Ballerinas Of Darkness: Little Red Riding Hood – Chapter 6

Little Red Riding Hood by Dark Genesis (

As Michelle Trachtenberg got a break from her duties as an actress, her other duties weren’t that closed out. She had been meeting up with her co-star, Sarah Michelle Gellar for a long time. These meetings were more than just talking and shopping, this was more like an affair than a friendship. But there was one more thing that was connecting the two, although Michelle didn’t know about it, Sarah was completely aware of the fact that they both had the same lover. One day, Michelle and Sarah were having a drink in a local café.

“Anyways, that’s about
it… nothing much happening.” Michelle explained. “Same here, but no work, all play make Sarah very happy girl.”

Michelle agreed and finished her drink. “So… are you coming around tomorrow?” Sarah asked suggestively. “I don’t know… maybe… well yeah.” Smiled Michelle. “Is noon OK? My boyfriend’s out of town again.” Sarah said as she rubbed Michelle’s leg with her’s. “Yeah… noon’s good…” At that second, thunder roared and it started to rain. Everyone rushed inside the café to flee the rough drop’s of water. “You don’t happen to have an umbrella do you?” Michelle asked Sarah, who replied very simply. “No…”

They quickly ordered a cab in front of the café, unfortunately they weren’t fast enough to completely avoid the water. As they jumped into the cab, and headed toward Michelle’s apartment, they were soaking wet. Their tops almost completely transparent, especially bad for Sarah, who had no bra on. Her nipples were shining right through the light blue top. The driver kept on glancing at the girl as he drove around, trying to make to trip longer.

“The driver’s checking my breasts…” Sarah whispered into Michelle’s ear. She looked at them, and almost bursted out in laughter. “Holy shit! You should’ve worn…”

“A bra, I know…”

As they ran into a traffic jam, the water looked like it wanted to flood the whole city. Sarah was getting tired of the driver checking her out, and tried to figure out a way to cover her chest, without grabbing them with her hands. “‘You have anything to cover me up?” She whispered to Michelle who was watching her at least with the same enthusiasm as the driver. “… Yeah, I have something to cover it up with…” Replied Michelle. “Thank god…” Sarah thought. She was a bit surprised as Michelle lifted her top off and softly kissed her nipple. Sarah tried to push her away and pulled her top down. “Michelle, the driver…” She whispered in a very small voice. “That’s not a problem…”

“Hey driver-guy!” She said in a loud voice. The driver quickly locked his eyes to the girl he was looking from the mirror. “Do you have a problem with girls making out in the backseat?” The driver shook his head nervously. Michelle smiled and removed Sarah’s top completely. “See? No problem…”

As she continued to suck Sarah’s breasts, Sarah started to get the hang of it, and she ripped Michelle’s top right off, along with her bra. She started to rub them and Michelle started to lower her face, unzipping Sarah’s jeans and discovering no underwear. She moved her tongue slowly along the soft and smooth skin, toward the crack… As Sarah felt Michelle reaching her clit, she grabbed Michelle’s breasts hard, making her squeal. Sarah quickly pulled her jeans down completely, making it easier for Michelle to work her tongue inside her. Sarah wanted to make Michelle feel at least as good as she was, so she ripped her pants down violently, doing the same to her red panties. She stuck her finger into the wet girl, her small horny cunt sucking her finger, like she was sucking Sarah’s clit. As Sarah started to approach her orgasm, Michelle was sliding one of her fingers to Sarah’s ass. “You like that don’t you? You like that?”

“Yes… oh god, yes!” Sarah panted as her hand slapped Michelle’s ass while fingering her. Her fingering got so intense that Michelle’s red cunt was gonna get it before Sarah’s. Michelle started to move her finger in Sarah’s ass faster and faster, at the same time picking up her pace in licking her clit. Sarah was there, her juices were flowing into Michelle’s mouth, filling it and some of it dripping on the floor of the cab. Michelle let out a yell as Sarah’s finger made her cum, most of the cum flowing down on the seat.

As they tried to catch their breath, the driver coughed a bit and they looked around. “Oh, how much is that?”

They had already reached Michelle’s apartment, she kissed Sarah goodbye and couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

As the night passed by and morning came, Michelle was already done with her clothes and her make-up. She had also shaved herself, since Sarah was shaving herself because of Michelle, she wanted to give something back. As she left her house, she decided to walk, instead of taking a cab. She was two hours early and didn’t want to risk anyone seeing her, that would create a media explosion size of Texas. She was walking through the more quiet parts of LA, both Sarah and Michelle lived in the parts that didn’t have much traffic, something green and less paparazzis. Although these areas had some minuses, such as there wasn’t always someone on the street, so getting mugged was likely. Only muggers weren’t the problem, there were the occasional… bad apples.

Michelle was grabbed by her mouth and was pulled into the bushes in a park. As Michelle saw who it was she calmed down. “Dammit, Damon! You’re always grabbing me every time you see me!”

“Thanks, I try…” Said Damon. Michelle looked at him for a sec, and kissed him, making him fall on his back on the ground, with Michelle on top of her. “I’m heading over to a friend’s place… you shouldn’t jump on people like that.” She said as she removed her jacket. “Yeah?” Damon said as he moved his hands down to Michelle’s butt. “Right here?” Michelle asked with glowing eyes and lips. “Do you have anything else?” Asked Damon as he unzipped his jeans. “What if someone sees us?”

“Who gives a fuck?” He said as he pulled Michelle down to kiss her pink lips. Damon lifted up Michelle’s black mini-skirt, revealing her bare ass and cunt. He looked at Michelle and dug up his rockhard cock, setting it on Michelle’s shaved pussy. As he slowly pushed his cock into the burning hot cunt, Michelle removed her top along with her bra. “Where exactly were you going?” Damon asked as he pushed himself deep into the girl, and Michelle started to move up and down. “I told you… just a friend’s house…” She bit her lower lip and started to pinch her nipples. “Over a friend’s house, without any panties… I’m not buying…” She started to move her ass around, still moving up and down, slapping it against Damon’s balls. Her bald pussy, tickled by Damon’s pubic hair, she was only turned on by the feeling of uncomfortability. “You were heading over to Sarah’s place, right?” He said as he picked up his pace, making a squishing noise fucking Michelle’s wet pussy. “How’d you know…” She groaned as she bent her body back, her hard nipples reaching toward the sky.

“Because I fucked her…” Michelle suddenly tried to get up, but Damon grabbed her hips, making it impossible for her to get up. “For months now, but most recently in your apartment, right after we fucked for the first time…” Michelle looked shocked, but even more turned on. She leaned over, with her hands against the ground, her angry eyes staring at Damon’s eyes. “How’d you do it?” She said as she started to violently move her ass back and forth. “Right… in the shower… just like us… up her pussy… up her ass…” Michelle’s breathing got even more tense, as her orgasm was closing in, as Damon moved his hands on her ass, that seemed to be trying to rip Damon’s cock off. Michelle started to groan violently, Damon grinning as Michelle’s juices were flowing on his cock. He pulled Michelle up and turned her around. Michelle reached down and set Damon’s cock between her buttocks. Damon quickly pulled her against him, as far as his cock sank into the girl’s rectum. She didn’t even grin as the cock slid in and out of her, as she had already felt it before, and her juices were covering the thing, making it slide in easily. Damon felt Michelle’s tight little ass starting to cramp up, making him fuck it even harder, the walls of her rectum squeezing against his cock, trying to make it shoot it’s load inside her.

Michelle started moving her ass gently back and forth, with Damon lifting her up and down making them both feel like they were both cumming right there. Damon was feeling his sperm gathering up, almost ready to fill the girl, but Michelle didn’t want it yet. She got up and sat on Damon’s stomach, starting to jerk his cock. It controlled Damon’s cock enough to stop it from cumming, but Michelle roughly sat on his cock again, putting it almost into the same situation. She started slapping her ass against Damon, making him moan and grin, as Michelle started to cum, Damon took a hold of her ass and pumped it with all he had, shouting like a maniac as the hot sperm filled Michelle’s small ass.

As she got up, the sperm escaped her ass, flowing down her legs as she fixed her skirt, and put her bra and top on. “You never told me, were you going there to fuck her?” Asked Damon as he zipped up his jeans. Michelle stopped and turned around. “Yeah, and I’m still going to…”

She walked away, leaving Damon on the ground. As she walked to Sarah’s apartment, she thought about what Damon said. Actually she wasn’t a bit surprised that Sarah had multiple lovers, she seemed to always be hornier than a whole bar of men. Whether it was time, or quality, she needed more than two, her boyfriend and Michelle, and now Damon… When she reached the door, she looked at her watch. She was about an hour early, luckily that session with Damon hadn’t worn her out completely, she still had something to go with. She thought before ringing the doorbell, maybe she had even more lovers? Maybe there was one inside right now? Or maybe two? She just opened the door and walked in. She heard Sarah moaning upstairs, she sounded like she was about to cum. Michelle walked upstairs, trying not to make much noise. As she peeked through the crack of the bedroom door, she saw Sarah, lying on the bed with a vibrator deep inside her. Michelle was kind of relieved, Sarah didn’t probably have any more lovers, if she was lying alone on her bed, masturbating. She opened the door and walked to her, removing her clothes, finally standing in front of her, completely nakes, wathing as the vibrator made her cum three times. As Sarah opened her eyes, she saw Michelle in front of her, fingering herself. “You’re early…” She panted, removing the vibrator from her pussy. Michelle smiled and climbed on top of her, still moving up, setting her ass on Sarah’s mouth, she starting to lick it. She recognized the taste and Michelle backed away to kiss her. As the kiss ended, Sarah looked at her, looking puzzled. “He told you?”

“To put it mildly… yeah, he told me.” Michelle said as she moved her hand down to Sarah’s pussy. “Are you mad?” She asked as Michelle started to finger her. “No… I just think you should have told me…” Sarah reached down and started to rub Michelle’s bare pussy. “If you want to know everything about my lovers, you need to come with me to a certain place.”

“What place?” Michelle asked as she lowered down and grabbed one of Sarah’s dildos. “It’s a big place, near the ocean… on a… cliff…” She moaned as Michelle stuck the dildo farther into her pussy. She started to groan as the huge thing went inside her, with Michelle starting to lick her clit at the same time. Sarah turned on her stomach and handed the strap-on dildo to Michelle. As she put it on, she pulled out the dildo in Sarah’s pussy and pushed the strap-on in there to moist it a bit. As she se it between Sarah’s round and sweaty buttocks, she felt the small knob rubbing her clit, the more roughly she’d fuck her, the more they both would come. With one swift push the dildo was in Sarah’s butt. Sarah moaning like she had a huge cock up her ass, Michelle starting to pump her butt, slapping against her ass. At times she would push it as deep as she could, and rub her hairless pussy against Sarah’s sweaty ass. Sarah enjoyed that so mcuh, that she came on the bed when the dildo pushed against her insides, and Michelle rubbing herself against her. As Michelle started to pant hard, she grabbed Sarah’s ass, starting to pump as hard as she could. Sarah locking her there with her legs, with the dildo probing in her ass, and Michelle groaning as her juices escaped her burning hot pussy.

She fell on Sarah with the dildo in her ass, and their sweat and cum mixing on the bed.


“Soon… I’ll take you there soon…”

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