Bax Leashed

Bax Leashed


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Not my best title, I admit,
but I couldn’t come up with anything original. Had this idea for a while but could never find
anyone until her recent “Playboy” shoot kicked something off. Enjoy.

The car roared down the highway, the hood down, which allowed the driver’s long blond
hair to whip behind her. She was in a hurry, yet careful not to go too much over the speed limit.
She couldn’t take any delays. Even if she didn’t know why.

As she made her way down the hallway, Kylie Bax’s mind was in a whirl. It
was starting
to hit her how she didn’t know where she was going but knew how to get there nonetheless. And
she definitely didn’t know how she had this outfit or how she was all dressed up. And the more
thought about it, the less clear it became.

The New Zealand model’s day had started out normally enough. She’d been to a normal
photography session, one she was quite used to. She’d started out in her native country as a
model, then moved to Europe, hitting it big in America with some “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit
issues. Having shown herself in the suit, she decided to show herself out of it with a hot
“Playboy” pictorial that enhanced her image.

It was an odd experience for Kylie to go back to regular photo shoots after showing
herself in the all together but she was used to shoots such as this and the photographer in
Cameron, was good at his job. She remembered coming to the shoot and talking with Cameron, a
handsome young man who had showed her all the technical stuff he used.

It was about then things got a little fuzzy for Kylie. She remembered Cameron showing
her one prop in particular, a spiral of some sort. She really wasn’t sure why he’d use something
like that but Cameron had turned it on for her, showing her how the spiral spun around and
around, around and around, the white and black circles coming to the red center, spinning in nice,
smooth patterns, captivating Kylie’s attention. She just found it very soothing to look at, very
soothing and very relaxing, just to watch the spiral spin around and around, around and around,
watching it spin around and around and feeling herself grow more and more relaxed, while
Cameron’s voice moved into her ears, telling her to stare deeper into the spiral, deeper and deeper
into the spiral to get the full effect, to look deeper and deeper into the spinning spiral…..
The next thing Kylie knew, she was in the middle of her photo session, pulling poses at
Cameron’s direction. She shook off what had happened earlier as just a minor distraction and
concentrated on her job, which she was good at. She did the photo shoot and finished rather early.
Cameron was a gentleman, shaking her hand and complimenting her as she left. Kylie was happy
he didn’t really ogle her too much. A lot of men thought, now that they knew what she looked
like naked, that meant they could stare at her in open but she wouldn’t mind. But Cameron had
been quite nice about it and Kylie appreciated that.

The rest of her day had been pretty standard, lunch, some interviews, a bit of shopping,
that was it. She had just gotten into her apartment when the phone rang, which surprised her,
since not many people knew her new number. She picked it up but before she could hear
anything, she heard a series of soft tones come on the other end, tones that seemed to set her
nicely at ease and relaxed her. She stayed there for several moments, listening to the tones ring
before hanging up the phone.

Kylie immediately went to her bedroom, reaching under the bed to pull out a suitcase she
had never seen before. She opened it up to reveal what could generously be called an outfit.
Putting it on, she applied her makeup and then pulled on a coat, heading to her car where she was
now driving to a location she knew nothing about.

Kylie just couldn’t fight this, this need to get to wherever she was going as fast as
possible. And the feeling of excitement and desire that filled her the closer she came. She finally
pulled into the driveway of a very nice house, parking her car and stepping out to head up the
walk towards the large oak door. She knocked on it just once and waited.
The door opened to reveal Cameron standing in a loose outfit, smiling as he looked over
at Kylie. He held up a small device that carried the same spiral he had shown her earlier, the
spinning immediately catching Kylie’s attention and the same feeling of relaxation washing over
her as she stared at it. Cameron backed away and Kylie followed him inside, eyes fixed upon the

Cameron was impressed. It usually took a bit longer to work on a woman like this but
Kylie was quite suggestible, all the more fun for him. “Take off your coat, Kylie.” Kylie obeyed,
slipping it off to reveal her outfit. She wore a nice leather bottom with cuts to expose her pussy
and asshole, her firm breasts open and free, a black leather collar around her neck. Reaching up,
she tied a black mask around her eyelids, her eyes staring blankly at the spiral as Cameron took
her in. “Follow me, Kylie.”

Kylie followed him into the basement, still staring at the spinning spiral he held up. As they
entered the basement, her eyes fixed on another spiral set against the wall which was also
spinning, sucking her in even deeper. She was so transfixed that she failed to notice the various
bondage devices set along the basement. And she also failed to notice the five naked women who
knelt along one wall, staring blankly at the spiral, not even registering Kylie’s presence.
Her gaze fixed on the spiral, Kylie allowed Cameron to lead her to a long metal device.

She allowed her legs to be spread and clamped in. At Cameron’s direction, she raised and spread
out her arms, letting them be locked in as well. A final clamp along her midsection kept Kylie in
place, eyes blank behind her mask.

Cameron backed up to face her. “Who are you, Kylie?”

“I am a slave to the spiral,” Kylie replied in her accented voice, eyes glazed behind her
mask as she stared forward.

“Why do you wear a collar?”

“So I am known as a slave to the spiral.”

“Why do you wear a mask?”

“To conceal my unworthy face from the spiral.”


“Only my eyes are worthy of the spiral. The eyes must watch the spiral.”

“I own the spiral, Kylie.”


“I am your master, Kylie.”


“You are my slave, Kylie.”

“I am your slave, Master.”

“What will you do, Kylie?”

“Whatever it takes to please my master.”

Cameron slowly circled her, letting his hands rub her exposed ass. Kylie moaned slightly
which turned Carmeron on all the more as he squeezed her cheeks. He moved back around and
undid the front of his pants, letting his hard cock loose. He moved forward and slid it into Kylie’s
waiting pussy, slowly moving it back and forth inside her. Kylie’s moans grew louder, her voice
sighing as Cameron moved his face forward and to her breasts, pushing them together as he licked
at the erect nipples, his cock moving in and out of her pussy.

Kylie’s eyes were still fixed on the spiral, almost unheeding of Cameron’s movements, his
cock slamming in and out of her pussy with wild abandon as he kneaded and licked at her breasts.
Kylie could only wiggle a bit in her tight restraints, eyes half-closed behind the mask but careful to
always watch the spiral through it all as Cameron continued to work at her, his cock ramming into
her as he suckled one breast. Kylie’s fists closed, her body tensing as she started to feel herself
build in orgasm. When Cameron shot his wad into her, she moaned in absolute pleasure, head
moving against the back of the board, the spiral seeming to become deeper as she came off her

Cameron slid himself out of Kylie and backed up. He glanced at her open eyes in pleasure
and spoke. “The spiral says sleep, Kylie.” Kylie eyes slammed shut and she slumped as much as
she could in her restraints. Cameron turned to the five women nearby and spoke. “The spiral says
pleasure the new slave.” As one, each woman rose and moved to Kylie. One knelt before her and
began licking her pussy, two of them each took one of her breasts and started suckling on it, one
knelt and licked her ass and the other managed to move up to kiss her on the mouth.
As he watched them go at it, Cameron sighed, wishing he could keep Kylie here but knew
he couldn’t. She was far more known than most of the dime a dozen models he had in his harem.
Still, he figured he could enjoy her while he could and one day, when she least expected it,
reintroduce her to the pleasures of the spiral.

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