Ballerinas Of Darkness: Congratulations, Girls – Chapter 3!

Congratulations, Girls! by Dark Genesis (

In a small bar, where anyone doesn’t go without a very good reason, four girls were sitting in a table. They only came here because they could be left alone for a while; Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Natalie Portman and Julie Bowen.

“So… how’re things going between you and Kiki?” Asked Sarah and finished her beer. Natalie glanced at her and responded, “You know, the usual. The same as with most of my friends, how about you ‘n Damon?” “I dunno… suppose he’s gone again, like he always does, but that’s not exactly the news of the year.”

Reese sighed, “I’m gonna go to the bathroom.” She left the table. “She hasn’t really done anything yet, I think we should hook her up with someone, don’t you?” Whispered Sarah. “I don’t think so, she’s still mourning after, you-know-who, and she won’t touch anyone else before she gets it.” Responded Julie.

“She’s on tour now, and won’t settle down for a while now. We should cheer Reese up somehow.”

“But how? I don’t think a look-alike will do any good here.” “And we won’t get the original either.” Sarah and Julie pointed out. “I’m not saying we should get HER, I’m saying there are substitutes for everything, don’t you think?” Said Nat. Reese walked out of the bathroom. As she sat down, Nat opened a up a conversation.

“Say, there’s this new place down in the beach… it’s a hotel of some sort.” Reese looked at her looking confused. “I mean, it’s a really popular place, where all the rich people, like us go…”

“And… so?” Asked Sarah.

“HEY that’s a great idea! Right, Sarah?” Suddenly Julie understood Nat’s thoughts. Sarah looked at them both or a while. “OH! Yeah! That’s a great idea, right Reese?”

She hesitated for a moment, the girls were a little too worked up from this, but… “Yeah, sure. Why not?” “Great! I’ll call the hotel and I’ll let you guys know when we’ll be going.”

She got up from the table and rushed out of the bar. “Weird, how’d she come up with somethin like that?” Wondered Reese, while Julie and Sarah smiled, looking satisfied.

The same night, Sarah and Julie were in a nightclub, continuing the drinking that had started earlier in the bar. “What do you think Nat’s up to?” Asked Sarah. “She’s probably just going to hook Reese up with someone, or worse…” Sarah looked at Julie, who took a glass in her hand. “You don’t think that Britney’s gonna be in the hotel do you?” Asked Sarah. “Of course not, she’s touring Europe now, she’s up to something different.”

“But what?” Wondered Sarah.

Sarah’s cell-phone rang, she dug it up from her purse. “It’s Nat, I suppose she’s ready to tell us what’s going on.” She answered the call.

“Yeah, I thought it was you… … OK, Friday 2 o’clock… … Hey wait a sec, you gonna tell us what’s going on?”

She closed her phone and put it back into her purse. “She said we’ll find out when we get there, tomorrow.” “Did she say anything else?” Asked Julie. “Just that she ordered us the weekend treatment, whatever that means…”

“What is this hotel?” Asked Julie. “I dunno, she just told me to come to the bar, and make sure you’re with me at two.” “Well, we’ll hope for the best.”

Friday, 2:00 PM. A limo picked the girls up from the bar, and they headed for the beach. “You never told us anything about this hotel, Nat…” Said Reese. “It’s a new place, it’s private, but with certain terms I got us the ‘Weekend Package’.”

“What IS the weekend package?” Asked Sarah. Nat looked at her a little frustrated. “It’s a special treatment for special visitors, you’ll see when we get there.” The limo shortly stopped in front of a tall building. The girls got out of the car and walked inside.

“This looks like a normal condo to me, what’s up with this?” Wondered Reese. “Like I said, it’s private. The actual ‘Hotel’ is in the nine highest floors.”

They took the elevator to the 46th floor where the lobby seemed to be. A man in a suit immediately took their bags and put them into a separate room. “You won’t be needing these, ladies. The residence provides their own clothes to you, now if you please…”

The man guided them into a big room with four beds, a huge closet and a nice view of the beach. “Where’s the bathroom?” Asked Julie. “The public bathrooms are found in every floor, you’ll find that you won’t be spending almost any of the awaking hours in here, the clothes are in the closet.” He walked outside and closed the door.

“Shit, no bathroom, huh?” Cursed Julie. “Oh there’s a bathroom alright, it’s just public. This isn’t a normal hotel.” Said Nat and started undressing. “Reese, open the closet, will you?” She opened the closet and it revealed nothing but bikinis and underwear. “Whoa, wait a sec… there’s no real clothes here, Nat…”

“Yeah, I know… you can’t wear anything but bikinis or underwear here, and only the hotel’s clothes are approven.” She threw her skirt and shirt on the bed and walked to the closet. “Only one thing to decide: swim or no swim…”

“Right, there’s gotta be a swimming pool around somewhere, right? Why would anyone walk in their underwear in here…” Said Sarah. Nat removed her bra and panties and Sarah quickly turned away. Nat noticed it and giggled. “Oh, come on! You listen to our stuff that we talk with Reese and you’ve kissed a girl, multiple times, and you can’t see me naked?”

“Well, I thought that… well it’s something to you, but not for me. so I thought that you’d mind or…”

“Well, sounds like it DOES mean something to you too, Sarah.” Said Julie and started undressing, along with Reese.

“… No it doesn’t!” She turned around and undressed herself.

After a while, all the girl were in bikinis, and outside in the hall, looking for the pool. And they did find it, only there was something weird about it. There were no men, just young women, getting a tan with the lotion making their skin shine.

“Oh my god… is this for real?” Said Julie.

Sarah tried not to look at all the girls, some of them spreading the lotion onto eachothers bodies. Nat looked at Reese, who’s eyes were glowing of all the girls, it looked like her plan worked.

“Come on Reese, let’s go get some lotion.” She said as she grabbed Reese’s hand and headed for the counter beside the pool. Sarah and Julie found for seats a little further from the pool.

“So, feeling anything yet?” Asked Julie trying to cheer Sarah up.

“NO! This is like a normal beach, just without any guys around… it’s a girls night out.” She tried to gather herself, but was a little nervous about all the girls around.

“If you’re wondering about the men, they are available.” Said Nat as she sat down with Reese, next to Julie and Sarah. “What do you mean by ‘available’?” Asked Sarah.

“You know, if you need one, it’s on the house.” Smiled Nat.

“But I don’t think we’ll be needing on tonight, right, Sarah?” Julie hinted.

Sarah got up and fixed her bikini. “I’m gonna go for a swim.” She snapped and walked toward the pool. Julie looked after her, but didn’t go after her.

“She’s still resisting it, don’t worry. She’ll get the hang of it, 5 minutes with those girls in the pool, she’ll be hot lava.” Said Nat and opened the bottle of lotion. “Reese? Would you do the honors?”

Reese got up and set herself on her knees next to Nat, starting to spread the lotion. Julie glanced at the pool where Sarah was floating, she didn’t quite notice that the other girls were looking at her very closely. She couldn’t just sit there, looking at Reese who was rubbing Natalie who was almost more wet than Sarah in the pool, so why just sit there?

“Hey, where’s Julie going?” Wondered Reese. “To hit on Sarah, don’t stop…” Natalie chuckled.

“Shouldn’t we leave her alone for a while? I’m gonna get Julie back here…” She said and tried to get up, but Nat stopped her by grabbing her hands and setting them on her breasts. Both girls sighed softly. “Come on, Reese. Don’t you wanna oil me up?” She smiled as she made Reese’s hands rub her tits. Reese smiled and Nat let go of her hands.

Meanwhile at the pool…

“Finally they left me alone… strangely I think someone’s still on my back…” She thought and looked around, and all the girls turned their heads away.

“Oh, shit…” She was about to get out but someone grabbed her arms, keeping her in the pool. “What the hell… Julie?”

“You can’t be leaving now, can you?” Julie said and pulled Sarah against her body. “Let go, please…” Sarah moaned. “You really don’t want me to, do you?” Asked Julie as she slid her hand down to Sarah’s crotch.

“… You feel like you don’t want to go, why are you kidding me?” Asked Julie and turned Sarah around. Sarah pushed her knee against Julie’s crotch, pushing her against the side of the pool. “It does mean something to me, Julie… it’s just…”

She pushed her knee deeper between Julie’s legs, making her moan. “I already have three lovers, even that isn’t satisfying me… it seems like…” She lowered her head between Julie’s breasts and kissed the other one.

“The more I get it, the more hornier I get… you know what I mean?”

Julie was speechless, not only because the girl she had thought was almost terrified of lesbians had just pushed her knee right against her clit, but it was feeling really good. “What’s wrong, Julie? Is the knee bothering you?” Asked Sarah sarcastically. Julie shook her head, and relaxed. “You know, playing with a professional can be dangerous…” She said as she took a firm hold Sarah. “Getting rough on me are ya? I can be pretty rough…” Grunted Sarah as Julie’s hand got a hold of her ass.

“Let’s just see who’s more rough, right here…” Julie was throwing a challenge, just to see how far and how good she was. “OK, let’s stop talking.” Smiled Sarah as she shoved her finger into Julie’s cunt. Julie was a bit petrified, but only for a second, she replied by ripping Sarah’s bikini-top off and started to suck her tits. Sarah wasn’t a bit shocked, she pulled Julie’s top off to, along with the rest of their bikinis, leaving them naked in the pool, all the girls watching. Sarah was enjoying Julie’s sucking so much that she forgot about their competition. Julie watched her face as she was moaning with her eyes closed. She knew it was her chance to release Sarah’s fear, so she stopped sucking her tits and went underwater. Sarah glanced down as Julie pushed her face against Sarah’s shaved pussy. Sarah cramped immediately and went completely berserk, moving her hands all over her body. She came right into Julie’s mouth, who was sticking her tongue inside her. As she came up to get some air, Sarah pulled her face to her and kissed her passionately, tasting her cum and pushing her body against Julie’s. As the kiss ended, Sarah took a deep breath and went under. In a split-second, Julie was breathing heavily, squeezing her breasts in front of all the girls, who watched them enthusiastically. As Sarah came up to get air, she moved her tongue up from Julie’s crotch, along her stomach, to her breasts.

As Sarah reached the surface, Julie lifted her up, with two fingers in Sarah’s pussy, one hand holding onto her ass. Sarah grunted and pushed her breast into Julie’s mouth. But she didn’t want to stop there, she reached down and stuck a finger up Julie’s ass. That was a shock to Julie, but she wasn’t going to go back with the competition. She replied by sticking two fingers into Sarah’s ass. Now both were on the verge of orgasm, Sarah set herself down and stuck her other fingers into Julie’s cunt. At that moment, they both came onto eachothers fingers, dripping their juices into the pool. They were so out of breath that they both collapsed next to eachother against the side of the pool.

“Which… one… won?” Panted Sarah.

“I honestly don’t know…” Sighed Julie as she grabbed her bikini from the water. “Where are mine?” Wondered Sarah. Her bikini was hanging in front of her face, it was hanging from Natalie’s hand. Sarah glanced at her and quickly grabbed the bikini and put it on.

“Who won?” Asked Reese.

After a few hours, they were changing in their room, the ‘butler’ of the hotel had told them that when going to dinner, it was custom to wear underwear, not the bikini… weird.

“What colour, red, black or white?” Wondered Reese. Sarah walked to the closet. “The white would be a little too conspicuous… the black might work, but the RED!” She grabbed the red lace underwear from the closet. “I have exactly the same ones at home, I’ll wear these.”

“Hmm… all the black ones are g-strings… I’m, probably going…” Reese thought, but Nat interrupted her thoughts. “Gimme!” She grabbed the black ones. “White or red?” Reese asked. Julie looked at the wardrobe for a while, and took the red ones. Reese looked at the silk panties and bra, and grabbed them as she closed the closet.

At dinner, most of the girls were wearing red, only a couple were wearing black, and no whites, except Reese.

“Well… if there wasn’t anything else about this trip, the food was good, right?” Asked Nat. “I dunno, I’m feeling a little weird…” Said Reese, looking a bit pale. “You OK?” Sarah tried her forehead. “No, I’m fine… just feeling a bit like everyone’s looking at me…”

“I’ll take you to the room, you guys finish dinner.” Said Nat and got up with Reese. “You sure you guys are OK with this?” Asked Julie.

“Uh-huh!” Shouted Nat.

Sarah shook her head, looking happy. “I think they don’t need a third or a fourth feel in there, they can handle themselves…” Said Julie as she finished her drink. “Well, a third wheel ain’t bad, right?”

Julie looked at Sarah. “You didn’t!”

Nat opened the room door and as Reese and her walked in, she slammed it shut hard. Reese pushed Nat against the wall and kissed her. Nat slid her hand into Reese’s white panties. They walked to the bed, kissing and groaping eachother hornily. They fell on the bed, Reese on top, with their hands in their panties. They didn’t notice the door opening behind them, and a man stepped in and started to approch them. They were both in such moment of pleasure that they didn’t even notice when the man got on his knees on the bed and removed his pants. Finally, Reese felt something behind her and was about to turn around, but Nat stopped her and whispered into her ear. “Complements of the hotel.”

Reese hesitated for a second, but kept on going. The guy behind them put his cock between Reese and Nat, and removed their panties. He set his cock on Reese’s swollen lips, and slowly pushed it in, making her moan. He grabbed Reese’s hips and started to roughly pump the girl, who’s juices were dripping on Nat’s pussy. Nat smiled as Reese grunted of pleasure and she pulled her against her breasts, making her suck them. Reese was pushing her whole body against the guy, every time the cock sank into her, her whole body wobbled. Nat was pulling her head hard against her breasts, while rubbing Reese’s with her hand. The cock was sliding in with ease, Reese’s juices had made the job a lot easier, but Nat wanted to test the hotel’s hospitality too. She lifted Reese up and turned her around, her pussy in Nat’s mouth. The guy jerked his cock a few times and set himself above Nat, and quickly pushed to whole thing in. Nat enjoyed the whole package, sticking her tongue in Reese’s pussy and rubbing her ass at the same time. The cock was as deep as it could get without hurting her, she started to be on the verge of her orgasm, As Reese let out a silent moan, Nat’s mouth was filled with Reese’s cum. The cum flowed from her mouth to her face, making it hard for her to breathe. But she didn’t care about that now, she started to shiver and her ass cramped as her juices escaped her pussy onto the bed. They both set themselves at other sides of the cock and started to kiss with the cock between their mouths. The guy moaned loudly as the girls frenchkissed with the cock between their mouths. This wasn’t exactly what every guy would stand, so they felt the cock tense up and they took the tip between their lips and sucked it both ways. The hot sperm started to flow on their lips and dribbling on their faces. After the guy had enough, he got up, put his clothes on and left. The girls stayed in the room, licking the sperm off their satisfied looking faces.

After the weekend was over, they were in the limo, heading back downtown.

“Everyone satisfied with the treatment they received for the weekend?” Asked Nat. Everyone just nodded. “I take that as a yes.”

“I noticed something weird, why weren’t there any guys, just women?” Asked Reese. “Well… you know those guys who are unfaithful to their women, and they think the women don’t know about it?” Said Nat.


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