Barbells and busty bombshells

Story title: Barbells and busty bombshells

Story by : Money

Celeb in story: Arianny Celeste

Story codes: MF, oral, anal

Disclaimer : The following story is not true and never happened this is total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality any feedback or comments can be sent to now on with the story.

Staying in shape had become a hobby lately instead of a chore the gym I had been going to had everything to help me including celeb eye candy. For the most part I left them alone but a few did come around me on an almost regular basis like Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, and Elisha Cuthbert. I had been doing sets of arm curls but I needed to do more bench work to stay with my program I needed a spotter when a petite yet stacked brunette came in.

“I could really use those when your done.” she said

“Go ahead and take them..I could use a spotter though.” I said

The girl was really sweet wanting to help me out. I had seen her before but wasn’t sure where I put it out of my mind focusing on my workout which was a real trick with her big tits hust out of reach of my hands every now and then my wrists would brush them. I had to look up but I could feel the heat coming off her pussy with it barely 12 inches from my head her coaching really helped as I finished my set.

“Never saw anybody with muscles so big.” she said

“Most people arent my size.” I said

The girl turned out to be Arianny Celeste a model most recently in Hef’s mag since I stayed away from it no wonder she slipped under my celeb radar she was clearly checking me out.

“Can I touch your muscles?” she asked

“Yeah sure.” I said

As I stood up Arianny’s jaw dropped my full frame standing in front of her at 7 ‘4 I nearly banged my head on the ceiling tipping the scales at around 250 lbs. I looked like I was cut from granite along with my 18 inch long and 8 inch thick cock bulging in my workout trunks Arianny was clearly intimidated.

“Wow …just…wow.” she said

” Your so cute when you studder.” I said

I had a little fun at her expense flexing my arm making it bulge while she held onto it she tried crawling on me as her foot slipped catching my shorts pulling them down letting my massive cock free.

“I thought I was seeing things your huge baby.” she said

“I try not to brag.” I said

I picked her up pulling at her top my hands were able to palm the sizeable orbs easily as I sucked on them making Arianny groan sending a noticable shiver up her spine.

“Soooo…goooood.” she moaned

“Just getting started.” I said

My hands danced across her body sliding a few fingers into her shorts giving her leg a light rub causing a muscle spasm to open her legs wider.

“Keep going.” she panted

“Such a tease…I like that.” I said

Arianny was on fire the heat coming off her pussy warmed my fingers up nicely 2 of them fit rather easily the third slipped in by accident.

“That’s thick!!” she yelped

“Not so loud.” I said

I pulled my fingers out sliding my thick dick in making her buck more than once kissing her was the only way to keep Arianny mostly quiet but even that was becoming a challenge with her clawing my back and riding my cock.

“If your going to split me open with that monster get it over with.” she said

“Will do.” I said

I started pounding into Arianny on the floor with strong strokes my hips were becoming a blur of activity my dick buried in every inch of her love canal up to her womb there was a 50/50 chance she would either be pregnannt after this or walking funny.

“Overheating babe.” she said

“You sure are.” I said

Arianny was sweating up a storm her slick body making it tougher to keep a rhythm or on top of her my shaft pulsing with a need to release my seed building.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhmmmmpppphhhhhfffffffffffff!!!” she squealed

“Your still loud.” I whispered

She couldn’t help it biting down on my fingers while the orgasm slammed into her body Arianny’s boobs bounced around the stacked brunette clearly enjoying the visual draining some girl cream on my shaft and the carpet.

“Need another…quick.” she said

“On it.” I said

Arianny mounted me on the bench driving her hips down on every stroke our combined sex odors were reaching into the locker rooms I was pumping her rather hard as both our orgasms hit at the same moment my baby batter splashing inside her willing opening causing her to scream rather loud collapsing on my chest with a thud.

“Time to split.” I said

“But I’m not done yet.” she said

Way later

I hadn’t seen Arianny in over a month with our different schedules I wasn’t sure if I ever would again so I just stayed with my workout routine. My name had gotten around the gym for doing an unheard of number of bench presses getting a few celebs peeking in during my sessions when one slipped in and just watched.

“That massive dick of yours is about to destroy those shorts.” she said

“Arianny…long time.” I said

She gave me a big hug while kissing around my face and dry humping my leg Arianny was frisky so I was sure I wasn’t going to complete my session for the day.

“I need this horse cock.” she cooed

“And I need to make you scream with it.” I said

We headed for her place it was a good half hour out from the gym during stop lights she would give me a blowjob showing off her skills to shocked drivers in the other lane downing a good length of my meat with a smile before taking off down the road.

We barely made it in the door as Arianny was all over me my pants were around my ankles while her shirt was on the floor followed soon after by my shorts.

“I need that in my ass.” she purred

“I’m on it.” I said

I ripped her shorts off and roughly shoved it up her asshole. She screamed with extacy. I started sledgehammering away at her ass listening to screams while enjoying her painful pleasure.

“OH MY GOD!!” she screamed

“YOU HORSE COCKED BASTARD!!” she screamed again.

I was working as hard as I could to fit every inch up into her ass. I was gonna go balls deep even if it killed her but it was worth it when I felt my balls touch her pussy. She started breathing deep and hard.

I could tell this was the first time having a cock as big as mine in her ass but not her first time having anal the tightness was stimulating. I had to think of everything I could not to cum too quick but this girl could take one hard assfucking after a few minutes I had to ask her how she learned to take cock the way she did her answer stunned me.

“I have one member of my security team fuck my ass 3 times a week to keep my ass ring strong.” she said

“No cock can loosen my ass.” she added

I was more than willing to test that claim I continued to fuck Arianny’s ass finally my balls couldn’t take it. I unloaded my baby batter up her ass she looked back at me as I pulled out of her ass. She had a smile on her face as I looked down I saw her ass was still tight she got back up looked at me and said.

“Thanks for the workout baby.”

I ended up going to another gym to focus on my workout a number of celebs followed me but those are stories for another time.

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