Bar Room Fuck

Title: Bar Room Fuck

Author: The Chemist

Celebs: Anna Kendrick

Codes: MF, anal, oral

Summary: Anna Kendrick goes out to local bar for a drink while filming in a remote village. Gets picked up by a local and ends of fucking up in the room above the bar.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. I do not know Anna Kendrick. Mature themes so must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story.


“Oh buddy, I’m so happy you convinced me to come out tonight,” Julian, a tall handsome 20-something said to the friend on his left.

“I know you only just broke up with Jessica a fortnight ago, but things are done and dusted and you need to move on,” the man named Frank said in replied.

The men were only 2 of a gang of 8 friends that had gone out for a night on the town. They had been doing some travelling, following one of their favorite up-and-coming bands all over Europe, which was why they were sitting in an old-fashioned pub in the outskirts of Belgrade, Serbia.

While the gang was constantly moving from their large table to the bar or to the dance floor, Julian so happened to catch a glance of a woman sitting off to the side, almost tuck away behind a stone-faced pillar. She had a familiar look about her, but what struck him was her gorgeous large features. Though her face was slender, which matched her body (of what wasn’t hidden by the table), she had large beautiful eyes and shiny dark hair that was closer to red than anything.

“Hey, do you see that girl over there?” Julian said to his mate.

“The hot loner in the corner?” his buddy replied with a grin. “Well, now’s the time to break out of that post-relationship cocoon. Go over and talk with her.”

After a moments deliberation, the tall blonde made up his mind. “Fuck it. Great idea.”

Frank watched as his rather tall friend, who stood an impressive 6’3”, tried to act nonchalant as he made his way over to the graceful looking woman. Much like Julian, Frank also recognized the girl but he didn’t know from where, likely from seeing her out and about the somewhat small city or even at the concert last night. He didn’t want to be a voyeur or anything like that, but Frank couldn’t help but watch as his tall blonde friend got the approval in the form of a friendly smile and hand gesture to have a seat in the booth next to the auburn-haired beauty.

“Well look at that! Jules is bursting out of his shell,” another of their drunken friends came over to Frank to observe.

“And it’s going well,” Frank replied, summarizing how the flirting was involving a lot of chatting, smiling and the occasional touch to each other’s hand or arms.

“What a way from him to get the monkey off his back. With a frickin movie star no less,” the drunk friend retorted.

“What the bloody hell are you going on about,” Frank asked, shocked.

“Jules. He’s chatting up Anna Kendrick,” the friend informed.

Frank and the 2 others at the table instantly reached for their phones to confirm the mystery girl’s identity. Sure enough, the drunkard was 100% correct and now they were all kicking themselves for not remembering. As she and Julian talked flirtatiously, they one and all realized it could have been them talking to the Pitch Perfect star, who was dressed casually in only a black tank top and her long shiny hair worn straight.

“It’s not like…you don’t think…” one of the men started to say before their attention was drawn back to the booth at the opposite end of the bar.

As they watched, they observed their boy Julian go somewhat rigged with surprise, and it was only then did Frank realize that it was because one of Anna’s hands had disappeared under the booth. Her hand going to his upper thigh was coupled with her cozying right up to the big blonde where she leaned in and whispered something into his ear. The next moment Julian was standing up from his seat with Anna’s hand in his and leading her to a staircase that Frank hadn’t noticed earlier.

“So you’re telling me that Jules, a guy who is only in long-term relationships and that we make fun of for having no game at all has just picked up a Hollywood actress,” Frank stated, shocked.

*          *          *

“How did you know this place had an upstairs,” Jules asked the Hollywood starlet as they tucked back into the hidden stairwell.

“Studied some Art History in college. A lot of these old bars were actually brothels,” Anna replied as they ascended.

“And the barkeep won’t kick us out?”

“I just flashed him a 100 Euro note so you’re cool,” Anna answered as they reached the top of the landing.

What was likely a bunch of single rooms a century ago had been updated to allow for more seating with a handful of tables. Importantly for her, there was only one entrance into the second floor room so after they went through the doorway she slide the barn-style door closed and latched it.

Before the pair exchanged any more words, Jules had taken the initiative and acted. As she stepped away from the door he pulled her in towards his much larger frame, gently back them up until his ass could rest on one of the sturdy wooden tables. The seated position allowed for their massive height difference to become more acceptable, allowing for their kiss, which started gentle before graduating to deeper and more intense.

The kiss was escalating extremely fast at this point. In the span of a few heartbeats they had their tongues battling against one another as they roamed the other’s body. Anna had reached up to gripped the back of his head and pull him tightly in to her while Julian did likewise with one hand, except on the small of her back. His free left hand aimed lower after starting off rubbing between her shoulder blades as it ended up on her small but bubbly ass overtop her white denim short shorts.

“Mmhmm,” she moaned, for which he followed suit as well.

After grabbing a handful of ass and giving it a hearty squeeze, Julian didn’t want her to think he was being too forward so instead brought both hands up to the side of her head. Her hair felt so silky between his fingers as their kissing grew bigger, essentially swallowing each other.

After another minute of eating each other’s faces, Jules let his hands wander somewhat lower. As they went over Anna’s skinny shoulders and onto her ribs, his palms contacted her tits, which instantly made him pause. It was a well known fact that Anna was a very petite girl, but she rocked a large pair of breasts. Sure, they were made to seem larger because of her tiny frame, but that didn’t change the fact that they were a hearty C cup.

After letting the massive man have another gentle pawing of her boobs, Anna broke the kiss so she could look into his eyes. “Go ahead,” was all she said.

Jules knew exactly what she meant by that comment and so did as he was consented to do. As he leaned forward and bent his head, Anna drew her chest a little higher and arched her back to allow him more room to operate. Right away she felt a kiss along her collarbone before the next one planted inches lower, right at the start on her breast.

The big man didn’t want to make it seem like he was only interested in her tits (though he mostly was) so after a third kiss between her deep cleavage he surfaced from between the pillowy globes so he could lip lock the tiny actress again. This time it was Anna’s hands that went to his chest, but rather than to grope it was to undo his shirt, one button at a time.

“You looked hot,” Anna commented as he flashed her a smile before leaning in and kissing her neck, allowing her the room her hands needed. “Mhmm…yes. Much better.” She added after peeling his shirt from his shoulders.

As her date took over and finished removing his own button-up shirt, Anna took the time to appreciate his body. He had a matching pair of tattoos on his forearms and a physique that let her know he frequented the gym but wasn’t one of these huge, muscle bound giants that vainly lifted weights all day. He had a nice flat stomach with the outline of his abdominals which upped Anna’s horniess.

Of course Anna didn’t get too much longer to appreciate the giant blonde’s body because as soon as he finished removing his shirt from his arms he sought her mouth back out. After a flurry of kisses to her mouth, neck and collarbone all while his hands roamed her petite yet curvy body, his fingers settled on the hem of her black tanktop. In once fluid motion the pair broke the kiss at the same time so he could lift her clothing up over head and render the gorgeous auburn-haired woman topless.

“Fucking hell, these are beautiful,” Julian gushed, holding each of the weighty breasts in his hands.

His staring admiration lasted for only another second before leaning back in close to her tiny body. He had already tested the waters with his softer kisses when she was still in her shirt so this time he went right at them. Anna’s breasts were gorgeous and perky and her nipples were already hard with just the graze his thumb made over their pink surface. Without another moment’s delay Jules bent low and immediately captured one of her nipples in his mouth, gliding his tongue along her erect nipple all while applying suction.

“God yes! Suck my tits,” Anna cooed, cradling his head in her hands to help him suckle harder.

After another few seconds Julian broke his air-tight seal on her left tit and stood straight so he could kiss the Hollywood starlet once more. This time as they locked lips their naked chests pressed against each other, Julian feeling her heavy tits crushed against his more muscular frame. However his mouth yearned to be back at her tits so he leaned back down and captured a nipple back between his lips, this time the right one, while his hands made short work of undoing her short shorts.

“Get these off,” Anna said as she pushed away from him for a moment so she could stepped out of them, all while leaving her black high heels on.

Before Julian knew what was happening, he went from staring at Anna’s swaying tits as she peeled her skin-tight shorts from her thin but bubbly ass to be sought upon by the tiny actress. Anna had sprang at him, catching his mouth once more in a lip lock as she continued pressing forward. Julian got the hint and reclined back on the table he had previously been leaning on so now he was completely supine with Anna Kendrick straddling his waist in nothing but a sexy black thong.

At this point Julian’s hands were working overtime, all while his mouth stayed in an intense lip lock with the much smaller woman. He felt like an adolescent with ADHD as his hands constantly bounced between squeezing her big boobs, using finger and thumb to roll her surprisingly small nipples. The next instance he would be cupping her small but shapely ass, and it was this current time that his fingers drifted towards her midline to stroke her pussy over her panties.

“Oh fuck. That’s it big man,” Anna cooed her appreciation.

Unable to control himself any longer, Jules needed to taste the petite star. In a controlled burst of motion Julian lifted her off him as if she weighed nothing before settling her back down on top of him but with him seated and her with that tiny ass in his lap. He next pulled her last remaining clothing from her body, her black thong, affording him a view of her cleaned waxed skin that made her small pink pussy stand out even more.

“They were in the way,” Julian mused, tossing her panties behind her.

“Can’t have that…oh! Mhmm!” Anna replied before his fingers started in on her.

If Anna Kendrick felt exposed sitting on the stranger’s lap then she had a funny way of showing it as she spread her legs wide for him. The two had their eyes locked on one another as his fingers began rubbing around the edges of her bald snatch, gathering the fluid that her pussy was already gushing. Just as his middle finger dipped into her pinkness they kissed once more, with the lip lock deepening a moment later as a second finger stretched her out.

She was tight despite her age and sexual experience, mainly based on the fact she was a tiny 99 lbs soaking wet. Julian was constantly switching between fucking her snatch with two fingers in a slow, careful approach before he withdrew one so that he could literally fingerblast the petite star. Right when Anna thought she had the blonde man figured out he would pull out completely so that his thumb could circulate right on top of her clit and drive her absolutely wild.

“Jesus you have magic hands,” Anna moaned.

Since the completely nude starlet (except for her black heels) was only capable of moaning away, Julian occupied his mouth by sucking at her neck. That lasted all of a half a minute before he lowered his head towards her number one asset and sucked on the closer boob, capturing her pink nipple with his lips. As if in response Anna simultaneously arched her back to better present her ample tits to the man while using her free hand to massage her other boob.

Realizing that his mouth could be used to final taste her, Julian slowly lowered the big-breasted star down onto her back while scooting his ass backwards. As if to sample, the tall blonde did a quick lick of her entire snatch, tasting her copious juices which tasted sweet like honey.

“Oh yes, please eat me you giant Swede,” Anna practically begged, now using both hands to grope her sensitive tits.

Though she wasn’t quite right on guessing his heritage, rather than correct the American actress he attacked her pussy with his mouth. Planting his lips against her lower ones, Julian used his tongue to make a half dozen swipes deep into her honey pot before venturing north and creating suction against her clit and sucking hard. Based on her unending amount of moaning he knew both were feeling fantastic for her, but he couldn’t tell which one she preferred so after 5 seconds of hard sucking he went back to skewering her pussy with his tongue.

“Finger fuck me again, magic man,” Anna muttered, finally using her mouth for something other than screaming.

Pivoting from one oral sex move to another, Julian smoothly entered his pointer finger into Anna’s twat until it was buried to the hilt. Not content to use only his hands, the giant blonde would curl his finger so his tip would rub her sensitive G-spot everytime he pulled out or pushed in while his tongue took long swipes at her pink folds.

Much like his earlier technique, Julian kept the same basic action but with variety. He was still using a finger to pump inside Anna’s moist snatch but sometimes it was fast while other times it was slow. Likewise with how many fingers, and now that she had loosened up even more Julian found he could finger blast just as fast whether it was with a single digit or two. All this happened while he took turns either peppering her clit with his tongue or applying suction while in a tight lip lock.

“Damn you’re tasty,” Julian commented about the squirming girl on the table before him.

“Ah! Oh! Yes! Keep going,” Anna pleaded, one hand being used to grip the back of Julian’s head and keep him pressed firmly between her thighs.

Julian knew he was taking a chance by bringing the petite actress to orgasm instead of stopping so they could start fucking. He had a previous long-term girlfriend that if he made her cum with his mouth then the sex would be tepid at best because her pussy became too sensitive. She couldn’t cum multiple times and thus it would almost ruin the tryst with the options being lackluster sex with a partner not really in it or a blowjob to completion instead of sex. However, this was Anna Kendrick and when Anna fucking Kendrick was on the doorstep of climaxing then you damn well make her climax.

“So close,” Anna cooed. “Let me at my clit and you use that finger up my ass.”

Julian was so stunned by her words that all his momentum nearly stopped dead. However, he recovered quickly enough and did as the extremely skinny yet busty actress demanded. Moving away from her clit so she could take over, Julian orientated his mouth over her pink opening before driving his tongue deep within her pink folds. After a quick deep into her pussy with his right index finger, Julian smeared the juices he collected against Anna’s crinkled rosebud and applied pressure until the sphincter gave, easier than he thought actually.

“Oh fuck! Yes! That’s it,” Anna screamed as she gyrated above him on the wooden table.

Normally Anna didn’t ask a guy (or girl when she swung that way) to finger blast her asshole within 15 minutes of meeting them, however Julian was showing immense skill in eating her pussy out. Normally she didn’t get anywhere near orgasm from being eaten out, whether that be something about herself, the skill of the people she chose or whatever reason. However, being this close to cumming the petite starlet threw all decorum out the window so she could achieve the rare release.

“I’m cumming,” Anna shrieked. “Oh God YESSSSS!”

Julian waited for his just rewards after hearing the scream and feeling the hands on her head tighten. Sure enough a tide of gooey honey came like a typhoon, coating the blonde man’s tongue. The kneel guy was right on hand to lap it up and devour the cum before going right back inside Anna for more of the delicious cum.

“Well shit you’re tasty,” Julian commented, rocking back up onto his feet once done savoring every last drop of her essence.

Normally Anna didn’t cum from people going down on her, whether through her own fault or some skill they lacked. Thus, when she did cum, she became energized and inspired. Rather than melting into a puddle and needing some time to recoup, Anna rolled herself off the table and was pulling the much taller man down to her level to kiss him deeply. As her head cleared from the euphoric experience, she could taste herself on Julian’s tongue, which only made the actress kiss him even harder.

Anna was obviously no rookie when it came to giving head. In fact, the petite starlet took great pride in her oral ability. After spinning her much taller partner around and pushing him back so he was half leaning with his butt on the edge of the table, Anna didn’t have to so much as drop to her knees as opposed to simply bend over, such was their height disparity.

“Oh fuck,” the handsome man moaned as Anna started her work.

At 33 years old, Anna had given countless blowjobs, though a conservative estimate would put it into the thousands. Therefore, she had given different types of oral sex based on the scenario. So for tonight she opted for not-too-slobbery variety of knob shining, enough to get the guy coated in her spit without leaving long tendrils of her drool all over the place. And given the fact that they desperately wanted to fuck each others brains out, the Pitch Perfect star went with a fast pace and used her vocal control to loosen her throat so two-thirds of his lengthy pecker was bobbing into her mouth at any given time.

“Glllkkk….gllllllkk,” Anna’s mouth moaned as she coated his dick in spit.

Showing Julian that he wasn’t the only one in the room well versed at oral sex, Anna really showed her stuff. While still maintaining her neck-breaking speed the petite actress moved upwards so her lips were only gliding down his tip and the following 2 inches. It allowed for her to appear as a red-streaked blur as he looked down and watched her impressive display.

“Got a beauty dick here,” Anna commented as she pulled up for air and to let a large glob of spit fall from her mouth and land right on the tip of his cock, instantly getting worked into his shaft by her fast-pumping fist.

“Oh well thank…mhmm God!”

Julian’s acceptance of her compliment was cut short as the redhead totally surprised him as his eyes were closed. As her hand continued stroking the entirety of his pole Anna had gotten to her knees so she could use her lower vantage point on his sack. With what looked like a smile on her face, Julian had kept his eyes locked on the petite woman as she gleefully sucked on one nut before switching to the other, all while her hand never slowed as it jerked him off.

Now getting to show him what she was capable of, Anna was truly in her element. Knowing that they’d be going at it in no time, Anna worked through all of her tricks and greatest hits. Whether it was guzzling both his nuts at one time or using her tongue to lick up the underbelly of his dick, she did it all.

“Need to fuck you know,” Julian grunted after only a couple minutes of her oral attention.

Once Anna finished sucking on his left nut and spat it out, she immediately agreed. As the petite star began climbing to her feet Julian helped her out by hooking his massive hands under her armpits. Hoisting her up into the air he effortlessly carried her 100 lb frame to the nearest table, settling her down on her back and stepping between her slender thighs.

As Julian looked down at Anna he rubbed his tip through her pink folds, loving how completely hairless she was. The entire time she was sucking him off Julian was planning how he wanted to fuck the starlet and missionary seemed best for now. After all, it afforded him a perfect view of her best asset, which were sure to be bouncing up and down with each and every stroke into her cunt.

“You clean?” Anna asked, referring to if he was with STD or not.

“Yup. You sure you okay with a condom?” Julian asked, amazed that a girl he met only 15 minutes ago would let him fuck her without a wrap.

“This is a brothel so when in Rome…”

Julian didn’t have to get a written invitation to fuck the gorgeous girl without a condom. With dick already in hand he rubbed his tip through her folds to mix her pussy’s sweet fluid with the thick amount of spit she left behind on his dick. Once he had his head lined up with her tight hole he pushed in as a smooth motion and watched as the first several inches disappeared into her snatch.

“Ah! Oh!” Anna cooed as she was penetrated.

Julian tried to soak in the entirety of the experience. As he kept his cock pumping slowly albeit smoothly into her bald snatch with half his 8 inches he noted how beautiful the girl was, and also how good she was feeling. With her legs spread wide she was inviting him to fuck her as her own fingers continuing slowly rubbing her clit. Her mouth was wide open as low moans of delight escaped constantly while her pillowy tits were bouncing up towards her face with every thrust.

Remembering that he was suppose to be doing more than staring and drooling at the gorgeous woman, Julian focused back on the task at hand. Finding her pussy to be hugging his cock wonderfully Anna was a little tighter than he initially though. Rearranging her legs so one was flat on the table and the other up on his shoulder allowed the big man to work another inch into her tight snatch while fucking a little faster as well.

“Good you feel great,” Julian grunted.

As if to encourage his positive work thus far, Anna let her leg drop from his shoulder so she could wrap both around his waist. Julian instantly stabbed her cunt a little deeper when the spikes of her high feels dug into his backside. Anna grunted with only a flash of discomfort from being forced open by his massive cock, but that mere moment of pain allowed the stranger to pump into her with another inch or two of depth. Well worth the trade.

Determined now to buried his entire meat pole inside the Hollywood star Julian sacrificed speed and smoothness and instead did deep hard thrusts into her pussy. Anna knew what he was after so simultaneously used her legs to spur him on while her hand went back to her clit and rubbed furiously. Between Julian’s determination and Anna’s encouragement, the pair were able to overcome her natural tightness and get the big blonde to be buried completely in her womb.

“Jesus fuck you’re big,” Anna cooed but satisfied.

Julian made sure he enjoyed every second of his encounter with Anna Kendrick, though it would have been impossible not to at this point. Her thin legs were still wrapped around his waist, spurring him on while her tits were now bouncing with more intensity now that he was plowing into the petite actress harder.

“Fuck me,” Anna moaned, lifting her hips to meet his thrusts.

Picking up speed Julian did just what she wanted. Where he and his ex-girlfriend had been like a well-oiled machine moving in unison bred from months of sexual encounters, Anna and Julian were little more than hungry bodies banging together in search of release. Not that whether one minded that they were being used by the other for sweet sexual release, in fact they were both having a pleasurable time, although Anna once more was enjoying herself a little more.

“Like this?” the tall blonde asked, clearly in a rhetorical manner, slamming his thick cock into her with enough force to shake the table and her big tits with each thrust.

“Uhhh, yeah,” the Pitch Perfect star grunted as she met each of Julian’s thrusts with as much zeal as he was giving her.

Hearing the tone of Anna’s voice rang through to the big blonde man. Needing to confirm his suspicion he looked down and found the signs he was looking for. Anna’s eyes were glued shut and her mouth wide open, letting loose a torrent of moans. These observations were coupled with her nearly spastic squirming on the tabletop and her hand rubbing with more conviction on her clitoris.

“You wanna cum again,” Julian correctly pointed out to the flush star.

“So bad,” Anna agreed. “Make me come with your fat cock.”

As Julian continued to pound into her with everything he had the big man realized that he wasn’t in too much risk of blowing his own load yet. Despite the fact he hadn’t hooked up with anyone in over a week, he was pleased to discover he wasn’t getting dangerously close to popping. Easy answer was that the jerk-off sessions he had been performing in that time did the trick, including one only 2 hours ago, which would account for his delayed orgasm given how tight tight Anna was and how they’d been really going at it.

“Almost,” Anna moaned, her body starting to quiver as if getting ready to erupt.

Julian was pleased that Anna was about to climax for the second time in such a small time period, as was Anna considering most partners struggled to deliver one. Motivated by a sense of pride, the male bit down on his lip to take his concentration away from his own pending orgasm and plowed as deep as he could into the big-breasted actress. HE pleaded with her to rub her clit harder and faster, all while he used only a portion of his cock to fuck her, allowing more of his shaft to keep her pressed open and deliver deep thrusts.

“Oh Lord…I’m cumminggggg!” Anna responded, her back arching as her orgasm hit her full force like a ton of bricks.

As she clamped down on his cock Julian gritted his teeth in hopes of riding it out. He knew that she came hard based on the death grip her pink lips gave his tongue when he brought her to her first orgasm, but the sheer grip strength her pussy gave his dick now was unreal. However through stubborn willpower Julian found a way from popping his load into her pussy and eventually started to slowly make small thrusts as Anna’s orgasm wore down.

“God you’re a fucking stud,” Anna complimented, sitting up on her elbows. “Give me two orgasms and still resist the urge to cream inside me.”

“I…well…thanks,” Julian replied, still lightly pumping into the actress.

“Help me up,” she asked.

At once Julian respected her request by pulling out promptly and stepping back. As he helped the tiny actress off the table and back to her feet he couldn’t help but notice the glistening layer of Anna’s juices coating his manhood. The skin of his shaft was slightly red from the friction as it stood proudly out in front of him.

“I have lube in my purse,” Anna stated as she stood and leaned over the table, resting her hands on the top to support her weight.

“You carry lube around in your purse,” the guy replied, stunned as he handed over the handbag.

“I came to a bar alone and horny. I only had sex on my mind,” the actress answered. “Now isn’t there a saying about a gift horse?”


As Julian worked a handful of lube on his dick, rubbing himself thoroughly to coat it evenly, he tried not to get his hopes up about what the lube meant. He was telling himself it was for Anna likely drying up after a second orgasm in a short amount of time so that he could finish up in her pussy. However his best case scenario started coming true as Anna used her lubed up fingers to smear the dollop of the fluid around her tightly constricted asshole.

Though the 33 year old actress may have been barely 5 feet tall and 100 lbs, she was no stranger to all matters of sexual relations, even taking a cock in her poop chute. She’d first started doing anal sex due to her British boyfriend’s kink and over the last 10 years it had made it into her sexual reprotiere. Though this time it would be a bit of a challenge given the above average girth that her big blonde date possessed, however the combination of lubrication and how utterly relaxed her body was, not to mention her vast experience with anal, meant that it would be more than manageable.

“Go ahead,” Anna cooed, feeling the man being polite enough to withhold until she said yes or no, at which point he broke her sphincter’s threshold. “Awww fuck.”

“You…” Julian began to check before the petite woman interrupted him. “It’s fine. Give me a second is all.”

The big blonde known as Jules to his friend had stopped advancing into Anna’s backdoor and just held his head within her rectal walls. He had no first hand knowledge of what she was going through but having your asshole forced open by a dick was something that likely needed a period of time to adapt to the new sensation. The first time he and his ex-girlfriend had tried anal it took her awhile until he was able to do more than rest with the first inch of his swollen member in her bowels, but he hoped that things would progress quicker with Anna.

Anna was still experiencing the endorphin rush from her orgasm so was able to relax better than most girls who took cocks in their ass. Luckily for her it wasn’t her first time taking it in the dirt road so to speak so even though she was tight and it hurt a fair bit currently, she was fine with the big man sodomizing her. After a few more seconds the pain had mellowed enough that she used her hands against the table to push back towards her date.

“Better,” Julian asked, as he began making smooth, almost gentle strokes with a few inches of his cock.

“Much,” Anna replied with a flash of her mesmerizing smile back over her shoulder. “Now fuck my ass.”

It was a bold statement and one that Anna was hoping her body, namely her asshole, could cope with given the fact it was a decently thick cock and she was a tiny woman. However, the petite actress luckily had years and literally dozens if not hundreds of practice sessions and thus far her backdoor was expanding nicely for the young man. The fact she had cum twice in short succession and the ample amount of lube coating his cock’s passage through her bowels didn’t hurt either.

As Julian started to push with a little more of his cock and with a slightly increased pace, Anna whimpered in discomfort. It was barely audible through the biting of her bottom lip, nor was it enough to make the big blonde stop sodomizing her with his huge cock. Being a veteran of anal affairs, the talented actress instead redoubled her efforts with her fingers on her clitoris.

“Awhh yes…much better,” she cooed as a tendril of pleasure shot up her spine, ending the last of mild pain coming from having her bowels forced open repeatedly. “Keep going.”

The European man did just that, aided by the redhead pushing back against him as he slowly worked more in and out of her petite ass. Inch by inch he made progress further into her asshole, going deeper but only pushing in and out at a slow and steady pace until Anna was taking half his length. In the next minute with the same technique Julian had gotten half the remaining portion of his thick cock into Anna’s tushy, meaning it was only the last 2 inches not currently embraced by her rectum.

“Tight God damn ass,” Julian groaned in delight. “Fucking perfect.”

The tall blonde continuing to rail his dick into Anna with a steady medium speed, repeatedly gauging open her bowels and making her take 6 inches all while the actress moaned and diddled her clit with her eyes closed. As Julian maintained a steady thumping rhythm he leaned forward so one hand could go to Anna’s impressive bust, giving her breast a hearty squeeze while his other wrapped through her hair and onto her neck, causing Anna to look back over her shoulder with a look that portrayed true happiness.

Anna was caught off guard when Julian froze for a moment with only a few inches in her rectum, but a slapping noise at the same time she felt her ass cheek start to sting let her know it was for the big man to spank her tiny butt again. He restarted fucking her booty again but this time with more speed, his thick cock splitting her anal passage easier than ever.

“Anna…need to cum,” Julian warned the girl, allowing her the decision as to what to do with his semen.

Anna was a planner so had already worked out where the money shot was to go. “Tell me when it’s time.”

Dealing with the cumshot was always needing thought for the woman. Anna had no restrictions when it came to taking his sperm, but tonight there was only one good option. A facial or blowing his load all over her tits, which was the #1 destination for most of her hookups, was a non-starter since she had to stay out in public. That was much the same reason for having him cream in her ass since the cum would inevitably run down her leg, though the thought of all that semen coating her asshole made her almost orgasm again for a third time.

“Time! Fuck!” Julian practically yelled.

Anna timed his thrusting just right so that as Julian was rearing his hips backwards she scooted as far forward as she could. The result was as she planned with his dick popping free of her poop chute. Before he registered Anna had dropped to her knees before him and his dangling cock. Being the little anal slut she was, Anna didn’t even hesitate to open her mouth and wrap her lips around the head of his cock.

“Mmm,” Anna moaned, tasting her own ass on his cock.

It was so nasty and naughty but that was why she always did it, or did it for most of the good ones. Anna really got off on being such a depraved little slut, letting any guy she felt like fuck her in the ass and then sucking his cock clean whenever they wanted.

Seeing the lust and hunger in Anna’s eyes Julian put a hand on the back of her head. Though Anna needed no encouragement with blowjobs Julian was too wrapped up in the moment and began thrusting his hips, fucking her mouth, pushing in until he felt his cock brush against the back of her mouth before she pulled back. When just the head of his cock was still in her mouth Julian looked down and saw the big gorgeous eyes of Anna begging him to give her the just rewards she wanted.

“Fuck,” Julian grunted as he emptied his balls.

The first jet squirted out and hit her along the entirety of the length of her tongue. The second blast followed right on its heels and hitting her on the roof of the mouth. As his orgasm wound down and his cum was becoming less in terms of volume and the force it was propelled out, Anna took over and sucked the rest out of Julian all without ever breaking eye contact with him.

Even after the last drop of cum had left his balls Anna continued sucking more of his cock, albeit at a slower less aggressive pace. When just the head of his cock was still in her mouth Anna suck on the head and swirl her tongue around the crown before pushing back in as she went back to cleaning his cock of all remaining lube, ass juices and jizz.

“Mmm hmm,” she moaned, finally letting my spent cock slip from her mouth when she was sure she’d gotten all of it.

“Jesus,” Julian finally groaned after a few silent seconds. “That was…you were amazing.”

“Me?” Anna questioned, still kneeling fully naked. “You made me cum twice! Not an ease endeavor. Thanks dude!”

“Oh well you’re welcome,” Julain smiled.

After the pair tracked down their clothes and got dressed, Anna asked to see his cell phone. Julian handed it over without a second thought and was glad since she was using it to add her phone number into his contacts. “I don’t know your situation but I’m here for another month. Give me a shout when you wanna fuck again.”

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