Be Three with Nature

Title: Be Three with Nature

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Melissa Benoist, Danielle Panabaker

Codes: MFF, cons, oral, cheat

Summary: Late for a picnic, Danielle Panabaker finds her boyfriend getting intimate with her friend…so she joins in

Disclaimer: The following is a consensual story featuring two real female celebrities and a fictional male. Any similarity to reality is coincidental.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on my site’s Discord (ask for link). When it comes to requests, I am currently not taking them anymore, people get too pushy with wanting it as fast as possible and it takes away the enjoyment of writing.

“Hey, so I’m going to be a little late for the picnic,” Danielle Panabaker told Melissa Benoist over the phone. “But my new boyfriend will be there on time, so you two can get to know each other.”

“No problem, our cheesy little picnic will be just fine,” Melissa said with a laugh. “See you when you get here.”

The two women had decided to have, in their words, an ‘old-fashioned day out’ in a field behind one of Melissa’s relative’s farms. They both had a rare simultaneous weeks off from either filming or promoting their works. After a long time of wanting to spend a day together, they finally had their chance.

This day out was also a chance for Danielle to show off her new man to her friend, something she really could not do with most people. This man was kept mainly a secret as he was an extramarital affair that the thirty-one-year-old was having behind the back of her lawyer husband. Danielle had confirmed suspicions of her husband having affairs of his own but, instead of trying to fight an attorney in divorce court, she decided to do as he did and sneak around behind his back.

In the sunny, grassy field, Melissa set up a red and white quilt on the ground. Danielle was in charge of the food, so Melissa’s had nothing left to do but wait. She relaxed on the quilt, the sun shining and reflecting off her golden blonde hair while the wind gently blew it. She stretched her long, tanned legs and adjusted her skin-tight blue shorts and matching tank top. With her eyes closed, she took in a deep breath of fresh California air.

While the ‘Supergirl’ actress relaxed, Danielle’s boyfriend entered the field and was walking towards her. The tall, tanned man, dressed in black shorts and neon-yellow tank top, quietly approached her, not wanting to startle her. As he got close, Melissa’s blue eyes opened and saw him in her peripheral vision.

“You must be Danielle’s man,” she said, sitting up and crossing her legs.

“Call me Damon,” he said, kicking of his shoes before stepping on the quilt. “You must be Supergirl.”

“Very funny,” she replied.

“Sorry,” he laughed. “Danielle refers to you as that. If I didn’t watch the show, I wouldn’t know your name, Melissa.”

The two made small talk for a while, occasionally sneaking looks to each other. Melissa’s eyes would paint over his decently muscular arms while his would stare at the braless a-cup breasts trying to burst through her tight tank top. They were doing a good job at not catching each other until Damon noticed her staring at his crotch.

“Melissa?” he asked, snapping his finger. “My eyes are up here.”

“Oh god, sorry,” Melissa said, putting her hands over mouth, her cheeks starting to blush.

Melissa started to laugh at her embarrassment, sitting forward and shaking her head.

“Busted,” Damon said, patting her on top of the head.

“Yeah, busted,” she said, still laughing. “Man, I need a boyfriend.”

“How the hell are you single?” he asked.

“Work makes things hard,” she said, looking down at his cock again but catching herself. “I need to take a walk, sorry.”

Melissa got up and started to walk a few yards into the field, needing to cool off and set her mind straight. She could not believe how embarrassed she felt at being caught staring. She looked up in the sky and took deep breaths. As she started to feel herself calm down, the actress felt a presence behind her.

“Feel better?” Damon asked.

“A little,” she said, leaning back until her back pressed against his body. “Please don’t tell Danielle that I stared at you.”

“Deal,” he said, feeling Melissa back further against him.

“And don’t worry, I won’t tell her that you’re hard as a rock near me,” she said, pushing her butt against his cock, feeling his stiff erection poking at her.

Damon put his arms around Melissa’s waist and hugged her tight. He rested his head atop the woman’s shoulders and admired the scenery in front of them. Grassy hills, beds of purple and blue flowers, all being pushed by a light breeze against the backdrop of a cloudless sky. Slowly, one of his hands slid up her torso until he felt the curve of her perky breasts against them. Melissa let out a soft moan while his hand moved further up and cupped them.

Melissa smiled big as Damon’s gentle hands gripped her breasts. Her own hand kept busy, reaching down behind her and taking hold of his stiff, thick five-inch cock. She wrapped her hand around it as much as she could with his shorts and underwear in the way. He responded to the grab by giving her light kisses on the neck that migrated their way to her lips. All grabbing ended as Melissa spun around responded with a deeper, more sensual kiss.

Damon walked Melissa, still locked in a kiss, back to the quilt and gently lay her down, his hand on her stomach. The hand moved to her waist, grabbing her shirt and slowly pulling it up her body until her breasts were released. The kiss was broken, and Damon started to shift his focus to her chest. Melissa pulled her shirt completely off and tossed it onto the grass. She arched her back and sensually sighed as his wet lips surrounded her perky nipple.

Next to her head, Melissa’s phone buzzed, which she picked up and threw into the grass with her shirt. She did not want to be disturbed as both of her nipples were given equal attention by Danielle’s boyfriend. After another minute, she pulled his face back to hers.

“You saw mine, I want to see yours,” she whispered.

Damon pulled his shirt off, showing off his almost-muscular body to her. She bit on her lower lip and smiled at him.

“That’s nice but not what I meant,” she said, touching his covered erection once more.

Melissa did the work herself, grabbing the waist of his shorts and yanking them down hard. She purred as his thick cock bounced out. Instantly, she grabbed onto and pulled it closer. After licking her lips, she opened wide to take it in when she was startled by a familiar voice.

“What the fucking shit!” Danielle screamed from the edge of the field.

The ‘Flash” actress dropped the bag of food she had brought and started running towards her half-naked friend and her fully naked boyfriend.

“You cheating bastard! What the fuck are you doing!?” she shouted.

“Cheating bastard?” he asked. “Aren’t you still married?”

“Ye-, na-, you, that’s different!” Danielle said, shifting her focus to Melissa. “How could you do this?”

“I’m sorry but he’s hot,” Melissa said, his cock still in her hand, an inch from her mouth.

Danielle put her face in her hands and fell to her knees, overcome with emotion. Damon pulled away from Melissa and comforted his girlfriend, putting an arm around her shoulder and whispering in her ear. Melissa sat up and crawled over to her emotional friend.

“We can work something out,” Melissa said, running her fingers through Danielle’s soft, brown hair.

Danielle looked over at Melissa’s smiling face. Danielle’s eyes were red with a mixture of sadness and anger. She felt like punching the smile off her face until she heard Damon’s voice in her ear.

“Let’s make this work, sweetheart,” he whispered. “You told me that you’d like to try being with a woman at least once in your life,” he said louder, catching Melissa’s attention.

“Someone’s bi-curious,” Melissa said, stroking Danielle’s cheek. “Trust me, from experience, girls are fun.”

Melissa started to kiss Danielle’s cheek while Damon did the same on the other one. The anger was starting to exit Danielle’s body, replaced with a feeling of excitement. Danielle had secretly had a small girl-crush on Melissa and held out hope that one day, what was about to happen would happen. She felt the buttons of her white vest being pulled at one by one by her boyfriend. She turned to look at him, planting a hard kiss on his lips.

Damon opened his girlfriend’s vest open, showing the little white bra underneath that held her small breasts in place. Melissa removed the vest fully and pulled the bra off. The younger blonde felt up her older friend’s upper body while she was busy making out with her man. Melissa bent forward to suckle on Danielle’s hard nipple, taking it between her lips and rubbing the edge of her teeth around it, giving it a nibble.

Danielle broke the kiss with Damon and looked down at Melissa. She ran her fingers through her golden hair, loving the feeling of teeth gently biting her. Damon joined in and serviced the free nipple while reaching his hand into the front of Danielle’s long black skirt.

“Oh god,” Danielle moaned, feeling familiar fingers run past her light bush and find her increasingly sensitive clit.

Danielle took a deep breath before laying down on the quilt, stretching her arms high above her head. Melissa broke free of the nipple and started to pull her own shorts down. Once fully naked, she stood and stepped over Danielle’s head. She looked down to see her friend staring straight up at the wet pussy above her, which started to lower down. Melissa fell to her knees, pushing her damp cunt into the girl’s face.

“Mmm, fuck,” Melissa moaned, feeling Danielle’s nose push air into her clitoris.

Melissa could feel Danielle’s mouth open and tongue poke out, tickling her super-sensitive lips. Danielle was experiencing a similar feeling as Damon had pulled her skirt off and pushed his tongue as deep inside of her pussy as physically possible. The high-pitched moans reverberated up the wet walls of Supergirl’s pussy.

Damon dug his finger into Danielle’s thighs, pulling her legs far apart and wildly lapping up her juices both inside and outside of her. She wiggled around as jolts of joy pulsated throughout her entire five-foot, six-inch body. Melissa held her friend’s head in place while grinding her cunt against it.

Danielle pushed Melissa off her before doing the same with Damon. She quickly stood up and planted a hard, wet kiss on Melissa, letting her taste her own pussy juices. She soon pushed Melissa down on the grass, never letting a bit of air break their lip-lock. With Melissa’s back in the grass, Danielle spun around and got into a sixty-nine position, flicking her tongue against Melissa’s beat-red clit.

Damon folded up the quilt before sliding it under Melissa’s ass, giving him an easier angle for what was next. Danielle’s eyes lit up as she saw her boyfriend kneel in front of her. He shuffled forward until his cock rested at Melissa’s damp opening. Danielle grabbed onto it and brought it to her lips.

“Let me get you ready,” she whispered before shoving his hot meat in her heavily salivated mouth.

Damon groaned as his girlfriend sloppily sucked him, drool starting to drip from the corners of her mouth on to Melissa’s cunt. Her shining brown eyes stared forward at his pelvis, occasionally looking up at him but distracted also by the tongue-lashing she was receiving at her own crotch. Melissa’s tongue was going a mile a minute inside of Danielle, equally as wet and sloppy as the blowjob.

Danielle had to pull the cock from her mouth to take a deep breath and release a deep groan. She clamped onto his balls with one hand while violently stroking him with another. She rested his cock against her cheek, closed her eyes and continued moaning with a smile on her face. After a minute, she placed his cock back at Melissa’s waiting cunt lips.

“Fuck her hard, baby,” she said, her tongue returning to Melissa’s clit.

Danielle’s eyes followed along as she watched her boyfriend’s meaty cock disappear inside her of her friend. She felt Melissa gasp until the cock was fully inside of her. Melissa smacked Danielle’s ass for the first few thrusts but quickly returned to her talented tonguing. Moans rung through Danielle’s cunt as Damon rapidly rammed his rod in and out of the younger woman.

“She is so fucking tight,” Damon said, looking at Danielle.

Damon pulled Danielle up and they went back to a long lip lock. Danielle began rocking her hips back and forth across Melissa’s face, similar to what she had received earlier. Melissa rested her hands at her side and went limp, enjoying being used a sex toy for the loving couple. The only muscle she used was her tongue, holding it out stiff and making her face essentially a sybian for Danielle’s desires.

Danielle broke the kiss and pushed her forehead against Damon’s, staring deeply into his eyes. She ran her fingers over his chest and stomach, licking and biting her lips every few seconds. One hand went further south and tickled at Melissa’s soaking wet pussy. She brought the digits to her mouth and tasted the juices before giving Damon a taste as well.

Melissa’s body was starting to shake a little more since she went limp. Being used as a toy was making her hotter by the second. The onset of an orgasm began to present itself and she was ready. Her focus was set so much on her own building orgasm, she did not notice Danielle freezing in place and experiencing one of her own.

“FUCK!” Danielle screeched, an intense orgasm rocking her body to its core.

Danielle rested her head against Damon’s chest, feeling like she could pass out at any second. She quickly pulled her cunt from Melissa’s soaked face and sat on her breasts for a few seconds. Once the orgasmic sensations had died down, Danielle turned around and lay down on top of her friend. Her glassy brown eyes focused and met Melissa’s blazing blue eyes. The girls stared at each other while their wet lips softly pecked at each other.

Melissa felt Danielle’s rapid heartbeat as their bodies rested against together. The younger woman wrapped her arms around her friend and hugged her tight.

“I’ll be tasting you for weeks,” Melissa whispered, bringing a giggle out of the worn-out woman.

With two pussies nuzzled together in front of him, Damon began to switch back and forth between them, giving each a few thrusts at a time. When he entered Melissa, he heard loud gasps. When he entered Danielle, he heard tired moans. His girlfriend’s pussy was so wet and lubricated, it took no effort whatsoever to get his full length inside of her while Melissa was just too tight to get in with such ease, even with how wet she was.

“Forget about me, make her cum too,” Danielle said, still staring deep into Melissa’s eyes.

“I love you,” Melissa said.

Damon respected Danielle’s request and remained inside of Melissa for the remainder of the outdoor frolic. The women continued to share soft, wet kisses as the breeze picked up and blew their hair around. Seeing Danielle’s hair blow in the wind was so sexy to Melissa, it helped bring her closer to the massive orgasm she was seconds away from earlier.

“I’m gonna cum,” she softly cried.

Danielle kissed Melissa again, this time keeping their lips glued together. She wanted to experience the orgasm up close and personal. Damon’s cock finally triggered the intense pulsation of passion from head to toe, forcing her eyes wide open. She screamed down Danielle’s throat, sending a vibration that triggered a second, smaller orgasm in her friend.

Unlike Danielle, who froze when she came, Melissa’s body spasmed around wildly to the point that Damon had to pull out. He walked over to the women’s heads, his hand stroking himself as fast as possible. Danielle broke the kiss and looked up at Damon. Without saying a word, she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. Seconds later, large strings of cum shot out of the man, hitting the waiting tongue in the center.

A smile formed in the corners of Danielle’s mouth as the hot cream blasted against her, dripping down onto Melissa’s sweaty face. The lower girl laughed as she watched more cum fall from her friend’s tongue onto her. She caught one on her front teeth while the rest streaked across her nose and forehead.

Once the last bit of cum exited Damon’s bright-red cock, he grabbed Danielle’s hair like it was a pair of handlebars and slammed himself between her lips until his tool softened. He stretched his back and looked down at the two women, both flashing smiles while trying to suck cum from their lips. Danielle looked down at Melissa and blew a kiss before bending down to lick the man seed from her skin, feeding it to her with a sloshing kiss.

The girls embraced in a quiet, still hug for several minutes while Damon put his clothing back on. Danielle rolled off Melissa and stretched before sitting up. Her boyfriend helped her to her feet and shared another kiss with her.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” Damon asked.

“Abso-fucking-lutely,” Danielle said with a giggle. “Can we keep her?”

Melissa sat up and ran her hand against Danielle’s ass.

“I told you girls were fun,” she said, slapping it.

The girls remained unclothed for the rest of the picnic, occasionally kissing and fondling each other. Damon eventually undressed and the women took turns sucking his cock before an unexpected thunderstorm arrived and the trio was forced to depart the field and take the party to Melissa’s home.

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