Ballerinas Of Darkness: Chapter 24 – Table For Two

Ballerinas of Darkness: Chapter 24 – Table For Two (Mf,oral)

by Dark Genesis (

Michelle Trachtenberg looked at the smoking platform in the desert along with some of her comrades. What they had just seen was way past reality and too real to be their imagination. They had just seen a dragon crushing their hideout in the matter of minutes. The others couldn’t believe their eyes and were totally out of it, but Michelle knew who were behind this, there were only 3 people now that could do something like this, but it was best not to worry the others anymore, so she didn’t say anything.

OK, everybody! I have something to say.”

Everyone turned to Michelle, they were expecting her to give the order to raid Natalie’s HQ in Los Angeles, there wasn’t anything else to do now that their only hiding place was gone.

“… I just wanted to say thank you, that you’ve stood up with me this far and I’m sorry that I can’t give you anything to make up for everything that happened, except this…”

Nope, she wasn’t going to give them the order, they had all suffered too much to go through anything like this anymore. It was up to Michelle now…

“You’re all free to go, I’ll deal with Natalie myself.”

Short but pithy, they all looked at Michelle not so clear what they should do now. Most of them would follow her to the end, but she had made up her mind, if anyone was going into that building, it was her, and no one else. Everyone walked away from the desert, leaving the smoking platform to sink underground, to be covered with sand afterwards.

Michelle returned to LA, going straight to her old apartment, no matter who would be waiting for her there. She wasn’t that surprised finding Angelo there, since she had sent him to ask a certain person to join them. “So, how’d she react?” Asked Michelle, throwing her jacket on the sofa.

“I’m not sure if it was good or bad, she said she didn’t want to have anything to do with anything involving this matter ever again.”

“That’s good news, for once… you will not believe what just happened to Hades. There was a dragon inside the main hall and it started burning the place up, after the torching it decided to make a quick exit above ground, but the attempt filled the whole place with sand and concrete.”

“… Holy shit.”

“Yup, that’s what I thought…”

Michelle walked into the bedroom, followed by Angelo, who was surprised by the fact that Michelle didn’t start packing her things. “Aren’t you going to leave? They’re probably looking for you right now.”

Michelle was about to open her wardrobe but stopped to reply to him. “No… I’m not going anywhere. If that witch wants a piece of me, bring it on, I’ll be fighting back with everything I’ve got.”

“Alone? Fighting Natalie? You can’t be serious, she’s not even human!” Yelled Angelo, trying to turn the girl’s head around back to sanity. “I’ve made up my mind, I’m just going to continue with my life and as soon as I get a chance, I’ll go see Natalie and the others.” Angelo went quiet and walked to Michelle, who dug up some clean clothes to replace her sandy top and jeans. “There’s no one else. Everyone has abandoned her, she’s all by herself now.”

“I figured, we ended up facing the same destiny after all…” Smiled Michelle, closing the wardrobe and throwing the clothes on the bed. “There isn’t anything to fight anymore, you’d just be risking your life for nothing! She can’t manipulate people like she used to anymore but she might kill you just for revenge.”

“I don’t expect you to understand, Angelo… I’m glad you took your risks working undercover, your information helped us a lot, but it’s over for you all now.”

“Exactly, and it’s over for you too!” Angelo walked up to Michelle and grabbed her by the arms. “You don’t need to do this! We won, don’t you get it? The war was way over before that dragon or what ever it was burned the hideout down, it stopped when Natalie was left by herself to suffer the consequences of her actions.”

“That’s the problem, isn’t it… she won’t face them, no one knows what she’s done and no one will ever believe if we tell. Besides I’m the only one who has the right to…” Michelle broke away from Angelo’s hold and went into the bathroom, slamming the door closed behind her.

“Oh, I see! You’re the only one in pain here, you have no idea… you know what? I’m not even gonna bother, you’re as selfish as Natalie and even more reckless, you just used us in your own personal war where people got killed… well you can be sure that you’ve gotten what you’ve wanted.”

Angelo rushed out of the bedroom and the apartment. Standing in the shower, washing the sand from her hair, Michelle thought about what he had said. Yeah, maybe he was right after all, it was just her imagination that had made her think that anyone was in danger before she had interfered with Natalie’s plans. She just should’ve gone with the flow, maybe gotten into the highest places in the company, Natalie’s right hand maybe, or better yet replaced her and become the head of the company. Naw, that wasn’t Michelle. After getting out of the shower and dressed, she headed to a friend’s place, she wanted to say ‘Hi’ to him before she’d go off doing anything rash. “Hey, the view is as great in the daylight, I could live here…”

“That’s not a problem.” Smiled Aron, Michelle’s fan/friend. The apartment was almost perfect, too bad it looked so crappy from outside. “What brings you here? Usually you don’t visit that much, did something happen?”

“Yeah, you could say that. A giant dragon burned down an old silo where I’ve been living for a while now with some other Hollywood celebrities.” Smiled Michelle, making it seem for Aron she had just made a joke. “Yeah, right. Seriously, why are you here?”

“… I think we’re not gonna see each other as often we’re seeing now.”

“Don’t you think that’s a little exaggarated, that would mean we’d never see each other again.” Laughed Aron, not realizing that Michelle was serious. Michelle turned around to face him. “Yeah, I guess… but in case it does happen, I just wanted to make sure you knew that it wasn’t you.”

“… Wow, this sounds serious, what have you been doing, screwing with the mob?”

“In a sense of the word… I just wanted to say goodbye.”

Aron was about to say something but was interrupet by the long kiss Michelle gave him. As the moment ended, Michelle left the apartment for good, leaving Aron standing there completely speechless.

“Hey, you’re still alive, huh?” Smiled Damon as Michelle walked into his apartment. “Yup, alive and kicking. So you got yourself an apartment, huh?”

“Well… not exactly mine, it’s kinda… Shannen’s.”


“Yikes, are you sure you can go through with this?” Asked Michelle.

“I’m not sure, but I’ll give it a shot. Anyway I’m glad I met her, I might have a chance of a normal life some day.”


“Alrighty, I’ll see you later?” Smiled Michelle. “How about tonight at the bar, remember that bar? I’d like to talk to you about something.”

“Sure, I’ll be there tonight.”

Michelle walked out of the apartment and Damon dashed into the kitchen to help Shannen with something.

Later that night, Michelle met up with Damon in a bar they had sometimes spent time in, not that often, but still every now and then. “Angelo stopped by, he said he was heading east toward New York… he also told me about the fight you guys had.”

“Yeah, I told my opinion, he told his. They just didn’t work together.”

“I know, it’s just that I’m worried about you might do. You’re probably going to see Natalie, aren’t you?”

Michelle nodded and took a sip from her glass of coke. “What are you gonna do?” Asked Damon.

“… I don’t know, talk to her. Try to figure out why she did this, make sure she never does it again, something like that.”

“You know that there’s only one way to make sure she’ll never repeat what she has done, don’t you?”

“… Yeah, I know that… if she won’t swear that she’ll put an end to all of this, I’ll have to take her out.”

“That’s what I thought…” Damon dug up a knife from his pocket and slid it across the table to Michelle, who took it in her hand. “If she won’t agree, you’ll have to use that, but be careful, she might be armed better than that.”

“Thanks, I’ll watch my back…”

Damon finished his beer but didn’t order a second. Michelle put the knife into her pocket and continued with the conversation. “Where’s the ring?”

“… Huh? Oh! Oh, that’s just plain mean, we’re not engaged yet.”

“Too bad, you should really get married. You could use some discipline, I bet she’s really keeping you starved with everything.”

“Are you kidding? I can’t even walk around the house with a bottle of beer, it’s torture! Every time I try to sneak out, she hit’s me in the head with some very heavy things she found in the kitchen!”

“Must be hell… I’m so proud of her.”

“Right, Sarah and you didn’t treat me like that… hell, no woman has ever treated me like that… you know… Michelle?” Damon saw that Michelle had just got lost in her thoughts. “Earth to MIR? Everybody OK?”

“Sarah… I just thought of something…”

“What? I’m not doing her anymore, if that’s what you mean…”

“No, Sarah’s marriadge… she used to be one of the heads in the ‘Organization’…”

Suddenly a wicked smile sneaked up to Michelle’s face, leaving Damon kind of scared. “Umm… what about it?”

“Nothing, D… you just worry about your relationships and I’ll handle her’s…”

Later that night, just before midnight, Michelle sneaked into her co-star’s apartment with a plan in her head. She went upstairs where she knew her new husband was sleeping, and since Sarah had been very busy lately, she wouldn’t be home that early. Opening the bedroom door, she saw Sarah’s husband, Freddie. He was sleeping in their bed all alone, Sarah was nowhere to be found. It was perfect for Michelle, who sought revenge for Sarah just for amusement, she crawled into the bed and pulled the blanket off him and pulled his boxers down.

She knew that Sarah was probably coming home soon and how would she react to seeing her and her new husband in bed with her? It would be a moment not easily forgettable. She took Freddie’s dick into her hand and started to stroke it. Michelle heard him starting to moan in his sleep as the stroking made his cock nice and hard, giving Michelle the chance to pace up. Michelle knew that he was going to wake up, but he probably wouldn’t mind a blowjob from a young girl, would he? She took the tip of Freddie’s cock in her mouth and started massaging it with her tongue, pushing it hard against it and wetting it completely with her saliva. Doing this, Freddie woke up and let out a loud moan, making Michelle stop the sucking, but continuing to caress the hard dick. “Oh, hi Freddie! Long time no see, I was just in the neighbourhood and I thought I’s drop by.”

“M-M-Michelle, what are you doing? Sarah might come home any second!”

“You don’t like it? Sarah called, she was going to stay at a friend’s house, she won’t be home tonight.”

Freddie didn’t get a word out of his mouth but let Michelle do her thing. She lowered back down and took the tip into her warm mouth, sucking it gently making Freddie moan more. While moving the tip in her mouth, the girl stroked his shaft strongly, squeezing and making it completely red. Freddie put his hands on the girl’s head, caressing her long brown hair as the big pink lips kept moving on his cock. Michelle let go of the shaft and sank the thing deep into her throat, making Freddie groan loudly, feeling his hard cock inside his wife’s young friend’s throat, rubbing against the wet walls and covering his thing with saliva.

Freddie started lifting and lowering Michelle’s head, face-fucking her beautiful face with her big lips pressing hard against the shaft of his dick, and her wet tongue sticking on it, making the semen inside him start to gather up. If Sarah would catch him doing this they’d be finished, but why would Michelle lie, right?

“Oh, God! Are you sure Sarah isn’t coming home tonight?” Moaned Freddie, in which Michelle replied ‘Uh-huh’ with her voice muffled by the cock in her mouth. “I think I just heard a car outside… must’ve been my imagi… OOHHH!” Michelle knew it was Sarah, so she made the effort to make Freddie make very loud voices very frequently. Michelle moved her tongue hard against the dick while rubbing the veiny shaft with her sexy lips that had made many men cum. Freddie tried to pull Michelle away from his cock and up to his face, since he was seconds away from cumming. “Come up here, baby! I wanna fuck you!”

It was just too perfect! Now he was begging for her to fuck him. Michelle heard someone walking up the stairs and kept sucking the dick, and making Freddie grin and moan loudly. “Michelle, stop! I wanna fuck you!” Michelle felt his cock tense up and she could almost hear the load of cum rushing toward her mouth. “I want to fuck you! If you don’t stop I’m gonna… uurrgghhh!” At that moment Sarah walked in, seeing Michelle with her ass in the air and her mouth on her husband’s dick, and him moaning and begging for the girl’s cunt. Michelle pulled the cock out of her mouth and the hot load of sperm shot right on her face, covering it with the white fluid.

“… What the fuck!?” Yelled Sarah, looking furious as Freddie noticed that she was in the room. “Mmm, yummie! You should invite me over more often.” Smiled Michelle, starting to wipe the cum off her face.

“Hey, wait a second! I didn’t invite her over!” Freddie tried to explain, pulling his boxers up and jumping out of the bed. “And you just happened to stick your cock into her throat, huh?” Sarah slapped him hard, making him almost lose balance and fall. “You got it all wrong! I just woke up, and she was there with the thing in her mouth, what was I supposed to do?” Freddie realized that saying that he had signed his last will. “WHAT WERE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO?” Screamed Sarah, making all their ears ache. “She just came here sucking my cock! I tried to make her stop! Look at her, she’s a slut!”

“Hey, I resent that!” Noted Michelle between the yelling.

“I know she did this to get even, but you fell for it! I can’t believe you’d cheat on me with an underage kid!”

“I’ll be leaving now…” Smiled Michelle, leaving the newlyweds into their apartment, screaming at each other.

The result was obvious: the next day the headlines were about the celeberity whose wife had crushed his left testicle, left him with 2 black eyes and a few broken ribs, and of course the divorce papers. The job was quite succesful, it was something Michelle could be proud of, but she had one last problem in her mind, after that she’s be ready to get back to her old life.

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