Ballerinas Of Darkness: Shaken, Not Killed – Chapter 5

Shaken, Not Killed by Dark Genesis (

The mansion of the Craven family, set up in the northern coast of Scotland. As thanksgiving approached, a number of celebrities were flying in to celebrate the occasion. The Craven family had a number of contacts to the movie- and TV-industry, and had made many friends with their unofficial funding and support. Most of their money went to paying the actresses enough to get them to make nude-scenes, as the young master of the Cravens has always been interested in movies and he was practically raised with them, therefore unable to get off without the sight of
a female celebrity. The Craven family consisted of the young master-Patrick, her younger twin-sisters, Amber and Maria, their mother, Rosa and her sister’s children, Troy and Beth.

The night was dark and rainy, as thanksgiving arrived. Fortunately, it didn’t stop the guests from arriving on time. Patrick walked to his cousin, Beth who was waiting the guests in front of the hall.

“Any of them here yet?” He wiped off any dust from his shoulders. “No… not yet, but the first one’s just getting on top of the hill.”

The mansion was located on a cliff, by the sea. The waves clashing into the rocks under the cliff made a terrifying noise. A car arrived from behind the hill and stopped in front of the porch. The driver got out of the car with an umbrella and hurried to open the door for the lady, opening the umbrella at the same time. Patrick glanced at the lady, who’s coat the butler took and set on the hook. “First one, don’t be freaky.”

“Cousin-dear, when have I acted like that in front of company?” Beth replied as she smiled at the dark woman arriving from the hall.

“Ms. Cruz! I’m so glad you could join us. you’re the first one here.” Greeted Beth at the beauty and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Penelope smiled and gave Patrick a hug. “My, you’ve grown in a year!”

“Mother insisted, her only regret is that you rushed into a relationship without me, my dear.” Penelope laughed and gave him a playful look. “Enjoy the party…” Patrick reminded as she walked by.

Beth sighed heavily. “I think that was too much for me… I almost ate her up…” Patrick looked at her and the thunder roared. “There will be time for that, my dear cousin. Let’s receive the rest of the guests first…”

The next ones to arrive were Winona Ryder and Sandra Bullock. Winona seemed to be more than glad to see Beth. “Hi Beth, did you make it from that cold you got last month?” She said as she gave her a long hug, pinching her butt at the same time. Beth smiled at the satisfaction and replied a soft ‘yes’.

“Penelope was here just before you, she went into the room of the Greek gods.” Patrick pointed out while greeting Sandra with a kiss on her hand. “Too bad, we were so sure we’d be the first ones. Well I’m gonna go say hi.” She said as he walked after Penelope. “I thought she’d never leave…” Winona sighed as she kissed Beth on the lips gently. “I’ll see you later?” Beth said playfully. “Count on it…” She walked after the rest of the guests.

After an hour, all of the guests were present and sitting in the dining room. People present were the Cravens themselves, Penelope Cruz, Sandra Bullock, Winona Ryder, Heather Graham, Jessica Biel, Beverley Mitchell and Alicia Silverstone. As Patrick didn’t want the dinner to look too suspicious, he had saved the rest of his favourites for the next occasion, although an uninvited guest was watching them from the shadows.

“May I ask, my dear Penelope… how are things going with your relationship?” The lady of the house asked. “It is going quite well, lady Craven, thank you for asking.” Penelope replied after finishing the glass of wine. “I am so glad to hear that, most of the hollywood affairs have had tremendous problems, I hope you won’t have any.”

“Thank you, lady Craven.”

Jessica looked around and looked a bit uncomfortable. “Excuse me, Patrick. But as a first timer in the Craven’s mansion, I was wondering if the feeling of being watched is normal under your roof?” Patrick coughed in a meaningful manor.

Beverley, who had commended Jessica’s invitation to the party looked a bit ashamed. “Yes, in fact it is. Most property evaluators have been convinced that this place is haunted, even…” Lady Rose spoke out.

“Haunted, lady Craven?” Alicia asked with an interest in her eyes. “Yes, I believe that the ghosts of the Cravens before us haunt the mansion, to keep unwanted people, such as property evaluators away.” She laughed. “The mansion was constructed above the burial ground of the Cravens so I must say that I support mother’s theory.” Maria spoke out, Amber nodding beside her. “Anyone ever seen this ghost?” Penelope asked as the butler filled her glass.

“Well no, actually if there was such things as ghosts they wouldn’t be visible at all, they’d be only capable of moving items around for a very short period.” Patrick explained as his mother looked at him proudly. “Patrick has dedicated a large part of his time to investigate the Cravens and the burial ground beneath us, he has found out extrordinary things about ghosts and the supernatural, isn’t that right Patrick?” Her son smiled at her, hiding his embarassment behind his smiling face. Beth noticed it and took a sip from her glass.

“Well now, we have plenty of time to talk about that later. After dinner you’ll be escorted to your rooms and perhaps you’d like to join us while we ponder more about this fascinating subject?”

After dinner, everyone was shown into their rooms, all of them in the same hallway, filled with paintings and statues of gargoyles and demons. Only ones who had ever been in the Craven’s mansion before were Winona and Beverley, the rest had met Patrick or Beth on their trips in Europe or the states.

Jessica was walking around in Beverley’s room, looking around while Beverley unpacked her suitcases. “How long have you known the Cravens?” Jessica asked as she looked at a painting, picturing a lake. “A couple of years, I met Patrick at a movie premiere once, he showed me what entertainment is all about…”

Jessica turned around to look at her colleague. “What do you mean by that?” Beverley looked at her, looking a bit puzzled, but she ended up smiling and continuing packing her clothes into the closet. “You know what I mean… you’ve done it yourself, right?”

“What?” Jessica was way off the mark, and the more she was confused, the more was Beverley amused. “You know, the pictures…”

Jessica looked at her, realising what she was talking about. “You’ve done… nudes?” The girl laughed as she closed the closet. “Whole stacks of videotapes, photos, even sculptures.”

Jessica looked around to make sure no one would hear. “Is that guy some kind of… pervert?”

“As best and as twisted they come, you’ll like him.” Beverley smiled as she started to change. Jessica immediately left the room to go change too, even if she was disgusted, she wouldn’t ruin her chances to get some extra wages and recommendations. As she walked downstairs, the rest of the guests were already waiting her.

“Ah! Jessica! I was afraid that you were a bit frightened about our conversation in the dining room, please sit.” Lady Rose showed her to a seat between her daughters and Beverley. The fireplace was lit, and the rain hadn’t stopped. As Jessica looked outside, lightning struck, startling her. “The weather isn’t going to change for a couple of days, it’s typical around here.” Amber pointed out, Maria nodding next to her. The sisters looked exactly alike, same dresses and same jewelry, with one exception: Amber’s hair was black, Maria’s was blonde. As lady Craven sat down, Patrick opened up his journal.

“Shall we get started?” Everyone nodded, full of excitement to hear about the ghosts of the mansion.

“The Cravens have been here for a thousand years, English hiding from the Scots in a mansion. I believe that the ghosts in this place are the ghosts of my greatgrandfather, my grandfather and their mistresse’s. Both of them were unfaithful to their wives, cheating on them in their own bed. My greatgrandfather, Thaddeus Craven, had an affair with the maid of the house… he was able to keep it secret for a long time, but eventually his wife found out and slaughtered both of them with an axe. Luckily my grandfather, Theodore Craven had been born before this tragedy, and grew to be a powerful man, but was left alone as his mother died of ammonia. As my father was born, a babysitter started to come around the house, to take care of the baby while Theodore and his wife were busy. As his roots pulled him to infidelity with the babysitter, his wife had already taken precautions if this would happen, as it did. She had her own side of the family take him and her mistress outside into the rain, and tied them up into a pole, and they sawed them both into three parts, legs, torso and the head. Grandmother couldn’t handle the baby by herself, so she asked help from an old friend of his, John Dafoe, who took the role of master in this mansion for a while. After John had gotten grandmother pregnant again, he suddenly disappeared. The twin girls were raised in this place, by grandmother who later on died of an heartattack. The girls gave birth to many children, the other had twin girls and a boy, the other had a boy and a girl. The sister, only a few seconds older that the other, died in an unexplained circumstance, leaving the mansion to the sister alive, my mother, Rose Craven.”

Everyone was speechless. “Wow, that’s a quite a story…” Sandra got out of her mouth. “How do you think this connects to the ghosts?” Penelope asked, lighting a cigarette at the same time.

“John Dafoe, was obviously killed by the ghost of Theodore Craven, but the body was never found… and his mistress scared my grandmother to death. My aunt died outside the mansion, her death was just weird in other manners.”

“What about Thaddeus? And his mistress?” Asked Alicia.

“Every time I go to my greatgrandfather’s room, I hear voices… laughing… screams… I have even seen them move the statue’s in the room, and in the 50 years that no one has cleaned that room, it hasn’t dusted a bit…”

“Because of the maid, right?” Jessica pointed out. Patrick nodded. Jessica was having a hard time trying not to laugh. “I may be out of my mind, but that’s a little thick…” She let out a small laugh.

“Really? You don’t believe the story, then?” Asked Beth. “Well, no! Of course not, I mean that might have happened, but ghosts? No way…”

“You said it yourself during dinner, you felt like being watched.” Lady Craven pointed out. “Oh I know who watched me now…” She said and gave Patrick an accusing look. Beverley looked worried, and tried to look for any signs of anger in the Craven’s, but didn’t see any.

“Well, you’ve had a long trip, and you all must be tired. We have a whole week to ponder over this dilemma, even if some of us might be sceptical about it, shall we retire?”

As the guests returned to their rooms, the Cravens stayed in the lounge. “What do you think of this girl, recommended by Beverley?” Lady Craven asked from her youngers. “I think she’s cute.” Patrick responded. “We think she’s beautiful.” The twins said in one voice. “She might resist a bit, but we’ve handled worse.” Beth reminded.

“Ah, Patrick… speaking of worse, you know that thing that made little Jessica feel like she was being watched, take care of it.”

“Yes, mother.” He replied and left the room.

“We have quite a selection this time, don’t we? It’s gonna need our strick attention.” Lady Craven reminded. “We can handle them, just like the others, do not worry yourself with such matters, mother…” Maria said, Amber nodding next to her.

After a while, upstairs… Penelope and Sandra were talking in Sandra’s room. “What do you think this place is?” Penelope asked. Sandra turned to look away from the mirror. “I think… it’s a very expensive hotel, where we can stay for free, there are bathrooms in every room, double beds, the whole nine yards.” Penelope got up from the bed. “No, I didn’t mean that… ghosts, statues of old gods, demons… something’s not right here.” Sandra sighed and fixed her hair. “Why don’t you ask Winona or Beverley? They’ve been here before…” Penelope looked at her and walked to the door. “Yeah… I will… good night.”

“Good night.”

Penelope closed the door behind her, and Sandra looked at herself from the mirror. “Ghosts… moving items around…” Suddenly she felt a shiver, and she saw something on the mirror. She quickly turned around, but didn’t see anything. She glanced at the mirror and she saw something on her neck. “What the hell is that?” She tried to wipe it off, but it only spread. “Good job, Sandy. What is that, motor oil?” She removed her underwear and went into the shower and put the bathwater running. As the bath was filling, she tried to figure out what the stuff on her neck was. “Food? I don’t think so… must’ve been something on the closet or the mirror…” As the tub filled, she closed the faucet and set herself into the warm water. “Oh yeah… welcome to the hot springs of freezing Scotland…” She laid there for a very long time, then she started to hear something. She opened her eyes and looked around. Someone was singing, a calm and beautiful song, with an young and tender voice. “… Right, must be Beverley, she’s in the next room…” Although the sound didn’t sound like Beverley’s, but the shower in the other room was on… Sandra hesitated for a sec, but didn’t see any harm, so she pressed her ear against the wall. The sound wasn’t coming from there, but she could hear someone in the shower. Suddenly she noticed she was feeling up her cunt, and stopped at that second. She got up from the pool and looked at herself from the mirror in the bathroom. “What the hell are you thinking?” She snapped at herself. But suddenly stopped looking at herself angrily, and moved her ear closer to the mirror. The sound of the shower was much more clearer, and her heart started to pound like a swallow’s. She slowly removed the mirror from the wall and realised the wall was broken at that spot, with a hole size of a very big head. She saw right through the mirror, must’ve been one of those see-through mirrors, Beverley was in the shower. “Oh shit!” She cursed, but as Beverley was washing her hair, she didn’t hear her. Sandra was just about to put the mirror back on the wall, but then she noticed she was fingering herself gently. As her curiosity grew, she thought she’s just have an another look and then put the mirror back on.

She started to breathe heavily as she watched Beverley wash her long hair in the shower, with her pale ass shining into her eyes, turning her on so much that her fingering got even faster and faster. She moved her finger in and out in the hot and juicy cunt, making the pleasure so good… She didn’t dare close her eyes, she just watched as Beverley started to rub the soap all over her body, rubbing it on her back, going further down… finally reaching those round and plump buttocks. The soap was covering them as Beverley bent over to rub it on her legs… Sandra was dying to see her cunt, if she’d just turn around… Her fingering had went from fast to hysterical, her hand pounding against her cunt making a slapping noise, her ass wet from sweat now… Beverley finished her legs and put the soap on her middle finger and slid it down between her buttocks… rubbing her asshole clean with the soap. Sandra was almost there, she reached down with her other hand to rub her clit and the package was ready to blow up. Beverley turned around, revealing the gorgeous shaved pussy, starting to rub the soap on it, with her hard nipples shining from the middle of her breasts. Sandra went out of her mind, and moved her hold body while fingering and rubbing. “Yes! Yes! Yesss! Fuck yeah!” She moaned and the powerful orgasm that had built up inside her blasted her juices on the floor, leaving Sandra into the hole in the wall. As her smile and her ecstasy eased down, she opened her eyes, to find that Beverley was out of the shower, combing her hair in front of the mirror, without knowing that she had just caused an orgasm size of the whole Scotland. Sandra slowly backed away, hoping that she wouldn’t make any sounds while placing the mirror back on the wall. She placed it back, and noticed something… the singing was gone. As she looked at the floor, she could do nothing but curse, as she had to clean it up before anyone would come in.

After the mess was gone, she looked at herself from the mirror, and for her horror, she saw Beverley, standing behind her, with blood-red eyes and mutilated body. She screamed loudly and turned around, but didn’t see anything. She couldn’t breathe and she collapsed on the floor, naked.

As the thunder roared and the clock stroke midnight, she found herself in the bed, still naked, feeling a bit weird. She looked around, but didn’t see any signs of anyone being in the room. “What a dream… must’ve been the wine and the horror story…” She got up and walked into the bathroom, the bathtub was empty, and there was no signs of anyone falling down in there. The last thing to make sure it was a dream… She took a hold of the mirror, and slowly lowered it down, revealing…

“The wall! Yes! The wall… thank god for walls!” She hailed the lord as she put the mirror back on the completely unharmed wall. She turned around and hesitated to look at the mirror. “I can do this… don’t be a chicken…” She slowly turned around closing her eyes. She took a deep breath, and slowly opened her eyes…

“Jesus!” She screamed as she saw Beverley behind her, wearing a bathrobe. “Did I scare you?” Beverley asked laughing. Sandra tried to laugh, but ended up catching her breath. “Yeah… you did… whew…”

“You know, I was in the shower a few minutes ago…”

Sandra lifted her face up to look at Beverley. “I can hear everything through that wall, so… could you, like… masturbate in an another room maybe?” She laughed at the naked star, who didn’t even notice she was naked. “Umm… yeah, sorry…” She had never been so embarrased in her entire life.

Beverley moved her eyes quickly from Sandra’s legs to her eyes, smiled at her and walked out of the bathroom. Sandra noticed that she had no clothes on, and cursed her ass off. She sighed and looked at the mirror. “You’re an idiot…”

An hour earlier, in Patrick’s room… Patrick walked to his computer and took his shirt off. He set the mansion’s security system on and turned off the lights. He softly laid down on the bed, next to a young woman. “You shouldn’t harass our guests like that, especially the new ones…”

“I’m a visitor ain’t I?” The girl’s voice said. “You weren’t invited, mother wants you out.”

The girl set herself above Patrick. “But do you? I can help…” As the girl rubbed her body against Patrick, he started to pant heavily. “Not tonight, Nat…”

At the same time in Winona’s room, Penelope stepped into the room and looked around. “Hey! What’s up?” She exclaimed as she quickly turned on her back in the bed.

“Hi, umm… were you sleeping? ‘Cause I can come back later if…” Winona looked at her a bit nervous. “Oh no! Well… what’s this about?”

“Nothing much, I just… well I’m getting a feeling about this house, and since you’ve been here before, I thought that…”

“Listen, can we talk about this in the morning? I’m really… sleepy.”

Penelope looked at her for a sec, but nodded and left, closing the door behind her. Winona sighed for relief and turned on her stomach in the bed. “Did she see me?” Asked Beth, talking from between Winona’s breasts. “Nope, now where were we?”

Alicia was walking around upstairs, looking at the paintings and the statues. Every single one of them seemed to be somehow connected to demons or other supernatural subjects. “Must’ve been the grandfather who got these…” She walked to the end of the hall, down the stairs. “Weird, these stairs skip the first floor…” She arrived into a large study, plenty of cupboards, a desk and a bed. Looked more like someone lived inside this room alone. As she turned around to go back, the stairs weren’t there. “What the hell… I’ve had way too much wine…”

“Alicia…” Someone called out her name. As she turned around, she saw the twins and Troy behind them.

“Oh, excuse me, I drank too much, umm… weren’t there steps a few seconds ago?” Troy and the twins nodded. “… OK, and they’re gone now, because…?”

“Because you do not wish to leave.” Said the twins, in one voice. Alicia lifted her eyebrows and took a good look at the people in front of her. “You want to stay here, so you can find out about the ghosts, isn’t that right?” Asked Troy. Alicia stopped hesitating at that moment. “… Yeah, I do…” Alicia let go of the thought about the stairs and approached the twins.

“Is this where the ghosts come from?” She asked. “No, we’re afraid not. They come from much deeper inside the complex, do you wish to see it?” “Hell yeah…” Alicia said, and the twins smiled wickedly. Troy lifted up five of the floorboards, revealing stairs. Alicia didn’t hesitate to go down them, and the twins and Troy followed her down. The passage was cold and damp, only a few candles lit the way down, Alicia hadn’t been this afraid and excited at the same time. They reached the tomb of the Cravens at the bottom.

“This is the family-tomb, someday all of us will be buried here…” Troy said, while pushing Alicia further into the chamber. It was full of coffins, but the one on the middle of the room, that was put in the middle of an altar got her attention. She walked to it and read the inscription. “Arthur Craven, 983-1039…”

“The first Craven born, he was raised as an orphan in a convent.” The twins spoke out. “Irony’s a bitch…” Alicia laughed. As she felt a hand go up her thigh, she started to breathe heavily. As the hand went up her skirt, lifting it up she was hot lava. She collapsed on her stomach on the coffin, with her knees against the altar. The hands lifted her skirt completely, revealing the blue thong under it, the twins moved in front of her, completely naked, with their young 18-year old bodies looking juicier than ever. As Alicia’s thong were removed, she looked like she had just gotten a real hard dose of heroin. She was smiling endlessly and as Maria pushed her cunt in front of her mouth, she didn’t think. She grabbed her ass and started to lick Maria’s wet clit, with Amber on the coffin next to Alicia, removing the rest of her clothing. As Alicia felt her bare cunt getting hotter and hotter, she hysterically startes to moan. “Fuck me Troy! Fuck me!” As the cock closed in on her, her moaning got even harder. “Fuck me! Fuck my brains out you motherfucker!” Time froze, and Alicia’s face turned red, her eyes wide open, along with her mouth, and the sharp scream as the huge hard cock was pushed into her asshole. Her ass started to bleed, and her plump and soft asscheeks started to cramp up, but the big cock just kept on savagely violating her butt. Her screaming was unbearable, but the tomb’s walls stopped the sound from going anywhere. The cock was making her ass turn completely red, Troy moving it fast and hard as he could, making Alicia scream as hard as she could. Amber kissing Maria, who was still pushing her cunt into Alicia’s mouth, and the screaming felt unbeliavable to her. Amber set herself behind Troy and Alicia, starting to finger the poor girl, who’s blood was covering Troy’s rockhard dick, that was pounding the girls rectum, almost ripping it apart. Alicia cried like there was no tomorrow, it wasn’t from the pain or the blood, it was because she had flown her juices the second the cock had touched her insides. Maria couldn’t get enough of Alicia’s licking, she started to rip her hair against her so that she’s lick harder and faster. Her ass stopped bleeding and the squishing noise from her bloody ass was making her hotter than ever.

“Fuck me, Troy! Fuck my ass! Harder! Harder!” She cried out as Maria came in her mouth, flowing her juices all over Alicia’s face. Amber’s fingering and Troy’s pumping made her cum one more time, Amber drank almost all of it, saving some of it in her mouth. As she walked to Maria, who had backed out from Alicia, she kissed her hornily, with drool and cum dribbling from their mouths down to their naked bodies. Alicia closed her eyes and thanked god for the moment of heaven and hell that she had had. As she slowly opened her eyes, she saw Troy in front of her, with the twins sucking his balls and his cock. Alicia started laughing, and she couldn’t stop. Troy was grinning, and as the twins jerked him off. Alicia cried and laughed at the same time, looking like a maniac, fucked in the ass. Troy shot his load of hot sperm onto Alicia’s face, some of it going into her mouth, her laughing mouth that just couldn’t close, because Troy was in front of her, and she was still getting fucked up the ass. And she knew exactly who was fucking her. The inhumane growling behind her made her cum again, her sweaty and bloody ass was being fucked by Arthur Craven. She came out of horror and fear, as the undead beast fucked her butt with all it could. As the beast growled once more, she felt it’s cold sperm spread into her rectum, making her feel more satisfied than anyone ever. As she lost her consciousness, the last thing she saw, was Maria and Amber, licking the cum off her face.

The next morning, the Cravens were eating breakfast, waiting for their guests to join them. As Sandra walked down the steps, she saw Patrick kiss someone in the hall, after saying goodbyes, the girl left quickly. Patrick ran into Sandra on his way to the dining room. “Who was that?” She asked.

“Just an old friend…” Patrick responded as they continued to the breakfast table.

“Ah! Just the woman I was looking for, did you have some problems last night? I heard screaming.” Lady Craven asked Sandra as she sat down. “I’m terribly sorry if I woke you up, I had a bad dream…”

“No, no, my dear… I haven’t slept ever since my poor husband died.” At that point, Alicia walked into the room, and had a long look at the twins and then Troy. All of them were smiling like they hadn’t done anything last night. Alicia smiled, shook her head and sat down next to Sandra.

“Man, I had the weirdest dream…” She said as she sat down. “Really? What was it, might I ask?” Patrick got interested. “Umm… I found the Craven family crypt, where all the Cravens had been buried… Maria, Amber and Troy along with me.”

“Fascinating! Did you find anything?” Lady Craven asked enthusiastically.

“I found the tomb of the first Craven, Arthur Craven…” Alicia explained. Lady Craven and Patrick went both speechless. “Well, this is one thing that proves that supernatural exists, that name hasn’t been printed down anywhere, except on his coffin, and we haven’t spoken of him for years, not at least with other people around, in fact, this is the first time Troy and Beth hear about it.” Lady Craven pointed out, as she finished her tea. “Tell me, Alicia… did he appear to you?” Patrick asked. Alicia nodded shamefully. “Incredible! Did he say anything?”

“He… mostly growled…”

“Oh… sounds like an undead monster, a zombie perhaps?” Patrick wondered. At that moment, Winona, Penelope, Beverley and Jessica rushed into the dining room.

“Lady Craven, Heather is missing…” Jessica said, looking very scared.

“Calm down, child… she must be somewhere in the building, Patrick had all the security systems on, if anyone would’ve come even close to the main door, it would’ve awaken the whole house.” Lady Craven said as she got up.

“No! There’s something weird going on in this house!” Jessica yelled. Beverley tried to calm her down, but without result.

“Last night, I heard some little girl singing, so I went after the voice. I ended up in the cellar, where I saw chains and cages… I heard a loud scream from below me, and I could smell blood!” She paniced.

Alicia knew what she was talking about, but didn’t dare to say anything. “She’s right, I heard the singing too, and I saw something… this monster in the mirror!” Sandra said as she backed up to Jessica.

“Well it’s pretty obvious what the monster you’ve seen is, it’s the ghost!” Troy said as he got up with his sister. Sandra nodded, not believing her ears. “What about the singing? That sounded like a 12-year old in the cellar!” Jessica shouted. “I didn’t reveal everything when I told you the story, I didn’t want to frighten you!” Patrick yelled as he walked to Jessica. “John Dafoe didn’t disappear, after she had made my grandmother pregnant, he stuck around… even after their girls were born… John Dafoe molested my mother’s sister in the cellar…”

They were all shocked, except for Lady Craven, who looked at her guests very seriously. “She was no more than 11 years old… on her birthday… one day, grandmother didn’t take it anymore. So he chopped his head off with a shovel, and threw the body into the sea!”

Everyone was as quiet as they could be, only the twins sobbing silently. “Your friend is in the house, she has just gotten lost. We will find her in no time…” Patrick calmed down. All of the guests rushed back into their rooms. Patrick walked slowly towards her mother, past the crying twins and Troy who was holding her sister in his arms. “We mustn’t go any further, they are on the verge of going mad.”

“Calm down dear Patrick, remember your father, do what he would’ve done… get rid of the bitch that’s causing this…”

“Father failed in that, remember?”

“Yes, Patrick… but you must succeed in what he failed in… she might come back, but we’ll have enough time to deal with these people first.”

Patrick nodded and gave his sisters a hug. As they stopped crying, he threw his coat on and rushed out of the door. Troy and Beth smiled as Patrick drove out of the yard, and turned to lady Craven.

“Patrick is out of the way, do your thing…” Lady Craven ordered, and they left the dining room. “Who knows, maybe Patrick will succeed… we’ll finally get some peace…”

After spending the whole day in the same room with eachother, the guests of the Craven mansion were getting nervous. It was full moon, and the rain seemed to be endless.

“What is this…” Alicia wondered. “It’s the ghosts… it’s gotta be the ghosts…” Jessica studdered. “We have to calm down…” Penelope tried to calm everybody down, and made everyone feel a bit safe. “As long as we’re together, nothing can happen to us… let’s just get some sleep, maybe Heather will turn up?” She said and laid down on the floor. Everyone followed her example, and they all fell asleep into the upstairs lounge.

Just before midnight, Jessica snuck into Heather’s room. She looked around and opened up her closet. She glanced on the bed and saw Heather’s red thong. She walked to the bed, took them into her hands and looked at them for a very long time. She suddenly pushed them against her face and took a long smell. She sighed and threw them on the bed again.

“Oh, Heather…” She collapsed on her bed and started crying. Suddenly she heard someone walk in and she quickly got up. “I was just looking for… any clues if she might…”

“Jessica… It’s me…”

She recognized the voice and turned around. “Heather! You’re here!” She rushed to her and gave her a hug. Heather started moving her hands down to Jessica’s ass. “Heather… here? Now?” She asked. As she pulled away, Heather removed her shirt. “Right here… right now… I’ve never wanted you more…” Jessica immediately took off her top and revealed her braless chest. As Heather pushed his huge cleavage against Jessica’s small nipples, Jessica tried to rip Heather’s panties off, but there weren’t any. Instead she squeezed her firm and round ass, making her kiss her more powerfully. She stuck her finger up Heather’s ass, making her squirm and twitch. Heather got up and ripped Jessica’s pants and panties off, revealing her sexy brown pubic hair. She lowered down and started to lick Jessica’s clit… she smiled in exstacy as Heather’s tongue rubbed her clit hard, making her tanned skin shiver of pleasure. As she started nearing her orgasm, Heather lifted hear head up and grabbed Jessica’s breasts. “Jessica, I want you to meet someone…”

“I’ll meet anyone you want… just don’t stop, I’m almost there…” She heard steps coming from the bathroom, nearing the bed, but as Heather continued her licking, she didn’t look who it was. “Oh… oh yeah… oh, Heather! Ohhh!” She started to pant hysterically, just about to cum, when she felt a cock sliding down her throat. She tried to scream when she reached her orgasm, but the cock, sliding up and down in her throat was muting her completely. “Jessica, meet Theo…” Heather mumbled as she licked Jessica’s juices off her pussy. The long cock was choking her, and she pulled it out of her mouth, making the guy disappear into thin air. “Theo, huh…”

She spread her pussy wide open as Heather moved up to let Jessica kiss her tits. “Fuck me, Theo!” In a burst of energy, the guy was there again, now sliding his long dick into the girl’s pussy. Heather lifted her ass as high as she could get, and the guy started to lick her ass. “Oh yeah! That’s it…” The guy was pounding Jessica’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. Her pussy was wearing out quickly and the dick started to burn her pussy, but as she was sucking Heather’s tits, she didn’t care… Heather was back, and she tasted unbeliavable. Jessica felt her pussy burning and it was really beginning to hurt, the guy was literally like a machine. Pumping the young girl with her pussy almost on fire, her juices weren’t enough to lubricate the hole. The guy bit Heather’s ass, and she was so excited that she came right there, flowing her juices on Jessica’s pussy, wetting it some more. Jessica felt it and looked up at Heather. She had her eyes closed and she was panting loudly. “Look at me… please look at me…” Jessica begged Heather, moving her hands up to her face. “Please… look at me…” She cried out on the verge of an orgasm.

Suddenly Heather opened her eyes. Completely red, lifeless eyes, looking down at the terrified girl, and laughing at her, as she couldn’t do anything about it anymore…

“No! No! Nooooo!” She shouted along with the undead corpse of Theodore Craven, who shot his load of cold lifeless sperm into Jessica’s pussy, which made her cum, instantly. Heather collapsed on Jessica, with their breasts pushing against eachother, with their wet pussies against eachother.

As the sperm of the undead spread in Jessica’s body, she felt more hornier than she’d ever be, but she just laid there, with Heather on her.

As the night passed by, and the clock stroke 3, Sandra woke up alone, in the upstairs lounge. “What the hell? Is this one of those dreams again?” She got up and walked down the hall, toward the stairs. She heard some noises from downstairs and looked over the rail. She saw someone walk toward the dining room, and she immediately ran after them. As she reached the dining room door, she heard all the commotion inside. It was everything, the girl singing, an inhumane voice growling, someone shouting for pain, someone shouting for pleasure. As she opened the door she was terrified. She saw everyone in the dining room. There was a coffin in one corner, Alicia laying on it, with a pale guy fucking her in the ass, she was laughing with Maria and Amber riding her back, looking like about to come, in her hand was Troy’s cock, she was stroking it for more sperm, with her bloodred eyes. As Sandra tried to look somewhere else, she saw Jessica and Heather, on top of eachother, with a pale guy fucking Jessica and licking Heather’s ass. Sandra was horrified she tried to run away from the dining room, but her way was blocked by Winona, who was giving head to Beth. As Sandra turned around again, she saw Beverley on the table, getting fucked both ways, up the ass and in her pussy. She was screaming all the way with those red eyes shining from her head. When he rushed out of the door, not looking anywhere, she stopped just before the hall where the exit was…

“No… this isn’t happening…” She kept repeating, as she saw a 11-year old girl getting molested by an old man with a beard, with lady Craven laughing behind him, with a shovel in her hand. She ran back upstairs, back to the lounge. “I’m dreaming… gotta wake up… I gotta wake up!” She screamed and everything suddenly became silent. She opened her eyes and slowly looked at the fireplace. It was Patrick, fucking Penelope in the ass, her eyes were still normal, begging for help. “Sandra! Help me, please!” Patrick grunted and started to yell. “Please! There’s no time!” Sandra froze and watched as Patrick shot his load right into Penelope, filling her with sperm, some of it even flowing out of her mouth. They collapsed on eachother in front of the fireplace. Sandra dropped on the floor, sitting there watching the sperm drip out of Penelope’s mouth.

She couldn’t keep the pain inside anymore. She started to cry, tears flowing on the floor. She heard steps coming from the hall, but she was too afraid to look. “Please… please don’t touch me… please…” She cried, not looking at the character standing there, in an empty room, with only the fireplace and the carpet. “I have to hand it to you, you’re awesome…”

Sandra recognized that voice, she had heard it before, in the hallway, that morning. “You’re… that girl…”

The girl smiled as she kneeled down to wipe Sandra’s tears away from her cheeks. “The only thing, that’s kept you going here… was fear.” Natalie Portman said as she lifted Sandra up from the floor. She didn’t let go of her after she got the hold of her. “You’re not afraid anymore, that’s good.” She said and pushed herself against Sandra. “What is this place?” Sandra asked as Nat started to kiss her neck. “It’s a dollhouse I like to play with… I like playing with things…” As she started getting Sandra hot, the woman quickly pulled herself away from her. Nat sighed of disappointment. “OK, what’s wrong? You won! You’re the last one! Now, let’s fuck…” Sandra looked at her, and looked around. “Where are the others?” Nat shook her head and removed her jacket. “They’re fine, you’re just a part of the system now…”

“What system?” Asked Sandra. Nat smiled evilly. “Mine!”

In the snap of her fingers, the three undead arrived. “Sandra, meet Theo, Thad and Arthur!” Sandra looked at the pale walking corpses horrified. “OK, so their names are crappy, who cares? They fuck like there’s no tomorrow, well… there isn’t exactly a tomorrow for them…”

Sandra looked at Nat, looking a bit confused. “You want me to fuck these freaks?”

“Well yeah! Don’t worry, I’ll help.”

Sandra shook her head and tried to run away, but the corpses stopped her and ripped her clothes off. As Nat removed the last pieces of clothing on her, Sandra was trembling of fear. “If you relax, there’s nothing better in the world… but if you resist, there’s nothing worse in the world, your choice.” Nat whispered into Sandra’s ear. Sandra looked at the red eyed ghouls for a moment, and then looked at Nat, who was smiling, who couldn’t wait for Sandra’s answer.

Sandra sighed and reached her hand out. “Excellent choice!” Nat shouted as Sandra found herself on fours with a normal looking guy under her, behind her and in front of her. Natalie watching next to her, rubbing her clit. The show began, the three huge cocks were pushed into her at the same time, making her shiver and tremble. She was first in enormous amount of pain, but after a few pushes, the feeling was incredible. Nat laughed as Sandra started to really suck the cock with pleasure, Nat’s clit was swollen and wet, with Sandra fucking three guys right in front of her, made her laugh of all the orgasms. The cock in her ass was roughly pushing itself deeper and deeper, making her rectum almost numb, as the cock in her pussy, had just hit the g-spot making Sandra almost faint of the orgasmic feeling. The guy in front of her grabbed her head and furiously started pumping his cock insider Sandra’s throat. Sandra sucked it with everything she got and the hot sperm shot right into her stomach. As the guy dissolved in front of her, Nat stepped in, looking like she’s about to cum. “Come on! Suck my clit, now!” She screamed, with Sandra almost sucking it off the girl, the giant orgasm wet her face, her breasts and her shoulders. “Oh my god! Keep that up…” Nat panted as she drove her hands through Sandra’s hair. Sandra’s own orgasms were making her so weak, that she even couldn’t resist if she wanted to, but she didn’t want to. The cock in her pussy was ruining her insides completely. The pounding was so intense that Sandra’s ass started to blush. As if the cock in her ass wasn’t enough already. It was running on pure adrenaline, pounding deep into the gorgeous ass, Sandra’s ass was already numb, but she could still feel the pleasure it made her. Finally the guy behind her started to yell and furiosly pushing the last pushes. Nat quickly dropped on the ground and opened Sandra’s mouth along with hers. The guy let out a violent shout and his sperm filled Sandra, right from her ass to her mouth. Nat sucked almost all of it into herself, looking inhumanely horny. “Taste’s good, doesn’t it?” She said right before she gave a long french-kiss to Sandra. The only guy left was under her, fucking her like a maniac, still pounding her g-spot, making her moan and groan. The guy started to pant, and he grabbed a strong hold of Sandra’s hips. “Are you ready?” Nat asked.

“Yes! Yes! Yeeeess!” She screamed as the guy shot the last load of sperm in her pussy, and making Sandra cum right there.

Suddenly they were all alone in the upstairs lounge. As Nat started to dress, Sandra tried to get up. “You’ll get used to it, I got used to it in a while too, well… in about 900 years…” Sandra looked at the girl who walked toward the stairs fully dressed, and after laying there for a few minutes, got dressed and went after her.

Everyone was in the hall. “Sandra! There you are!” Winona shouted. Sandra walked to them and her coat was handed out to her. “What a week, huh?” Said Beverley.

“Yeah… what a week…”

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