Ballerinas Of Darkness: Predicted Heir – Chapter 7

Predicted Heir by Dark Genesis (

On a rather interesting day in Scotland, interesting for the sunny weather, four cars pulled over to the yard of a mansion. As the ladies got out from their cars, their drivers immediately pulled out, leaving them standing in front of the huge mansion, standing strong on a cliff next to the ocean. As the butler opened the main door, each one walked inside, without saying a word. This was almost a tradition in the mansion of the Cravens. All six women were known from somewhere, mostly from movies or from TV.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, who arrived in the same
car with her co-star Michelle Trachtenberg, Jessica Alba, Claire Danes and Kirsten Dunst, escorted by Natalie Portman. As their jackets were taken by the butler, they proceeded down the hall, with Natalie leading them into the garden.

“You all made it? Wonderful!” Patrick acknowledged as he met them in the center of the garden.

He greeted everyone with a gentle kiss on the cheek and guided them deeper into the garden. It was completely inside a large glass dome, multiplying the effect of the sun. As they sat down on the chairs next to a swimming pool, the butler served them drinks.

“On behalf of my mother, I must apologize that she wasn’t able to be here today, she had some business in the Far East that she needed to take care of, unfortunately she also required the assistance of my younger sisters, leaving behind myself, Beth and Troy.”

“Well, I think we can manage the house, as we’ll be staying here for a while, right?” Nat asked the rest of the group, that nodded as an answer. “Good, now as the weather is being gracious to us, why don’t we go for a relaxing swim?”

As everyone except Nat were lead into their rooms, she stayed to discuss with Patrick.

“So? Anyone you like this time?” She asked as Patrick started to remove his clothes. “Well… looks pretty standard to me, Sarah brought Michelle, you brought Kirsten, but what’s bothering me is that I don’t remember inviting Jessica or Claire to join us…”

“Is that a problem? I thought that six heads are better than four…” Nat said as she started to remove her clothes too. “No… but next time inform me about any changes in the guest list, I don’t want what happened on thanksgiving recur…”

“We’ll deal with it, and don’t worry…” She said as she pushed herself against Patrick. “No more miss-goody-two-shoes in the group this time, they’re all under our influence…” She slid down licking Patrick’s body on her way down. “Nat, there are people coming to swim here…”

She pulled Patrick’s bathingsuit on him and looked like a big question mark. “What? I was putting on your bathingsuit!”

The sun just kept burning the dome, making it hotter than California in mid-summer. Even through the dome, the girls were all getting a nice tan.

“So, what do you think?” Sarah asked Michelle, who was laying by the pool. “It’s OK, you know, for a cold country…”

“It IS weird… last time I was here it was raining like there was no tomorrow… hell, I was like no tomorrow too…”

“Huh?” Michelle looked at her with a questioning look on her face. “Oops… nothing.”

The butler brought new drinks to Claire and Jessica. “Why do you think she invited us along?” Claire asked as she started on her cider. “Well… I’ve heard rumours that this place is…” Jessica looked around that Patrick wouldn’t hear. “Some kind of a sexual palace.” She whispered into Claire’s ear. “What? Oh, come on! There’s a 16-year old with us, Sarah wouldn’t bring her along for something like that.”

“Unless she’s already a part of them, and is already screwing.”

“Right, you’ve been hearing wrong things… besides, if she was that far gone, how would Sarah know?” Claire asked, and Jessica looked at her, giving the answer with her eyes. “No way… if this is that kind of place, I ain’t staying… I don’t play that kind of stuff…”

Jessica smiled and laid next to Claire, who was a bit frightened. “You’ve never made out with a girl?” She asked as she laid her hand on Claire’s back. Claire looked at her. “No, and I never will… cut it out.” Jessica giggled and kept staring at Claire. She glanced at Jessica and turned her face away. “Don’t ruin it for the rest of us…” Jessica whispered into her ear and slapped Claire’s ass playfully.

“OK, let me make this clear…” She turned her face to Jessica who listened very carefully. “I’ve fucked… dozens of men, in hundreds of positions…” She said as she moved her head closer to Jessica’s who started to breathe heavily. “I’ve taken it everywhere… in my pussy, in my ass, in my mouth, between my breasts… my record is six guys at the same time…” She moved her lips to less than an inch from Jessica’s, who closed her eyes, being so turned on. “I’ve thought about being with a girl… what it would be like… kissing those shiny lips… caressing that soft skin all over… sucking her hard nipples… sticking my finger up her juicy, warm…” As Claire whispered those words, Jessica was about to cum, secretly rubbing her crotch, with no one seeing it. “… But I’m just not gonna.” She smiled as she pulled away from Jessica and turned around to get some tan on her frontal. “Don’t tease…”

Beth, Troy and Patrick were watching the girls very closely, Sarah and Michelle laughing, Jessica making her moves on Claire, Natalie and Kirsten laying next to each other.

“It seems that Claire isn’t very fond of a woman’s touch…” Beth pointed out. “Really? Are you sure?” Patrick asked and Beth nodded.

“Natalie was wrong then, I don’t have the time to take care of that, my hands are full with Michelle and Kirsten…”

“I thought Nat had Kirsten under control.” Troy said as he took a sip from his glass. “She has, but it’s always good to make sure… can you guys handle Jessica and our reluctant Claire?” Troy and Beth nodded.

After an hour or so, the guests started to retreat to their rooms, getting ready for dinner. Sarah and Michelle remained, to get a bit more tan… if that’s what they like to call it…

Both were laying on the floor, kissing and groping each other. The dome getting hotter by the minute made them sweat like horses. As Michelle who was on top of Sarah broke the kiss, she removed her top and Sarah lifted her hands from the girl’s back to her breasts, starting to rub the hard nipples in the middle of them. Michelle removed the rest of her bikini too, revealing her young shaven cunt, all swollen and reddish. Sarah pulled herself up and removed her bikini. There they were, both girls kissing each other, with their sweaty bodies rubbing against each other, with Michelle’s hands trying to invade Sarah’s pussy, while she made it hard for her by pressing thighs together. Sarah’s hands concentrating on keeping Michelle on top of her, pulling the girl against her body. Their breasts were in perfect places, Michelle’s breasts a bit higher than Sarah’s, she felt Sarah’s nipples rubbing hers from below. Michelle’s a bit small, firm and perky tits, against her lover’s big, soft but still stationary breasts, more upward, Michelle’s shiny lips and her lusty tongue, searching inside Sarah’s mouth, with strong gasps escaping their mouths.

“What if someone sees us?” Michelle asked, as she stopped for a second. “I don’t really give a shit…” Said Sarah, and got up from the floor. She slowly slided into the pool, starting to stretch herself, spreading her legs wide open, flashing her insides to Michelle who sat beside the pool, with her legs in the water. She slid her hand down her body and pushed a finger inside herself. Sarah swam to her and spread Michelle’s legs. “Let me get that for you…”

Michelle removed her finger and Sarah pulled the girl closer, licking her inner thigh on the way inside her. Michelle gasped as Sarah’s tongue started to move deeper into her, rubbing her clit at the same time. Michelle closed her eyes and laid back, Sarah’s hands reaching for her breasts, rubbing the nipples and her tongue licking Michelle clean. She started to near her orgasm, just a few more seconds… then she felt someone’s cock rubbing her breasts. She immediately opened her eyes and saw Patrick on her, squeezing Michelle’s breasts around his cock. At first she tried to break free, pulling herself away from Sarah and Patrick. “Something wrong?” Asked Patrick. The girl looked at him, clearly stunned. “Don’t tell me you brought a kid along.” Patrick said to Sarah. “Come on Michelle, you’ve done worse, right?”

Michelle looked at Sarah, still a bit confused. Sarah walked behind her and put her arms around her. “Do you know what he can do? He’s far more than a simple human… much better than Damon…”

Patrick closed in on the girls, with his rock-hard cock pointing at Michelle’s cunt. “Do you want to join the big girls? You need to do…” Patrick didn’t even get to finish his sentence when Michelle lowered down and took his cock in her mouth. Sarah smiled at Patrick, tempting to say ‘I told you so’. She knew exactly where her limits were, since Damon had made it very clear to her what they had done together. Hence, the possibilities were limitless. Michelle’s lips were like glued on Patrick’s cock, she just used her tongue and cheeks to make him moan, sucking it and moving her tongue against it. Patrick ripped her head away from his cock and with one thrust he shoved it deep into Michelle’s throat. He grabbed her head and started to fuck the girl’s head. Michelle’s slob covered Patrick’s cock, her breathing was nothing but snorting, Patrick didn’t take the cock out for a second. Sarah was rubbing her clit against Michelle’s head, rocking in Patrick’s pace. “Oh yeah… faster…” She moaned as Patrick started to speed up. Michelle started to gag, the cock was moving in her pretty little mouth faster than she’d ever been fucked. “Oh… want some more? You want more, you little bitch?” Patrick moaned and Michelle kept nodding, taking it deeper and deeper into her throat. Her cheeks were completely red now, cold sweat running down them. Sarah’s rocking became intense, and Patrick grabbed her legs, pulling them over Michelle’s shoulders, making Sarah’s clit press against the girl’s hair. Patrick took a strong hold of Sarah’s buttocks, almost crushing Michelle’s head between himself and Sarah’s cunt. Sarah started to shiver and pant violently. Patrick wanted to cum at the same time, so he fucked the girl’s warm and slobby mouth with all he had. “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! You’re a horny little bitch, aren’t you?” He groaned as Sarah grinned and let out a scream. “Mmmhhmm…” Murmured Michelle, as Patrick started to growl. “Yeah! Oh yeah! You fucking bitch! Suck it you fucking whore!” He growled as he pushed the last shoves into Michelle’s pretty face. Sarah came right on Michelle’s hair, her juices wetting them completely, with Patrick yealling in front of her, with his veiny cock shooting a load of hot semen into the girl’s throat.

As Patrick and Sarah pulled away, Michelle swallowed the rest of the sperm that was in her mouth and got up, looking angry. He grabbed Patrick by the balls and squeezed real hard, making him growl more. “Michelle! Stop!” Sarah shouted and tried to break Patrick free from Michelle’s grasp, but didn’t dare to. Michelle pulled Patrick to her face by the neck, looking at him with fury.

“Never call me that… or you can kiss these goodbye!” She said and let go, leaving Patrick and Sarah there, looking stunned, while she put on her bikini and headed to her room.

Patrick glanced at his cock and saw bitemarks, he must’ve not felt them if Michelle had bitten him just when he came. “Holy shit, are you OK?” Sarah asked and took a closer look. “That’s a tough kid… almost as tough as Nat…”

Sarah got up, looking ashamed. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have brought her here… I thought that this place would need something extreme, she can be rough at times…” Patrick laughed and put his clothes on. “No, I think this is good… has she met Nat yet?”

Sarah shook her head. “No, I don’t think so… any more than seen her here.”

“Well, the kid’s got talent, don’t you think?”

“Oh… yeah…”

Two days passed, everything seemed to be going well. Kirsten was ready for the initiation, along with Jessica, who was like hot lava most of the time and Michelle had already calmed down. Unfortunately it started to seem that Claire wasn’t going to play along, making it very clear that she wasn’t going to touch a woman like that…

“How many times do I have to tell you? I am not telling you if your ass looks hot in that dress!” Claire yelled at Jessica from the bathroom. “Hey, wait a sec! This isn’t lesbianism, this is telling your friend if her… round, firm and tight… ass, looks hot!” She replied to Claire, looking at her ass from the mirror. Claire came out of the bathroom, all ready for the grand tour of the mansion. Michelle, Kirsten, Jessica and Claire had decided to take a more closer look at the mansion when Sarah, Nat and the Cravens were sleeping. It was full moon and the sea was calm, the girls gathered down into the 1st floor lounge.

“So, everybody ready?” Asked Kirsten as she arrived on scene, where the rest were waiting. “Yeah, it’s weird though… Nat wasn’t in her room.” Said Jessica.

“Neither was Sarah, if someone sees us, we can say that we were looking for them, right?” Michelle suggested and everybody agreed. While walking down to a hall where the statues of old gods were placed, they heard a voice.

“You hear that?” Jessica asked. “Sounds like… I don’t know, what makes sounds like that?” Figured Kirsten. The sound seemed to come out of the rug. Kirsten pulled the carpet away, revealing a hatch.

“OK, I’m not sure we should be doing this, let’s go wake Patrick up.” Said Michelle and backed away. “And tell him what? We just happened to pull the rug away from the hatch? Let’s go and see…” Kirsten opened the small door, and descended down the stairs. Not wanting to stay behind, the rest followed. The hallway was cold and dark, they didn’t see anything, but still they kept walking.

“Holy shit, something just groped my crotch…” Claire startled, almost hitting her head on the ceiling. “Hey, wait a sec…”

“Jessica! If you do that one more time, I’ll rip out your spine and crush it into pieces!” Claire shouted.

“Umm… Claire?”


“I’m about two yards ahead of you…”

They all stopped. “You’re the last one in the line.” Said Michelle. “Then what the fuck…”

They heard a loud growl and the screaming started and it wouldn’t stop. They ran down the tunnel screaming, finally arriving into a cavern with burning torches and candles. “Is it following us?” Jessica gasped. They looked at the dark tunnel for a long while, but nothing seemed to be moving inside. As they examined the cavern a bit more, they came to realize that they didn’t even know from what tunnel they came from.

“OK… we’re in deep shit now, which tunnel is the right one?” Asked Michelle.

Eight tunnels, all alike. “Well… I suppose they’re not that long, split up and yell when you find the way out.” Kirsten suggested. “Are you shitting me? What about that thing in the tunnel?” Claire yelled.

“Are you sure you felt someone there?” Asked Jessica. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure. It was a hand, I’m sure of it…”

“A human? With that kind of growling? I don’t think so…” Thought Michelle. “Anyway, we need to find a way out before they catch us, this isn’t exactly easy to explain.” Said Kirsten and they all split up.

Next morning, Patrick was walking around the house, looking for any intelligent lifeforms. “James, have you seen any of our guests today?” He asked the butler. “No sir, I thought that miss Portman informed you of their little expedition in the catacombs.”

“Oh no… are Beth and Troy down there too?”

“Yes sir, they are. Now if you’ll excuse me…” The butler headed for the kitchen. Patrick ran down to the entrance to the catacombs.

Midnight, Claire was dragging herself along the tunnels, cold, hungry and tired. They had all been there for 24 hours now, the tunnels seemed to lead into identical caverns. She fell on the ground, coughing and worn out.

“Well… wouldn’t hurt to try…” She moaned to herself. “HELP! CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?” She yelled, with all she had, but the sound didn’t even echo. “Am I gonna die here? That’s a little pathetic…”

She got up, leaning on the wall, dragging herlself further into the tunnel. Her clothes were sweaty and full of dirt, her eyes were giving up on her.

“If I fall asleep here, I’ll probably get ammonia or something, gotta keep moving…”

She fell on her face on the ground, her body couldn’t move anymore. When she closed her eyes, she could feel a warm sensation on her head, like the sun, shining on her hair. She slowly opened her eyes to see what was there, she saw an open door, with light shining into the tunnel. She pulled herself up and slowly entered the room. She let out a sigh of relief as the warm breeze rejuvenated her body. She was in a room with a big bed, a warm spring steaming on the other side of the room. The lights were very bright, illuminating the whole room, but mostly she noticed that the door behind her disappeared right after she walked in. “The hell…”

She looked at the bed, then the spring. “… Fuck that, I’m too tired to think…”

She removed her shirt and her pants, she looked around to ensure that no one was there. After being sure that she was the only one there, and all the exits were gone, she removed her bra and panties too and slid into the spring. The warm water relaxed all her muscles, washing her whole body of all the dirt from the catacombs of every single crack in her body. As she felt relaxed enough, she got up from the spring and walked to the bed. She felt odd, like her muscles weren’t as strong as they used to be. But she made it to the bed and laid down on her stomach on the silk sheets. “Mmmm… oh yeah, that’s good…”

She slowly wriggled on the bed, rubbing the sheets against her whole body. Her cunt moistened and she started rubbing it against the sheets. “Mmmh… I’d kill for a guy right now…” Suddenly she felt something arising from the sheets, she slowly lifted herself on fours above the shape, as it slowly morphed into a man.

“Enjoying yourself?” Asked the man.

“Oh yeah, Troy… You’ve got a real nice place here…”

As Troy slowly jerked his hardening cock, Claire landed on him gently. “I’ve got you right where I want you…”

The tip of Troy’s cock started to poke her cunt, Claire started to move her hips toward it, making it slide deep inside her warm and soft cunt. Claire set Troy’s hand on her hips and started to move back and forth, slowly… “You like that? Do you like that, you fucker?” She whispered into his ear. Troy took a strong hold of her and started to pound his cock deeper into Claire. She grinned and groaned as Troy’s cock poked her womb more deeper than anyone. Claire grabbed the sheets as she was almost flying off the bed while Troy was ravaging her insides. “Is it there? Answer me, bitch!”

“YES!” She shouted and she arched her back as her cunt cramped up and her juices started flowing. Troy reached down and dipped his fingers into Claire’s juices and stuck them in her mouth. Claire sucked them clean, feeling like there were three cocks inside her. It felt like Troy’s cock was getting bigger and bigger. Her cunt was full and Troy’s cock kept growing. She felt like she was giving birth, the cock was rubbing all of her insides at the same time, she thought that there was only one thing missing from this… but not for long.

She felt a cock intruding her ass, she was about to look to whom it belonged to, but Troy stopped her, pulling her face to his. “Just a friend, it’s a surprise.”

Her ass started shivering every time the cock poked the back of her rectum, she groaned and let out a small scream. After a while she felt it starting to go much deeper, rubbing her much deeper by every push. Hands started to slap her ass and grop it hard. “Do you like it in the ass, little girl?” The male voice behind her groaned. “Oh yeah!” She moaned. “How much?” The voice said as the pounding became faster. “Oh yes… yes… YES… YESS!” She groaned as she felt like the cock was coming out of her mouth. Troy started to growl and he grabbed Claire’s breasts and started to rip them violently. Claire felt that Troy was cumming, and she pushed her nails deep into his skin. The load was huge, it filled her womb completely, hot semen gushing out of her cunt, while the cock in her ass was almost done too. The male voice panted and moaned, ripping Claire’s ass against the cock. Claire contracted her white little ass, trying to make the voice scream, but it didn’t. The wet sounds of fucking became intense and the cock in Claire’s hot ass tensed up. “FUCK MY ASS! SHOOT YOUR SPERM INSIDE!” Claire screamed, waiting for the sperm to fill her. The male voice behind her started to become weird, it was changing into female. “FUCK YEAH!” The voice shouted and the hot liquid ran up Claire’s rectum through her whole body up to her throat, making her cough. Claire felt long nails almost penetrating her skin on her ass. She tasted the stuff from her mouth… it wasn’t sperm. She rolled around and jumped off the bed.

“What the fuck is going on?” She yelled as she looked at the woman with a strap on dildo that had cuntjuices squirting out of the tip. Claire backed into the corner as Beth and Troy got off the bed.

“Ahh… thank you, that was refreshing.” Beth sighed as she ripped the dildo off her. “This isn’t happening… this can’t be happening…” Claire kept repeating as she squeezed herself into the corner, as small as she could get, quivering of fear and confusion. As she felt the warm subside, the cold and dampness snapped her out of it. As she looked around, all she saw was one of the empty caverns. She was still completely naked, with Beth’s fluids in her body and her clothes were beside her. She quickly got dressed and looked around once more, before venturing into the catacombs once again.

Patrick was heading for the end of the catacombs, the altar that was used to summon up spirits of the dead. He heard something from behind the rusty iron gate, a fast squirting sound…

As he slowly opened the door, she saw Kirsten laying on the altar, fingering herself aggressively. She was laying on a big puddle of cuntjuice, panting with a high-pitched voice, groping herself hysterically. As Patrick figured what was going on, he entered the room and slammed the gate shut and locked it. He removed his clothes and approached the girl. She was covered in sweat and cuntjuice, her blonde pubic hair was almost burning, along with her dark red pussy.

“Been here long?” Asked Patrick as he started to caress the girl’s tummy. Kirsten didn’t open her eyes, she kept panting and fingering herself… but after a while, she stopped her panting to let out a few words…

“She’s ready Patrick! I want it now… she needs it now… Take me, Patrick!” Her voice was like two different persons, talking with two different voices, Patrick knew what was going on and he lifted up Kirsten’s legs and landed his hardening cock on her pubic hair. Kirsten started to laugh, her voice changing from one to another, two persons inside one.

“Oh, Kiki… you feel so good… I never knew you were like this…”

Patrick pressed his balls against the girl’s cunt, as she experienced an another orgasm, that gave Patrick’s cock the boost he needed to get his cock as hard as it could get. He was about to push it into Kirsten’s burning cunt, but she grabbed it into her hand.

“This time… in this order…”

She lifted her hips higher from the cold altar, spreading her buttocks for Patrick’s cock. He pushed the tip in and grabbed Kirsten’s butt, letting her finger herself, or who ever was fingering her…

“Oh, Patrick… push it in…”

He went in slowly, all the way where his cock could get. Kirsten quivered and stuck her finger into her pussy, while groping her chest.

“Oh, Kiki… holy shit, Nat… you’re so good…”

Patrick pounded it deep inside the girl, her ass contracting on every push. He turned the girl on her stomach and pulled Kirsten up to him by her hair. Kirsten felt the cock almost crushing something inside her.

“Be careful… please…” She panted.

Kirsten’s bare white ass was wriggling and starting to turn red. The altar started to heat up, changing colour from light grey to blood red. Kirsten’s juices were splashing under her as Patrick moved his cock inside Kirsten’s round, smooth and reddish butt, her tight little rectum trying to squeeze everything out of Patrick. He pressed himself hard against Kirsten’s asscheeks, squeezing them completely flat, trying to detain his orgasm. But he couldn’t hold it.

“Nat… I’m gonna cum…” He groaned and Kirsten quickly pulled herself away, turned around and stuck Patrick’s cock up her cunt. “Yyaaarrrggghhh!” He yelled as his sperm filled Kirsten’s womb. Kirsten seemed to be trying to break away, but the other person inside her stopped her, starting to move Kirsten’s ass back and forth on Patrick’s cock. As Patrick felt that his load was inside Kirsten, he tried to pull away, but he couldn’t. Kirsten’s movement made him stay right under the girl, who was laughing loudly and tears running down her cheeks at the same time.

“Nat… stop now!” He panted as Kirsten kept increasing her pace, hardening Patrick inside her again.

“What’s the matter, Patrick? Don’t you feel good… Make it stop! Please!” Kirsten spoke out, as Patrick’s moaning changed into yelling. The altar emitted a low hum, Kirsten felt one of her ovums conceiving…

“More, Patrick… she needs more!”

Suddenly someone started to pound on the gate.

“Natalie? Patrick? Is that you? I’m lost, please open the door!” Michelle yelled behind the gate.

“You’d better hurry! No! Stop! I’m gonna get…” Kirsten begged them to stop, but she felt Patrick’s cock throbbing and Patrick let out a loud yell. The last semen that Patrick had inside him, filled Kirsten’s womb. As that happened the altar shot out a burst of blue light, extracting Natalie from Kirsten’s body. The light blasted Patrick and Nat against the wall, leaving Kirsten laying in the middle of the altar, with her stomach growing. Nat got up and walked to the altar, the blue light was filling Kirsten, and the spawn inside her got bigger and bigger. Patrick got up and looked at the altar with horror in his eyes. Michelle was pounding the gate and yelling, Kirsten’s screaming continued and the light from the altar started to vanish. After a few hours, Michelle was sitting next to the gate, along with Claire who had found her way there too.

They heard the gate unlock and they immediately opened it. All they saw was the altar, a girl and a boy. The girl was wrapped into black silk sheets, her hair black as the shadow of a raven, eyes emerald green and tanned skin. The boy’s hair was white, pale skin and deep blue eyes. As they walked into the altar, the girl whimpered a bit. They were both asleep, but still a bit conscious.

“This is freaking me out…” Said Claire as she kneeled down next to the girl.

Michelle looked at the boy, and glanced at the door.

“We can’t leave them here, can we?”

They finally found the way out and put the children into Michelle’s bed. As they started to look for anyone else, they ran into Patrick and Sarah at the stairs. They explained the situation and Patrick called the butler to take care of the children immediately.

“The catacombs under the house are longer than most highways in US, you’re lucky to have survived out.” Patrick explained as the butler went upstairs.

“What about the kids? Where did they come from?” Wondered Michelle. “I’ve no idea… we will keep them here with us for now, maybe they can tell us who they are when they wake up.”

The rest had found their way out sooner, they were all sleeping. As it started to rain and almost all of the people in the house were sleeping, Michelle was still up, looking out of the window. Nat walked up to her, but she didn’t react.

“I heard you in the cave…”

“So? You must know what’s going on by now, right?”

Michelle turned to her looking upset, Nat looking back at her, very calmly. “I’ve seen dozens of them… they all come here…”

Nat slowly started to circle around the girl, caressing her neck at the same time. “They all want something… something that humans can’t give them…” She pressed herself against Michelle’s back. “Humans?” Asked Michelle.

“I can feel it in you… even the Cravens aren’t enough for you…” She took a deep breath, inhaling Michelle’s hair into her. “This is what they normally want… all this fluid running out of them…” Nat whispered into the girl’s ear, referring to Sarah’s juices that used to be on her hair. Nat wrapped her hands around Michelle, grabbing her breasts gently, pressing her hard nipples against her back. “I’ve never met someone like me before… your mere presence makes me think of things, even I wouldn’t normally imagine…”

“What are you gonna do?” Asked Michelle, with no fear in her voice.

“Maybe you’re what I’ve been looking for… maybe you can turn me into the same as these humans here… maybe I’ll change you in the process too…” She whispered and lowered her hand toward Michelle’s crotch. “I’m not like you… you’re crazy!” Snapped Michelle, but didn’t even try to get away form Nat’s arms. “If you only knew what you’re capable of… you’d feel the same way… I can show you if you want.” Her finger reached Michelle’s cunt, it was all wet and hot.

“… No…” She said calmly and pulled away.

Nat laughed. “See? This is what I’m saying! Any woman or man would have given themselves to me! They would have licked my pussy until they’re dead! They would’ve killed thousands of people to finger it! Men would blow up their home country to stick their cock up my ass!”

“I don’t want it like that…” Said Michelle in a low voice.

“Don’t bullshit me, little girl! You love it when Damon almost rapes you! You love it when horny guys grope you at public places! You don’t care if it’s a woman or a man! You love the pain! You love the forbidden! You’d give up everything in your life to get that good fuck you’ve been looking for your natural fucking life!”

“Who’s gonna give it to me? You?” Michelle smiled evilly.

Nat looked at her with fury in her eyes and calmed down. “Exactly… I’m the only one who can do it, Michelle… don’t you see?”

She approached her, caressed her face with her hands and gave her a gentle kiss. “We’re destined to screw each other to death…” She whispered as she kept kissing her face softly. Michelle lifted her hands up and put them around Natalie, she pulled her closer, making Nat move her hands to Michelle’s shoulders. “Nat…” “Yes, Michelle?”

Michelle looked at Nat’s green eyes, sinking her consciousness into Nat’s head, suddenly pulling her back to reality. “I think… the final satisfaction… will come…” Nat stopped breathing to hear the answer she wanted to hear.

“… From a guy…”

This wasn’t the right answer to Nat. “From a guy with a long… veiny… hard… cock… that can make me cum where ever he sticks it…”

Nat giggled and laid her forehead on Michelle’s. “God, you’re so naive… do you really think that a man can do that?”

“Your son can… the one who was laying on the altar…”

Nat stopped smiling and let go of Michelle. “That kid is Kirsten’s, not mine.”

“Come on… it might’ve been Kirsten who gave birth to them, but it was you and Patrick who actually made them.”

Nat backed away from Michelle, who looked satisfied as she had scared Nat. “You might know about our plans, since you’ve got Patrick’s sperm in your system… but I’ll show you what happens if you’re gonna fuck my son…”

After two days, one more car pulled over in front of the mansion. Natalie had called in a favor, from Eliza Dushku and Dominique Swain. The children had grown up to look like 15-year olds, but everyone in the house knew exactly that they were only a few days old. Since Jessica was still a bit out of the loop, she was kept out of the loop… in the cellar.

Eliza wasn’t really big with her relationship with Sarah, so she decided to stay away from Eliza’s way. Michelle and Nat were both watching the children drawing in the middle of the lounge. Nat had decided to make sure that Michelle understood what she was getting into, so Eliza was going to demonstrate. Dominique was to aid Troy in getting Jessica to like the new life she was about to have, but that wasn’t until later…

Eliza approached the boy, who was drawing a picture. Michelle and Nat pulled back into the dark corner, to see what was going to happen. As Liz sat down next to the boy, they boy stopped drawing. “Do you know why I’m here?” Liz asked the boy who picked up the picture from the floor. The boy looked at her and handed over the picture. As Liz looked at the picture she was amused. “Just like your mother… been in pornography for long?”

The boy looked at her passively. Liz looked at him, feeling uncertain. “Tell me, little boy. What’s your name?”

“… Jake…” The boy answered and his sister got up and left the room. “That was Crystal, we were born from the body of a mortal, but the conception was done by two non-human characters.” Jake started to undress, Liz looking at the boy and starting to feel that Nat wasn’t kidding. “What are you expecting to do here?” Liz laughed as Jake had no clothes on. “I can feel my mother, she wants to make certain facts clear…” Liz nodded, looking at the boy’s small dick, but she had no choice, even if it wouldn’t work out, she did owe Nat a great deal. Liz started to remove her clothes, Michelle and Nat watching from the corner.

“Are you serious? He acts like he was 8 or something! She’s really gonna fuck him? Asked Michelle. “She’s more special, dear Michelle… she’s my boy…”

As Eliza removed the last of her clothes, her black lace panties, she didn’t see any movement in the dick. “Are you sure you’re capable of doing this?”

Jake nodded. Liz started to move her head closer to the his dick, as Jake laid his hands on Eliza’s head. Liz kissed the tip of the dick, and set it into her mouth. Jake closed his eyes and started to move Eliza’s head up and down. As a surprise, Liz did feel the dick growing really big, and quite rapidly. Liz started to rub the boy’s balls, while moving her tongue around the hard dick in her mouth. Liz felt that the dick was filling her whole mouth, and pulled it out quickly. When she looked at it, it wasn’t any bigger than boys that age had. “Don’t be afraid… if you let go of the thought, you’ll feel what normal women don’t…”

Liz looked at him while stroking his dick. She let go and leaned back, spreading her legs for Jake. He jumped on Eliza and pushed his dick into the hot girl who felt the dick getting bigger again. Liz panted as the cock kept growing and growing while Jake slowly started to move it inside her. Eliza’s womb was full, the dick was rubbing every part of her pussy, that was blasting out orgasms as the dick rubbed her g-spot. Liz grabbed his back and pulled him as close as she could get him, Jake’s hips pushing himself into the extremely wet and tight pussy, Eliza’s pubic hair getting wet of her juices and her ass almost on fire.

Michelle and Nat were fingering themselves on the corner, looking at the horny star, fucking a boy that hadn’t been alive for even a week. “I can’t stand it…” Michelle panted and removed her clothes. She walked up to Liz and laid herself under her, rubbing her clit against Eliza’s back. She grabbed Eliza’s breasts and started to knead them, while Eliza’s whole body shivered from the pleasure given by the boy. Michelle reached down to Liz’s ass and squeezed it, it was burning along with the pussy of the girl. She stuck a finger up it and started to probe it inside her. As Liz came again, her whole body turned red. “Fuck… fuck yeah… OHHH FUCK!” She moaned hysterically, with Michelle almost cumming behind her at that second. She could feel Jake’s thrusts, it was almost like he was fucking both of them at the same time. “Fuck me, Jake! Fuck me harder!” She yelled as Jake kept furiously pounding the tight little pussy. Every push made Eliza’s body shiver, that shivering spread into Michelle’s clit… Her cunt was ready to explode. Jake was about to cum, he pulled his dick out of Eliza and slapped it between her breasts. Michelle wrapped them around it and Jake started to fuck. Liz kept staring at the tip of the dick, waiting for the sperm to gush out. As Michelle screamed in pleasure of her orgasm, Jake’s hot sperm shot right onto Eliza’s face and her breasts. Michelle flet her orgasm subside, but she felt something else… Eliza was cold. Cold like the dead. Jake got up and recovered from his orgasm.

Michelle looked at the boy, who looked quite calm and was ready for an another round. Nat walked to them and wiped some of Eliza’s hair off her face. Her eyes were completely white and her body was stiffening.

“What did you do?” Asked Michelle.

Nat picked her up and headed toward the stairs, along with Jake. Michelle was shocked, was she really dead?

After a few hours, she went to check Eliza’s room and she was laying on the bed. Dominique came out of the bathroom, brushing her teeth. “She’s fine. Just a bit… pale.” She gargled and went back into the bathroom. Michelle walked to Eliza and sat on the bed next to her. Dominique walk to them, drying her hair.

“So… I heard that you guys survived the maze?” She asked and Michelle nodded.

“I’ve heard a lot of stories, but this kid-thing… Nat really surpassed herself this time.” Dominique laughed as she laid down on her bed. Michelle glanced at Eliza, looking puzzled.

“… What… is Natalie?”

Dominique looked at her, and sat up. “I’m not sure… I haven’t met anyone who knows, even I, who was the first ones to visit this place haven’t got any idea… except…”

“Except what?” Asked Michelle.

“… Well… what I’ve understood about what I’ve heard her and Patrick talking, eavesdropping of course… is that she’s… not human.”

“I know that…” Michelle got up and walked in front of the mirror.

“I don’t know what she is, but it seems that she’s been here from the beginning…” Said Dominique and rolled herself inside the blanket. Michelle turned around.

“The beginning?”

“Yeah… THE beginning…”

Next morning, the clouds had subsided and the sun was shining once again. Some of the guests were leaving, Sarah, Michelle and Claire. Michelle was going to look into Nat’s past, she was gonna dig up everything on her. Sarah didn’t want to stay without Michelle, and Claire just didn’t feel comfortable around Troy and Beth anymore. Eliza was still in bed, Jessica was chained in the cellar, Kirsten locked in too. Nat and Dominique were discussing the problems at hand, Patrick, Troy and Beth on their businesses outside.

“What do you think of the situation?” Nat asked Dominique as she filled up a glass of brandy.

“Amazing… I never thought you’d be able to morph into a human body and deliver two children unto this world… here’s to you!” Dominique raised her glass. “No… not that situation… our little Shirley Holmes…”

“Ah, yes… the little miss what’s-her-name… she’s really scaring you, isn’t she?”

“… Yeah…” Nat took a long sip from her glass, emptying it completely. “Don’t worry, she’ll give in… just as I did.”

Nat shook her head and looked at Dominique. “She’s not the same as you… she has something that humanity doesn’t have any idea exists. She could become stronger than me…”

Nat collapsed against the wall, dropping the glass on the rug. Dominique got up and out her arms around Nat, looking worried of her old friend. “Don’t say stuff like that… you can’t be beaten, you know that…”

Nat shook her head again, tears running down her cheeks. “No… she can… and she will… some day she’ll become my successor… and she’ll be so full of the ‘goodness’ of this world that she’ll destroy the empire I’ve built for centuries… queens of powerful countries… innocent princesses turned into horrifying sluts… and today… unsatisfied actresses, who are so easily breakable…”

“Come on… stop it.” Dominique kissed Nat gently. She smiled and turned around to face her. “Today, me and Troy will take care of the last one in the cellar… and you’ll go get some rest, I can take care of your empire for a few months. That’s an order.” Whispered Dominique and Nat felt relieved, she made her way to her chambers and fell asleep on her blood red satin sheets.

The clock stroke 9 and the cellar door opened. Jessica lifted her tired head to see who it was, but the lack of food and water had made her eyesight a little fuzzy, her head collapsed back down to face the ground. Kirsten was laying on the floor, covered by a small layer of some kind of slime. Dominique lifted Jessica’s head with both hands and lifted her lids with her thumbs. Jessica got a little clearer view of her now, she didn’t know her personally but knew who she was.

“Please help me… the lunatics locked me down here, get me out of these chains…” She gasped to Dominique who was smiling at her, knowing she’d change her mind in a few minutes. “You don’t really want to leave, do you?”

Jessica looked at her, realizing that she was one of them. “Leave me alone! I don’t want to talk to you people!” She yelled with her last strength. “I don’t want to be mean… I just thought you’d like to get out of these chains… get your energy back and join us upstairs, don’t you want that?” Dominique asked her, knowing that she’d still say no.

Jessica just turned her head away, but couldn’t look there for long, since Kirsten was there, looking like she was dead. Dominique noticed it and walked to Kirsten. “She’ll be fine… once the rejuvenation is complete, she’ll return back to her normal life. Dominique removed her shirt and turned to face Jessica. She looked at her bare breasts for a while, but turned to face the door, where she saw Troy, standing there stroking his cock. “I’ll tell you what…”

Dominique walked in front of her, pushing her breast against Jessica’s face. “How about if you just relax, and when we’re done, you can do what ever you want? Leave, stay… your choice.”

Troy pulled Dominique’s jeans down slowly, revealing her brown pubic hair inch by inch. Jessica licked her chapped lips, wanting to give in to the temptation. “What do ya say?” Dominique stepped out of her jeans and Troy slid his cock between the girl’s legs, who squeezed them together, giving Jessica a view of the tip of the cock that she wanted so bad. Dominique’s cunt started to get wet, Troy’s cock rubbing her swollen pussylips. Jessica felt the last fluids in her body wetting her pussy. She would’ve rubbed it, but the chains were keeping her tight against the wall. “There you go…”

The chains suddenly released Jessica on her knees, right in front of Dominique’s cunt and Troy’s cock. Jessica raised her hand and guided the cock into Dominique’s hot cunt. Troy started to move his cock back and forth, Jessica pressing her face onto the cunt in front of her. As she tasted the girl’s juices, she felt like she got her strength back. Dominique was shivering of pleasure, she hadn’t felt a guy or a woman touch her in weeks, she wrapped her hands on Jessica’s head, making a mess of her dirty hair. Jessica’s tongue was moving between Dominique’s clit and Troy’s cock, Dominique’s cunt was so wet that she didn’t even have to make her cum to get her mouth full of her juices. Troy pulled himself out of the girl and stuck his cock into Jessica’s mouth, who sucked it furiously, getting everything that tasted like Dominique into herself. Troy felt like Jessica’s sucking was too much for him and pulled himself away. “Turn around… it’s time you learn this one.” Dominique whispered and Jessica turned, lifting her round ass high in the air. Dominique set herself above her. Her ass was now right above Jessica’s and Troy set his cock between Jessica’s buttocks. “No! Wait! I haven’t done this before…” Jessica yelled. “Don’t worry, once you feel it inside, you’ll beg for more.” Dominique whispered into Jessica’s ear. Troy pushed his cock slowly into the hot suntanned ass, making the girl grin of pain. Dominique wrapped her arms around Jessica, comforting her to ease the pain. “Hush, now… Troy has to concentrate…”

Suddenly Dominique felt the thing she had been waiting for, another cock sliding easily into her ass. “Oh yeah! You’ve grown, Troy!” Troy was now fucking both of them in the ass at the same time, the other cock was much longer than the one in Jessica’s ass, but Dominique needed it a lot tougher. Jessica’s ass started to bleed, blood slowly running down from her rectum to her pussy, but she didn’t even feel it. “FUCK MY ASS! STICK IT IN! OH, GOD! DEEPER!” Jessica screamed as her ass was cramping up around Troy’s cock. “That’s it Jessica! Do you want more? Say it!” Dominique yelled into her ear. “YEESSS!” Her hot round ass was completely numb, the blood made it easy for Troy to slide it in and out, Dominique’s little white butt was filling of the huge cock that had been in her for dozens of times, Troy was slapping both asses as he felt his orgasm nearing. He grabbed Jessica’s ass with both hands and pounded furiously. “Jessica! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum in your hot little ass!” His hot sperm shot out from his cock and filled her rectum easily, mixing in with the blood. Jessica got up and walked in front of Dominique, who lowered down to lick the cum off her ass. “I’m cumming… I’m almost there…” Troy moaned as Dominique probed the hottest ass she’d ever seen, her tongue sliding into Jessica’s rectum, licking it all off. “Do you like my ass Troy? Do you like to fuck it?” She panted while gulping Troy’s sperm and Jessica’s blood into her stomach. Troy let out a loud growl and the last load of sperm shot into Dominique’s sweet ass.

All three collapsed on the floor beside Kirsten.

“So? Are you staying or going?”

“Do you really need to ask?”

As midnight passed, Dominique sneaked into Nat’s room. Nat was sleeping deeply, there was nothing that would wake her up. Dominique sat beside her and caressed her hair. “I just wanted to… say that everything’s taken care of, and… you can rest now… you’ve earned it.”

She kissed Nat on the forehead and got up. “What’s between you and Michelle I can’t prevent… someone will die and someone will rule…”

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