Beach Bang

Disclaimer: This story features Cheryl Tweedy having lesbian sex – do not read if offended.

It does not depict her sexuality

Lou grabbed Cheryl’s hand, pulling her across the soft yellow sand

‘Come on!’ she called out to her lover as the sand thrashed about under their feet

She pulled her into a sand dune, falling to the floor, dragging her lover with her

Cheryl fell on top of her and the two girls burst out laughing

Cheryl’s face suddenly became serious and she fixed Lou with a stare

She moved in closer to her, kissing her softly on the lips

They embraced passionately, losing themselves in the warm embrace

‘I love you Lou Lou’ Cheryl sighed into her lover’s mouth

‘I love you too, Chezzabelle’

They had given each other nicknames, sealing the special bond between them

‘Make love to me’ Cheryl whispered, lying on top of Lou on the soft sand

‘What here?’ Lou asked, slightly bewildered

‘Why not? I mean we’ve done it in a library, public toilets, changing rooms, the park……’

‘Ok, ok, I get the hint!’ Lou teased, smiling as the memories came flooding back to her

She pulled Cheryl on top of her, throwing her arms around the woman’s neck, kissing her passionately

Cheryl’s hand disappeared under Lou’s top and she fumbled for her breasts

Lou jumped a little as her tiny fingers found her nipples, squeezing them till they were hard

Lou copied Cheryl’s movements, losing her hand under her top

‘Oh God, Lou……..’ Cheryl sighed softly, grinding her groin into Lou’s

She moved faster on top of her and felt the familiar twinges of orgasm

She let it envelope her, taking her away to a special place

A damp patch formed on her panties as the juices flowed from her luscious body

Lou grabbed her arse, grinding her hips in time with Cheryl’s movement.

The sand seemed to melt underneath them

She soon succumbed to climax, letting herself go in the delights of pure pleasure

Cheryl slipped Lou’s top over her head, tossing it aside

She immediately went for her breasts, burying her face between the crevice of her lover’s beautiful mountains, trailing soft kisses over her warm skin

She held one in each hand, moulding them, squeezing the pert nipples, making Lou cry out in both pleasure and pain

Ridding themselves of the rest of their clothes, Cheryl moved up to Lou’s breasts, squatting down on the wonderful mounds

She rocked gently on her lover, moving to a steady rhythm, riding them like a rocking horse

She shuddered as one of Lou’s nipples grazed her clit

Her hand went to her own breasts and she fondled them gently, squeezing them between her fingers

Lou’s hands went up to Cheryl’s chest, replacing hers

She toyed with the luscious mountains, gently kneading them, giving her hard nipples a firm pinch

Cheryl’s speed increased and soon climax was upon her again

She embraced it, letting it take over her entire body

Lou’s hands went to Cheryl’s hips and she thrust her body hard on to her own chest, heightening the pleasure of the orgasm

‘Oh fuck, I’m coming’ Cheryl yelled as euphoria took over

Her body thrashed about on top of Lou, cream emanated from her pussy, coating the soft skin of Lou’s tit flesh

‘That’s it baby, come for me’ Lou encouraged her

Cheryl’s climax slowly died away and she fell on top of Lou, completely exhausted

Her pussy ached with satisfaction

She lay there for a few minutes, letting her body recover

Then she got up, laying next to Lou, trailing her fingers over Lou’s voluptuous body

There was silence between them, neither of them needing to say anything

Cheryl got up, moving herself over Lou’s groin, burying her face between her lover’s legs

She kissed the inside of her thighs and her stomach, avoiding her pleasure centre

She slowly moved in further, kissing around the hairy mound of Lou’s pussy

Lou put a hand on her head, watching her lover as she ate her pussy

Cheryl trailed her tongue around her thighs and ass cheeks, gradually moving into the middle

Lou twitched as Cheryl’s tongue came into contact with her pussy, it’s warm touch sending thrills throughout her body

Cheryl’s tongue glided up her slit, reaching her tiny rosebud that was hidden by flaps of skin

Flicking her tongue over it, she slowly coaxed it out of the hood that was protecting it, the pink fleshy bulb came out to greet her

She flicked her tongue over it once more, watching Lou’s face as she teased her, her body surrendering itself to her

She heard Lou softly moan and she continued to tease her, running her tongue up and down the crack of her pussy, occasionally flicking it over her rosebud, sending her into frenzy

She slipped a finger inside, losing it in the tunnel of Lou’s love hole, the warm fleshy walls sucked her in

She moved it in and out, coating her finger with Lou’s delicious juices

She continued her movements on Lou’s pussy and she felt her lover’s body stiffen as she succumbed to orgasm

Lou’s body thrashed about in the sand as she came to a mind-blowing orgasm, letting it sweep over her body, the ground beneath her seemed to disappear

‘Oh fuck’ she cried out, unable to control the wonderful feeling inside her

Cheryl continued to finger fuck her, bringing the orgasm to a crashing halt

Slowly, Lou’s body relaxed and she lay back on the sand, letting out a sigh as her body slowly returned to normal

Cheryl slipped her finger out, shuffling up next to Lou, stroking her soft face, brushing away strands of blonde hair

It was getting dark, the sun was beginning to set, filling the sky with a orange glow

‘Isn’t that beautiful?’ Cheryl sighed, taking her lover in her arms, gazing at the sky

‘It certainly is’ Lou replied, her eyes fixed on Cheryl

‘I meant the sky!’ Cheryl smiled

‘I didn’t notice’ Lou kissed her softly on the lips, sliding a tongue into her mouth

The sun set in the sky, leaving behind an array of pretty colours that eventually dissipated , only to be replaced by a blanket of stars

The girls lay there, watching the sky change colour, the sun soon disappeared, the moon quickly taking it’s place

‘Oh I could stay here forever’ Lou sighed

‘Me too’ Cheryl agreed

‘Well, you know what they say’ Lou’s arms tightened around Cheryl’s waist

‘What’s that?’

‘The night is young………’


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