Barron Loves His Mom

Title: Baron Loves His Mom

Author: Dr. Demented 666

Celebs: Melania Trump, Barron Trump

Codes: Fb, anal, facial, inc

Disclaimer: This story is totally fictional and is fantasy in nature.

Melania and her 10 year old son, Barron, had just got back from ball at the white house and Barron headed up to his room as Melania was just about to prepare herself for bed as she passed her son’s bedroom and decided to pop in to tell him something she forgot to earlier. As she opened the door and entered his room she found her young son completely naked and kneeling on his bed over a picture of her and jerking himself off.

She couldn’t believe her eyes as her son pleasured himself to a photo of hers from a nude pictorial in GQ, which showed her laying on her stomach with no clothes on and bare bottom up, her gorgeous smile looking straight at the camera as Barron whined like a puppy as he unloaded his cum onto her photo. His cum glazed her face in the photo and he opened his eyes to see his stunned Mother standing there before him, he tried to cover his prepubescent boyhood to no avail as it was still fully erect at 9”.

He was very tall for a 10 year old and quite large in his package department as well; surprisingly able to produce cum at his age as well. He gulped as his Mother approached him and slid the palm of her hand down his smooth shoulder and arm, taking his hand in hers with a smile as she admired his hairless frame and boyish good looks…

“Is this how you think of me, Barron? It’s ok if you do…” His Mom asked and reassured him.

Barron shrugged his shoulders coyly and sort of smiled: “Yeah, I guess…I mean…You’re so hot in that dress and in these photos. I never seen you like this or knew you posed this way until it came out in the news.”

Melania smiled at her son’s honesty and stepped back, letting him take in her beauty as her cleavage and full rack shown perfectly in her blue rhinestone ball gown that had a slit up its side so her leg sprang out as she walked. Melania undid her dress and let it fall to the floor, her naked breasts in full view with no sag whatsoever to them and her tanned skin glistening in the room light as her son’s cock sprang to attention and bounced in midair as he began to play with it again.

Melania slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them, exposing her smooth shaven pussy to her son…

“See…Smooth down below—just like yours.” She stated as she went to the bed and laid on it on her back.

Barron went to his Mom and straddled her neck, placing his cock against her full lips and watching as she parted them and inhaled his shaft whole. The hot wet feeling of her mouth and tongue massaging his erection became too much and he exploded in her mouth, filling it till his cum poured out the corners of her mouth and trickled down the sides of her neck as her eyes popped open with sudden surprise.

Barron slowly pulled his erection from his Mom’s mouth and slid it down her cleavage and stomach as he positioned himself between her legs and propping his cock up against her pussy slit, rubbing its tip against her slit and gently inching it into her. Melania winced as her son’s immenseness filled her and took her in a fucking motion.

Melania cooed and squealed with delight as her son fucked her pussy in bed and laid down across her front, their two warm bodies mingled and caressed each other as they began to kiss; sliding their tongues into each others mouths as they made love…

“Yes….YES! Fuck! FUCK YES! Barron….I had no idea, honey…Take me…Fuck me! Do it, honey! Do it in me…Cum in your Mom, Barron!” Melania begged as she felt her son’s hard cock pulse inside of her, setting off her own orgasm as her pussy filled with her son’s cum.

Squirt after squirt spurted passed his cock inside her and showered his upper legs as he filled his Mom with his cum. Barron’s thrusts slowed and came to an end inside his Mom as he leaned in for one last kiss…

“Where did you learn to do that, Barron?” His Mom asked.

“You can discover anything on the internet, Mom…” Barron replied…

“Wanna try something else I see a lot of people doing on the net?” He asked of his Mom, who shrugged her shoulders in an ‘I guess’ fashion.

Barron turned his Mom over on her stomach and bent one leg up and to the side as he slowly inched a finger into her tight asshole…

“What are you doing? Not there! It’ll hurt!” Melania stated with worry as she never did anal before.

But Barron smiled as he firmly pushed his cock head into her ass with a soft ‘Shhhhhh’ as he did so. Melania balled the sheets up in her fists and bit into the pillow as her son sunk his full length into her, laying down across her back and nibbling at her ear as he withdrew almost completely and than reinserted his erection fully into her…

Screams emitted from her mouth, muffled by the pillow as her son took her anally over and over; her ass becoming wet and clamping tightly around his shaft as he made her orgasm again…

“My ass! It’s getting so tight! FUCK! MY FUCKING ASS! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUMMMMM!” Melania screamed as she soaked the sheets while Barron pulled from her ass and left it gaping while fucking her ass cleavage and shooting his load across her back. Barron finished and massaged his cum into his Mom’s back like a lotion as she caught her breath and her asshole shrank back to normal size.

Barron collapsed onto the bed at her side and she draped her gorgeous leg across his waist and kissed him passionately for the next 10 minutes as they fondled each others private parts, knowing they now have a very special bond with each other; one they were sure to do over and over when ever they could.

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