Ballerinas Of Darkness Chapter 25 – Finale/Lie To Me

Ballerinas of Darkness: Chapter 25 – Finale/Lie To Me (Ff,oral)

by Dark Genesis (

A lot of things had happened for the past few months. A lot of lives had been changed by other people, and lives had been destroyed by the same individuals. If there was something anyone could do to undo these things it would be very clear that it would have been done already, but this train wasn’t going to stop before the end of it’s line. In the end, it all comes down to two people, though, it usually does. Like two rulers of countries get into a war because of a quarrel between them, and when the war starts
they realize that there isn’t going to be an end to it, and when all the soldiers of the countries are dead, it’s up to them to settle the war, by peace or another war.

Michelle Trachtenberg stood in front of the empty building, with only her last enemy in the top floor waiting for her. She wasn’t exactly sure what she should say when they come across each other, neither what her enemy would say. Michelle thought what she had said to her a while ago in Scotland, something about inhumanity and other evil things. On the other hand not so long after, she had talked to her like a real person, without the anger and frustration she had been full of earlier. No, she will never give up, even after she’s the last member of the ‘Organization’… she wouldn’t give up…

Michelle walked into the lobby and headed for the elevator. The whole place was deserted, not a single living thing in sight. Even the plants had been removed, just a few benches here and there. Entering the elevator, Michelle pressed the button for the top floor, where Natalie Portman was eagerly waiting for her arrival.

The sun was setting slowly into the horizon, the city beneath Natalie’s eyes darkened by the second. She let out a sigh of relief, as she finally realized that she was free from all the stress, pain and anxioty. It was kind of funny and tragic, she had lived for millenias, building up this company in some way every day. Innocent princesses and perverse queens, satanic priests and evil kings. One day it had all come to stop because of one girl, she wasn’t a queen, a witch, anything that would possibly pose a threat to her… yeah, she exactly like Natalie… that’s why she had lost.

Natalie heard the doors of the elevator opening in the hallway, her heart jumped up to her throat. She calmed down quickly, she wasn’t going to let Michelle see her scared to death. There were millions of questions to answer from both sides, but would there be a chance to ask them? Was she coming into her office with a gun? No, she didn’t. Michelle stood behind Natalie’s door, gathering strength to go in, while Natalie’s pulse was racing on the other side of the door. Natalie sat into her chair behind her desk, trying to make the impression that she was as cool as ice, which she wasn’t, because when Michelle opened the door and stepped in, her whole body blushed, which was OK, since Michelle wasn’t exactly pale either.

At first they just started at each other, waiting for the other one to say something, Natalie sitting in her chair and Michelle standing in front of the door. The girl approached the desk, stopping a few feet away from it, Natalie saw a guilty feeling in her eyes, staring back at her beautiful eyes, showing her nervousness to her, easing the situation.

“So… how’s business?” Smiled Michelle. Natalie let out a small laugh and replied. “… Not bad… looking for new employees, wanna join?”

“Thanks, but I’ll pass.”

Michelle walked to the window, the sun had gone down and the lights in the city illuminated the streets. Natalie didn’t look at her, she was afraid that something might happen. Even though almost every horrible and good thing had happened, she wasn’t about to start a final one, but how was she going to end it with Michelle without starting one?

“Great view… no wonder I haven’t seen you around for a while.”

“… It’s not that great you know… but since you’ve been living underground for a while now, a lot of things on the surface look much better.”

Michelle glanced at Natalie, who tapping her fingers on the desk, she let out a small smile and turned back to the window. “How’d it go between Damon and Shannen?” Asked Natalie, getting up from her chair and walking next to Michelle. “They did OK in these circumstances, they’re definitely the healthiest couple in all this mess.”

“If there is one… listen, if this whole thing affected on your work…”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t let it bother me, it’s been a hell of a ride… my only regret is a few mistakes that we can’t undo…”

Both Natalie and Michelle went silent, remembering the lives that had been sacrificed in their war. Most of their soldiers had went home unharmed, one way or another, but a few of them wouldn’t set foot on the surface of Earth again. Michelle was ready to forgive Natalie for the loss of her friends, as Natalie was ready to stop the fighting.

“Tell me something…” Michelle turned to Natalie. “… What?”

“Everything you’ve said… were you lying?” Natalie was a bit surprised about the question, she had thought that Michelle was aware of everything that was going on. “No, everything I’ve ever said to you is true… I don’t have a reason to lie to you.”

“Thanks, I guess…”

“Umm, did you want something?” Asked Natalie, it looked like Michelle wasn’t going to pick a fight and she’d have things to do if she wasn’t going to say anything. “Not exactly, I just wanted to make clear that it’s all over, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, we’re through…” Natalie pulled away from the window and walked to her desk and started going through some papers in the drawer. Michelle looked at Natalie and slowly started moving toward her. “I was talking about the war…”

Natalie stopped fumbling the papers and remembered what she had told Michelle some time ago. She regretted it for a few seconds, but after those moments of unclarity, she didn’t find anything bad about it. As she turned to Michelle she was already face to face with her, closing the drawer with her hand.

Suddenly she tripped Natalie, slamming her body hard against the desk. She ripped Nat’s clothes off and started kissing her body. Natalie let out a sigh of passion as she felt Michelle’s lips on her body, her tongue wetting her skin with her warm saliva. Michelle removed her clothes and set them under Natalie to make it more comfortable, continuing to make Natalie shiver of pleasure on her desk, her whole body was heating up, along with her cunt that was getting wetter tih every kiss and lick that Michelle gave her. Michelle moved her hands around Natalie’s naked body in heat, she was more turned on thatn Natalie by the fact that she was the one making the initiative now, her pussy was in more need of massaging than Natalie’s, but she was going to enjoy the moment while it lasted. Natalie ran her hands on Michelle’s long brown hair, as Michelle’s lips touched her clit she pulled her face hard against her. Nat felt the girl’s tongue probing inside her furiously, her erect nipples were rubbed by her fingers while her breasts were pressed against her chest by Michelle’s palms. She felt a warm shiver go through her body as Michelle’s rageous licking continued, giving her a quick and strong orgasm, letting her juices run out of her body onto Michelle. She didn’t react much to this though, she just kept going not even noticing the large amount of fluid on her face and mouth. “Oh, Michelle! That’s it baby…” She panted as the girl’s lips rubbed against her cunt.

She let Michelle go down on her for a while, until she decided that it was time for Michelle to get something back. Nat slid off the desk, her butt and some of her back lubricated by her juices. Michelle jumped on the desk, with her naked body finally in front of Natalie. But she wasn’t going straight to the point, she laid up against Michelle and gave her a warm kiss, tasting her juices in her mouth. She continued down along her chin and neck, arriving at her soft and round breasts, just begging for Natalie’s lips on them. Suddenly Michelle felt her body lifting up from the desk, Natalie wasn’t lifting it with her hands, but with a power unkown to humankind. She felt a strange pulse got through her as Natalie’s tongue touched the tip of her left nipple. She let out a small moan when Natalie grazed her cunt with her hand, she hadn’t felt like this ever, she would do anything to make Natalie stop the foreplay and get on with her, but she was going slow.

Natalie’s hands groped Michelle’s young tits, feeling the warm and soft mass in her hands, begging for more of her touch. Nat’s tongue and lips had enough of her breasts and moved down on her body, just as she was sure that Nat was going for it, she stopped to kiss her stomach, letting the lust gather up inside her. Michelle’s legs were squirming and rolling themselves around Natalie, who’s tongue was now firmly against Michelle’s belly, the warm and wet surface of Nat’s tongue was extremely hot. Michelle felt like she was going to explode if Nat wasn’t going to go down on her fast, which she did. Nat moved down to Michelle’s brown moist pubic hair, rubbing her chin against Michelle’s clit, giving her the feeling she had been expecting when she had walked into her office and laid down on her desk. “Lick my cunt, Nat… please… I’ll do anything, please…” Nat was waiting for Michelle starting to beg, she was human after all. She moved down and tasted the sweet taste of Michelle’s 17-year old pussy in her mouth. She immediately started whining, this was one of the things Natalie liked about her, she had watched from the shadows many times as Michelle had been fucked or went down on and she’d always whine with that child-like voice of hers, turning Natalie on only with her voice, if she’d be looking too, she couldn’t resist rubbing her clit while watching, but now here she was, making her whine.

She rubbed her lips against her pussy lips while at the same time exploring Michelle’s underage cunt with her tongue, feeling every spot in her hot and tight pussy with her warm tongue. Michelle’s body started to cramp up as Nat’s upper lip kept massaging her clit with full force, Natalie’s intention wasn’t to stop after one orgasm though, she wanted Michelle to know what she had been missing for all this time. Michelle managed to keep her beautiful body from giving up to Natalie’s will to make her cum, she fought back with every drop of her blood but with bad results. She came all over Natalie’s face, making her let out a small moan as the juices splashed against her face. Nat kept sticking her tongue deep into Michelle, making her feel like an endless orgasm flowing through her body. Nat started thrusting her finger into her own pussy, she was going to make this last and Michelle wasn’t going to be the only one to get off here. Michelle moaned and moaned making Natalie’s pace pick up, Michelle’s cunt getting hotter and wetter, if that was possible any more. She felt Nat’s tongue sinking into her young hot pussy as deep as it could get, making her feel more satisfied than any cock could make her. Natalie moved her hands from Michelle’s breasts to underneath the girl and grabbed Michelle’s buttocks with force, making her grin with pain and pleasure. She gave her body completely into Nat’s hands, letting her do whatever she wanted with it, but Natalie sticked to making her feel as good as possible.

“God Nat! I’m cumming! I’, cumming all over your pretty face!” She let out her second orgasm as Nat’s tongue stuck deep into her young sweetness. Michelle was almost outcold, so Natalie decided that that was the last of it, she let Michelle’s body slowly float back on the desk and laid next to her on top of their clothes.

Night passed by and dawn prevailed. The sun started rising slowly from the eastern horizon, not shining into the office where the two girls were still laying. Michelle had her arms around Natalie and her head laid against her chest on the big desk next to the window. Both looked very relaxed and satisfied.

“I lied, you know…” Started Natalie.

“About what?”

“About you, remember when I said that you weren’t human? That was just a huge load of bullshit…”

“I figured…” Michelle let out a small laugh. “You aren’t mad?” Wondered Natalie. “No, not really… but you lied.”

“Yeah, I tend to do that sometimes. I say that I don’t and usually people don’t find out that I lied… but this time it didn’t matter anymore…”

“… You’re right… it didn’t matter anymore…” Michelle reached for her jacket without Natalie noticing. “I was worried that you might be upset if you had believed me back then and now I’d tell you otherwise… believe me, I know what I’m talking about.”

“Who are you?” Asked Michelle, distracting Nat as she dug something up from the pocket of her jacket. “… To tell the truth I’m not sure anymore… I don’t remember my first identity, back then no one kept any records of who was who and what everybody looked like, so I got along easy. And of course it wasn’t bad that I happened to be one of the most beautiful girls in a harem…”

“A harem? I thought you were older…” Michelle didn’t pull the item from her pocket yet, she listened what Nat had to say. “No… regardless of what you’ve heard, I’m not Eve or anything… I was just a girl in the sultan’s harem, back then that was a fancy way of saying that I was a…”

“… A whore?”

“… Yeah. I always hated that word… even before it was invented… the other girls didn’t mind, they were just glad living in a palace… I wanted something more…”

“What did you do?” Michelle pulled the knife from her jacket, taking a good and firm grip of it. “The sultan had a crystal… I heard that whoever used that jewel properly would gain the powers of an underworld demon lord… so I made a habit of sneaking into his chamber where he kept all his treasures, I was already good at my job so the sultan was too tired to check on my whereabouts every second…”

Michelle pulled the knife closer to Natalie, almost touching her skin with the blade. “Finally I got it… my patience had paid off and I was powerful enough to rule the world. But a power like that doesn’t come without side effects…”

The girl was ready to push the blade through Natalie’s heart, but she wanted to hear the rest of it. “My past life caught up with me and became a shadow in all my doings. Everywhere I went I had these urges… the life that I hated was my only life. Time passed by and I kept gathering people to join my little cult, it was weird how many people actually were willing to do these things, it almost made me sick… A couple of years back I stumbled in the perfect profession for these things… a hollywood actress.”

Michelle got the strength to impale Natalie with the knife as those last words came out of her mouth, but instead of running the blade through her, she felt a cold sting in her back. The long dagger pierced Michelle’s body from her back through her chest, Natalie felt the cold blood-covered blade poking her skin and she pulled the dagger out of Michelle’s pale body. The knife fell from Michelle’s hand and clashed on the desk, Natalie set her dagger next to the knife and embraced Michelle warmly. “I’m sorry it had to come to this…”

The poison in the dagger spread quickly through her body, even the massive bleeding didn’t remove it from her body. The blood spread all over the desk where she had just had her last of human life, she didn’t dare to look into Natalie’s eyes after what just had happened, Natalie was just quicker, one of them had to die, now she knew that. Michelle’s lifeless body became as cold as ice and Natalie got up, setting her down onto the desk. She took some clothes out of the bottom drawer, she kept them there just in case, but she was ready to leave the rest behind. She got dressed and grabbed her dagger along, on her way out stopping at the door. She gave her latest lover one last look as the body on the desk bursten into flames, spreading slowly around the room.

Walking out of the building Natalie heard firetrucks and ambulances rushing to the rescue, too bad there was nothing to be rescued anymore. Even though it was all gone, there were other places than Hollywood…

“You were right, I have become a monster… but this is what they’ve always wanted, they’ve just been too afraid to even say it. All I’ve given people is the courage to be all they can be. It’s my curse and there’s nothing you could’ve ever done to stop it.”

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