Beach House

Title: Beach House

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Sydney Sierota

Codes: MF, cons, inc, voy, oral

Summary: Sydney Sierota visits the family beach house in North Carolina

Disclaimer: The following is a consensual story featuring a real female celebrity and her real brother. Any similarity to reality is coincidental.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online. When it comes to requests, I am currently not taking them anymore. I’ve allowed too many to go unfulfilled so it’s not fair to say I’ll take them and then do nothing.

Sydney Sierota, the nineteen-year-old lead singer of the family band Echosmith, fumbled around her purse for the keys. She had just arrived at the same beach house in Emerald Isle, North Carolina that she had been going to since before she could remember. Now as an adult, she no longer had to make it a family trip but instead, a Memorial Day weekend solo trip.

Finally finding the keys, Sydney walked into the house and rested her bag and purse on the big brown chair by the door. She took a deep breath and released a pleasant exhale. She had been waiting for her mini-vacation for a long time, trying to recover from a lengthy run of weeks recording a new album with her three brothers.

The dirty-blonde singer walked across the living room and into the bedroom she had always stayed in with her brother Noah. Seeing the two squeaky-clean beds and old desk with a typewriter resting on it brought back a ton of memories. After cracking the window, she sat down on the edge of one of the beds and quickly flopped down on her back. She stared up at the baby-blue ceiling with the motionless white ceiling fan. After smelling the salty ocean air, she sat up and headed for the bathroom, ready to wash the residue of a full cross-country travel day from her five-foot, three-inch frame.

Off came the pair of jeans and tight white t-shirt as Sydney stepped into the hot shower. She took her time, using it more as a relaxant than a cleaning, which was how she saw most of her showers. Nothing was more relaxing to her than closing her eyes and feeling hot water rain down on her while music played in her head.

After twenty minutes, the dripping wet teenager slid the cloudy, stained-glass door open and stepped onto the green bathmat. She rung her hair out before grabbing a towel and drying her face. She continued to dry herself off before grabbing a second towel and wrapping it around her body. Walking out of the bathroom, she made her way to the kitchen to grab a beer.

While Sydney was under the legal drinking age, it had been an understanding between her family that anytime anyone over twenty-one had left, they would make sure to keep the fridge stocked. Her parents had been in the beach house two weeks earlier during a hot weekend on coast. She saw a note from her dad Jeffery.

“Enjoy!” it read.

“Here’s to you, pop,” Sydney said as she popped the cap from the Sam Adams.

As she drank her beer, Sydney went through her bag to find her bikini so she could walk out the back door and put her feet in the warm sand. She finally found the lime green bathing suit and swiftly removed her towel before wiggling herself into the bikini. After downing the last bit of beer, she threw on a pair of sunglasses, grabbed her beach towel and sunscreen and walked outside. She smiled as she felt the hot rays of the sun on this eighty-degree late afternoon.

Sydney walked down towards the water, the eyes of many men and some women pointed at her ass as the tight bottoms hugged her skin as tight as possible. Once she laid her towel down, she tossed her sunglasses on to it and stepped into the water. She turned to face the coast once she was in deeper water and fell backwards. Seconds later, she rose from the water and shook her head back and forth, her hair whipping around and spraying droplets of water in every direction.

Sydney started back towards her towel, still noticing the amount of eyes staring at her glistening body. She closed her eyes and smiled as her feet touched dry sand. Once she made it back to her towel, she lay down and put her sunglasses back on before covering herself in sunscreen. A random man with a beard on the beach asked to help with her back but she politely declined and asked the man’s busty girlfriend to do it instead. She watched the man’s intrigued look as he watched the love of his life run her messy hands up and down the sexy stranger.

After she was completely covered, Sydney thanked the woman and proceeded to rest in the sunshine for the rest of the afternoon. Two hours later, the teen saw the sun beginning to head for the horizon over the town and decided to call it a day. She gathered her things and walked back to the beach house, again gathering the stares of many other beach goers of her perfectly round ass jiggling away with each step.

Once inside, Sydney quickly rifled through her bag to find a comfortable set of clothes to wear. She found a pair of small black shorts and a tight black tank top. She started towards the bedroom but remembered that she was alone, choosing instead to strip out of her bikini in the main room, leaving the discarded bathing suit on the floor. After she was re-dressed, she grabbed a beer and headed into the bedroom. Pulling up a chair, she gazed out the window and watched the horizon darken while she sipped away.

Sydney closed her eyes to once again smell the salty air when she started to hear a noise from outside. She put her beer down and looked around outside. Eventually, her eyes went downward and grew what felt like three sizes. Right under her window, the bearded man and his busty wife were completely naked, going at it like teenagers. Sydney was at the perfect angle to not only see the woman’s breasts swaying back and forth but also seeing the man’s massive cock slide in and out of the woman.

“Shit,” she whispered, her eyes not moving a centimeter away from the intense sex going on.

Slowly and quietly, Sydney pulled the shade down enough to block the couple from possibly seeing her but still open enough to see it. The young woman unknowingly started to rub herself through her shorts as she watched on. She had never seen other people having sex in person before. She had seen videos and had caught her brothers alone but the real thing was much more intense, and to her, much more enjoyable. The girl was lost in lust as her shorts slowly found their way down, allowing her hand to freely touch her increasingly dampening cunt.

Sydney kept staring at the couple as the man lay down on the sand and the woman climb on top. Again, the angle was still perfect enough to see her breasts happily bouncing with each rise and fall of her hips. The voyeuristic Sydney had two fingers plunged deep in her pussy as sweat started to form on her forehead. She was focused more on the couple than anything else, which turned out to be a big mistake. As she watched both people freeze up, clearly as the man filled his wife with his seed, Sydney failed to notice someone enter the house. She was groaning pretty loud, which drew the person to her room.

“Sydney?” a familiar male voice asked, causing her to freeze with two fingers, two-knuckles deep in her red, wet cunt.

With eyes wide open, Sydney’s head slowly turned to see her older brother Noah standing in the doorway. The teen girl had no idea what to do. She could not deny at all what she was doing. Her shorts were down to her ankles, her hand nuzzled deep in her own entrance and sweat pouring down her face.

“Noah, hi, what are you doing here?” she stammered, pulling her hand out of herself and yanking her shorts back up.

“This is the family beach house and I felt like spending the weekend here,” Noah said. “I don’t think I need to ask what you were doing.”

“Oh that, that was, um, I was, uh,” Sydney stumbled, trying to find an excuse.

“You were fingering yourself,” Noah said. “There’s no other way to really explain it.”

Noah heard voices outside the window and shot a look to his sister.

“You still get off on watching people?” he asked.

Sydney’s heart started to beat fast.

“Wha-what do you mean?” she asked.

“You really think I never noticed you watching me when I jerked off when I was younger,” he said, causing her heart to beat even faster. “You aren’t very stealthy Syd, I caught you hundreds of times but I never said anything.”

“I-uh, you never told mom or dad did you?” Sydney asked, defeated. “What about Jamie or Graham?”

“Did you watch any of them?” he asked.

“I never watched Jamie or the parents. I watched Graham once but his-” she stopped.

“His what?” he asked.

“His, um thing, wasn’t as big as yours,” she said, looking down at his pants. “Yours is really nice.”

Noah looked down at his crotch before looking back at his sister, whose hand was slowly heading back for her crotch.

“Well, thank you but you really shouldn’t be spying on people,” Noah said as he walked past his sister and closed the shade all the way.

Noah looked back at Sydney, who was now just a couple feet away from him, her eyes locked on his growing package. He turned towards her and grabbed her chin, making her face him.

“You are one messed up little girl,” he said. “How would your boyfriend feel about you fantasizing about your brother’s dick?”

“I’m single now,” she said with a slight smile. “And I know you are too.”

Noah started to sense that his little sister was thinking about more than just fantasy. He took a step back and stared at her as her eyes again headed towards his crotch.

“Let me see it up close,” Sydney said. “I promise I won’t tell if you won’t.”

Noah remained still as his sister’s hand started to reach out for his jeans. He wanted to stop her but was frozen in shock. He felt her hand find the zipper and pull it down. As she pulled his pants and underwear down, it was Noah’s turn to be unable to deny a thing. His seven-inch cock, rock hard, popped out and stood tall in front of Sydney, who began to lick her lips.

“Can I touch it?” she asked as she started to pull her shorts down once again.

Once Noah saw his sister’s wet, red cunt up close, he lost all resistance and nodded to her request. The smile on Sydney’s face was the biggest he had ever seen as her fingers wrapped around his thick member. Slowly, she stroked him up and down, feeling all seven inches of his cock. She wanted so bad to dart her head forward and swallow it but wanted to take her time. She knew that this was probably a one-off thing and did not want to waste a single opportunity. She looked up at Noah with her big blue eyes, giving him a sad look as her other hand joined in on him. She pointed his cock towards her chin and gave him long, slow strokes up and down.

Noah reached out and ran his hand through Sydney’s long, dirty-blonde hair before it stroked her cheek. He gave her a light slap.

“Dirty little sister,” he said, causing her to giggle.

“You have no idea how dirty your sister can be,” she said before sticking her tongue out and giving his cockhead a little lick.

The nineteen-year-old continued to tease her twenty-year-old brother’s cock with lick after lick of the head. Eventually, Noah grew tired of the teasing and wanted more. He grabbed a handful of his little sister’s hair and pulled her closer. She opened her mouth wide and allowed his cock to go as far down her throat as it possibly could. He held her in place for several seconds before pulling her away. She showed no signs of struggle or distress. He grabbed his cock and slapped her in the cheek several times.

“More,” she begged, her tongue sticking out of her wide-open mouth.

Noah again deep-throated Sydney, holding her down longer this time. He could see the glisten of liquid dripping from her nose, along with tears forming in the corners of her eyes. She continued to stare up at him, tying to tell him not to pull out with her eyes. He was able to sense what she wanted and continued to hold her in place for a very long time. Eventually, he finally pulled out, watching the long string of slobber dripping from her mouth and onto her shirt.

“Take that stupid thing off,” he said as he grabbed at the straps of the tank top.

Noah removed his own shirt as well, leaving the siblings both stark naked in the bedroom they had shared as kids. Sydney fell to her knees and grabbed on to his cock, starting to give him a nice, slow blowjob as he sat down on the bed. With one hand cupping his balls, the other hand followed her mouth and she bobbed her head up and down his large organ.

Sydney still could not believe that the fantasy she had had since she was fourteen was finally coming true. She always had a thing for Noah in particular. Sharing the bedroom in the beach house was a major catalyst. Countless times, they had seen each other in just a towel or just underwear. It was very hard for Sydney not to be attracted to her brother, especially after the first time she had caught him masturbating.

It was the day after her fourteenth birthday, after a shower, she walked past Noah’s door and saw him through the slight crack of the open door. There he was, his cock in hand, lying flat on his back, violently stroking up and down. She only saw a few seconds before the semen eruption exploded from inside of him. Sydney ran to her bedroom, partly to avoid being caught and partly to relieve her own sexual needs. The pictures in her head of her brother’s orgasming cock made her cum onto her towel within a minute of first touch.

Sydney thought of that memory as she sensually blew her incestuous lover. She could feel her inner thighs beginning to strongly dampen, needing a tending to after being cut short of an orgasm earlier. With one last kiss of his head, Sydney stood up and walked over to her bed, laying down and spreading her legs wide. Noah instantly fell to his knees and buried his face in her dripping wet hole. The smell of her cunt mixed with the ocean air fueled him.

The younger sibling gripped onto the sheets as she felt her brother’s slimy tongue slither its way deep into her tender young pussy. She moaned very loudly, not caring if anyone outside could hear her through the open, but blocked by the shade, window. Moaning, groaning, squealing, every sound of cute sexuality that Sydney could emote escaped the wet upper set of lips while her wet lower-set were getting the tonguing of a lifetime.

Being a musical star, Sydney had had many sexual experiences in her life but none felt as loving as the one she was experiencing at this moment. All of the other men, and one woman, that she had shared a bed with, in her mind, were placeholders. She thought she would never get the one partner she had wanted but her dream had come true.

Noah continued to lap up every molecule of pussy juice that his little sister’s body could form. Once his tongue focused on her pulsating clit, the teen started to wriggle and squirm around on the bed. Her back began to arch as her hips pushed against his face. She was very close to orgasm when he pulled his face away. She stared up at the white ceiling fan again, a bit upset that she was cut off but her mood changed when she looked down. Standing up, Noah was holding his cock and moving it closer to her waiting cunt.

“No teasing, just fuck me!” she yelled.

Noah slammed his cock deep into Sydney, causing her to scream in joy.

“Yes!” she squealed. “Hard, fast!”

The twenty-year-old did exactly as was instructed and violently fucked his slutty sister. He held her ankles high in the air and rocked his hips back and forth as fast as humanly possible. Sydney was grabbing and squeezing at her perky little breasts while her back arched back as far as it could. Her mouth was wide open, her tongue hanging in the corner of her mouth as she was used like a ragdoll.

Sydney eventually released the grip on her breasts and spread her arms out wide. She continued to scream for her brother to fuck her harder, not knowing that he was going at her as hard as he could.

Noah pushed her ankles down until they were next to her ears. Stepping up onto the bed, he thrusted almost completely downward while he stared her in the eyes. The gaze between the two could not be broken by an explosion, they were so focused. The girl could never have imagined how great this moment could be. Her pussy was on fire and ready to explode.

Seconds later, Noah felt his sister’s cunt spasm around his cock. He froze in place and watched Sydney’s body twitch with each pulse of orgasmic bliss which was met with a cute little squeal each time. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head until the orgasm subsided. The siblings stared at each other without moving until the young woman reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Noah stood up, lifting his sister with him, his cock still lodged deep inside her, and gave her a long kiss. Sydney pressed her bare chest against his, her hard little nipples poking at him. He walked her out of the bedroom, never breaking the kiss, until her back found the closed front door. Still kissing her, he sandwiched her between himself and the door and started to fuck her once more.

Sydney eventually broke the kiss and resumed staring into his blue eyes, gripping his curly dark hair. His hands were tightly gripping her round ass as he fucked her slower than the first time. He knew that she was cut off from an orgasm by his arrival and wanted to make sure she got it out of the way. Now it was time to make love to his little sister instead of flat-out fucking her raw.

“I love you, Noah,” she whispered in his ear. “I’ve waited so fucking long for this.”

Noah stared at her and began to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear. She started to giggle and squeal again, which was a sound he learned that he absolutely loved. It also helped boil the stew that was forming in his balls. He could feel that he was close to exploding. Not wanting to knock his sister up and cause all kinds of family drama, he pulled his cock out of her and rested her down.

While on her knees, Sydney closed her eyes and opened wide while Noah stroked himself. Seconds later, the young woman felt the warm, sticky shots of cum hit her in the face. Big brother tried to aim for her mouth, getting most of it in there while some cum landed on her chin and cheeks. Sydney grabbed hold of his throbbing member and sucked the last few drops from him, circling her tongue around the ultra-sensitive hole of his dick.

“Fuck!” he groaned as the high of his orgasm began to subside.

Sydney, once done cleaning her brother’s cock, stood up and gave him a long hug, sure to press her cunt against him.

“Worth the wait,” she said. “My brain never wants to do that again to preserve the memory but the rest of me wants you to fuck me forever.”

“Normally I’d agree with the brain but a part of me agrees with the rest of you,” he said as he picked her up and carried her back into the bedroom, laying her down on her bed.

Noah pushed his bed right against hers, making it one big bed. He crawled onto the bed as she snuggled up next to him.

“We’ll see if my brain or my pussy wins out tomorrow,” she said as she kissed his cheek.

“I know which one will,” he said, shoving two fingers in her cunt and leaving them there as they fell asleep.

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