Ballerinas Of Darkness: The Woman In The Mirror – Chapter 12

The Woman In The Mirror by Dark Genesis (

“I think I saw Natalie downstairs… I hope she didn’t notice me…”

The woman walked to the balcony of her room, looking down on the dark island in the Bahamas. She happened to know that Natalie and her lover were staying in the floor beneath her, and she had heard that a couple of hours ago they had obviously had a very intimate moment. Throwing the dress she had worn earlier, the woman walked in front of a mirror and gave herself a long look. The body of Sandra Bullock, but not the same person for a long time… when the hell did that happen?

“What? Don’t tell me that you have a headache! You haven’t said that in a long while.” Sandra’s lover on the bed pointed out. “That’s the point, isn’t it…” Wondered Sandra, backing up to the bed and sitting down, still looking at the mirror. Her lover sat up and put his arms around her, kissing her neck and trying to get her horizontal on the bed.

“What do you think? Have I been acting strange for a couple of months?” Asked Sandra, turning her eyes off the mirror and focusing them on Angelo’s eyes. He sighed and looked away, trying to avoid Sandra’s look. “I suppose so… but it hasn’t hurt anyone, has it?” He smiled, not knowing what Sandra’s behavior had already inflicted. Sandy just smiled back at him, covering her grief completely. She joined Angelo in a passionate kiss, slowly falling down onto the bed. His hands went through her beautiful brown hair, lowering down to caress her back while the endless kiss continued. Their lips aparted just to get a good breath of air, resuming the kiss right after. Sandy reached down and took a hold of Angelo’s cock, stroking the shaft slowly and softly rubbing the tip. Not for long and his cock got hard and big, ready to do it’s duty. She started to move lower her head down, but Angelo lifted it up. “You don’t have to…”

Sandy gave her a warm smile, ignoring his suggestion. The tip of Angelo’s cock sank into Sandra’s mouth, the slow and patient sucking and the warm and wet licking were making Angelo’s head go nuts. Stroking the long and veiny shaft while making her lover moan like this was his last blowjob were making Sandra hornier than him. She wasn’t like this before… but she was now. “God, Sandy… your mouth… ohhh, and your tongue… I can’t take it…” He moaned while gripping a hold of the sheets. She pushed the cock deep into her throat just once, to make Angelo’s heartbeat stop for a second, and lifted her head up from the cock. Sandy stroked the shaft very carefully, not to make him cum just yet. She removed her red lace panties and threw them on the floor, but keeping the bra still on. When she felt that Angelo’s cock was ready for a second run, she set herself above it and slowly landed, letting the cock softly press against her womb. Sandy’s cunt was already so wet that it slid in easily, as she started to move back and forth slowly on her dark lover, she could feel the thing inside her throbbing, along with her own clit. Her wet pubic hair was rubbing itself against Angelo, giving him an unbelievable feeling in his cock and his whole body. Sandy felt it too, running up from her cunt right up to her hair. Like a wave of orgasms flowing through their bodies making them press against each other. “Oh yeah! Did you learn new tricks when I was gone, did ya?” She smiled with tears of joy running down her cheeks. Sandy’s cunt was getting wetter and Angelo’s cock was getting harder, so hard that it hurt. He just grinned and kept Sandra on him by grabbing her hips. Sandy’s intentions weren’t to leave for a long time, she had never felt anything like this, she just kept rubbing her cunt hard against Angelo’s crotch with the long cock inside her. She started moving her sexy butt more, spinning it around and making her lover’s pulse race. “Sandy… oh my God! Your cunt feels so fucking good!” At that moment Sandra came on Angelo, her cum spreading on his body, but she still kept going. Angelo started moving his hips up and down, pushing his cock deeper into her cunt, Sandra started gasping, her body recovering from the orgasm. Her lover’s hands tightened their grip on her, his hips bucking up harder and harder. Sandra felt him coming and she sank fer nails into Angelo’s skin. This was too much, he pulled it out and jerked it hard, cum splashing on Sandy’s sweet ass.

At that moment the feeling just went away. They didn’t feel it anywhere, all they felt was exhausted. Sandy fell softly on Angelo, who was panting just as beat as her.

“I feel strange…” Moaned Sandra, wrapping herself with the sheets. “Like someone was here?”

Sandra looked at Angelo, surprised that he felt it. “… Yeah, exactly…”

“I should get back down…” Angelo got up, putting his clothes on. “I’ll check back tomorrow, OK?”

Sandra nodded as a reply, left alone in the room when he was gone. She sat up on the edge of the bed and looked into the mirror. “Doesn’t really matter, does it?” She just went to sleep, she couldn’t just run around the small island, there was the risk of being noticed by a certain someone.

“Sandy, wake up.” The girl slapped her face softly to wake her up. Sandra slowly opened her eyes to see her old boss, Natalie Portman waking her up. “Oh, man…” She moaned, and buried her head to the pillow. “I don’t think you want to be not paying attention to me right now.”

“Why? Is there an apocalypse?” She murmured, her sound muffled by the pillow. “It seems that… one of my kids is here.”

Sandra opened her eyes and looking quite disappointed got up from the bed and walked to the window, leaving Natalie sitting on the bed.


The cry spread throughout the whole island, not that it was a big island, but still an island.

“Goddamn! Sonovabitch!” Sandra kept cursing while violently kicking and hitting the walls. Natalie sighed, looking a bit pale, not so surprised by Sandy’s reaction. “I trusted that they wouldn’t leave the mansion! You said that they wouldn’t! Now we’ll have ten times the job covering up our mess…” Sandra started to calm down, leaning against the wall. “Wasn’t my call, again… I’m not in charge of anything anymore, until I go back to director.” Said Nat, getting up from the bed and starting to walk around the room.

“Wait a sec… they’ve come to look for their mother, right?”

“I suppose so… but I can’t be sure.”

“Then which mother are they looking for? The biological or you?” Asked Sandra, bolting the door. “I don’t know that either, but the biological mother is one floor below and I want to make sure nothing happens to her.”

They both sat down on the bed staring at the wall. “Why did you tell me?” Asked Sandra.

“I need you to take her away from here and contact our escapee… she’ll understand the situation… I’ve ordered a plane.”

“Fine… you’re interrupting my vacation, but OK…”

Sandra looked at Natalie who was still staring at the wall, her eyes full of sorrow. “I’ll do it, don’t worry about it.” Natalie looked back at her smiling. “Thanks.”

It was true, Crystal had come here to find her biological mother, the mother who didn’t know of her existense. Natalie didn’t have much choice, there was only one person who had escaped the ‘Organization’ for a long time, and she needed to contact her. Natalie lured Crystal into her room, telling her that her real mother would show up there…

“Mother…?” Crystal walked into the dark room, not closing the door behind her. She turned the lights on and only saw an empty room. Nat slammed the door shut and leaned back against it. Crystal looked at her angrily. “This is deception, where is my mother?”

“You’ve grown… last time I saw you you looked like… 16 or something.” Said Nat, starting to approach Crystal slowly. “All your spawn stop aging at 18, you know that.” The dark-haired girl pointed out, trying to go around her, but Natalie stopped her with her hand. “Sit down… we need to talk.”

Crystal knew that she was no match for Natalie in terms of fighting, so she took her advice. “Who ordered the hit on her?” Asked Natalie, walking in front of the girl. “You know who… the one in charge until you come back.” Answered Crystal, removing her jacket. “Why?”

“She’ll figure out the truth one way or another, and when she does, she might freak out and try to stop us.”

“She’s not a threat… what’s the real reason she’s to be killed?” Asked Natalie starting to walk around the room nervously. “I just do what I’m told, you’ll have to ask the current director.”

“Right…” Nat stared at the girl looking back at her. This was the product that had grown rapidly in a few weeks, now trying to kill the woman who gave birth to her. “Or… would you like to stop me from running down to the airport to suck the life out of that bitch?” Smiled Crystal.

“Stop it… she’s not like that…” Nat glanced at Crystal and walked in front of the mirror. Crystal smiled wickedly and got up. Warm hands started running over Nat’s body, caressing her up from her belly to her neck, Nat just stared at the mirror, showing the girl behind her pressing against her back. “You’re ready to screw up an easy hit just for this?” Asked Nat, starting to remove her clothes. “We never believed that we’d get her with this one… we were sure that you wouldn’t give her up…” Crystal was running her tongue around Nat’s neck, moisting her tender skin and making her cheeks blush. Crystal backed up to remove her clothes too, while Natalie had only her white bra and panties on. Crystal got rid of all her clothes and Natalie laid down on her, kissing her ample breasts covered by the milky skin of the young girl. While Natalie kept moving down on Crystal’s body, licking and kissing her way down, Crystal reached down to remove Natalie’s bra. Nat’s lips touched the girl’s moist dark pubic hair, moving down even more she reached her swollen cunt lips, almost burning her juiced shiny lips when she kissed them softly. Nat moving her tongue slowly into her, making her tremble of pleasure. This was the first for Crystal, but she had inherited her passion from her spiritual mother who was giving her the first orgasm of her life. Natalie got her panties off and stopped licking Crystal just when she was about to cum. “Don’t stop, please!” She panted trying to put her hands into her cunt, but Natalie grabbed her hands stopping her. “Patience, you’ll get there eventually…”

She ran her hands up to Crystal’s breasts, grabbing a hold of them and pulling herself up to her face. “Your turn now…” Natalie set Crystal’s leg between hers, and she started moving it back and forth, rubbing Nat’s swollen clit roughly. Natalie closed her eyes and enjoyed the innocence of her own offspring who had inherited the body of her biological mother and the eyes and hair of her spiritual mother. Crystal’s body started to gather up the stamina again, her leg started moving faster and faster against Nat’s cunt. “Please… touch it…” She moaned, trying to get Nat to make her cum. Natalie gave her some slack and moved her leg between Crystal’s, rubbing it hard against her virginal cunt. Nat forced her hands under Crystal’s butt and squeezed it hard. “God… you feel just like her…”

Crystal’s whole body blushed and her pulse started racing like a horse. All she could think about was Natalie and her leg, trying to force itself inside her cunt. Nat came, running her juices down Crystal’s leg, it ran down to her crotch, mixing with the moistness of her cunt. “Oh, Jesus! Oh my God!” Crystal panted on the verge of her first orgasm, Natalie just smiled and pulled away from her. “What… what are you doing?” Asked Crystal, very confused about Nat’s doing. “Did you really think you’d get me out of business this easily? Anyone who comes into contact with THAT dies, remember?” Smiled Nat, starting to put her clothes on. Crystal cried out in anger, starting to violently finger her cunt. Her hand was slapping against the wet lips of her tight innocence. She growled violently as her juices filled the bed and Nat left the room. “GOOOOOOODDD!!!”

As Nat walked to the yard of the hotel, she saw the plane leaving the airport. With a smile upon her face, she returned back into the hotel, knowing that her lover was going to be alright and safe… safe from all that what she had created.

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