Ballerinas Of Darkness: What’s Up With That – Chapter 4?

What’s Up With That? by Dark Genesis (

Sarah Michelle Gellar, the famous hottie of the whole globe was standing in a dark alley, waiting for her boyfriend. The night was still young and the fact that she was standing just a few steps away from the local rape-market, wasn’t giving her much chills, only if the guy she was waiting for wouldn’t show up would scare her.

“Where the hell are you…”

“… Right here.” The voice behind her said.

As she turned around she was relieved, as she saw her lover’s face come out of the shadows. “I think you shouldn’t be here, my boyfriend’s
gonna suspect something…”

“Your boyfriend isn’t coming, it was just on the news, he’s stuck in his apartment with the whole California’s reporters up his ass right now.”

“Oh, shit… we were supposed to go driving around.”

“I’ll drive you…” Damon said as he slid his hand into Sarah’s crotch. At first, she let out a small moan and bit her lower lip… but she pulled his hand away from her. “Come on, stop that…”

“Stop? That’s a first one…” He proceeded to kiss her neck, and she seemed very cooperative at the time. She put her hand into her jeans and started to rub her clit hard. As Damon proceeded down with his tongue, he lifted up Sarah’s top and quickly removed her bra. They backed into the dark alley, so that everyone walking by wouldn’t suddenly stop for a cigarette. Sarah moaned loudly as Damon sucked her left nipple, while squeezing her right tit. As she started her squealing and nearing her orgasm, Damon replaced her hand with his, and started lifting her up and down, holding onto her tit and her pussy. Sarah shivered as a violent orgasm took control of her body, making her twitch and pulling Damon strongly against her. As she eased down, Damon let go and dropped his pants down.

“My turn now.” He said as he tried to push Sarah down to his cock, but she wouldn’t go down.

“I’m not finished yet.” She spoke out as she removed her jeans and set herself against the cold wall. She lowered her red lace panties and revealed her moist and hot pussy. It started to rain, and they heard thunder approaching. “Come on, don’t ruin it… fuck me!” She shouted hornily to Damon who quickly pushed himself against her. As he set her cock inside her, she started to breathe heavily, and when Damon pushed it deeper, she let out a moan. Sarah’s sounds were lost into the traffic and raining of LA, giving her the freedom to moan all she wanted. He started pumping her hard, with her ass slapping against the wall, and the water making both of them wet, made a little more noise as Damon fucked Sarah’s pussy harder and harder.

“Fuck me! Make me cum, please! She squealed between the moans and screams. His pounding was starting to hurt her, but as the pain mixed in with the pleasure, the feeling was incredible. Damon pounded Sarah’s body against the wet wall with all he could, almost making the girl cry. “Is it deep? Come on, bitch! Is it deep?” He shouted as Sarah smiled of pleasure. “Yes! It’s deep! I want it deeper!” As Damon pushed himself as deep as he could get, Sarah suddenly opened her eyes and looked impaled, but Damon kept on fucking, and making Sarah look even more tortured. Damon felt himself cumming, but managed to hold it in. Sarah felt Damon’s cock getting tense, and she pushed him away against the other wall, with Damon’s cock standing there, but not for long. She rushed toward it and stuck it up her throat, as far as she could get it. Damon grinned as Sarah rubbed the cock against every part of her throat, making him grab her head and starting to fuck it. Sarah was about to choke on the cock, but then Damon let out a yell and shot the hot sperm right into her stomach, leaving her no other choice but to swallow it, since it never even saw her mouth. Damon slowly pulled his cock out, and Sarah coughed hard, looking like she hadn’t gotten air in a week.

“Was it too much?” Asked Damon, looking out of breath.

Sarah felt something, as she felt up her pussy, she felt a small amount of blood on her fingers. She got up and put her fingers inside Damon’s mouth.

He looked surprised as he tasted the blood and cum.

“You were that deep… deeper than anyone else… thank you.” She said and started to get dressed. Damon was still a bit not able to move, but Sarah got dressed quickly. She leaned over and gave Damon a french kiss, with her tongue tasting the rest of the blood and cum in his mouth.

“I’ll see you around.”

She walked into the street and picked up a cab. Damon pulled his pants up and walked into the street, with only one thing in his mind, where to spend the night?

After a week, Sarah was walking on the street in the morning, heading toward one of her co-star’s apartment. As she opened the door, she noticed that something had happened here.

“Michelle? You in here?” She yelled. This was an apartment she had spent many nights in, when she didn’t want to go to her boyfriend’s place. She walked into the bedroom and saw familiar-looking clothes on the bed.

“Sarah? Is that you?”


She saw Damon coming out of the shower. She looked at her lover, not so surprised as happy. “Michelle had something to do, she split early. I was about to take a shower.” Sarah threw her jacket on the bed.

“You know, she’s only 16… you shouldn’t be doing her…”

“Well, had no place to go, besides she looked like a fine piece of ass…”

Damon started to approach Sarah, who removed her watch. “Anyways, what are you doing here? She’s only 16, you know…” Said Damon as his cock started to harden.

“We girls need to play it together… no matter what.”

Damon smiled and pushed his cock against Sarah. “So you came here to play? Too bad she’s not here…”

Sarah lowered down and tasted the tip of Damon’s cock. The taste was familiar, and she once again tasted it with all of her mouth. She pulled it out and started to jerk it. “You fucked her, I can taste it… right up the ass…” Damon lifted her up and kissed her, squeezing her ass at the same time. “Same treatment here?”

Sarah smiled and grabbed Damon’s cock firmly. “Definitely, all the way.” Damon ripped Sarah’s pants down and put his cock between the girl’s legs, making her wet. “Where did it happen?” She asked, still kissing Damon. Sarah removed her top and her bra, and was about to remove her black g-string, but Damon pulled her into the bathroom. “Keep them on, she didn’t take ’em off either.”

He turned the shower on, making Sarah’s hair and the rest of her body wet. As Damon cracked the girl’s panties, she didn’t see any hair. “Things changed since last week?”

“Michelle likes it young and soft.”

That sentence was too much for Damon. “Fuck this shit…” He ripped the panties off her and pushed his cock inside her, lifting her high against the wall. But Sarah had something else in mind, she turned them around and suddenly Damon was against the wall, with Sarah hooking her legs around him. “Do it again… what you did last week… that was heaven…” Damon grabbed her ass making her scream and started to move Sarah up and down on his cock. Her juices were flowing down on the floor, and making Damon much easier to slide inside her. Sarah’s bald pussy was as red and wet as her insides and her ass was hurting from Damon’s squeezing, but it would hurt more, so Sarah kept on the horse.

“You know what Michelle likes?” She said when taking breath. “She likes it when my ass gets all sweaty and she sticks her fingers inside, and squeezes the soft and sweaty buttock wih all she’s got…”

Damon’s panting was getting harder and harder, with blood and cum flowing from Sarah’s pussy, mixing on the floor. Damon tried to break free to fuck Sarah’s ass, but she kept him against the wall. “Come on… you wanna feel like Michelle did?”

“Just one… more…” She sighed as her third orgasm approached.

Sarah shivered and squeezed Damon in her arms and legs. As her juices escaped her pussy once again, Damon quickly pulled away and pushed Sarah against the wall, with her nipples rubbing against it. “This is how she liked it… you like it like this, bitch?” He shouted as he set his cock between Sarah’s buttocks, but didn’t push it in yet. “Uh-huh… do it…”

“Do what, bitch?”

“Push it in…”

Damon was gonna tease Sarah, partly because if he’d push it in now, he’d cum right there and stop the session there. “Push what? Where?” Sarah started to finger her pussy, looking extremely horny. Damon figured that if he wouldn’t do it quick, she’d explode. “Your cock! Put it in my ass! Now!” Damon hesitated in danger of cumming, but after Sarah yelled that last sentence… “Fuck my ass! Fuck me like you fucked my best girl!” Sarah screamed loudly as the cock roughly slid into her asshole, as deep as Damon got it, Sarah’s ass flattening between him and the wall. She came right there, the most violent orgasm she ever had. “Oh shit!” She yelled as Damon continued to move his cock inside her rectum. Damon panted hard as he moved himself up and down, deeper and deeper at every push. Sarah didn’t remember it was this bad and she started shedding tears. Damon was lucky to get even here, but his integrity was failing. His panting changed to moaning and his last strokes were slapping Sarah’s round sweaty ass with brute force. Sarah stuck her fingers deep inside her pussy, to get that last orgasm before Damon would cum. Too late for that, Damon pulled his cock out and let out a yell as he shot his hot sperm on Sarah’s back. The sperm started to flow between her buttocks and Sarah’s wiped them off and drank the sperm on her hands.

Damon squeezed the last drops from his cock and rubbed them on Sarah’s ass.

“Holy… shit… how did Michelle take that… her ass is way smaller than mine…”

“Well… she’s a girl… with an extreme assfetish…”

“I hear ya…”

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