Ballerinas Of Darkness: Dead Or Alive – Chapter 11

Dead Or Alive by Dark Genesis (

Two weeks after the death of one of the first people in the ‘Organization’, Kirsten Dunst and Natalie Portman decided to take a bit longer vacation in some island in the Bahamas. A private travel agency was taking care of the arrangements, so many people who didn’t want to attract any attention used this one to escape from normal life. And some people tried to escape a life of danger and death to a more normal life, sometimes these things happen…

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Asked Kirsten, turning her head to Natalie who was looking out of the window of
the plane. “Yeah… I’m okay, really! You shouldn’t keep thinking about it.” Said Nat, laying her hand on Kirsten’s.

“I know that she was one of the first ones, you don’t need to play tough.”

Natalie looked at Kirsten and smiled, the plane was just arriving at the airport. The reason they had taken the plane was that the boat was completely full. A small private plane was taking them and a few others to the island. The island itself was relatively small, with only a hotel in the middle of it and the beach of course. After reaching the island, Kirsten and Natalie discovered that it WAS a smaller island than they had expected. There were no transportation around it, all moving was by foot, with the luggage they had. Luckily they hadn’t much stuff with them, 2 bags of clothes and some other miscellaneous stuff, it was a job enough to drag them to the hotel…

“We should’ve taken a car with us, this hill is killing me…” Moaned Kirsten, dragging her bag up the hill along with Nat who didn’t have any trouble carrying her bag. “Do you need help with that?” She asked, swinging her bag from her right hand to her left. “No, I got it… it’s me who should be carrying your bag here…”

“Come on, stop that. Can we not talk about that here? I want to relax with you for a few weeks.” Said Nat, looking at the hotel that was unveiling behind the trees. “Even though I’m the backup plan?”

Nat stopped and sighed. She dropped her bag and turned to Kirsten who was looking at her through the sunglasses on her head. Nat walked up against her, lifted Kirsten’s sunglasses up to her forehead and kissed her gently on the lips. When the kiss broke she looked deep into Kirsten’s eyes. “You’re not a backup plan, never think like that.” She gave her a long warm hug and picked up their bags. “I’m carrying this, no discussion.”

Kirsten gave her sweet smile and they continued their walk up to the hotel. But still, Kirsten knew that Natalie would rather be there with someone else. They walked up to the hotel and got their room. The hotel was obviously packed, there were enough rooms in the hotel, but they seemed to be fighting over who gets their keys first. Kirsten and Nat were one of the last ones there, but they were also the first ones who got up to their room. Even though Natalie was pretty sure that there wasn’t any reason to have her followed around, she still felt like someone was in the hotel with them.

“So, sunbathing or swimming?” Asked Nat, looking at herself from the mirror. “I dunno… definitely sunbathing. I don’t want to get eaten on my vacation.” Laughed Kirsten, putting her bikini on. “You won’t get eaten, the beaches are very well protected from things like that.”

Natalie sat down on the bed, looking for her bikini from her bag. Kirsten glanced at her, thinking of asking something that Nat might want to forget. “I can hear your brain wanting to say something, Kiki. What is it?” Asked Nat, still looking through her bag. “I don’t know…” Responded Kirsten with some nervousness in her voice. “Come on, you can ask me anything.” Kirsten walked to Nat and sat next to her.

“Have you ever… died?”

Natalie turned her head toward Kirsten, looking sad. “… No, but I’ve seen many who have… they don’t seem much different from what they used to be… why?”

Kirsten got up and walked to the balcony. “If I die… will I come back?” Nat sighed and walked next to her. “If we decide that we need you… so yeah.” Kirsten smiled glancing down. “Thanks…” The sky was cloudless and the sun was at it’s highest. “Let’s go, we need a tan to get into the nightlife.”

Walking down to the beach in their bikinis, the rest of the people in the hotel followed, filling the beach with men and women getting their skin burned. Some were swimming, but the majority enjoyed the sun more than the water.

“How long have we been here?”

“About an hour… I think we’d pass for Harlem by now…”

“How about if we just turn around?”

“… Good thinking…”

They turned around to get some sun on their backs, laying there about 20 minutes before Kirsten broke the silence. “Nat… do you wanna have kids?” Asked Kirsten, looking at the children playing on the beach. Natalie went quiet, not saying a word. Kirsten looked at her, trying to get some reaction out of her. “… There’s something I haven’t told you about that trip in Scotland…” Said Natalie, turning her head toward Kirsten, who looked serious. “Those kids that were found in the catacombs…”

Suddenly thunder struck and some black clouds rushed into the sky from the horizon. All the people from the beach ran back to the hotel, it was a pouring rain. Everyone went back to their rooms to wait for the restaurant in the hotel to open. Natalie and Kirsten were laying in the bed next to each other, hand in hand, looking at the ceiling. The balcony door was open so the room was a bit cool and the sound of the rain filled it with with noises. “Did you know that our ceiling has 6 cracks in it?” Asked Kirsten looking at the fracture’s in the ceiling. “… I think there’s 7, you missed that crack in the corner.” “… Oh…”

Kirsten turned around and moved on top of Nat. “I think I missed one more…” She started dragging herself down against Nat’s body. “Hey, I thought we were gonna get something to eat?” Smiled Nat. “I am, see?” She pulled Nat’s bikini off, letting her remove the top herself. Smiling and biting her lower lip gently, Nat moved her hands down to Kirsten’s head, softly pulling it against her cunt. Kirsten’s lips were sofly kissing Nat’s slit, every kiss made her shiver of pleasure and excitement, caressing her hair, Nat started panting softly. As her enthusiasm grew more eager to taste Kirsten, her cunt was getting wetter and hotter, this made Kirsten start to use her tongue, slowly licking Natalie’s clit. Her brown pubic hair was moist of the sexual satisfaction Kirsten was giving her, Nat’s head was rolling around the pillow without her even noticing it, Kirsten looked up at her while her tongue was licking the swollen knob on Nat’s cunt. Natalie pulled Kirsten up to kiss her, their tongues pressing against each other and rolling around in their mouths. After giving Natalie’s face one more horny lick, she turned around setting her crotch right above Natalie’s mouth. Sliding Kirsten’s bikini off, and revealing her wet blond pubic hair from under the red bikini. Setting her hands on Kirsten’s hips, slowly pulling her pussy closer to her mouth, Natalie herself was in ecstacy, trying to control herself from going berserk. When Natalie’s lips reached Kirsten’s pussy, Kirsten let out a loud gasp, gently biting Nat’s clit, causing her to erupt on Kiki’s face. “God, you taste so good…” Panted Kirsten while drinking the juices off Nat’s cunt. Natalie stuck her middle finger deep inside Kirsten’s cunt, while nibbling her clit with her lips. Nat’s hard nipples were pressing against Kiki’s stomach, while Kirsten’s big tits were rubbing Nat’s belly. She reached down with her other hand to squeeze them softly, they felt so soft and warm, making Nat’s hand rub them with delight to both girls. Kirsten’s panting became violent and high-pitched, she started moving that beautiful ass with tan lines around, fucking Nat’s finger with her cunt hornily. She cried out as her orgasm wetted Natalie’s face and hand.

Kirsten collapsed on Natalie’s body, both not moving or saying anything for a long time. Only after the rain stopped, Kirsten got up from the bed and walked to the window. “Stopped raining… should we go downstairs?”

“Yeah, the restaurant should be open now anyways.”

After getting dressed, they headed down to the restaurant, which was full of people, only one table was left and they took it. After ordering Kirsten remembered their previous conversation. “Well, do you?”

“What?” Asked Natalie, taking a sip from her glass of wine. “Kids. Want any?” Natalie looked at Kirsten who obviously didn’t remember the incident she had had. “Yeah, sure…” She responded, to keep the conversation going toward the end of it. “Did you want to say something about that trip to Scotland?”

“Forget it, nothing important…”

“Well there has to be something important, since they both grew so rapidly… besides I don’t remember a whole lot after I got lost in the cave, I was hoping you could tell me what happened.”

“We found you in one of the caverns, we also found the children and the rest of you guys wandering about, nothing else, really…”

“Oh…” Kirsten went quiet along with Natalie, who emptied the glass and poured it full again. “The reason I asked was… I haven’t really felt normal after that all happened… it’s like something happened to me in there…”

“Don’t worry about it, you’re still alive aren’t you?”

“… Yeah… alive…”

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