Barbara’s Blue Movie

Rating: You must be 18 or older to read this. (MmF, cons, oral, inter)

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction, fantasy, satire, parody, etc. It is not intended as a depiction of the actual behavior of any real people. As I said: it is fiction, fantasy, etc. I have no intention of violating any laws with it. This story is an exercise in the art of erotic writing that I am presenting, hopefully for people to appreciate, and possibly to give me some constructive criticism. I don’t mind if someone copies or reposts this story, as long it is copied or reposted in its entirety, including the rating and disclaimer. Please

Barbara’s Blue Movie

By DiGiovanni


The story took place back in the seventies. Barbara Eden was in her thirties, and was physically in the prime of her life, but things weren’t going as well as they could be. The “I Dream Of Jeannie” series was over, and so was Barbara’s marriage. She had a small child, but had no particular love interests in her life. She had just finished a made-for-TV movie, but her career was slowing down. She needed something to occupy her time; something to keep her busier.

Her agent was aware of all this, and figured this was a good time to bring up a proposal he had been sitting on. The local branch of a national lodge had decided to produce a porn movie. It would never be released to the public, in fact, the public would never even know about it. It would be solely used for rental to the various member units of the lodge throughout the country for lodge members only to see. It was to be used as a fundraiser, and the organizers felt that if they were to maintain absolute secrecy, and do everything they could in order to insure that secrecy, they might be able to get a big name celebrity to star in it. They wanted someone who would have very wide appeal, and their first choice was Barbara Eden. Every guy in the country had watched her bounce around in her “Jeannie” outfit, and had dreamed about nailing her in every way possible. If they could get her to star in a movie like this, their fundraising potential would be virtually unlimited.

When her agent made the proposal to her, Barbara’s immediate answer was a flat “No.” She had invested too much in her career to take a chance on something like this destroying it. Her agent, however, wasn’t ready to give up quite that easily. He listed the numerous safeguards that would be stipulated in the contract, and assured her that there would be no possible way for the press or the public to ever learn about it. He also assured her that it would be up to her alone to decide who would appear in the movie with her. He gave her a copy of the script just in case she changed her mind.

The story didn’t really have much of a plot. It was about a couple of high school football players who went over to the coach’s house to watch a tape of their next opponent’s game from the previous week. The coach would be out of town, so his wife, Barbara, would offer to show them the tape. One thing would lead to another, and she would use the opportunity to seduce the boys.The boys would be eighteen years old; one would play an eighteen year old senior and one would play a sixteen year old junior. A number of sons of the local lodge members had already auditioned for the parts, and she was welcome to watch their tapes and choose whichever ones she wanted. The boys were all well aware of the secrecy of the project, and were willing to sign whatever contracts were required to insure that secrecy.

Barbara backed off a little on her absolute refusal to consider the project. She agreed to look at the tapes, but was noncommital about whether or not she would be interested in participating in the project. The next day the tapes were delivered to her home, and she spent the entire evening reviewing them. The auditions consisted of each of the boys reading some lines, then stripping to show their bodies, then kissing and fondling a model to show how they looked with an erection. She was impressed with the boys they had assembled for this; they were all good looking, and all very athletic. She chose two as her favorites. If she had been fifteen years younger, she could have seen herself getting it on with either of them, even if it weren’t for a movie. She knew that all the boys on the tapes had probably entered puberty watching her as “Jeannie” on TV. But she wasn’t aware that she had been the subject of the first masturbations of most of them, including the two she picked.

Her two favorites were both medium height, with dark hair, and very athletic builds. One was white and one was black. Well, not really black, more like a medium brown. He was clean cut, with short hair. He looked young for his age, maybe sixteen; that was one of the reasons Barbara picked him; that, plus his color. She thought the variety would be interesting; she had never tried brown before. He would play Eric, the junior, and the white boy would play Ron, the senior.The next day when her agent called, Barbara told him which boys she liked, but was still noncommital about doing the project. Her agent thanked her for looking at the tapes, and again reassured her about the absolute secrecy of the project.

Two days later, as Barbara was going through some paperwork in her home, the doorbell rang. She opened the door, and saw that it was the two boys she had selected as her favorites. Her first thought was total embarrassment; since they were there they must know that she had selected them. They were both very polite and respectful, though. They introduced themselves. Then they apologized for any embarrassment they might have caused her, and explained that they had come to reassure her that they would conduct themselves with the utmost respect and professionalism toward her. That put her a little more at ease. They explained their seriousness about the total secrecy of the project, and explained how honored they would be if she did decide to take the part. She felt much better after talking and visiting with them, and as they left she thanked them for their thoughtfulness in paying her the visit.

Barbara spent the rest of the day and all that evening weighing the pros and cons of the whole proposition. It did appear that complete secrecy would be guaranteed. She pictured what it would be like getting naked with those two boys. She couldn’t help becoming a little aroused just thinking about it. The next morning she called her agent and told him to send the contract to her attorney, and if he found it acceptable, she would do it. He thanked her wholeheartedly and told her the people at the lodge would be thrilled to death. This would be the biggest moneymaker they ever could have imagined.

Within a few days Barbara received word from her attorney that he had approved the contract. She also received another copy of the script. She was to memorize it, as were the boys, by the following week, when they would get together for an informational meeting and an informal rehearsal. The day after that they would begin the filming. They figured the filming would probably take two days, but left it open in case some of the scenes had to be reshot.

As Barbara read through the script she saw that she would have to give several blow jobs. That was the one aspect of the film that concerned her. She had never given many blow jobs, just a few in high school, and a few to various producers when she was breaking into the business. Her husband hadn’t been into oral sex, but he had often told her she was the best fuck he ever had. That had always made her feel good. But she wasn’t sure she could do justice to the blow jobs. The more she thought about it, though, she figured that if she turned those boys on nearly as much as they turned her on, there wouldn’t be any problem. She was thankful that she had learned to swallow in high school. It had happened in the back seat of a car, going down the road. There just wasn’t really any place to spit it out. Although she had learned to swallow out of necessity, she soon learned that boys, and men, really enjoyed watching a girl swallow.

The day of the rehearsal finally arrived. Barbara was quite nervous as she entered the studio; the next day everyone there would see her fucking and sucking these boy’s cocks. The boys were there and thanked her wholeheartedly for agreeing to do the film. She thanked them for their exemplary behavior, and told them she thought she would really enjoy working with them. All her filming would be done in the studio. After her filming was finished, the boys would go to Beverly Hills and they would be filmed arriving at the house where the movie was supposed to be taking place.

Once all the introductions and small talk had been completed, they took their places and proceeded to move quickly through the script. Their places and cues weren’t really that complicated, so it didn’t take very long. They wanted a good variety of cum shots, some spraying on her externally, and some going inside her, then oozing out. That way when they put the film together they could select whichever ones worked best. Barbara would have the final say as to which takes would be used and which ones would have to be reshot. They made it through the script without any real glitches. The boys had learned their lines perfectly, and of course, Barbara had too. They were ready to go. They all agreed on what time to be on the set in the morning to begin filming, and they were finished for the day.

When morning came the boys showed up in very casual clothing, as they had been instructed to. They were both wearing T-shirts and jeans. They were told to wait outside the mock front door, which was where they would be when the filming started. They hadn’t seen Barbara yet. She was behind the door, in the living room set where she would first appear. The crew had gotten there early to set up, so it didn’t take long, and everyone was ready to begin. The director called for “action”, and the filming was underway.

The boys stepped up to the door and rang the doorbell. Within a few seconds the door opened, and Barbara was standing there. “Hi boys, come in, please.” When the boys first saw her they could hardly move, except for their jaws dropping. When they had seen her before, she had been wearing an old pair of jeans and a men’s long sleeve shirt. This was the first time they saw her in costume. Her makeup was perfect, and her long blonde hair flowed smoothly down around her shoulders. She was wearing a thin silky lavender blouse, sleeveless. They could tell from the way her breasts swayed when she moved that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her blouse was tucked into a very short purple A-skirt with a white belt. Her creamy white legs were bare, and she was wearing 4 inch white heels, which, along with the very short skirt, really accentuated them. She was the absolute epitome of seventies sexiness.

When the boys caught their breath, they stepped into the house. “Hi Mrs. Wentworth. I’m Ron and this is Eric.” Barbara shook Ron’s hand with both of hers, then Eric’s.

“Please call me Barbara. I’ve been expecting you. My husband asked me to show you the tape of last week’s game. I’m sorry he couldn’t be here to go over it with you. Please come in and make yourselves comfortable.” Barbara took them each by the hand and led them to the living room couch, opposite the TV. A soap opera was playing on the TV.

“Please sit down and make yourselves comfortable. Is there anything you’d like?” Not receiving an answer, she turned and walked to the TV. The boys were helpless to do anything but stare at those beautiful bare legs and that very short skirt. She took a tape from atop the TV and bent over to insert it into the VCR. As she bent over, the boys were given a generous view of her absolutely perfect ass, smooth and creamy white, adorned only by her tiny white lace panties. She turned her head toward them, “If there’s anything you’d like, please let me know.”

Barbara returned to the couch and sat between the boys, Ron to her right and Eric to her left. The boys smelled the strawberry scent of shampoo that lingered in her hair, and saw her creamy smooth thighs next to theirs. They felt her bare arms touching theirs. They were intimidated, to say the least. This was Barbara Eden in the flesh. And soon they were going to become very intimate with her.

She put her hands on their thighs, “Boys, I wonder if I could impose on you for a minute. I was watching this soap, and I’d really like to see the ending. Do you mind? It’ll just take a few minutes.” The boys nodded their approval.

On the TV was a romantic love scene. The man and woman were speaking softly to each other, then embracing in a passionate kiss. Barbara thought out loud “I wonder if they use their tongues when they kiss like that.” She looked at Ron for his opinion.

“I don’t know. They say they don’t. They say it’s all impersonal.”

Eric agreed. “They say there’s no emotion at all.”

Barbara, not willing to let it go at that, pushed the point a little further. “I don’t see how. Could you kiss like that without using your tongue?” She looked at Ron.

“Sure. I think so.”

“I don’t believe it… Would you show me?” She turned more toward him and leaned foreward a little.

Ron wasn’t sure what to think. Did she want him to kiss her? After some hesitation, he leaned foreward and kissed her. They kissed for several seconds, and it all seemed innocent enough. Then he felt her tongue enter his mouth. That put a whole new twist on things. He waited to see what she would do next. He felt her tongue exploring his mouth, looking for his. She tasted every bit as good as she looked. He couldn’t stand it; within a few seconds his tongue met hers, and Barbara had made her point. They extended their kiss for a full minute, just so there wouldn’t be any doubt.

Then Barbara turned to Eric “Would you show me?” They kissed. Before long Eric also felt her tongue in his mouth. He responded with his own. Their tongues quickly met and they too engaged in a long passionate kiss. Barbara knew the boys were extremely nervous. She deliberately prolonged the kisses to ease the boys’ anxieties and make them feel more relaxed and comfortable about the intimate touching that would follow.

Barbara turned back to Ron and put her hand on his thigh, almost up to his crotch. “Would you like to try again?” This time there was no pretext. As they kissed, their tongues met and caressed each other, and Ron’s hand went to her creamy smooth thighs and lightly caressed them.

She turned back to Eric and put her hand on his thigh. As they kissed and tongued each other again, she worked her hand around on his leg, gently squeezing it. His hand went quickly to her thighs and did the same.

After a minute or so they broke the kiss and she turned back to Ron. As they kissed, he raised his hand from her thighs to her breast. She didn’t resist; she pressed foreward against his hand. He gently fondled her full, luscious breast through her blouse. He could feel her nipple grow as he fondled it.

Barbara continued to alternately kiss the two boys, taking liberties with them and encouraging them to take liberties with her. Each time she would turn and kiss the other boy, the action would escalate. They soon had her blouse off, and her skirt pushed up around her waist. The kisses became much more wet and sloppy, and sometimes they would kiss her breasts rather than her mouth. As Barbara sat there naked from the waist up, allowing the boys to kiss and fondle her at will, the boys each pushed their pants and shorts down to their knees. She put one hand in each boy’s crotch and fondled them as they both felt her up and took turns kissing her.

The boy’s cocks, one white and one brown, were both about the same size. The head of Ron’s had become bright purple, and Eric’s was a purple-brown color. They both stood perfectly erect in response to the expert manipulations of Barbara’s petite hands and very talented fingers. Barbara, as the coach’s wife, was wearing a wedding band for the film, and Eric noticed it as he watched her hand fondle his cock. This prompted even more fantasy in his mind: not only was he being fondled by beautiful, sexy Barbara Eden, but by a beautiful, sexy, “married” Barbara Eden. He could barely contain himself. This was quite a thrill for a sixteen-year-old boy.

Of course Barbara didn’t learn until some time after the shooting was over that “Eric” actually was only sixteen years old. When she learned about it she became furious, mostly because of the legal implications, but there was nothing she could do except hope that the guarantee of secrecy would be honored.

The boys, being as young as they were, and relatively inexperienced, the director wasn’t sure how long they could control themselves, especially with Barbara Eden fondling their cocks. He figured if it were him, he probably would have cum all over her hand already. He cued them to move it along.

Ron took hold of Barbara’s legs and lifted them up onto his lap, turning her so that when she lay back, her head was in Eric’s lap. As she lay back, she pulled her hair to the side so it wouldn’t be between her face and Eric’s cock. Ron then began pulling her tiny bikini panties down. She lifted her hips to assist him, and he slid them all the way down her smooth white legs and off her feet. This was the first time he had seen her pussy. Her hair was honey colored, and was very well trimmed. He paused for a second just to think about it. He couldn’t believe he was actually going to fuck Barbara Eden. He took her leg and lifted it over his head, so her legs were spread and he was between them. He raised himself up and knelt on the couch as he wrapped his hands around her full, firm ass and lifted her pussy up to him. Barbara reached down and took hold of his cock to guide it in. No sooner had the head entered the soft wet lips of her pussy than Ron began cumming. Barbara smiled and quickly lifted his cock a little and began pumping it so his streams of thick creamy cum would spray onto her lower abdomen and her honey colored muff. He covered her with all the cum he had. When he was finished, she wiped off the head of his cock on her pussy. In regards to his premature cumming, Barbara smiled and teased him a little “Why thank you, Ron. That was quite a compliment.”

She then turned her attention to Eric. His cock was standing straight up as he watched Ron cum all over Barbara. He didn’t know how long he would be able to last either. How on earth could anyone keep from cumming with his cock in Barbara Eden’s mouth? She turned her face toward the base of his cock. She kissed his balls and took as much of them into her mouth as she could. She could feel how full they were, and she could feel his body twitching with anticipation. Even with her limited experience at sucking cock, Barbara knew that this one would be easy. She moved her arm up across Eric’s lap so she could prop herself up on her elbow as she turned her upper body to face him. With her mouth directly in front of his cock, she wrapped her fingers around it and began to gently pump it. She smiled up at him, then leaned foreward and kissed the head of his cock. She opened her mouth and leaned foreward to take it in. She took it in and caressed it softly with her wet tongue. She took it out and looked up at him again. She leaned foreward to take it in again.Then it happened. His first stream of cum gushed directly into her mouth. Barbara moved her head back just a little, then guided his cock so the following streams would spray onto her face. Her nose was covered, then her cheek, then her forehead. This boy had really been storing it up. When she felt he had finished, she milked out every last drop. She very deliberately swallowed the cum that had shot into her mouth, then she lay back on his lap, turning her head so the camera could see her face and pussy, both covered with cum.

“Cut!” It was a wrap. Barbara would have to be cleaned up, and the boys would need a chance to recuperate, but so far the movie was coming along nicely. They would take a long lunch and come back in the afternoon. As they left the set, Barbara complimented the boys on their professionalism and told them she was very flattered by how quickly they had cum. They both admitted they used to fantasize about her, and this was like a fantasy come true.

Early in the afternoon everyone was back on the set. Barbara was all made up, and was as beautiful and sexy as ever. The boys still couldn’t believe their good luck in landing these roles. When Barbara saw them watching her, she saw that they already had erections. She knew that if they continued to shoot their wads early it would require more takes in order to complete the film. She didn’t mind, though.The fact that she made these young studs unable to control their loads did wonders for her ego. Besides that, they really turned her on; she really enjoyed making out with them and playing with those eager young cocks of theirs.

When they had all taken their places and the director called for “action”, the boys were still sitting on the couch, but their pants were pulled back up again. Barbara was returning from the bathroom, where she “had cleaned herself off and touched up her makeup.” She was fully dressed again, except for her panties, and looked just as good as when they began that morning. She stood in front of the boys and asked “Well boys, would you like to watch the tape now, or would you like to continue getting acquainted?”

“We could do both.” Eric volunteered.

“Sure. Why not?” Ron echoed.

Barbara agreed. “That sounds like a good idea.” She picked up the remote and started the VCR, then sat down between the two boys.

With Barbara Eden sitting next to him like that, Ron wasn’t particularly interested in watching the game. He Put his hand up to her face, turned it toward him, and kissed her on the mouth. As their tongues caressed each other, exchanging saliva, he lowered his hand to her breast. He gave it a gentle squeeze, then began unbuttoning her blouse. When he had it completely unbuttoned, he pulled it up out of her skirt. She helped him by taking it off completely. As she sat there, again naked from the waist up, her nipples were already erect in anticipation of his touch. He brushed his fingers against them, making them even more erect. At the same time, Eric got off the couch and knelt in front of her. He moved her legs apart, then slipped his hands behind her knees. He lifted her legs and pulled her foreward so her ass was balancing on the very front of the cushion, then lifted her legs up onto his shoulders.

Barbara knew what was coming next. She had been waiting for it all day: smearing her pussy into his handsome young face. She raised her pelvis in anticipation. Eric pushed her skirt all the way up around her waist, then cradled her ass in his hands, and lifted her pelvis even more. Barbara spread her knees apart, and pulled his head toward her with her feet.

Eric leaned foreward, but he didn’t go straight for her pussy as she had expected him to. Instead he gently kissed and licked the insides of her thighs, all around her pussy, but carefully not touching it. Barbara began squirming and twitching, thrusting her pussy up, wanting him to make contact with it. Instead, Eric teased it, lightly blowing on it, then going back to kissing her legs. Finally, after several minutes of teasing, she felt his tongue gently lick her pussy lips, then her clitoris. That’s what she had been waiting for. As his mouth finally made contact with her, she pushed her pussy hard against his face. He pulled his head back a little and gently licked her clit. Soon he began licking harder and faster as he nuzzled her pussy with his lips. It didn’t take long at all. Her body froze, except for a long moan, as she climaxed against his mouth. She held his mouth tightly against her pussy, wrenching every bit of pleasure she could from it.

When she had recovered enough, Barbara slowly lowered her feet, one at a time, to the floor, her knees still apart, and Eric still kneeling between them. Eric undid his pants, then stood up and took his pants and shorts off. His large brown cock was semi erect. He got up and knelt on the couch, straddling Barbara, then sat on her, with his cock resting between her breasts. He had fantasized about tit fucking Barbara Eden ever since the third year of her “Jeannie” series, and now he was about to do it for real. She reached up and pushed her breasts together against his cock. The sight of his hard brown cock between her milky white breasts was a turn on for both of them. He began to move slowly foreward and back, each gentle thrust bringing the head of his sixteen year old cock closer to her mouth. Barbara raised her head and leaned foreward so she was able to kiss and lick the purple-brown head every time it approached. Then she leaned farther foreward and opened her mouth so it would enter with each thrus t. They continued this for a couple of minutes, and it was really enjoyable, but not as enjoyable as a real blow job. That’s what Eric was ready for now. He took Barbara’s hands from her breasts and slid his body up closer to her face. He leaned foreward enough so she could kiss the head of his cock. Barbara kissed it and licked it lovingly, first on one side, then the other. She made the entire head wet with her saliva, then pushed it around with her tongue and lips. Eric leaned a little farther foreward, and Barbara took the entire head into her mouth. As she sucked it, she continued licking it inside her mouth.

After several minutes of watching Barbara Eden suck his cock like this, Eric decided to take it up a notch. He leaned foreward, pushing half his cock into her mouth. When he saw that she could handle it, he began slowly pumping it in and out. Barbara was handling it very well. As he pushed it in, she would lick the sides, and when he would pull it back, she would lick the head, all the time diligently sucking it.

Eric decided to try taking it up another notch. He slipped his hand around the back of Barbara’s head and pulled her head up, at the same time lunging foreward, pushing his sixteen year old cock all the way into her throat. Barbara’s eyes opened wide and her face turned red as she began choking and gagging on it. She didn’t know how to deep throat a guy. With her limited experience, she had never tried it before. Eric saw the problem she was having, and pulled back to his previous position. Barbara looked up at him with a sigh of relief as she continued her sucking and licking.

Finally the director cued Eric to wrap it up. Eric took Barbara’s left hand, the one with the wedding ring, and brought it up to his cock. Barbara took hold of it and began gently pumping it. Now that she was stroking him, it wouldn’t take long. When he felt the first stream of semen beginning to shoot out, he quickly pulled his cock out of her mouth just far enough so the camera could see it stream into her mouth. Then he pushed it back in and pumped the rest of his load directly into her mouth. Barbara didn’t swallow it. She held it in her mouth as she milked his cock for every last drop. As he slowly withdrew his cock, she carefully wiped her lips against it all the way out. Once out, she placed it gently on her throat. Then she opened her mouth and pushed his cum up into view with her tongue. When she was sure the camera had gotten a good shot of it, she closed her mouth and very deliberately swallowed it. She looked back up at Eric, opened her mouth, showing that it was empty, and gave him a big smil e. Eric smiled back down at her.

As Eric climbed off of Barbara, that was Ron’s cue. As Barbara had been servicing Eric, Ron had been removing his pants and shorts. When Eric rolled off her, Ron rolled on, straddling her the same way Eric had done. His cock was about half erect. He smiled down at her, then leaned foreward, offering it to her. Barbara smiled up at him, then leaned foreward and took the head into her mouth. She brought him up to a full erection in no time. As he pumped his hard young cock in and out of her mouth, it gleamed with her saliva. Then he withdrew it. He climbed off her and knelt on the floor between her still spread legs. Her pussy was still wet as she tilted her hips up and offered herself to him.

He guided his cock to the lips of her pussy and used it to lightly caress them. Then he gently pushed it between them. Barbara let out a little sigh as she raised her pussy even higher for him. Ron took hold of Barbara’s hips and pushed the head of his cock into her. Barbara sighed again, and Ron pushed his cock in farther. It was still wet and slippery from her saliva, and that, combined with her ample self lubrication, made it fairly easy to push it all the way in. Then he felt it: Barbara’s vagina tightening around his cock, gripping it. He really didn’t know how long he could last with a nice tight fit like that. But Barbara seemed to know what she was doing; when she felt him getting too close to the point of no return, she would relax her grip and let him coast for a while. Then she would tighten it back up and really give him a ride.

For several minutes she kept her feet on the floor, thrusting up at him in perfect time with his thrusts into her. Ron was surprised at how long he was able to last. In fact, Barbara was ready to climax as soon as he was. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he continued slamming his cock into her. She continued slamming her pelvis up against him until suddenly she stopped and pushed herself against him as hard as she could. She drew him against her with her legs, and raised her pussy as high as she could. Ron was ready too. He rammed his cock into her as far as he could, shooting stream after stream of cum deep into her insides. With each stream Barbara would let out a sigh, her body almost frozen, except for an occasional spasm or twitch. She hadn’t been fucked like that for a long time.

When they had both had a chance to recover their senses, Ron slowly slid his cock out. It was wet and slimy, both from his cum and from Barbara’s pussy juice. He climbed back on top of her, straddling her again, smiled, and offered it to her. She smiled back up at him, then took it into her mouth and wiped it clean.

“Cut!” It was another wrap. The first day’s shooting was finished, and it had gone very well. They would meet back on the set in the morning. They still had more scenes to do, plus retakes and whatever improvisations they would decide to do.

The next morning came, and everyone was on time. The boys were again seated on the couch with their pants back up. Barbara was again returning from the bathroom, where she had cleaned herself up and touched up her makeup. She was wearing her blouse again, and looked just as fresh and sexy as when they had started the day before. As the director called for “action” she walked into the room and stood in front of the boys, her hands behind her back. “Are you boys all tired out, or would you like something else?”

Ron looked up at her, then leaned foreward and put his hands on her thighs. He ran them up to her hips, then up to her waist, pushing her short purple skirt up with them. Barbara wasn’t wearing her panties. Ron was looking face to face at her cute honey blonde muff. He ran his hands around to her smooth, firm ass and grabbed two handfuls of it. Her skirt was staying up by itself. He pulled her towards him and kissed her pussy. As he nuzzled his nose into her hair, his tongue reached out and flicked her clit. She smiled and tilted her pelvis up for him. He ran his hand up and down the insides of her thighs, lightly caressing them. Then he slid it up to her pussy, and began lightly fondling and tickling it. It was already wet, and getting wetter. She squirmed and wiggled her hips as his fingers manipulated her clit. He was really turning her on. He slid his first two fingers between her soft wet lips, and up into her vagina. As he kissed her lower abdomen and her cute little muff, he began slowly stroking h is fingers in and out. Her gyrations became more erratic as she tried to move in rhythm with his fingers, but he kept changing the rhythm. Before long he was sure he had found her G-spot, and it was beginning to drive her wild. He concentrated on it, lightly stroking his fingers in all different directions. He had indeed found it. Barbara began losing control. She had never lost control on a movie set before, but she couldn’t help herself. She held on to his head for balance as she began humping his fingers faster and faster. Ron ran his free hand all over her smooth white ass and thighs, teasing her and causing her to lose even more control. Eric saw what was happening, and decided to help it along. He stood behind her and fondled her breasts as he kissed her neck and face. He unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it up out of her skirt, and quickly took it off, then returned his hands to her bare breasts. Barbara was coming unglued. She had lost all control. She bounced wildly on Ron’s fingers as she clutched his head and held his face tight against her. She felt like a volcano ready to erupt. Eric whispered softly into her ear “That’s it, Barbara… fuck… fuck… fuck.” That’s when it happened; her body locked up tight, and fluid came gushing from her pussy. She couldn’t control it. She couldn’t control anything. She grabbed Ron’s hand and pushed it hard against her pussy. Her whole body spasmed and twitched as she came against his hand. As Eric held her breasts, he was also holding her up, keeping her from total collapse.

After several minutes, the intensity finally subsided. The director called “Cut!” It was a definite wrap. The scene was supposed to continue, but Barbara was in no condition to go on without a break. She was embarrassed that she had fallen apart on the set like that, but she was extremely grateful to the boys for bringing her to such a complete climax, and she told them so in no uncertain terms. She gave them each a sincere kiss, and told them she would make it up to them before the filming was over.

After breaking for an hour, they were ready to continue with the shooting. They resumed their places. Ron was sitting on the couch, one hand on Barbara’s pussy and the other steadying her hips. Barbara was standing in front of him, wearing nothing but her short purple skirt and heels, and her skirt was pushed up around her waist. And Eric was standing behind her, steadying her. When the director called for “action” Eric saw that Barbara had recovered, and was able to stand by herself, so he sat back down on the couch. Barbara smiled at Ron, then tugged on his hand, inviting him to stand up. He stood up in front of her, both his hands on her hips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a long wet, sensuous kiss. He gently squeezed and caressed her creamy white ass as she kissed him. Then she leaned back and smiled at him “I’ve got something special for you.”

Barbara took his T-shirt and pulled it up to his armpits. He raised his arms above his head, and she took it the rest of the way off. Then she began kissing him, on the neck, then on the chest, then on the stomach. She knelt on the floor in front of him and began undoing his pants. When she finally got the zipper open, she pulled his pants and shorts down to his ankles, and resumed kissing him, from his stomach down to his crotch. His cock was about half erect. She looked at it thoughtfully. Barbara had never deep throated a guy before, but after the way he had brought her to such an orgasm, she was determined she was going to deep throat him. She would keep trying until she learned, right there on the set. She embraced him around the thighs, with her hands up on his ass. She began by kissing and licking his cock, all the way up the shaft and back down again. She tilted her head to the side and licked and nibbled at his balls, then back up to his cock. It was standing straight out now, and she was ready t o give it her best shot. Barbara took the head into her mouth and bathed it in her saliva. As she leaned foreward, she pulled him toward her, and took half of his cock into her mouth. She moved her head foreward and back, pumping his cock in the most loving way she could. Then she slowly began pumping it in a little deeper each time. Before too long she could feel it bumping against her throat. She tried to relax her throat and allow his cock to pass into it, but each time she would start to gag and have to pull back. After feeling it hit her throat a number of times, she found that she could actually begin to relax her throat, and let it come in a little farther each time. After several minutes of practice, she found that the head of his cock was beginning to actually go into her throat. And the more she did it, the easier it became. Before long it was sliding all the way into her throat. Not just into her throat, but all the way down her throat. With each stroke she would bury her nose in his pubic hair, a nd she could feel his balls press against her chin. When Barbara realized that she was really doing it, really deep throating him, she felt a surge of pride flow through her. She was really doing it. This young stud was about to get the cock sucking of his life.

When Ron saw that Barbara was able to handle his whole cock like that, he held her head with both hands and began thrusting foreward a little more forcefully. He was beginning to fuck her pretty face for real. Barbara didn’t resist. Instead, she tried to help all she could. He began thrusting harder and faster. She wasn’t used to her head bouncing back and forth like that, but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle. As he pumped, she tried to work her tongue around on his cock as much as she could. Even with Barbara’s throat relaxed, it was still a pretty tight fit. The tightness furnished all the stimulation Ron’s cock needed. As he crammed it down her throat as far as he could, and held it there, he shot stream after stream of his cum down her throat. Barbara didn’t even have to swallow. That was taken care of by his deep penetration. All she had to do was hold him close to her, and hold him inside her until he emptied himself into her stomach. When Ron had drained his balls completely, Barbara felt his cock begin to relax. He eased it out of her mouth and smiled down at her. She smiled back up at him. She was proud of herself: it was her very first deep throat, and her first no-hander. Unfortunately, or fortunately, that would be one scene they would have to reshoot; the camera hadn’t seen the cum at all. In the retake, Ron would have to pull his cock out and shoot his first blast into her face so the camera could see it. Then he could stuff it back down her throat to finish.

Ron caressed Barbara’s hair as she held her face against him and kissed his now limp cock. When she finished, he sat back down on the couch, totally satisfied, and Barbara sat back down between the boys. She was now ready to turn her attention to Eric. He was ready for her; he had taken his pants off as soon as he had sat down. She looked down at his big brown sixteen year old cock, and took hold of it. Eric gently pushed her head down towards it. Barbara flipped her hair to the side, leaned down, and took it into her mouth. Eric reached around to her breasts and fondled them while she sucked his cock back to full erection. Barbara’s jaws were tired from sucking Ron the way she did, so she was glad the next part of the scene called for a fuck, rather than another blow job. When she had Eric’s cock completely erect and completely wet, she turned and climbed on top of him, kneeling on the couch and straddling his legs. She figured she would be able to get him off rather easily this way. She knelt upright an d guided the head of his cock to her pussy. She eased herself down a little, taking in just the head.

Eric had his hands wrapped around Barbara’s thighs, and was sliding them, one at a time, up to her firm white ass, then back down again, savoring every moment. But he had a different idea about how he was going to fuck her. He lifted her off him and got up from the couch. He told her to kneel on the floor. Barbara obediently knelt for him. Eric knelt behind her. This had been one of his favorite fantasies: fucking Barbara Eden doggie style. He gave her ass a playful slap, “Down on all fours, Barbara.” As Barbara knelt down on all fours he put his hands on her hips and pushed her skirt all the way up over her waist, then gave her smooth white ass another playful slap “Spread your knees, Barbara. And lift up your ass.” He slapped it again. She spread her knees apart so he could kneel between them and arched her back to give him a better angle of entry. Barbara had only done it doggie style a few times in her life. It wasn’t her favorite position; she considered it somewhat demeaning, especially with someone slapping her ass. On the other hand, whenever she had done it, she found that it resulted in a very strong orgasm. She was impressed with the way this young looking boy had taken charge, and it turned her on.

Eric’s sixteen year old cock quickly found her waiting pussy, and he pushed the head in hard. Then he lunged foreward, pushing half of his stiff brown cock inside her. He pushed again, ramming it all the way home. Barbara let out a loud sigh, and winced at the abruptness of his penetration. At that point Eric leaned foreward and took hold of Barbara’s free hanging breasts. He cupped them in his hands and gently squeezed them. He whispered softly “Okay, Barbara, fuck me,” and again slapped her ass. Barbara began rocking foreward and back, fucking his cock as best she could. She wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted her to do. “Harder, Barbara. You can do it harder than that.” She raised her hands to the front of the couch to get more leverage, and began thrusting her hips forcefully back and forth. “That’s it, Barbara. That’s the way I want to be fucked.” Eric moved his hands from her breasts to her hips, allowing her breasts to bounce and flop wildly. He gave her another slap on the ass. “That’s it, Barbara. You do know how to fuck after all.” She continued slamming her ass against him as she had been directed. Eventually, with each stroke she would let out a little sigh; it was hard work, and she didn’t know how long she could keep it up. Eric was in no hurry. He had fantasized about making her perform for him like this, and he was taking full advantage of it, enjoying it, as he gave her ass another slap.

After performing like this for a while, it dawned on Barbara that she was the one doing all the work here. Eric would lunge foreward as she slid back on him, but that didn’t compare to the amount of effort she was putting in. Barbara’s face was becoming red, partly from the hard physical work, and partly because she was a little embarrassed and a little humiliated by the way this young looking boy was putting her through her paces in front of everyone on the set. She couldn’t just tell him to knock it off, though; everything he did was just the right thing to turn her on even more. She couldn’t stop now, even if she wanted to. In spite of the awkwardness and embarrassment she felt, this was one of the best fucks of her life. Eric was deliberately dominating her because it gave him more self confidence, and that extra measure of self confidence would help him to last as long as he wanted. Not so with Barbara; she felt herself getting ready to climax already. Now she was bucking and slamming her ass against him, not because he had ordered her to, but because she couldn’t help it. It felt too good.

Suddenly Barbara pushed back against Eric as hard as she could, and froze. Eric wasn’t quite ready to cum yet, but he knew Barbara was, so he jammed his cock in as far as he could, and held it there for her. As Barbara let out a loud moan, Eric leaned foreward “That’s it, Barbara. Cum for me.” She obeyed; she couldn’t help it. She climaxed, deep and long.

As Barbara slowly recovered from her orgasm, Eric caressed her ass and thighs to keep his cock hard. Then he eased it out of her and moved it up to her ass. It wasn’t called for in the script, but that tight little hole in Barbara’s milky white ass sure looked inviting. He placed the head of his cock against it, and began to drive it in.


Eric knew from Barbara’s tone of voice that she was serious. She had let him get away with an awful lot already; there was no point in pressing his luck and taking a chance on ruining everything. He withdrew it. He was just about ready to cum anyway, so he took it in his hand and began jacking it off. It didn’t take long. He shot his first blast of semen directly at her asshole, then he sprayed the rest over her smooth white ass. When he was finished, he couldn’t resist the temptation, maybe it was the child still in him, he gave her ass a good hard slap, leaving a bright pink handprint on it. Barbara couldn’t really blame him; she had totally disrupted his dominance game, and he was probably a little frustrated. Maybe she would let him continue the game during the reshoots, but not the assfucking.The camera slowly zoomed in on the handprint, and the director called “Cut.”

They had completed the filming of the script in a day and a half. Now there was just the matter of reshooting some of the scenes and maybe doing a few others. Ultimately, it would take two full weeks to do all the retakes, mostly at Barbara’s request. But the boys requested a few too. Eric got to ride Barbara doggie style again, twice. She even began to look foreward to him slapping her ass, as long as he didn’t slap it too hard. And she eventually deep throated both the boys. A number of variations to the scenes were filmed “just in case.” They even improvised a scene where the boys stood with their cocks together and Barbara sucked them both off at the same time. One of Barbara’s favorite improvisations was where she lay on her back on the couch, her hips up on the armrest, and her legs extending out past it. The boys would first take turns eating her pussy, then they took turns fucking her. She found herself climaxing several times during that scene.

During the entire filming, Barbara was a real trooper, always performing her role perfectly. But whenever there was a short break in the shooting, she would cross her arms over her breasts and appear to be somewhat self conscious and embarrassed about her obvious state of undress, especially with an all male crew. Some of the crew would gather around her and deliberately engage her in conversation, finding one reason or another to put an arm around her waist or touch her shoulders, just to watch her embarrassment. Sometimes they would offer her a drink of water, so she would only have one hand available to cover her breasts. She knew what they were doing, and she played along, perhaps acting a little more embarrassed than she really was. All in all, it turned out to be a very enjoyable two weeks for everyone involved, especially for Barbara and the boys.

The lodge did very well with its project, in fact it is still renting the film out today. And the press and public have no idea the film even exists.


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