Ballerinas Of Darkness: Not So Innocent Are You, Miss Trachtenberg – Chapter 1?

Not So Innocent Are You, Miss Trachtenberg? (f/M,anal,oral)

By Dark Genesis (

Damon, 19-year old guy, currently unemployed and broke. Although he had
been broke since he got kicked out of school, he hadn’t paid for his food, clothes or the apartments he spent his nights in. Damon had a way with women, always got them to do crazy stuff for him, anything he wanted. He had a few famous girls on his list of old flames, including Claire Danes and Mandy Moore, not anything planned, something that just happened. Of course it was always good to fuck a celebrity;
usually a million-dollar-condo,
endless supply of booze, and plenty to eat. But now, there wasn’t a girl in sight. Damon sat on a chair in a coffee shop and looked around. Yup, it was full… of MEN. 9 o’clock, and still no place to sleep. He had screwed half of LA, but the other half was still there. It was raining like hell outside, and it seemed that
it wouldn’t stop for a while. He looked around and came to the result that he’d be sleeping on the street the next night. He ordered a coffee with his last money and started to think nice warm streets and alley’s to sleep in. In a flash, he noticed a girl in sunglasses looking around for a seat near the door.

“Hmm… Maybe 16? A little tall, though… I dunno, at that age they usually live with their parents…” Thought Damon, but kept looking.
The girl noticed a free seat in Damon’s table, and walked to him.

“Is this free, or you expecting someone?”

Damon shook his head and the girl sat down. She ordered a coffee and took off her sunglasses. At this point Damon’s mind became clear and focused, he needed to figure out a sure pickup-line to get into a warm bed tonight. He was looking at Michelle Trachtenberg, all wet from the rain and looking a little cold.

“… Man it’s wet out there.” Said Damon. That wasn’t exactly the best he had come up with, but he needed to take it easy with this one.

“Tell me about it, I’m all wet…” Sighed the girl.

That was a good sign, nothing like a good-old Freudian-slip to make it easy. Michelle thought about what she just said, but she didn’t correct herself. Oh yeah, a piece of cake…

“So… you live around here?” Asked Michelle as her coffee arrived.

“Yeah… around.” Replied Damon.

It was clear that Michelle was kinda wired, and not a bit tired, and that was a big plus for Damon. She dried her hair a bit and started on her coffee. Damon finished his and started to observe the girl a little closer. The girl noticed but kept drinking like she didn’t notice a thing.

“Did you know that you have the most beautiful hair?”

Michelle smiled, “Thanks… I guess that’s a standard line for a guy like you?” Damon smiled back at her, “One of them… did it work?”
“… I’ll let you know.” Said Michelle and finished her coffee. She got up from the table and glanced outside.

“… You wouldn’t happen to have an umbrella?”

Damon pulled his umbrella from under the table.

“… Could you walk me home?” Asked the girl innocently. “Sure…” Replied Damon and they left the coffee shop.

It was still raining and the wind was cold. Damon and Michelle were walking on the sidewalk toward Michelle’s place. At times, Damon pulled the umbrella away from Michelle, so that her jacket and her pants would
get a little wet. She didn’t seem to mind, but Damon knew that she wouldn’t give it up that easily.

Finally they arrived at Michelle’s apartment. They went right in, and Michelle didn’t say anything when Damon went in with her.

“Great… and it just happened to be laundry-day…” Moaned Michelle. “I thought that you guys had a ton of clothes…” Said Damon.

“We do, I just take them to the laundry once a month…”

Damon glanced at the girl. “You look just fine like that…” Actually her red panties were shining right through her thin white pants, no wonder she looked good. Michelle threw her jacket on the sofa. “I’m gonna go change, that is if I find something to wear…” Damon nodded and tried not to look at the wet shirt she was wearing, it had glued itself tightly on Michelle’s skin, and you could make out her bra. She walked into her bedroom as Damon had a look around. You could see that her parents didn’t live here, the place wasn’t that fancy, so she must normally live somewhere else. After waiting a while, Damon peeked through the crack of the door. She was nowhere to be found, so he walked into Michelle’s bedroom. He heard that she was in the shower,
her wet clothes were on the bed, and there was a small bunch of other clothes on the bed too. He looked through them and he came up with a plan. He set the panties of black lace and the bra on the top of the pile and walked out of the bedroom. When he heard her come out of the shower he shouted, “Hey, Michelle! Do you usually have your toys on the floor?”

At that moment, Michelle’s heart jumped up to her throat and she started to look for underwear. Damon knew that she must have a ‘toy’ of some sort. In a few seconds, Michelle came out of her bedroom wearing a bathrobe.

“What toys?” Asked Michelle a bit recovered from the shock.

Damon pointed at the furry object on the floor. Michelle let out a sigh of relief. “That? That’s just Mr. Ruffles…” She picked up the furry teddy-bear from the floor. As she kneeled down to pick it up,
Damon notices for his disappointment, that Michelle had put on white underwear… must’ve had them in a wardrobe or something… She got up and cuddled the brown bear. “He’s looking after the apartment when I’m not around… aren’t ya?” Conversed Michelle with the bear.

“… Cute…” Laughed Damon.

“Yeah… Isn’t he just adorable?” Said Michelle and placed the bear on the sofa.

“I didn’t mean the bear.”

Corrected Damon. The girl gave him a long look, but didn’t say anything.
“Umm… you want something to drink?” She said nervously and opened the cabinet. A nice store of liquor opened up. “You drink that stuff?” Asked Damon. “No… not really, it’s just in case…” Said Michelle and filled two glasses with brandy. She handed the other glass to Damon and took a taste. She grinned at the taste but swallowed it anyway. Damon drank it all up like a professional.

“I don’t get how you can drink it that fast…” Said Michelle. “If you don’t like the taste… swallow quickly.” Michelle grinned. “I’ll take it that you were talking about the brandy…” Damon acted innocent,
“Of course, what did you think I was talking about?” Michelle smiled,

“Hmm… cute…”

“Yeah, well… I try.” Smiled Damon.

“… I didn’t mean the acting…”

“Oh yeah! The bitch is mine!” Thought Damon.

Michelle sat on the couch and took Mr. Ruffles into her lap. Damon sat next to her as she finished her brandy, again she grinned. Damon was watching Michelle’s thigh that unveiled from the slit as she sat
down. Damon thought that it would be best to go slow anyway, despite the fact that the girl was seconds away from begging to get fucked, but at that minute, there seemed to be a small problem…

“You really shouldn’t be messing with my underwear like that…” Said Michelle.

“FUCK!!!” The only thought in Damon’s mind.

“It’s my private thing… my clothes…”


“If you like black so much… just ask me to wear it…”

“FU… huh?”

“I mean, it’s good that you aren’t one of those ‘I don’t care’ guys, but… I’d just like to wear white today… as you noticed…”

“Oh yeah! This is good… or is it?”

She turned to Damon and looked him right into his eyes. “I’ve been a good girl today… all good girls wear white, don’t they?” Damon looked at her and said, “Yeah… they do.” Michelle smiled and threw the bear
back on the floor. She pulled herself to Damon and kissed him softly. Damon replied to her kiss and ran his fingers through the girl’s hair. Michelle moved her tongue around in Damon’s mouth and Damon started to
move his hands lower towards her back. Michelle removed her bathrobe revealing her moist skin, which she didn’t have time to dry when rushing into the living room. Damon caressed Michelle’s pale and soft skin with his hands, moving even lower from her back. Still kissing each other, they ran their hands all over their bodies. Finally Damon reached Michelle’s white cotton panties, that had pink flowers on them. They were a bit wet, and Damon could feel the heat of Michelle’s crotch. Damon tried to slide his hand into her panties but Michelle
stopped him and guided his hands onto her butt. He squeezed it softly and Michelle let out a silent moan, as Damon moved to kiss her neck. He moved his tongue all over her neck and sucked it gently, while
squeezing Michelle’s butt. Michelle pressed her body against Damon’s and felt his cock struggling while trying to get out of Damon’s jeans. Michelle slowly opened his zipper and dug the big thing out of Damon’s boxers. Damon moved down to suck Michelle’s small breasts and removed her bra in the process. Michelle started to breathe heavily while starting to stroke Damon’s cock.

“Harder… do it harder…” She moaned as she got wetter by the moment.

Damon squeezed Michelle’s butt even harder through her panties, making it like a soft pillow. He bit Michelle’s nipple a bit making her squirm, but she enjoyed it all the way. She started to stroke Damon’s cock faster and faster making him moan loudly. “You like that? Do ya?” She pulled away from Damon and started to remove his pants. She pulled them down along with his boxers revealing all of Damon’s cock. Damon removed his shirt and tried to pull Michelle up to kiss her. But no, Michelle wanted to stay down, which was very good. She slowly started stroking the shaft up and down, moving her head closer and closer. Teasing Damon all the way, she smiled as she exhaled heavily onto his cock, making Damon almost come right there. Finally she touched
the tip of his cock with her wet lips, moving them slowly on the tip. Damon caressed the girl’s hair as he moaned at the pleasure of Michelle’s lips on his cock. In a flash Michelle stopped teasing and furiously took the whole thing into her mouth, all the way down. “Oh, GOD! Michelle!” He shouted. She sucked it as hard as she could
to make Damon shout for more. She wiggled her tongue around it in her mouth, never taking the red helmet out of there for even a second. Damon started to move her head up and down on his shaft, making her drool all over his thing. The moist and hot environment of Michelle’s mouth was too much for Damon and he tried to pull Michelle off his cock, but Michelle didn’t let go. She sucked even harder, pushing her head onto Damon’s crotch, with his cock deep in her throat. “Oh Lord! Michelle, stop! Stop now!” The girl gave it all she got and sucked
everything on Damon’s cock. “Now, Michelle! Now!” He shouted as he shot his load of hot sperm into the girl’s mouth, making her gag, but she swallowed it all, sucking the cock until all of Damon’s semen was in her belly. Damon tried to catch his breath along with Michelle, who was wiping the remains of sperm off her lips, that kind of load isn’t that easy to swallow.

“I’d say… that you’ve… you’ve done this before?” Asked Damon.

Michelle smiled while licking her lips. Damon watched as she got up and fixed her panties. “I’m gonna hit the shower…” Said Damon and tried to get up. “Hmm… good idea, I’m a little dirty…”

That was weird, usually after a chick swallows a load, the last thing on her mind is to see a cock. They walked into the bedroom and Damon walked into the bathroom. Michelle was about to remove her panties, but Damon pulled her into the bathroom with them on. Damon turned the hot water on and pushed the girl against the wall, with the water flowing down and completely covering her body. The warm water entered her panties making her breathe heavily against Damon’s lips that were approaching hers. Just as their lips pressed together, Damon’s cock poked the girl’s crotch, making Michelle startle a bit. Damon pushed himself deeper between Michelle’s legs, while she was kissing him passionately. Michelle reached down and guided Damon’s cock to her cunt through the crack in her panties. Damon slowly pushed himself deep into the girl, making her smile and gasp. The cock moved roughly inside the little girl, rubbing the hot and wet cunt all over. Michelle felt like she was being torn apart, but the feeling was too good to tell him to stop. Soon her juices started flowing down her thighs as Damon moved himself faster anf faster inside the girl. They both gasped heavily and Damon kept hitting the girl against the wall while pumping her wet slit with full force. Michelle’s panties made a loud splashing sound every time her butt hit the wall, Damon grinned and violently ripped the wet panties off the girl with ease. Michelle let out a scream but kept receiving every push from Damon that she could handle. The hot water ran through the girl’s body down to her crotch where it ended up to squirt against the wall. Damon started to pump the last pushes as Michelle noticed it and pushed him away. She turned around and leaned against the wall, she didn’t need to ask him twice. She let out a loud groan as Damon pushed his cuntjuiced cock into the girl’s ass. The splashing sound started again, Damon slapping himself on Michelle’s pale and small ass, making it hurt. Michelle felt the cock inside her now more than ever, Damon picked up his pace by second and the pain started to become unbearable. Michelle reached back and squeezed her butt as hard as she could to ease the pain, but it didn’t help. Finally Michelle felt Damon’s cock getting tense and she let out a sigh of relief as the hot sperm ran from her ass down to her cunt. They both gasped heavily for a while, and Damon turned the shower off and pulled away from Michelle’s butt.

“That… wasn’t exactly what I meant, but… it was awesome…” Gasped Michelle.

Damon collapsed on the floor and tried to catch his breath. Michelle laid next to him and put his hand on Damon’t cock.

“I think you wore it out…”

“Yeah, I thought so too…”

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