure he was going. “I forgot why I was here… you must be proud of yourself…”

“I am, hurry up now, I have a meeting today.”

“Can’t you see me going here?”

Angelo threw his jacket on and was just about to leave. “Wait a sec.” He stopped as Dominique interrupted his leaving. “You were just kidding about that pulling the strings stuff, right?” She asked him, kind of hoping that he was kidding, this wasn’t exactly the way to treat someone who had just gotten her a job. “Yeah, actually I was kidding… gonna get a knife now?”

“No, of course not. I just wanted to make sure that it was me who earned those roles not you.”

“… Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Angelo left the apartment, unable to fill the assignment he had been given. Dominique had made up her mind, she wasn’t going to get mixed up in this thing anymore. She was left alone from that day on, Dominique didn’t hear a word about the ‘Organization’ after that day, she had gotten her wish. She was sure it was going to be over soon for all the rest too. Although she didn’t know what was going on between the parties, she knew pretty much what would happen next…

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