Ballerinas Of Darkness: The Waiting Game – Chapter 9

The Waiting Game by Dark Genesis (

Las Vegas, Nevada. A safehouse was standing a few miles north of the city, used by many trespassers that didn’t want to get caught. It was open for everyone who needed it, now it was expecting very important guests, not knowing when they would arrive. Currently residing, were a few robbers, a pimp and two more famous people.

Jennifer Lopez, running away from publicity, staying there until she wasn’t that wanted anymore. Being one of the sexiest people in the world was a hard job.

Neve Campbell, who had stayed away from publicity for quite a while.
The real reason was, that she had just had her breasts done. A lot bigger than before, any reporter saw that, and it would be a circus.

All of them were sitting in the main hall, drinking beer that the robbers had brought with them. Even though it was bad, it sure beat the hell out of muddy water. Jennifer was sitting in a table with the pimp, discussing the oldest trade in the world. Apparently, the business in Las Vegas had gone well, the girls were making almost as much money as Hollywood actresses… but still, it was pretty degrading…

“If it happens to be a really kinky pervert, if there’s anything unusual in his desires, we charge him 500 extra… I have 14 girls, about 2 out of 3 want something weird, sailor hats or something like that… it’s the business for money, I’ll tell you…” The pimp swiped the half full mug in him.

“Yeah, but it must be hard for your conscience, right?” Asked Jennifer, obviously wasted.

“Huh? For what? Anyways… I could get millions if you’d join the girls… we’d make a fortune, whaddya say?”

Jennifer looked at him, with her eyes a bit sleepy. “I… won’t do that… I… going to bed…”

She got up, swaying a bit while walking up the stairs to her room. As she went into her room, a man stepped into the house. “Vacancy?”

“Always… have a drink… what’s your name, pal?”

The man took a mug of beer and sat to the table with the pimp. “… Damon.”

Meanwhile, upstairs… Neve was combing her hair in her white nightgown, looking at herself from the mirror. She wasn’t really combing her hair, she was looking at her tits, they weren’t the same anymore… Jennifer walked in and closed the door.

“God, what a night…” She moaned and continued her way to the bathroom. “You’re not going to puke, are you?” Asked Neve, putting the comb down on the desk.

“No… I’m not going to puke… I’m just gonna…”

She turned the faucet on and washed her face. She looked at herself from the mirror and hissed. She walked to Neve, who was looking at herself. “So, you’ve been watching those babies for the whole night?”

“Oh, come on… they just feel… weird…”

Jennifer turned Neve to face her and grabbed her tits. “… Nope… they feel as real as mine, try ’em.” She grabbed Neve’s hands and placed them on her breasts. Neve started to breathe heavily. “So? How do they feel?” Jennifer asked, looking at Neve waiting for an answer.

“… They’re just fine…”

“Good. So are yours.” She said and collapsed into her bed on her stomach. Neve sighed as Jennifer started to snore. She had all her clothes on, not the way to go to sleep. “I suppose she wouldn’t mind…” Neve thought and walked to Jennifer. She removed Jennifer’s jacket, leaving the white shirt on her. Unfortunately the shirt was transparent enough for Neve to see Jennifer’s black bra, shining through. Neve tried not to think about it and continued down, pulling Jennifer’s jeans down. She let out a sigh as she revealed the ass that had been the subject of every guy’s dream, and some women’s too… including Neve’s. Her black panties were sinking into the full and firm buttocks that made Neve’s cunt burn of pleasure. Her tanned skin was shining in the light of the candle’s in the room, Neve hesitated for a second, looking at Jennifer’s face… she had passed out, what could a little groping hurt?

Neve slowly moved her hands, up from Jennifer’s legs, along her thighs, reaching the round and tight butt she had had wet dreams about ever since she saw U-turn. She softly squeezed it with her hands, not noticing that she was letting out small moans. She lifted up her nightgown and slid her panties off, starting to rub her cunt against Jennifer’s right thigh, while caressing the beautiful ass in front of her. She rocked herself back and forth faster and faster, feeling her clit starting to make her cum. She stared at Jennifer’s ass, slowly removing the panties off her. She felt her orgasm nearing, and she quickly moved onto Jennifer’s butt, hoping that she wouldn’t wake up. Her milky skin shivered and her breasts wiggled as she moved her sexy body on Jennifer. Panting with a high-pitched voice, she felt her juices flowing from her cunt between Jennifer’s buttocks, filling the crack with her warm cunt-juice. She paced her breathing, rubbing her cunt slowly against Jennifer.

She looked at Jennifer, still passed out, not reacting to her doings at all. Neve leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. She was just about to jump off the bed, but then she had an idea… she looked at her bag on the floor next to the desk. She knew what she had in there… this might be her last chance, unless Jennifer WAS a lesbian or bi-sexual… why risk it? She got off Jennifer, walked to her bag and dug up the strap-on she had been carrying around, among other things. Jennifer wriggled a bit in the bed, but didn’t open her eyes. Neve quickly put the strap-on on herself and walked to Jennifer. She set herself behind her and lifted Jennifer’s ass up a bit, just enough for her to get it in. Neve’s juices were running between Jennifer’s buttocks, she was all ready to be penetrated. Neve looked at the beautiful cunt, shining from Jennifer’s crotch, and looked at her asshole. If she’s having her period, she might still feel it in the morning… just to make sure. She took some of her juices, spread it on the dildo, jerking it with her hand, covering it completely. Neve set her hands on Jennifer’s buttocks, spread them slowly, set the tip of the dildo on her asshole, just about to push it in… Jennifer moved a bit, letting out a small moan. Neve froze, she couldn’t move anywhere. What if she woke up? ‘Hi! Just fucking your ass here…’

But she didn’t wake up. Neve sighed and smiled as she slowly pushed the dildo inside the tanned butt. Jennifer didn’t react, even when the dildo hit the bottom, Neve had never felt so hot. The other end of the dildo was rubbing her clit as she moved her hips slowly back and forth. Neve bent over, putting her arms around Jennifer, jerking her hips against the round butt, being fucked by Neve. She pressed her tits against Jennifer’s back, rubbing her nipples against it, fumbling Jennifer’s tits underneath her shirt. Neve started to lick her back, reaching up to her neck, she was breathing calmly, not knowing what was going on. Neve felt herself closing in… she pulled herself up, setting her hands on Jennifer’s butt. Her fucking was getting faster and faster, every push put her closer to her orgasm with the hottest ass she’d ever seen. She was slapping herself against Jennifer, panting softly and tightening her grip on the butt. She felt so good, she hadn’t had any in weeks, she started to cry silently, tears dripping on Jennifer’s ass. “God, please… let me cum, please… I’ll do anything… God… YES!” She cried as her cunt gave up the tension and she came again, wetting the bed with her cum.

She leaned against Jennifer for a minute, catching her breath and slowly recovering from the orgasm. Jennifer was still asleep, smiling and looking satisfied. Neve slowly pulled herself away and removed the strap-on. After washing the dildo and dressing Jennifer, Neve fell asleep on her bed, happy that she had gotten away with it.

As morning came upon Nevada, Damon was outside the house. He looked at the sun, rising from the horizon, waiting for someone to arrive. Someone stepped out of the house, the woman had arrived just a few hours ago, Damon was the first one to see her here. This was an escape, so he didn’t want to attract any attention… but sometimes hormones are a bit too much… He didn’t recognize her at first, but it didn’t take much time to get to know her.

“… What’re you looking at, freak?” The dark haired beauty snapped at Damon. “Your legs…”

The woman looked at him for a long time, getting angry at him. “What are you? Some kind of a pervert?”

“No, I mean… there’s a snake around your legs…”

The woman glanced down and let out a scream as the long snake circled around her legs. Damon took a stick from the ground, picked up the snake with it and threw it far away. The woman sighed, looking relieved. “Oh… thanks…” She said in low voice.

“Yeah, no problem…” Damon looked at the familiar face for a long time, she was trying to light a cigarette, but her lighter didn’t work. Damon helped her out with his lighter and she gave him a friendly look.

“I’m Damon… you’re…”

The woman looked at him surprised. “Wow, you didn’t recognize me? That’s a first one…”

“No, I didn’t… your face looks familiar, but I can’t… uh…”

“Shannen. Shannen Doherty.”

“Right, you were in that show… the one with the witches ‘n stuff.” Shannen nodded, looking cold. “Are you cold? You’d better get inside, I think the outlaws will mind you smoking.” They walked back inside, leaving the sun rising by itself.

They sat down in one of the tables away from the passed out criminals. Shannen lighted a cigarette with the matches on the table, Damon was completely dazzled by her, Shannen noticed his staring. “What? Is there a spider in my hair?”

“No-no… I was just wondering… how do you get it so beautiful?”

She gave Damon a long stare, thinking what he had in mind for her. “Are you trying to get into my pants?”

“I’m serious, you look so pretty… in fact, I haven’t seen anything as beautiful as…” He didn’t get to finish that sentence. “OK, listen for a sec… if you want a good fuck, this isn’t the way to do it. Be more aggressive, all you’re talking about is how beautiful I am… that’s kind of corny.”

“But I don’t want just a fuck… I think I want to spend the rest of my life with you!”

Shannen laughed at him, shaking her head. “OK, here’s the deal…” She got up from the table, stubbing out her cigarette. “I’m really not into this ‘God you’re so beautiful’ thing, but if you feel like going a bit further, I’ll be upstairs…” She walked up to the 2nd floor, leaving Damon downstairs, looking like he had just screwed every woman in the area code. But he couldn’t go upstairs, he had to wait for his friends to arrive, who knows, they might need to leave immediately.

The hours passed by, people spending their time by drinking, sleeping or screwing. Just before the sun started to sink behind the horizon, Neve and Jennifer came downstairs to grab something to eat. Damon was still sitting in the same table and the same chair, thinking about the woman who had sat there with him just for a few moments. He couldn’t go upstairs, and the urges were overpowering. Jennifer sat down with him. “I’ll get something, just sit down.” Said Neve as she headed for the kitchen. Jennifer kept staring at Damon, who didn’t notice it. Neve came from the kitchen with bread and some butter, she looked at Jennifer who’s eyes were firmly on Damon, who was looking at the door. They were both in their own worlds, the other one thinking about marrying the woman upstairs, and the other ready to fuck her brains out. “Come here often?” She asked. Damon glanced at her. “No.”

Neve looked at the two, not quite sure what to think. “How would you like to… get your hands on something only a few men have touched?”

Damon looked at Jennifer for a little longer. “Not really…”

She was stunned, she got up and walked to him, laying her crotch onto Damon’s shoulder. “I don’t know what it was… but I just woke up so horny today… I was wondering if you could…”

“No thanks.” Damon got up, he had decided what to do. If his friends came here, they’d know to wait downstairs, right? He walked upstairs, stopping in front of the room where Shannen had went. He took a deep breath, walked in, closed the door behind him, and there she was. Laying on the bed, wearing black underwear was the love of Damon’s life, looking at him with a calling stare in her eyes. “You got here just in time, I was about to take care of this by myself.” Damon approached her slowly, while she got ready for an incoming assault by removing her bra. Her big juicy breasts were begging for someone to give them just a little grab, nipples hard as rock in the middle of them waiting for lips to come and suck them dry. Damon climbed on the bed, and above Shannen, kissed her softly. Shannen wanted it a lot more than him, sticking her tongue deep into Damon’s mouth. He broke the kiss to tell her something, but she pushed him up and started to remove his jeans. “Listen I need to tell you something…”

“Talk later. Now, shut up!” She said right before she got Damon’s cock into her mouth. Damon leaned back, letting Shannen stick the thing as far as she could into her throat. Her saliva was warm and slippery, making Shannen’s mouth feel like the blowjob of 100 women at once, she moved her head slowly back and forth, rubbing the cock in every part of her mouth, rolling her tongue around it. She took it out of her mouth and started to jerk it violently, taking Damon’s balls in her mouth and gently sucking them. She took the hard cock into her mouth again, sucking it with all she had, Damon grabbed the back of Shannen’s head and started fucking her head. The cock was sliding deep inside her throat, her warm mouth was giving Damon an extra boost, going faster and faster. Damon started to pant, his grip on Shannen’s head was getting tighter, she was gagging as the cock slided in and out of her mouth. Her face was turning red, not being able to breathe every time Damon pushed himself into her throat. Shannen pulled away from him, laying back on the bed. Damon pulled her panties down, along with his own clothes. He laid himself on Shannen’s body, kissing her neck softly. Shannen forced Damon’s cock inside her with her hand, since Damon seemed to be out of it. He started to move his body back and forth, slowly sliding his big cock in the wet pussy that was ready to explode. Shannen was disappointed, she had expected a bit something else. “What’re you doing? Do it…” She moaned grabbing Damon’s back, trying to make him go faster. Damon looked at her eyes, starting to go faster by his lover’s command. The veiny cock was pounding Shannen’s womb, making her squirm of pleasure. As she came on Damon, her brown pubic hair moistened of her juices, this made Damon want to go faster… well she asked for it. Suddenly he picked his pace to max, catching Shannen off-guard, recovering from her orgasm. Her panting got intense, the high-pitched voice was turning Damon on, moving his cock inside the warm and wet cunt that was continuously whimpering of orgasms. Damon grinned and grabbed Shannen’s ass, pumping the last strokes into the horny cunt. Shannen came once more, her juices mixing with Damon’s hot sperm in her pussy. Damon froze inside her, not moving for a few seconds, and then collapsed on her.

“God… I never came like that before… it felt so good…” Shannen gasped as Damon moved his cock slowly inside her. Then he remembered what he should have done, instead of going upstairs and fucking. He jumped up from the bed, getting dressed. “See? A while ago you were telling me how beautiful I am and being so sensitive about me, and now you’re rushing out.”

“I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have done this. I was supposed to wait downstairs, I’m sorry, Shannen…” He pulled his pants up and grabbed his shirt, rushing out of the door. Shannen smiled by herself and relaxed on the bed, letting all the fluids from her run down on the bed.

After that, Damon didn’t move from his position in the table, except for getting more beer or food. His friends didn’t seem to be getting there, but he kept waiting… Damon trusted them blindly, still he wanted to go back upstairs, to lay next to the woman he had strong feelings for.

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