Barntastic Adventures – Part 1

Title: Barntastic Adventures – Part 1

Author: ikkitousen

Celebs: Bridgit Mendler, Dove Cameron, Olivia Holt, Ryan Newman, Selena Gomez

Codes: FFFFf, cons, beast, drugs, anal, oral

Disclaimer: This is all fiction and I guess it never happened although thinking it did is hot. No one under 18 should read this according to the law. If attractive hot celebs doing all sorts of debauchery is not your thing, go read something else!

Sorry the story is not finished, I decided to divide it into two parts because it’s so long I couldn’t possibly finish it before Ryan’s 18th birthday. I hope you enjoy it a lot, and I’ll try to have the second part done asap. 😉

Selena Gomez, Dove Cameron, Olivia Holt and Ryan Newman were all hanging out with Bridgit at her parent’s ranch home.

“Girls, Dove told me there would be some alcohol,” Ryan said a bit shyly.

“There is, we spiked the punch,” Selena answered with pride.

“So that’s what I’ve been tasting,” Olivia said, gulping the last bit of her punch.

Dove had indeed told Selena and Bridgit that Ryan was a nice girl who had drunk for the first time some time ago and was fun-loving, so they were glad to have Dove invite her to one of their hangouts.

Bridigt walked away from the room and came back with a bag some seconds later.

“This shit is really good, guys,” she said, and the others could see it was actually weed in it.

“Oh, now it’s a party,” Ryan said taking a joint.

“Ha, seems like someone’s not a prissy little girl. I like that,” Bridgit chuckled and handed the bag to the other girls.

Everyone else took a joint and the party went on with drinking and smoking weed. The punch had run out and Bridgit brought out the stronger stuff which brought along a chorus of cheers and claps.

The conversation had gone raunchier and they were sharing sexual experiences and fantasies. Each sip and puff they took they were more eager and less embarrassed to share their deepest and dirtier secrets, their openness encouraged by the influence of the drugs and also by their hearing of the other girls’ secrets.

They were so high they felt like their clothes were burning their skin so they took off their sweaters and shoes and ended with more comfortable clothes: Ryan had a tight white top and short denim shorts; Olivia wore a more loose top and a short skirt; Dove had a loose long shirt that ended below her crotch, so she had only her panties below it; Bridgit and Selena went even further and were both on their bras, Bridgit with her jeans and Selena with tight cloth shorts.

“Hey Bridgit, I think we’re out of weed,” Selena said checking the empty bag.

“Fuck, we were having so much fun!” Olivia said.

“You girls think I would let the party die just like that?” Bridgit asked. “Selena brought the weed, but I got the real deal,” she said and put a silver tray with a razor blade on top of the table. She took out two small bags off her purse.

“How about some pure, first class cocaine? Are you bitches good enough for it?” the blonde actress goaded the other girls, as she started drawing thin lines of coke on the silver tray.

Everyone was shocked but at the same time nervously excited.

“Shit, Bridgit! You really surprised me!” Dove uttered, with a curious tone on her voice.

“Shit, man,” a nervous Ryan said, fidgeting. “I’m not sure, I’ve never done that shit.”

“Awww, little Ryan is a chicken!” Bridgit mocked her as she rolled dollar bills into little tubes. “Bet she wasn’t the big girl I expected.”

“I’m not a chicken!” Ryan answered, a bit offended. “I’m just… not convinced.”

“Well, tell you what,” Bridgit replied, not mocking her now, “I promise you this is real good stuff, Newman, and you’re gonna love it. We’re gonna be here for you too,” she said with a reassuring sweet tone on her voice. “Plus, if you do it with us, Dove will kiss you. Make out with you even,” she added with a mischievous grin.

Both girls looked surprised by that, but Dove certainly less than Ryan, her face even lit up with a smile.

“Making… out, you say?” Ryan asked with curiosity in her voice, and looked at Dove, then at Bridgit again. “I guess I could try,” she added, still nervous but very curious now, her interest piqued by Bridgit’s words.

“Great!” Bridgit replied with a cheerful smile. “Let the grown-ups start and we’ll teach you. Selena!” she called on the brunette and handed her a dollar roll. “Make the honors and show her how it’s done, you Latin whore.”

Selena grabbed the roll with a sly smile on her face. “Sure, you bossy pale-ass cunt!” she said and Bridgit and her exchanged a short look and smile; calling each other degrading things was something they loved when high and drunk.

Selena cut up the coke and rolled up a hundred dollar bill. She dipped her head into the table and pressed the bill against the drug, snorting up a line. “FUCK THAT SHIT IS GOOD.”

Bridgit cut a new line and took the bill from the Latina and snorted up a long line. “Goddamn! That shit is the bomb.”

“I can do a whole line too,” Dove said picking up the razor.

“Really?” Selena asked already feeling the side effects.

“Yeah, it can’t be that hard.”

Dove leaned in and pressed the bill against the white powder. In one snort the long line of powder was snorted and Dove leaned back screaming. “Oh my God, that’s incredible!!”

“Really?” Ryan asked still unsure about this.

Dove placed her hand on Ryans thigh and rubbed it. “It’s such a rush, and don’t forget about our kiss.”

Dove leaned in and pulled away just when their lips were about to touch. “Give me that bill and cut me a line,” Ryan said.

“There we go!” Bridgit said cutting up a line.

Ryan leaned in nervous and excited at the same time and pressed one side of her nose shut. In one snort she had the line up her nose and screamed with joy and excitement. “WOW!!”

“See, not so bad.” Dove said getting closer to Ryan.

“This feels amazing!” Ryan said and looked at Dove, “I guess it’s time for my reward.”

Bridgit pulled out her phone and hit record as the girls ran their hands underneath each other’s shirt and squeezed each other’s mounds.

“Ever kissed a girl before?” Dove asked pecking Ryan on her lips.

Ryan pecked back, “Just one, you?”

“Just a few,” the blonde answered.

They locked lips for a few seconds with their tongues probing the insides of each other. They broke for air but went back for it and this time Dove took the lead and sucked on Ryan’s moist tongue and Ryan returned the favor and took it one step further by sliding her tongue along Dove’s succulent tongue.

The two fell to the floor ready to tear the clothes from each other’s bodies and Selena had to pull them off each other.

“Whoa! Hold your horses girls, don’t get to crazy. We’ll get to that soon enough.”

Bridgit stumbled to her feet with a half empty beer bottle, “That reminds me I have to show you guys my parent’s prize winning horses.”

“Why would we want to do that when the party is inside?” asked Ryan.

“Come on guys, it could be…” Bridgit looked around, “… hey where’s Olivia, wasn’t she supposed to be with you guys?”

Selena looked around, “Hey you’re right, where is she? She was here just a moment ago.”

Dove snapped Ryan off her and stumbled to her feet, “I forgot, I saw her go out and head to the barn a minute ago, I was about to tell you guys but I sort of got excited with Ryan here.”

“Well, let’s go see why she’s in the barn and not in here with us,” Selena said.

All of them made their way outside and to the barn where they heard strange noises. Upon entering they saw three empty beer bottles, two smoked joints, what looked like cocaine and a rolled up bill. But the most surprising thing was Olivia, kneeling topless, and orally pleasing a donkey.

“Oh my God!” a dumbfounded Ryan uttered.

“Bitch, you couldn’t wait until I invited the others?” Bridgit laughed.

“Oh, sorry, I lost my mind!” Olivia chuckled “You know how crazy I get when on drugs”

The other girls giggled at that with a knowing smile. All but Ryan, whose dropped jaw and eyes wide open showed clearly how shocked she was, she had never seen anything like this before.

“Well, go on now! We’ll join you in a second!” Bridgit said cheerfully and started unbuttoning her jeans.

Olivia did as Bridgit told her and with a smile turned her face back to the long equine penis in front of her, parted her lips and started sucking on it again.

Ryan blushed when she saw it, and softly gasped at the sight. She was amazed that Olivia was so close to her age but clearly had more experience in all kind of crazy things. Not only had she gotten high on drugs before, she obviously had done these depravities before!

A part of her wanted to feel disgusted at what was happening in front of her, but instead she was just surprised, yet curious. That thing Olivia held with her hands as she fellated it was longer than whatever she could have imagined, had she ever thought about these kinds of things. She felt almost jealous of Olivia’s adventurousness, and she wondered deep inside what it may feel like to be in her place.

“You don’t have to do anything,” Dove told Ryan in her year, slightly startling her, “no one will force you to do anything you don’t want,” she continued and hugged her from behind. “But do watch, and if you wanna join, you’re welcome to. I know I will. It’s hot and kinky as fuck, and you’ll love it,” she said as she started gently rubbing Ryan’s tummy and chest, making her sigh.

“I… I guess I could watch,” Ryan mumbled, feeling her mouth water as she saw Olivia’s head bob back and forth.

Bridgit and Selena, now topless and just on their panties, went and kneeled beside Olivia. Bridgit rubbed the blonde teen’s back and praised her. “Good girl, suck it like a dirty little whore!” she encouraged her.

“Seems like she’s learned a lot for her age,” Selena laughed.

“Well I’ve learned from the best whores in town!” Olivia took a second to say and then went back to performing her slow, methodical oral pleasing of the donkey.

Selena slid a hand below Olivia’s skirt, eliciting a sudden moan from her. “Hmmph!” the blonde moaned but didn’t stop her inter-species cocksucking.

“Looks like someone’s wet!” Selena giggled as she felt the moistness in Olivia’s crotch.

“She’s not the only one!” Dove said, and the others saw that she hadn’t wasted her time with Ryan, as she had her left hand under the brunette’s top, and the right one inside her shorts.

“Oh… oh! Oh my god!” Ryan groaned, her hands behind her, holding herself against Dove’s body, unable to hide her horniness and the pleasure she felt from the blonde’s touch.

“Do you want to try it too, sluttie?” Bridgit encouraged Ryan.

“Ghh… I-I do,” the brunette jailbait teen admitted, unable to hide her desires any longer. Part of it was the kinky nature of what she was intently observing, and part of it where the lost inhibitions thanks to the drugs and to Dove’s pleasuring of her most sensitive areas.

“Great!” the blonde touching her said “Show her how the big girls do it first, then get her own donkey,” Dove told the other girls as she gently rubbed Ryan’s moist genitals through the fabric of her panties.

“Oh, won’t be a problem!” Bridgit replied with an evil smile on her face.

“We can show her how a big slut does it,” Selena said.

Bridgit took Selena’s face with her hands and gave her a deep, passionate kiss with lots of tongue – something she had wanted to do for a while. Then she let Selena go and nodded to her. “Let’s do this.”

The two kneeled on the side of the 18 inch throbbing cock and both groped the balls of the animal while their tongues slid up and down the sides of the vein outlined cock. Each time their tongues finished a lap their pussies got wetter.

Bridgit took the tip in her mouth and Selena clasped her lips around the shaft as best as she could and dragged them up and down. Olivia had set up a camera, “Hey we should make this more interesting, if all of us can take every inch down our throat then Ryan has to fuck the donkey.”

“Guys I don’t know yet, this seems pretty extreme.”

Dove slid two of her fingers in and out of Ryan, making her moan and groan. “AH! Oh God!”

“I know by the time you get done seeing all of us take that big fat cock all the way down our slutty throats, you’ll be begging to fuck that animal.” Dove said as she played with Ryan’s pussy slowly but knowingly.

“These girls may be more sexually experienced than me but there is no way they could take that much cock in their mouth, no human could,” Ryan thought while still struggling not to get so aroused. “Sure, but only if everyone is able to do it.”

Selena drooled along the cock and then kissed Bridgit along her neck, finishing with sucking on her ear lobe. “Come on Bridgit, take that cock. Take all of it!”

Bridgit started easing her way down the cock. The blonde slowly but surely took the cock down her throat and had trouble at eleven inches. She tried pushing herself further down but she was gagging and choking too much and came up for air.

“Shit, that was awesome.” Selena said, watching Bridgit hack her saliva all over the cock.

“I can do it, Selena, if you see me struggling, push,” the blonde young actress said as she gasped for air, and run both her hands at the same time up and down the cock, rubbing her saliva on it.

“You got it, girl!” Selena nodded enthusiastically.

Bridgit engulfed the cock once more and this time took thirteen inches with a lot of gagging, choking and drool seeping out the sides of her lips.

“G-GACK! Hggghhh!! *COUGH! COUGH!* Hggggrrrh…!” her reactions were priceless to watch as she pushed herself to go further inch by inch, tears forming in her eyes.

Selena pushed on the back of Bridgit’s head and the blonde took the remaining five inches and was able to keep it down her throat for a couple seconds before the brunette let her head go.

“GAAHHH!” Bridgit gasped loudly as she let the cock out of her mouth, and spit on the floor.

“Fuck! That felt so good!” she groaned, her hands on her thighs as she rested her body on them, panting repeatedly as she let the fresh night air fill her lungs again. “Now’s your turn, Selena!”

“Alright!” the Latina exclaimed cheerfully.

Selena licked the cock’s head a few times before engulfing the shaft inch after inch. Poor Selena was stopping only at the nine inch mark, gagging and choking heavily. “GHHHGGH! HNNNGH!” she uttered with the animal’s penis in her throat.

But, Bridgit had the thought of Ryan mounting and taking the donkey inside her pussy in her mind, and wanted it to happen so much… So, without warning, Bridgit shoved the Latina further down the cock with Selena freaking out.

“HNNNGGHH!” the brunette groaned between the animal’s legs, her eyes growing larger at first due to the surprise, and narrow later as she struggled with the shaft penetrating her oral cavity.

“It’s okay, honey. Just relax and breathe through your nose,” Bridgit told her with a soothing tone.

Selena slowed her breathing and inhaled through her nose and exhaled through it too. But for Selena, the more of the cock that went so deep into her gullet, the harder it was. She never thought she could take so much down her throat!

“Hmmmph!!” she whimpered as she felt tears form on her eyes. Her face was a poem as she frowned hard with an almost sad grimace as her blonde friend pushed her forward.

As the last inch nestled in Selena’s throat, she was allowed to come up for air. “AGHH!” She gasped and spat on the floor.

Olivia kissed Selena’s lips and the area around her mouth, tasting the saliva the brunette had due to the extreme oral action, glistening from her top lip to her chin. Olivia looked at Dove who had her mouth open underneath Olivia’s. Olivia kissed Dove so she could taste Selena’s spit on her lips and Dove licked her lips after it with a satisfied face.

“Holy shit that was good…” Selena sighed as she sat at one the donkey, beside Bridgit, resting as she leaned backwards with her hands on the floor behind her.

“Okay, my turn!” Dove said with a big smile on her face, clapping her hands.

Ryan watched the blonde girl start to take the donkey dick down her throat. “Look at Dove take that cock! Oh boy, I’m so horny right now. I never thought I could get so horny from bestiality…” Ryan thought, watching the blonde teen actress struggle at eight inches.

“Fuck, I knew we were going to do crazy sexual stuff but I never thought having sex with a donkey…” Ryan whispered, her pants soaking wet against her pussy.

“Hey guys, there should be a punishment if you all can’t deep throat it,” Ryan said, noticing Dove not able to get through ten inches.

“I guess that’s only fair,” Bridgit said, as she kneeled besides the donkey and drooled slobber along his cock and rubbed it to get it lubed for Dove.

“Ok how about this,” Dove said after taking out the dick out of her mouth “if I can’t deepthroat the cock, Ryan is allowed to give each of us a branding?”

Everyone was a little hesitant but nodded. “So you better take that cock, Dove!” Selena said, sitting up and drooling more slobber along the penis and rubbing it.

Dove took the tip in her mouth and pushed deeper and deeper. This time she was at eleven inches but had to stop… but Bridgit pushed on the back of Dove’s head and Dove wrenched and choked on the donkey cock. “GHHH! Nnnngh…!” Dove groaned as she closed her eyes hard, feeling the beast’s shaft slide down her throat, rubbing against her throat, and penetrate her esophagus.

A few seconds later, Dove had every inch down her throat. “Good slut,” Bridgit said with a satisfied and lascivious smile on her face. She held Dove’s head in that place for some seconds, and then let the younger blonde go.

“AHH!” Dove came up for air. “Shit, that dick felt so good,” she panted and rubbed her index and middle finger on her chin, cleaning it. “Tough but worth it.”

As Olivia got on her knees she looked at the underage brunette actress that observed everything fascinated. “You’re in trouble, Ryan.”

Olivia first sucked on the tip and then slowly slid the cock down her throat. Bridgit and Selena were ready to help Olivia but she didn’t need any help. “Hmmm…” the young blonde girl moaned pleasantly as she took the animal penis inside her mouth and felt it against her tongue.

She took 8 inches in and bobbed back. Then, she bobbed her head forward again and took 10 inches, and repeated again with 12, 14, 15… She finally took all 18 inches with little to none gagging and choking. In fact, Olivia bobbed her head up half way and all the way down a few times before coming up for air.

Olivia looked at all her shocked friends. “What? I spent some time in Mexico and they have Tijuana shows there.”

“Tijuana shows?” Ryan asked, still shocked by what she had just seen, her eyes wide in disbelief.

“Yeah, donkey sex shows where people have sex with donkeys,” Olivia said with a casual and informative tone.

Everyone still couldn’t believe it but Olivia dragged Ryan over to the donkey.

“Now it’s time to pay up,” the blonde teen said with a cheerful tone in her voice and a malicious smile.

“Now Olivia, she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to,” Bridgit said.

Ryan stared deeply at the twitching cock, “N-no, it’s okay,” she said. “I want to. I’m ready.”

“Ok!” Bridgit said with a smile “I’m gonna be at your side helping you if you need, because others may not have the patience that a newbie like you needs,” the blonde actress said and gave Olivia a knowing look.

“I swear I’ve no idea who you’re talking about,” Olivia said with a fake innocent smile, not even trying to sound convincing.

“T-thanks, I guess,” Ryan told Bridgit, who gently posed her hand on the younger girl’s shoulder and caressed it.

“Now, honey, follow me. On your knees,” the blonde said and got on the floor besides the donkey. Ryan got on her knees right beside Bridgit, her body language showing her nervousness. She couldn’t believe how close to that huge thing she was, and how she’d be doing depraved things with it very soon.

“So, ever sucked a dick before, Newman?” Bridgit asked “Human, I mean,” she chuckled with a smug smile.

“Yeah, a couple of times,” the brunette answered a bit shyly. “But never anything like this!” she gasped.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything!” Bridgit said, then looked back at the penis in front of her face and grabbed it with her hand. “Wanna touch it?” she invited Ryan and offered her hand to her, palm up.

Ryan looked at Bridgit’s hand for a second and then nodded with a shy smile, her cheeks turning a bit red. “Y-yes, I do,” she said, then rested her hand over Bridgit’s invinting one.

“Good girl,” Bridgit smiled, and gently took Ryan’s hand toward the animal and laid it on top of the donkey’s enormous phallic member. The young brunette twitched when she felt her palm touch the equine penis, and gasped softly. Bridgit started slowly moving her hand up and down the shaft, guiding Ryan’s hand below it.

“Wow…” Ryan uttered, her eyes wide open. Feeling those sensations on the palm of her hand, she almost forgot to breathe for some seconds. She was actually touching a donkey’s penis.

“Like that?” Bridgit asked with a mischievous smile.

“Yeah,” Ryan answered. “I do, it’s like a guy’s, but much longer… and kinkier,” she said as she enjoyed the feeling of the animal’s manhood against her palm.

“Well, I know something else you should try then,” the blonde said, then grabbed the shaft with both her hands. She pulled her tongue out and let the tip of the penis rest against it, then ran her tongue up the tip while keeping eye contact with Ryan.

Afterwards, Bridgit closed her eyes and licked around it in a very slutty way. After that, she put it in her mouth and sucked on it, bobbing her head up and down a few times. She then pressed it against the wall of her mouth making her cheek protrude an inch, and let it out of her mouth with a popping sound.

“Whoa,” Olivia uttered after seeing that spectacle.

“Damn, she’s so good,” Dove sighed, standing between Olivia and Selena.

“You go, Bridgit! You the alpha ho!” Selena cheered her blonde friend pumping her fist playfully in the air.

Bridgit couldn’t help but smile at those demonstrations of amazement by her friends. “So, wanna try?” she told Ryan with a smile. The young girl had been watching Bridgit intently and amazed, and couldn’t help but have the sight water her mouth.

“M-hmm,” the jailbait brunette nodded, ready to enter that world of depravity her fellow teen actresses were offering her.

“Now, babe, open your mouth, stick out your tongue and don’t be shy,” Bridgit told her with a mischievous smile on her face. She rested her hand below Ryan’s chin and gently gripped it after encouraging the young girl to open her mouth, guiding her with her thumb.

The blonde directed the equine phallus with her other hand toward Ryan’s mouth, and soon she was leading its head toward the younger girl’s tongue. Each inch it came closer to her, Ryan’s heart beat harder.

Finally the penis touched Ryan’s tongue, who gasped when she felt it. She wasn’t sickened by it, so she licked it shyly once from bottom to top. She couldn’t help but stare in amazement for a second the enormous shaft in front of her face.

“Not bad, huh?” Bridgit asked with a mischievous smile.

“N-no,” Ryan answered sincerely “Quite nice, actually.”

“Ok, now: once more, with feeling,” Bridgit joked “Just like a lollipop.”

“Like a lollipop?” the young brunette asked.

“Yep, like a lollipop. Just one, you know, that tastes like dick!” the blonde chuckled.

“Like a lollipop…” Ryan thought aloud. Bridgit “reminded” the brunette about the dick by helding it in front of her lips and nodded invitingly with a smile on her face.

Ryan licked the cock’s fleshy head again, this time with more confidence. She licked it once more with the tip of her tongue, and then licked around it with her whole tongue. She then grabbed it confidently with her own hand, let it enter her mouth and closed her eyes, concentrating on the taste. She run her tongue in circular movements around it as if she was licking a lollipop, and sucked it delicately, bobbing her head softly just a little bit as she orally worked on it.

“That’s my girl!” Bridgit cheered her. “That donkey’s your boyfriend tonight, suck it like you were in love with him,” she told her with a very sensuous tone on her voice that only made Ryan hornier. “Come on, girls, get on the first line!” Bridgit invited the others.

They didn’t hesitate to follow her instruction, and sat beside their friends as they observed pleased at Ryan learning to love their depraved little game.

“Oh, I like what I see!” Dove chuckled with a big shining smile on her face.

“We got ourselves a fast learner in here,” Selena added. “Watch it, Bridgit, she could be the barn specialist someday,” she teased her blonde friend.

Ryan couldn’t help but blush at all the attention and praise she was getting. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought of doing something as depraved as this, and even less enjoying it this much.

“I have good teachers,” she laughed as she took a rest from licking the donkey’s penis for a second. “I’m nowhere as good as you girls, though.”

“Not yet, but you’ll be. Trust me,” Olivia said, and the others couldn’t help but look at her and chuckle.

“Well, I’m not sure if little Newman is a natural whore like you, Liv,” Bridgit laughed. “She seems a bit more prissy than you big slut,” she teased the youngster to see if she got a reaction out of it.

“I’m not prissy!” Ryan protested, laughing.

“Oh, yeah?” Bridgit asked. “Prove it,” she teased Ryan.

Ryan didn’t need more explanation to understand that Bridgit was not-so-subtly inviting her to get more daring on the cock, so she smiled and went back to work on it. She slid it in her mouth, closed her eyes, and started sucking it again, this time more confidently.

She bobbed her head back and forth and allowed herself to enjoy and lose herself in the moment. She delighted in the taste and texture of the penis as it slid over her tongue, and as it hit her palate, and the walls of her mouth. She combined her tongue work and the movement of her head with timely suctions as she bobbed her head backwards.

“Now that’s hot; something that’d drive a guy crazy,” Olivia acknowledged.

“Good girl!” Bridgit congratulated the younger girl, then *smack!* the blonde spanked the younger girl’s butt. Ryan was surprised by this, but couldn’t help but smile with a bit of pride at her peers’ recognition.

“This is too hot, can’t help it anymore!” Dove groaned and bit her lip. She kissed Selena’s shoulder and slid her hand between the Latina’s legs. “Please touch me,” she begged.

“Oh, I like where this is going!” the brunette said with a naughty smile on her face and kissed Dove on the lips and started rubbing the blonde girl’s moist pussy, then slid two fingers inside her.

“Hmm… AH!” Dove gasped at the feel of Selena’s fingers penetrating her. She paid it back by rubbing the brunette’s clit, who responded with a deep hmmm grunt.

“Well, we officially have a party!” Olivia laughed and started rubbing herself as she divided her attention between Selena and Dove by her side, and Ryan and Bridgit with the donkey cock.

“Oh, yay!” Bridgit chirped. “Be proud, bitch, you’re driving them crazy”

“Looks like I am,” said Ryan with a shy smile, blushing slightly. She was proud in a way that almost embarrassed her. Almost.

She’d never imagined that she’d feel proud of such depravity as performing oral sex to a farm animal and making her friends horny because of it, but she couldn’t deny in a million years that she was loving both what she was doing and the attention and encouragement of the girls. She couldn’t tell what was more exciting, if the dirty acts she was partaking in, or being observed. Maybe she was a bit of an exhibitionist and never knew it before…

“I had a good teacher though,” Ryan added.

“Well, honey, then what say if you…” Bridgit said, gently holding the younger girl’s chin between her thumb and index finger and inching her face closer to Ryan’s, “… keep doing your thing and I reward you for it?” she finished her sentence and kissed her ‘apprentice’ on the lips.

It wasn’t a peck, but a nice kiss that lasted for a couple of seconds, and it was moist and Ryan could feel the blonde girl’s tongue caressing hers for a moment. Bridgit slid her hand and rubbed the brunette’s pussy lips.

“Oh-OH!!” Ryan gasped and almost jumped on her place from the pleasure, shivering a bit because of it.

“Come on,” the older girl encouraged Ryan and gently pushed her chin so she would face the dick again. Ryan followed Bridgit’s cue and with a very good disposition took the donkey shaft between her lips again. She started sucking on it again as Bridgit pleased her genitals and caressed her boobs and nipples.

The blonde rubbed Ryan’s pussy lips, and then spread them with her index and ring finger and rubbed between them with her middle finger. She then proceeded to slide a finger inside the brunette’s pussy, then a second, and then slowly move them in and out of her.

“Mmph, ahh…” the young actress moaned as she lost herself in the moment, closing her eyes and allowing herself to enjoy fellating an animal and being touched by a female for the second time this day, and in her young life.

“Good girl, now show us if you’re a big enough ho!” Bridgit chuckled then pushed Ryan’s head, taking her by surprise.

“Hnngh!!” the startled teenager groaned as she felt the penis fill her mouth and hit against her throat, her eyes wide open. “AHHH!” she gasped as Bridgit allowed her to breath after a second. “Shit!”

“Hey, Bridgit, don’t push her too hard,” Dove giggled, and moaned as Selena rubbed the blonde’s pussy delicately as the former rested against the Latina’s body.

“Oh, right! I forgot she was a little princess, not an experienced tramp like us!” Bridgit laughed.

“I’m not *COFF!* I-I’m not a little princess!” Ryan complained, still gasping.

“Oh, yeah? Then do you wanna be a big girl like us?” Bridgit teased her.

Ryan looked at the blonde girl, then at the donkey cock, then at Bridgit again, realizing what she was saying. “I don’t know if I could…” she sighed. “But it looked so hot when you girls did it,” she admitted.

“Yeah, especially me! But you’re doing alright, kid!” Olivia said mockingly, provoking a laugh from everyone as she watched the situation with delight, sitting on the floor with legs apart and rubbing her pussy with circular movements of her right hand and resting her weight on her left hand on the floor behind her.

“Well, if you want to try, I promise I’ll be gentler this time,” Bridgit told Ryan with a naughty smile. “You don’t have to do it all, just a few inches. Plus, if you do try, Selena will play with your lady bits. I promise she’s real good at it,” she nodded with a knowing smile.

“I am!” Selena added, with a smug and proud smile as she kissed the neck and gently but knowingly groped and caressed the breasts and pussy of a Dove that sighed lost in pleasure.

“Oh…” Ryan thought for a second. “O-ok,” she agreed shyly, but really curious if she could actually do it.

“Yay!” Bridgit cheered. “Now, do as I say and you’ll do fine,” she added and Ryan gulped nervously.

“O-okay…” Ryan shrugged shyly and bit her lips, her expectation as clear in her face as her nerves.

“Well… First, open that pretty mouth of yours,” Bridgit told the younger girl, gently encouraging her with her thumb and index finger on the brunette’s chin. Ryan complied and slowly opened her mouth.

“Good girl!” Bridgit said. “Now stick out your tongue as if the doctor was trying to check your throat. Come on, aaaah… Yes, just like that,” she told the younger girl when she took her tongue all the way out.

“Now, take this big cock and try to take it until it reaches your throat,” Bridgit encouraged Ryan, holding the animal’s shaft in her hand. “And remember, relax. That’s the secret to it.”

Ryan was nervous but wanted to try this, and to make the other girls proud of her. She took the penis in her left hand and let it slide between her upper lip and her tongue. She tasted the very particular taste and texture of the animal’s erect cock on her tongue as it rubbed against her tongue and the walls of her mouth and her palate, slowly going inside her mouth inch by inch.

“Yeah, that’s it…” Bridgit said softly, almost whispering, as she rested her hand against the back of Ryan’s head, pushing it very slightly. “Go on. Take it all like a big slut.”

Ryan knew that everyone was looking at her and it actually helped her, as it made her hornier, and in combination with the drugs in her body that was incentive enough to try and outdo herself.

She enjoyed the taste of the beast’s penis filling her mouth as it went pass the first half of her tongue and kept going, holding it firmly with her left hand as she rest her body on her right hand on the floor and tried to push her head forward, not without a bit of help by Bridgit.

She felt it rub against the back of her tongue and eventually she finally felt it hit her throat.

“Ggghhh! ACKK!” she hacked when she felt it hit that inexperienced place in which she’d never had a penis before, and instinctively started to move her head backward, making the penis abandon her throat, but Bridgit had other plans and kept it in place before the other girl could take it out of her mouth.

“No, no, no, Ryry! Bad girl!” Bridgit mocked her. “Relax and breathe through your nose until you get used to it. It’ll pass soon,” she added with a soft, reassuring voice that was meant to calm Ryan. “Okay?”

“M-hmpph,” the underage brunette groaned as she tried to do as she was told, feeling tears form in her eyes as a natural reaction to the throat stimulation. She focused as hard as she could in standing the first seconds of discomfort and hold back fighting her instincts. When she managed to relax and breathe slower through her nose, she managed to push forward again and have the penis hit her throat again and then managed to keep it there, still in discomfort but much better now.

“Good girl!” Bridgit cheerfully said, and held Ryan’s head in that place, this time without the struggle that had been there before. “Now, on three. One… two… aaaand three,” the older blonde girl said and at the end of that count she stopped pushing Ryan’s head and let it come back, letting the penis out of her mouth very slowly.

“GGAH!” Ryan gasped deeply as she regained her breath, spitting on the floor and cleaning her chin and lips with her hand. “I don’t know how you manage to do this so well. It’s so difficult…” the young actress said and rubbed her slightly stiff jaw with her fingers and moved it and her tongue to relax them.

“Oh, don’t worry, sweetie! You’re doing just fine, you’ll get used to it. Right, girls?” Bridgit asked her friends, who were watching everything as they rubbed themselves gently.

“Fuck yeah, honey! You keep going and you’ll be a pro very soon,” Selena encouraged the younger girl.

“Yeah, before you realize you could be as big of a slut as Olivia!” Dove teased both girls giggling.

“Now, I wouldn’t go that far!” Olivia chuckled with the other girls. “But you’re doing fine, just keep going and you’ll learn to love it.”

“Selena, we had promised this girl something …” Bridgit playfully told the Latina, who gave her a knowing smile, stood up and went to the place where the other girls were.

“Allow me, Newman,” she said and pushed Ryan’s butt forward so she would kneel instead of sitting. When the younger girl did that she slid below her face up. “You can sit on my face now. I’ll play with your lady bits while you deep throat that cock, just as promised.”

“Oh god…” Ryan whispered, her soft voice not showing off how excited she was about that. “O-okay. I would like that.”

“Oh, I’m sure you would!” Bridgit chuckled. “Now, just get that cock in your mouth again and enjoy!”

Ryan looked down and saw Selena’s face below her crotch, and the Latina winked at her and threw a kiss for the younger girl. She then looked at the animal penis in front of her and gulped.

“Okay,” she said and licked her lips. She opened her mouth delicately and stuck out her tongue a bit, and Bridgit directed the penis towards her and pushed the back of her head gently until the shaft had entered the other girl’s mouth again.

Bridgit pushed Ryan’s hips down gently until the jailbait actress could feel Selena’s tongue start working on her pussy.

“Hmm!” she moaned and instinctively jerked her head back, but Bridgit stopped her by holding her hand against the back of her head.

“No, no, no, Ryan!” the blonde actress playfully said. “You don’t get to see until you get that big thing down your throat!”

“Come on, make Selena proud!” Olivia teased Ryan.

“Yeah, it’s quite the honor to get your pussy eaten out by her,” Dove commented, and Olivia nodded in agreement.

“Ggghhh…” Ryan groaned as she felt tickles between her legs because of Selena’s tongue moving left and right and up and down on her genital folds with expertise. She shivered a bit on top of the Latin girl as she felt the tongue of a girl touch her between her legs for the first time.

The interesting thing was that receiving oral sex from Selena was helping Ryan relax her throat and tongue and she suddenly felt the penis invade her throat for the first time. Two inches came down her throat and she gasped with her eyes wide open in surprise, but when she felt Selena’s tongue on her clit she soon got lost in her pleasure and relaxed again.

“Hmmmmphhh…” she moaned, her eyes rolling back from sexual enjoyment. She felt another two inches go down her throat and the slight bulge was now visible on her neck.

“Good girl!” Bridgit gently whispered on Ryan’s ear as she gently stroked her back, then gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Speaking of…” she said and then moved her hand down Selena’s stomach and between her legs. “You’re a good girl too!” Bridgit teased the Latina and slid her middle and ring finger inside her wet pussy and starting fingering her.

“Hmmm…” Selena moaned as she felt the blonde’s fingers penetrate her and started licking Ryan’s clit faster, her underage juices smearing Selena’s chin and lips.

“Come on, girl, you’re almost there!” Bridgit encouraged Ryan.

“Okay, I’ll help her,” Olivia said and moved beside the other teen actress. Dove followed her and sat beside Selena and started playing with her breasts, making gentle circles with her fingers around the other girl’s nipples.

“Okay, but be gentle and not a whore like usual, Liv,” Bridgit teased Olivia.

“Well, duh! I’m not a monster, just an easily excited slut!” Olivia answered with a mocking tone on her voice. “Come on, girl, don’t you dare take it out of your mouth…” she whispered on Ryan’s ear, but the truth is she was a bit busy enjoying Selena’s oral pleasuring between her legs to even think about doing that.

Olivia lowered her mouth and sucked on Ryan’s breast for some seconds, giving her yet one more stimulation to her already horny body. Dove took the hint and played with the girl’s other breast with her right hand as she gently stroked her hair with the left hand and whispered in her ear “You’re doing great, sweetie, just a few more inches,” then kissed her on the cheek.

“Okay, now let’s see how you finish this…” Olivia stopped sucking on Ryan’s breast and said. She started gently pushing the back of the young brunette’s head forward and helping her introduce the donkey’s cock in her throat. “Yeah… That’s good!” she whispered softly as she saw Ryan get another inch inside her mouth.

“Hmmm!” Ryan moaned in pleasure as Selena kept stimulating her pussy, Dove and Ryan stimulated her nipples, and the huge penis slid down her throat. It was really an amazing feeling, all of it.

“Dove, honey, what say you go and bring you-know-what?” Bridgit encouraged the other girl giving a subtle but clear order.

“Sure, I know damn well what you mean,” the younger actress cheerfully replied and went to another part of the barn, moving her ass from side to side as she walked.

Ryan felt an inch invade her throat, and then another, and soon she had almost the entirety of the animal’s penis inside her oral cavity. It was so incredible, the feeling of a huge beast’s genitalia stretching her esophagus like that. She probably had around 16 of its inches between her mouth and down her throat. She had never felt so dirty in her entire life but also never as turned-on either.

“That’s it, sweetie, just a couple more inches!” Bridgit said excited as she continued to finger a moist Selena – who on her turn looked up on Ryan’s deepthroating act while she gave her oral pleasure.

“Come on, now go forward…” Olivia said with a lustful, pleased smile and gently pushed Ryan the extra two inches, and the jailbait brunette finally reached the base of the cock. “And hold! One! Two! Three!” she started counting.

“Four! Five! Six!” Bridgit joined her pleased, and Selena stopped licking to count with the other girls.

“Gggghhh!” Ryan choked on the dick as the seconds passed, but she was so immensely turned on by the situation that her head barely moved at all. Not that Olivia’s hand behind it would have allowed her to, anyway.

“Seven! Eight! Nine! And…” Olivia counted with the other girls. “Ten! You did it!” she laughed and stopped pushing forward, allowing Ryan to slowly take the huge cock out of her mouth.

“Woohoo!” Bridgit clapped the girl and the other ones joined her.

“Oh, god! That was so good!” Ryan uttered as she panted for air and cleaned her lips with her hand.

“I’m so proud!” Bridgit said and stroked the young girl’s shoulder.

“Well, I guess you earned me making you orgasm then,” Selena teased Ryan and kissed her on the lips. Ryan closed her eyes for some seconds as Selena kissed her. She could feel her own juices on the other girl’s mouth.

“Bravo!” Dove said too. She had come back and seen the end of the show.

Ryan looked at her and couldn’t believe her eyes, or guess what the other girls were planning.

Dove had brought a second donkey.


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