Ballin’ Halle

Ballin’ Halle

My wife and I went to an adult theatre for a change of pace. Didn’t really know
or care what the movie was, just needed to get away from the normal everyday
life for a while. As we paid for the tickets at the window I noticed the name
of the movie was Interracial Orgy: Heaven In Black Pussy. I’ve always dreamed
of fucking a black girl. Something about watching my white cock slide in and
out of a black mouth, pussy or ass that gets my dick rock solid. Made our way
to the concession stand for a cold drink. We got in the theatre as the lights
started to dim, we picked some seats in the middle away
from the rest of the
small crowd, just in case we wanted to mess around. Sometimes these movies get
us both fucking hot.

Just as the movie started I noticed what looked like a shapely black woman
sitting down in the same row about 8 seats away. We looked at each other and
shrugged our shoulders. Why would a single female come to a movie like this.
Who cares, she was far enough away that she wouldn’t see anything anyway. So we

The opening was a real scorcher, a big white cock going at a shaved black
pussy, full screen. My 7-inch cock sprang to life in my sweat pants, easier to
get a cock out of than jeans. I looked at my wife and she was already rubbing
her pussy thru her shorts. I figured why not join her, so I started rubbing my
cock. As the girl on screen was getting fucked she kept screaming for him to
“Fuck me hard with that big white owl. Fuck me like the black slut I am” I
caught movement out of the corner of my eye as I saw our row mate move a little
closer to me. I told my wife and she replied, “Maybe she likes this show
better” as she pulled my cock out. The shot panned out to see another white
cock aiming for here open mouth. All you could hear now were the 3 people on
screen moaning and groaning. It was than that I noticed that my wife was
starting to really jack me off. Also our row mate had moved a little closer.

As I looked harder down the row I noticed that here hand was in her pants
rubbing her own pussy as fast as I was doing my wife. She was also staring
right at my and my wife as we did each other. I nudged my wife and told her
that are friend was enjoying us more than the show. My wife just smiled an evil
grin and said, “Than she’ll really enjoy this” as she brought her mouth to my
cock. Just as she started to suck I looked as our friend moved to the seat next
to my wife. She reached out and put her dark hand on my wife’s fingers that
were rubbing her stiff nipples, as she let out a low moan as she was sucking. I
started rubbing her pussy to match the speed of her mouth. I didn’t think
either of us would last much longer. Than I felt another pair of hands helping
me with my wifes pussy. What a sight, my white fingers and her black fingers
together in my wifes pussy. My wife looked over at her pussy stuffed with
interracial fingers and moaned as she started cumming, which brought me to the
point of no return as I shoot load after load of cum all over her face. Than
our friend brought her face over to lick the cum off my wifes face. It was than
that we realized who our row mate was, it was Halle Berry.

After she licked all the cum off her face she looked up at me and asked “Would
you like to fuck me life they’re doing on the screen. “Do I look stupid?” I
asked. As I looked on the screen, a white guy was fucking a black girl as she
was eating a white girls pussy. My wife and looked at each other and smiled.
We switched seats so Halle was in the middle of us. Halle bent over to get me
hard again as my wife went for her shaven snatch. My God could she suck, hard
me hard again in no time. We all looked around to see if anybody was looking,
hell no they were fucking too. So Halle climbed onto my lap and guided my cock
into her hot dripping wet black pussy. I was in heaven. After a few minutes I
told Halle to kneel on the seat so she could eat my wife. We switched places to
accommodate everybody and continued our own little interracial orgy.

As the girls settled into a rhythm, I settled into my own slow rhythm. I wanted
this dream to last a while. We had forgotten all about he movie. So did
everyone else from all the moaning and groaning we heard. Just as I thought it
couldn’t get any better than this Halle told me to fuck her black ass. I always
aim to please. Got a couple of fingers all juiced up and lubed up the sweat
black ass staring my in the face. As I was getting her ass ready for my cock I
looked down at my lovely wife as she shuddering with an orgasm. I took cock in
hand and guided it toward Halle’s ass and slowly pushed it in. I heard her
groan as I worked the head in, and started to ease in the rest. She started
pushing back and yelling for me to “Fuck her like the black slut she is”. Why
argue with a lady. I couldn’t hold out much longer so I started to fuck her
hard and fast. Which made her eat my wife harder and faster. Soon we were all
moaning and groaning as we came together. I shoot a big load of white cum into
that lovely black. As we all regained enough strength to get dressed the final
credits were coming on. As I looked around several people were giving my the
thumbs up for a good show. With a star like Halle, who wouldn’t look good. We
all got up and walked out together. As we reached our car Halle asked if we
wanted to come over to penthouse for a while. That’s part 2

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