Bathtime can Trigger Memories. Who knew?

Title: Bathtime can Trigger Memories. Who knew?

Author: Attila

Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Judy Loe, Marina Orlova (cameo)

Contains: NC, Lesbian, Oral, FMast, Incest, FF, Pedo (in flashback), Bath, Anal, Strap-On

Disclaimer: The actions and opinions depicted in this story are merely fantasy. I don’t know the celebrities depicted in this story, but I’m pretty damn sure they do not engage in this kind of behavior. I do not condone this behavior in real life, and if you do, might I suggest that you immediately seek help. Once again, for those out there who fail to distinguish fantasy from reality, this is not real! This is merely fiction!

Also, this contains a section involving an underage person. Please note that in real life I do not condone this type of action, I just wrote it for this story. If you are of the type who would do this to a child in real life, go fuck yourself!

Kate Beckinsale sat in her bathroom in London, the steam from the bath surrounding her as she let out a sigh of annoyance as she read over the newspaper she had on hand. “Same old shit as usual” she thought as she read over the articles, which, no matter the variety of authors, all were on the same topics: war, politics, the economy, foreign affairs, celebrity gossip. Feeling fed up with the same lowbrow writing style she found in the paper, Kate throw it in the trash can, disrobed, and plunged into the hot waters of the bath. A purr of delight escaped her lips as the hot water lapped around her lithe and beautiful body, her nipples especially becoming stimulated by the heat and the lapping motions of the water.

“MMMMMM” Kate purred as her hands, absentmindedly, began to stroke and caress her vaginal lips, causing her to purr and coo in louder and more frequent intervals. As she fingered herself and surrendered to the heat and pleasure of the bath, she became lost in the sensations of her own touch, and as she closed her eyes, one of her fingers plunged into her tight anus. “OOOH!” she squealed, and as she squealed a memory came to mind, and as it did so it caused tears to roll down her goddess-like face. As she cried, her mind drifted back over 34 years, back to when she was a seven year old girl living with her mother after her father had passed two years earlier.

Kate was sleeping after going to the pool, her tiny bikini hanging loosely off of her body when she felt the nails of a hand softly grazing her back. “Huh? What’s going on?” she sleepily mumbled as she turned her head, only to see that the hand belonged to her mother, British actress Judy Loe. “Katie, sweetie, I need you to do something for me” Judy said, her voice flavored with a horny growl that made Kate feel uncomfortable. “Mommy, what do you—“ Kate started, before her words her cut off by her mother locking lips with her and stripping the bikini off of Kate, leaving the terrified girl naked in front of her horny mother.

“My, my, my! Don’t you look beautiful today?” Judy said as she stripped her clothes off in front of Kate, who was crying profusely and petrified by fear and shock from the previous actions of her mother. Standing naked before Kate, Judy smiled a horny smile and then, without so much as a warning, forced Kate’s tear-stained face in between her cleavage. Kate squealed, shrieked, screamed, and cried in an attempt for her mother, who previously had been a kind and loving parent, to let her go and leave her room. Kate’s silent prayer would go unanswered, however, since her mother pulled her out of her cleavage, threw her on the bed face-down, and then told her to present her ass or suffer the consequences.

Not wanting to enrage her mother, who was already scaring the hell out of her, Kate did what her mother said, the tears increasing in volume as Kate felt her mother line up something soft-yet firm against her tight virgin ass. Kate, who was previously unable to make any sound besides sobs, emitted a high pitched shriek as her mother violated her tight ass and yanked on her hair, increasing the pain and humiliation of the situation. “AIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” Kate screamed as Judy pounded her ass again and again and again, her eyes alight with the flames of lustful madness as she leaned down to Kate’s ear and hissed, “You are going to pleasure me further, or I get meaner. Got it?” “Yes…. sniff….mommy” Kate cried as her mother laughed and rubbed her fingers around Kate’s pert nipples, delighting in the sensation of making her daughter into her slave.

She then pushed Kate onto the floor, then forced her head in-between her thighs, Kate’s nose wrinkling with disgust before her face was shoved into her mother’s moist pussy. “What’re you waiting for, bitch? Start licking or I hit you!” Judy growled, terrifying Kate into obedience as she licked, kissed, and sucked on her mother’s pussy, the older actress moaning and sighing with delight in this taboo act. In and out and in and out Kate’s tongue shot, her tears mixing with the juices leaking from her mother’s pussy as her mother’s face warped, twisted, and contorted with delight, before she released a tsunami of juices that almost drowned poor young Kate. Panting slightly, Judy grabbed Kate by the hair, roughly kissed the traumatized girl, and then trew her on the bed, kneeling down so that her face was level with the hairless pussy of her obviously terrified daughter.

“My turn” she giggled before plunging her much more experienced tongue into Kate’s pussy, laughing in her head as she heard Kate’s pathetic little gasps and squeals at the actions of her mother. Kate bucked her hips involuntarily the entire time, a sensation like fire building inside of her before she, like her mother, exploded into a monstrous orgasm, a shriek akin to that of a demon escaping her lips before she came off of her orgasmic high. Next thing she knew, her mouth was plugged by her mother’s big breasts, her squeals being absorbed by the tits forced between her lips and masked by her mother’s horny laughter. “Oh Katie dear, you are a treat! I look forward to tomorrow!” Judy sang as she kissed Kate on the lips, and then walked out of the room in a suggestive manner, all the while Kate lay there and sobbed uncontrollably.

Back in the present, Kate’s replay of the memory had made her horny, so horny in fact that she had been fingering herself the entire time and moaning loudly. Orgasming as all ten fingers thrust into her pussy, Kate emitted a high-pitched squeal of delight, followed by a panting session that made Kate sponge herself off to rid her body of the sweat that had built up during her masturbation. Once she felt sufficiently cleaned, she let out the bathwater, dried herself off, and clad herself in a low-cut think silk robe that accentuated her curves nicely. She then sat down in front of her computer, and going onto YouTube, she saw that a channel she had subscribed to, hotforwords, had uploaded a new video.

Clicking on the link, Kate saw the gorgeous Russian host of the channel, Marina Orlova, introduce the video with her famous words “Hello my dear students…” delivered in Marina’s gorgeous Russian accent. “God she’s hot!” Kate thought to herself as she felt herself becoming aroused, and, after thinking about it briefly, she called her agent on the phone. “Get me Marina Orlova. I wanna spend the weekend with her and hopefully ‘star’ in her show” Kate said as her agent said he would do his best to fulfill her wish. Hanging up, Kate felt a horny and devilish smile cross her face as she imagined all the torrid sexual acts she would do with Marina, perhaps even crossing into the taboo….

Stay tuned to see what happens! (if I ever get around to part two that is!)

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