Banging Bonnie Bedelia

Banging Bonnie Bedelia
by Ironfist

Bonnie Bedelia found herself in a bind. Her best friend’s birthday was in two
days and the actress still had no idea what to get for her. A book? A painting?
Jewelry perhaps? It was quite a predicament. While driving along the main street
in downtown Los Angeles, she happened to spot a small, out of the way store
tucked in between a large jewelry store and an avant garde art shoppe. The
small, non descript building had a small sign over the front window that read
"Needful Things". Bonnie laughed to herself. She remembered being in that
with Ed Harris. It was based on a Stephen King novel. Now here was this store,
appeared out of nowhere, with a name based on a film she had starred in! Will
wonders never cease, she thought to herself.
After parking her car on a sidestreet, she made her way to the front entrance
and entered the store. It was quite small, but very neat, orderly and clean.
There were bookcases and shelves everywhere, filled with almost anything you
could imagine: rare books, statues and sculptures, paintings, object d’art, etc.
Several glass cases lined the center of the room, filled with outrageously
extravagant pieces of jewelry. "Oh my goodness," she thought to herself.
Then she looked up and noticed a young black man approaching her from behind one
of the counters. He looked to be about 25, with a shaved bald head, piercing
eyes, and a very welcoming smile. He was not very tall, but was broad shouldered
and fit, looking very smart in his african design shirt and black pants. He
smiled warmly at Bonnie, reaching out to shake her hand. "Hello lovely lady." he
Bonnie, slightly flustered, shook his hand nervously and smiled back, shyly.
"Hello. This is a very lovely store you have here. I’ve never seen so many
beautiful objects in one place before."
"Beautiful objects?" the young man replied, "My dear, you are a beautiful
object! Forgive me for asking, but are you not Bonnie Bedelia, the actress?"
She smiled, "Yes, yes I am."
He seemed genuinely pleased. "I knew it! I loved your performances in the Die
Hard series with Bruce Willis! You were fantastic playing his wife!"
"Oh my, thank you! You’re very kind!" she stammered out.
"I really loved you in Needful Things, that Stephen King movie? You were very
sexy in that one."
She blushed beet red, looking down at the floor. "You’re very sweet, mister…?"
"Sayoob. Call me Sayoob. And might I call you Bonnie?"
"Please," she replied, looking up into his welcoming eyes.
They both made small pleasant talk for the next ten minutes, and Bonnie felt
herself getting very comfortable around the handsome young African-American. She
then suddenly realized why she came here in the first place.
"A present?" he inquired, "But of course! I’m sure we can find something for
your friend here. But first…" he interjected, "I think you might be in need of
Sayoob drank in the lovely sight before him. Bonnie Bedelia was wearing a tight,
white turtleneck pull over, which clung tightly to her fit, but full figured
body. She wore blue jeans and some old tan cowboy boots, which made her look
taller than she actually was. Her lovely brown hair was tied back in a fluffy
pony tail, and her face, though somewhat aged, was still vibrant, and vital.
Sayoob found her to be extremely sexy.
"I’m sorry? What do you mean…?" she asked, perplexed.
"This!" he replied proudly, quickly unzipping his pants and yanking out his 10
inch johnson from his boxer shorts. It was long and thick, very veiny, with a
huge, bulbous mushroom head. It bobbed up and down like a snake, hypnotizing the
surprised actress.
"Oh my God!" she exclaimed, totally fascinated by it’s size and girth.
Sayoob gently pushed her down to her knees, allowing her to worship his divine
rod properly. "Yessss, lovely lady! Look at it! Does it not make your mouth
water? Do you not wish to pleasure me with your mouth and lusty body?"
Bonnie Bedelia was in shock. She couldn’t believe this was happening! Yet for
some strange reason, she was unafraid. In fact, the whole bizarre situation was
beginning to turn her on! "Oh yesss," she hissed seductively, quickly pulling
off her top, revealing her expansive bosom,held together by a frilly white lace
bra, "Let me worship that gorgeous meat pole!" She giggled. Hearing herself talk
dirty was so unlike her, but she liked it!
"Then suck it woman! Worship that ebony shaft!" he commanded, placing his strong
hands on her head. Bonnie shut her eyes and slowly deep throated about 6 inches
of Sayoob’s meat before she began to gag. She then proceeded to slowly suckle
it, teasing the emblazoned fuck pole with her saliva and spit, running her
tongue all over the huge mushroom head, jabbing at the piss slit with her
skilled tongue.
"Oh godsss, yesss!" the black man groaned, grinding his hips slowly forward. He
had lusted after Bonnie Bedelia for some time, and now here he was, face fucking
the actress from Die Hard!
"UHMM! UHHM!" Bonnie grunted, her face a contortion of lusty desire. She gently
slapped his rod on her tongue, locking her eyes on Sayoob’s face. Saliva covered
the huge black dick, making it slick and wet, as it made loud smacking noises on
Bonnie’s cheek.
"Fuck, you nasty woman!" he bellowed.
"OH YEAH," Bonnie teased, slinking her body out of her jeans and panties, "You
like it nasty, don’t you? You like to see this white woman’s mouth stuffed with
your big, black dick, huh?"
She kicked her pants and panties away, but left on her cowboy boots. She then
double fisted Sayoob’s meat and began pumping it furiously, while licking at the
head. "Oh baby! You gorgeous black fucker! You wanna cum on my face? You wanna
cream this white mamma’s mouth?"
"Fucking bitch!" he barked, thrusting his hips to her pumping, "You hot bitch!
Pump that cock! Work that rod, woman!"
Bonnie proceeded to pull Sayoob down to the floor with her, so he laid on top of
her, his legs straddling either side of her hips. He reached down and yanked off
her bra, allowing her lilly white, bouncy tits to hang free. She had small,
reddish areola, with pointy, small nipples that now poked out, fully erect. He
massaged them gently with his finger tips. "God, you’re are so fucking hot,
woman!" he gasped, rubbing his engorged shaft on her taut stomach.
Bonnie grinned wickedly, pulling him up by his cock. She placed it between her
breasts, and wrapped the black bamboo sausage within the warm, silky confines of
her formidable ta tas. "OHH YESSS," she hissed, shutting her eyes, revelling in
the sensations of the big, black dick between her boobs.
"Oh Fuck!" Sayoob exclaimed, through clenched teeth," Fuck those titties! Oh
fuck yesss! I love fucking your boobs woman!" Sayoob thrust his hips faster and
faster, gripping his hands over Bonnie’s as they both proceeded to pump in
As the midnight black shaft poked through her slick cleavage, Bonnie lashed out
with her tongue, swiping at the head as it poked at her full, pouty lips. "Come
on you big black fucker! Slam those tits! Slam’em! Gimme all of that black meat
you tit fucking bastard!"
"Arrrgggh!!!" Sayoob bellowed in ecstasty, pummeling the small actress’s tits
with wild abandon. He felt his sac filling with special sauce and knew he would
cum soon.
"Damn it woman, you drive me insane!" he yelled, moving off of her and pulling
her on top of him as he reclined back to the floor. He kissed Bonnie
passionately, running his hands over her small, bouncy butt cheeks, his tongue
invading her wet, wonton mouth. "Sit on my cock and ride me woman!" he whispered
into her ear.
Bonnie smiled, hiking herself up on her boots as she slowly squatted over
Sayoob’s tower of power. As it slide in, she shut her eyes, mouth agape from the
severe pleasure of being cleaved in half by this black stud. "Oh fucking christ!
You are sooo fucking huge! Jesus, my cunt is so full!" she screamed.
Sayoob smiled, grabbing at her flopping tits, and proceed to slam upward into
her tight, wet snatch, bronco busting the white woman beyond her own
imagination! "Yeah bitch! Take it! Take it all! Fuckin’ feels soooo good!" he
grunted through strained breath.
Bonnie Bedelia bounced up and down savagely on the jackhammer dick, slamming
herself down to get all 10 inches of love meat into her passion canal. She loved
being filled with big black cock! She wondered why she had never done it before!
She opened her eyes and locked hers with Sayoobs, beginning a steady pace and
timing to their stroking, her hands caressing Sayoob’s sweaty brow as he
continued thrusting up into her nether regions. "Oh my god! Soo goood, baby!"
she moaned passionately, bouncing up and down like a bronco buck.
"URRGH!" he groaned, placing his hands on her hips and savagely slamming her up
and down on his ebony flesh saber. "You hot fucking bitch! I’m gonna fuck you to
death! Yeah, baby! Yeah! Fuck that cock, woman! Slam my meat!"
"Oh God! I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CUM, BABY!" she moaned aloud, feeling her
orgasm build. She reached down and began to finger her clit furiously as she
rode him, bringing herself off to a spectacular climax! "OH YESSSSS! OH GOD,
YESSS! GONNA CUM! Gonna Cum….!" she squeeled, slamming down harder and harder
on Sayoob’s pork injection. Her entire body shuddered violently as she came, her
cunt muscles squeezing Sayoob’s rod tightly, milking it.
"Fuck, you wicked woman!" he belowed, pushing Bonnie off and forcing her down on
all fours. "I’m gonna fuck you like the bitch you are, woman!" Sayoob violently
shoved his dick into Bonnie Bedelia’a asshole, stretching the tight brown eye
beyond belief. Bonnie, instead of being shocked or surprised, merely smiled back
at him, her eyes glazed over in lust and carnal delight. She wanted this black
fucker in her ass, and now her wish had come true! "Yeah, fuck it! Fuck my
little ass you bastard! Come on! Show me the meaning of Die Hard!" she teased,
gasping for breath.
Sayoob gripped her buttocks firmly and proceed to slam his meat unmercifully
into the sweaty and exhausted actress, her anus gripping his tool so tight he
thought it would rip off! "Fucking whore! I love packin’ your white ass! Die
Hard with a Vengeance, baby! Fuck yeah!" he growled, slamming into her sweet,
tight ass with all the power he could muster. Bonnie bucked back, meeting each
of his savage thrusts with one of her own. She couldn’t believe this was
happening! Never in her wildest dreams had she ever done anything like this
before! "You wanna shoot you wad in my butt, fucker?!! Huh? Gimmie all you
got,you black bastard! Gimmie all of it! Cum on! I can take anything you got!"
she challenged, her mind a swirling frenzy of disjointed lust and carnal
"Arggh! Arggh! Gonna pop you hot bitch! I’m gonna fuckin cream your fuckin’
ass!" Sayoob gasped desparately, feeling his climax approaching. He slammed
Bonnie’s butt with every ounce of strength that he had left, then quickly pulled
out and turned Bonnie over on her back. He quickly scooted up over her face and
jerked his meat over her open mouth.
"OH YESSS, BABY! I’M SOOO THIRSTY! CUM ON! Gimmie your cum you sick fuck! Feed
me, honey!" she gasped, her tongue wickedly lapping up at his engorged fuck
Sayoob jerked furiously, he dick straining and pulsing as he finally felt the
release of his special sauce, exploding all over the actress’s lusty, sweaty
face. "UUUUHHHHGGGNNNN!!!!" he grunted in desperation, his cock head emptying
salvo after salvo of hot, sticky, love cream all over Bonnie Bedelia’s tongue
and lips. She lapped up at the sauce, swallowing all that she could, as Sayoob
continued slapping his dick on her cheek.
"Fuck yeah!" he groaned, slumping to the floor, drenched in sweat. "That was
definately the best fuck I’ve had in a long time, Bonnie!"
Bonnie Bedelia lay on the floor, basking in the after glow of the fantastic sex
she had just experienced. "Ummm Hmmm, without a doubt, Sayoob." she lazily
commented, completely satisfied.
"Now" Sayoob continued, catching his breath, "About that gift for your friend’s
Bonnie laughed aloud, suddenly remembering why she came in here in the first

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