Ballerinas Of Darkness: Dunst-Portman, Just An Another Saturday – Chapter 2

Dunst-Portman, Just An Another Saturday

by Dark Genesis (

One night after the Oscar-gala, in LA’s best club for celebs and rich people, Kirsten Dunst and Natalie Portman were on the counter of the bar ordering drinks.

”Again, nothing… I’m never getting that award…” Complained Natalie. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it, it’s not really that a big deal anyway.”

Kirsten looked through her purse but didn’t find what she was looking for. “Great, I’ve forgotten my pills again… I guess it’ll be a slow night then?” Nat glanced at Kiki and took a sip from her glass. “Don’t worry,
I’m not hitting anyone right now…”

They sat calmly for a while, but Nat noticed something…

“Don’t look now, but that guy is checking you out.” Kiki almost turned around but she didn’t. “Really? What guy?” Nat looked a little closer. “Dark hair, black jacket… a total bomb.”

The man kept looking at Kirsten very closely, finally focusing his eyes on the girl’s ass. Nat giggled a bit and Kiki looked around her shoulder. The guy kept looking at the gorgeous piece of ass, even after noticing her stare. The girls were already a bit drunk and pretty much sure that they could do anything, so…

“Wanna play?” Asked Kirsten, and Nat smiled as confirmation. The girls glanced at the guy who was observing them closely, and started to caress each others hair. Nat pulled Kirsten to her violently and moved her hands slowly down from her top to her white pants. Kirsten and Nat gave the guy a long sexy stare and started to move their lips closer and closer… until they met in a hot and gentle kiss. Nat let out a silent moan that only the ones who were actually listening could hear. The guy pulled himself into an even darker corner, where only the girls could see him.

“What’s he doing?” Whispered Kirsten, who had her back towards the guy. “Oh my god, I think he’s gonna do it right here!” Giggled Nat. That got Kiki even more enthusiastic about the game. “Come on, let’s go over here…” Kirsten pulled Nat with her near the corner the guy was, where there was no one around.

“If we get caught it’s gonna be all over the press…” Reminded Natalie. “We won’t get caught, we’ll just play with the guy.” They set themselves Nat against the wall and Kirsten in front of her, slowly pushing her knee into Nat’s crotch. Nat lowered her hands inside Kirsten’s pants, rubbing her buttocks gently, while french-kissing with her and making the guy very excited. Kissing Nat, Kirsten noticed that the guy in the corner was jerking off, and panting silently. “Oh my god, he’s actually doing it…” Whispered Kirsten. “Where do we… draw the line?” Asked Nat from the girl that started to get sweaty. “We’ll see… let’s keep going…” Nat nodded and started to moan. Suddenly Nat felt Kirsten’s knee a little deeper than it was comfortable in. “Kiki, your knee is rubbing my…” Kirsten stopped and stared at girl. “… Sorry, Nat.” “… It’s OK…” They kept going as the jerking noise in the corner was getting faster and faster. The girls kissed passionately rubbing their bodies against each other. They both started to get sweaty, and the gasping and moaning was getting real. Then Nat crossed a line and lifted Kirsten’s top, revealing the girl’s plump and supple breasts. Kirsten was a little shocked at first, but gave the all clear with a smile. Nat started to lick Kirsten’s right breast, while gently squeezing the other. The salty taste of Kiki’s sweat made her feel something. Kirsten was getting wet, first time in her life she was turned on by a woman. Kirsten decided to cross the final frontier, regardless of the cost. She moved her hands on Nat’s butt, and took a firm hold of her jeans. She gently moved her hand to Nat’s zipper, opening the button and unzipping Nat. She didn’t even notice, she was too concentrated on sucking on Kiki’s breasts and moving her hands all over her. She started to pull Nat’s jeans down, and got into halfway when Nat stopped her.

“Kiki! I… I don’t have underwear on…” She whispered sounding a little agitated.

Kirsten looked at her for a moment, and kissed her wildly, Nat replied to her kiss, and was ready to go all the way. At that moment, Kirsten ripped Nat’s jeans all the way down, revealing everything to her and the guy in the corner. Kirsten stuck one finger into Nat and she bit her lower lip. Kirsten grabbed Nat’s left breast and lifted her up against the wall. She pushed the finger into the girl as fas as she could and wiggled it inside, making Nat squirm. Kiki sucked her breasts through her top and pushed her against the wall even harder. Nat was about to cum, tears were flowing from her eyes, while Kirsten violently fingered her pussy.

“Oh, Kiki! I’m gonna…”

At that moment they saw flashlights pointing into the corner, and they got their clothes on.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom…” Said Kirsten, relieved of the fact that no one saw them. “I’ll join you in a minute…” Gasped Nat and collapsed on the nearby chair. Kiki looked into the corner, but the guy was gone.

The bathroom was empty, Kirsten walked in front of the mirror, fixing her makeup that had went all messed up in the sweating. Any minute Nat would walk in through that door, making her finish what she started. As the door opened and closed, she let out a sigh. Suddenly a hand touched her breast… but it wasn’t Nat’s. She was looking at the guy that had watched them, she didn’t have a chance to scream because the man quickly covered her mouth with his other hand.

“You wanna play a game? I’ll show you mine…”

The guy let go of Kirsten’s breast and pulled a knife from his pocket. The girl tried to pull herself loose from the guy, with bad results. The guy cut Kirsten’s top in half and threw the rag on the floor. He smacked her against the wall and mutilated her pants, letting her gray panties shine from the slits. The guy ripped the rest of them apart and pushed himself against her as close as he could get. The door opened again and Natalie walked in. She walked calmly to them and looked at Kirsten.

“You don’t need to gag her…”

The guy immediately pulled his hand away from the girl’s mouth. “Nat, call the police, this guy’s…” Nat put her finger on Kirsten’s lips and she stopped talking. She kissed Kirsten like she had done in the beginning of their game. When she pulled herself away, Kirsten looked confused.

“… Wanna play?”

The guy pulled Kirsten off the wall and Nat slid her jeans down and sat on the sink. She pulled Kirsten’s head between her legs and started to pull her head against her pussy. The guy behind Kirsten pulled her panties down, revealing the ass he had watched. Kirsten’s pussy was still wet from the things they had done outside, and the guy pushed his cock inside the girl’s cunt. Kirsten let out a scream from between Nat’s legs. “Scream all you want, baby… no one can hear you…” Whispered Nat as she kept pulling Kirsten’s head against her. Nat’s moaning and the cock that was constantly making her squirm of pleasure made her hornier by the second, she decided to give in. She slowly started to lick Nat’s clit and rubbing her thighs. Nat grinned and started to moan even harder. The guy was slapping his body against Kirsten’s ass, making it bounce and making a splashing noise from the sweat on her buttocks. Her juices were dripping on the floor as the guy pounded his cock deep inside the girl. Kirsten’s nearing orgasm made her suck Nat even harder, the girl wasn’t prepared for that. Nat’s body started to shiver and her grasp on Kirsten’s hair was getting tighter. She started to wriggle violently and shouting from the pleasure she felt, made Kirsten taste her juices. Even after the flood that Kirsten had swallowed, she kept eating Nat out, in hope that she herself would come soon. ”Kiki… thank you…” Gasped Nat, while caressing her hair in a relaxed moment. The guy who was pounding Kirsten was gasping very loudly, sounding like he was about to explode. Nat dropped down on the floor and kissed Kirsten, sucking her own juices out of her mouth. ”I’m gonna cum…” Moaned the guy. Nat glanced at Kirsten and remembered something. ”She forgot her pills…” The guy smiled. ”Not a problem…”

The guy pulled away and Nat whispered into Kirsten’s ear. ”My turn to play…” She moved down to Kirsten’s cunt and started to lick her clit. Kirsten’s gasping was intense, and suddenly she let out a scream as the guy stuck his cock deep inside her ass. Nat’s licking calmed her down enough to stop her screaming, but the moaning and wriggling continued. Finally she came. With all the tension bursting out of her cunt right onto Nat’s face. She stuck her tongue deep inside Kirsten’s pussy, so that she’d get every single drop out of her. The cock inside Kirsten’s butt was about to explode. Kirsten clenched up her butt and trapped the cock inside. The guy was shouting of pure pleasure, the pounding stopped and the guy forced his cock outside, shooting his load of hot sperm on Kirsten’s asshole. Nat hornily licked it all off and swallowed it with one gulp.

They all backed away and put their clothes on.

”Hey, you guys owe me a top and pants.”

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