Beach Volleyball: getting Wet


“The Americans dig in. Going for match point against China. Walsh serves, looking for the kill. China sends it back. Walsh taps it, setting it up for May. May slams it down. The Americans win. Misty May and Kerri Walsh move on to the quarterfinals!”

The crowd erupts. May and Walsh embrace, congratulating each other. May’s right hand slips down, firmly slapping Walsh’s bikini-clad ass. Once. Twice in quick succession.

Walsh whispers something in May’s ear before backing away to slip beneath the net to graciously shake hands with
the Chinese players and the Olympic officials.

To the officials and surrounding fans, it all looks very ordinary. May and Walsh are excellent teammates, enthusiastic in supporting and congratulating each other. In a show of unity before every match, they come to the courts holding hands. Everything looks perfectly normal as the teammates work the crowd. Only Walsh feels the smoldering gaze that May directs her way.

She knows Misty’s eyes are upon her. Raking over her backside. Settling on the clinging material of her bikini-clad buttocks. Eyes riveted to the material tightly stretched over her well-defined ass cheeks. Kerri feels her pussy clench in response to Misty’s lingering gaze.

Kerri turns around, waving to the crowd of cheering fans. Purposefully, she turns towards Misty. Careful to make it seem nonchalant. Their eyes lock. Misty’s tongue flicks out, wetting her full lips. Kerri feels her own set of lips grow fuller, wetter, anticipating Misty’s tongue sliding over her.

It took time to work the crowd. Fans and reporters alike see the smoldering gazes passing between the two women, but most chalk it up to two champions hungry for the gold medal. Spring tension and coiled sexuality – like two tigresses waiting to pounce on their unsuspecting prey.

At last, they manage to break away and head for the players’ locker room located at the far end of the beach. The Chinese players have long since showered, dressed and left for their dorm rooms. The empty locker room has an eerie, deserted feel about it.

Kerri heads to the towel basket, retrieving a hot towel for herself and one for Misty, as well. She turns, throwing Misty’s towel at her. Misty deftly catches it, draping it over her shoulders.

She holds both ends of the towel; quickly crosses to where Kerri is standing. Taking the towel from her own neck, she swiftly drops it behind Kerri’s. Pulling both ends, she pulls Kerri to her, deeply kissing her.

Kerri feels Misty’s tongue darting out, sliding into her open, willing mouth. She accepts it eagerly, greedily.

Misty is aggressive. Pursuing the kiss. Drinking in sweet satisfaction as her tongue darts in and out. She smiles at Kerri’s obvious submission. She ends the kiss, grinning, backing away.

Both women are breathing heavily. Far more heavily than either did during their match on the beach.

Misty leans in again, capturing Kerri’s lower lip between her teeth, lightly biting, gently pulling. Her hands work at Kerri’s bikini top, both large hands cupping full breasts. Her thumbs stroke over quickly hardening nipples.

A low moan escapes Kerri’s lips. Seizing the opportunity, Misty passes her thumbs across tightening nipples once again.

With every ounce of her strength, Kerri pulls back, ending the kiss. Misty tries to capture the kiss again, but Kerri holds her back. Breathing heavily, she struggles for her next words.

“We – We can’t do this here.” It was so hard to concentrate with Misty’s hands cupping her breasts, her fingers touching her sensitive nipples. “Someone might come in.”

Misty nuzzled Kerri’s neck. Lightly bit the skin. “Everyone’s long gone.”

“Let’s wait until we get back to the QEII.”

“I can’t wait. I want you now.”

“I haven’t even showered – ”

” – Later,” Misty growled. She yanked off Kerri’s bikini top, tossing it to the locker room floor.

Her lips locked on Kerri’s, effectively silencing any additional protests. Both hands cupped firm breasts, kneading, caressing. Fingers capturing hard nipples, pulling and tweaking. Then, releasing, only to capture the tiny buds in her tight grip once again.

A low moan escaped Kerri’s lips, becoming lost in Misty’s mouth.. Her tongue exploring every square inch of Kerri’s hot, wet mouth. With a gasp, Misty broke off the kiss, coming up to take a deep gulp of much-needed air.

Misty’s mouth locks on Kerri’s neck, gently sucking, aggressively biting. Branding her as her own. Her teammate. Her partner. Her lover. Hers.

Moaning, Kerri gives in, her back firmly pressed against the locker room wall. The brick cold against her hot flesh. She arches her neck in supplication, eager to give herself to her dominating partner.

Misty’s hot mouth moves down Kerri’s neck, her tongue leaving a wet trail behind as she progresses along. Past Kerri’s collarbone, over her clavicle. And onto her breasts. Holding both breasts in her firm grasp, she alternates between licking and sucking each breast. Ravening the nipples with her tongue. Causing the firm pebbles to tighten even farther in her mouth.

Head thrown back, soft moans come from Kerri’s lips. Her hands are on Misty’s head, holding her firmly to her breasts. Fingers stroking through dark hair, pulling it behind Misty’s ears as she becomes lost in the sensations.

“Oh, Baby,” Kerri moans. Misty smiles against Kerri’s flesh. This is what she lives for. Hearing her lover calling her name. Knowing that she’s won her over to her desires. Knowing that Kerri won’t stop her from taking what she wants. Here. Now.

One hand slides off Kerri’s breast, down her firm abdomen, splaying over her six-pack. She feels the firm muscles jump, flex beneath her touch. Kerri’s body instinctively knows where Misty’s hand is heading, and can’t wait for it to get there.

Her hips begin moving suggestively. Misty’s hand stops at the top of Kerri’s bikini bottoms. Her fingers toying playfully with the waistband. Dipping in, then sliding back out of the elastic waistband. Then, those same fingers sliding along the outside of the material, never straying more than a half-inch from the waistband of those bikini bottoms.

“Oh, yeah, baby. Do it.” Kerri’s voice was deep, husky with need.

Misty pulled back, Kerri’s nipple slipping from her mouth with a loud, wet smacking pop. Watching her lover’s facial expressions, she slowly allowed her hand to slip down to cup Kerri’s mound through her bikini.

Instinctively, her hips increased their rhythym. Moving of their own accord, arching into Misty’s open palm. Misty moved her hand back until just her fingers were touching Kerri’s mound, providing only a minimal amount of contact. Kerri’s hips arched further, searching for the needed pressure of that hand. Misty restrained herself, not giving in to the demands of her lover’s body. Keeping her wrist firmly locked, she managed to move away, leaving only the slightest contact between her fingertips and Kerri’s damp bikinis. She could feel the heat, the wet emanating from Kerri’s desperate pussy.

Kerri’s eyes flew open. Meeting Misty’s gaze dead on. There was a calmness in Misty’s eyes. A smoldering, burning gaze like ice on fire burned in Misty’s eyes. A controlled heat raged inside Misty that only Kerri could unleash.

“Please, baby,” she pleaded.

“Please what?” Misty asked.

“Please,” Kerri repeated, attempting to move her hips enough to press against Misty’s open palm.

Misty deftly avoided the touch. Her other hand came down to slide across Kerri’s ass. Her open palm rubbing suggestively across her teammate’s ass. Her palm came up, then came down with a loud smack.

“Say it,” Misty commanded. “Tell me again what you teased me with on the beach.”

“I – ” Kerri’s words caught in her throat. Misty’s open palm circled over that firm ass cheek, rubbing. “I – ”

Misty’s hand came up, then down in quick succession. The slap stronger this time, stinging Kerri’s buttock. “Tell me.” Misty demanded, hot words whispered in Kerri’s ear.

“I asked you -”

“Tell me -” Misty pressed, her fingers rubbing more firmly against the bikini bottoms. “Tell me what you whispered in my ear in front of the Olympic officials. In front of the Chinese players. In front of all those people sitting in the stands. Say it again.”

“Take me across your – ”

“Don’t whisper what you want. Tell me. In a clear, strong voice. Tell me what you want like a woman.” Both of Misty’s hands openly cupped Kerri’s buttocks. Lifting. Clutching.

Kerri’s breath caught in her throat. She struggled, fighting to speak the words her lover demanded of her. The words she teased her with on the beach, knowing Misty couldn’t act upon it in public.

“Take me across your knee and spank me like you mean it.”

At the sound of those words, those words that were etched indelibly into her memory ever since Kerri’s hot voice whispered them into her ear — Misty’s mouth came down hard upon Kerri’s. Demanding, urgent, taking what she needed.

With a smoldering gaze, Misty led Kerri to the bench. Sitting down, she pulled Kerri down, laying her across her lap. Kerri had a greater height – at six foot two, she towered over Misty’s five foot nine. Here, though, she was on equal footing. Kerri’s long legs were draped behind her, feet dragging the floor. But her ass was firmly up in the air, awaiting her partner’s touch.

Misty’s hand smoothed over the material of the bikini bottoms. Lightly slapped the tightly stretched cloth. Hearing the echoing slap against the speedo material. Her hand raised, then fell, the slaps coming in quick succession. The smacks echoing in the deserted locker room.

Kerri’s moans coming louder. Her hips moving, squirming on Misty’s lap. She suggested it on a lark on the beach, but if she had to be honest, subconsciouly, she wanted this. She loved when Misty took control and dominated her. She loved the way her partner was so aggressive – not only on the beach – but also in the bedroom.

Misty’s fingers slip down, stroking between Kerri’s open legs. She can feel the heat, the wetness through the bikini bottoms. She’s never felt Kerri so wet, so ready. Hooking her fingers in the waistband, she pulls the bikini bottoms from Kerri’s hips, pushing them down and off her long, smooth legs.

With her bottom bare, Misty can admire her handiwork. The asscheeks are rosey, tinted red from the repeated spanking. She reverently rubbed her open palm over the firm asscheeks. Raising, holding the gesture in mid-air, she watches as Kerri instinctively clenches, awaiting the blow. Misty delivers. Spanking Kerri in quick succession a number of ten times.

Kerri’s moans are so loud now, they drown out the sound of the spanking. She’s openly squirming on Misty’s lap. Misty halts with her hand raised, palm ready to strike. She feels the throbbing in her own hand, can only imagine the stinging sensation Kerri is feeling on her rear end.

Her cheeks are a deeper hue now. Misty slowly lowers her hand, feeling the heat coming from Kerri’s flesh. She leans forward, tenderly kissing the hot flesh. Kerri moans loudly at the contact. Misty’s tongue flicks out, trailing over the tight flesh, her mouth leaving behind a cool wet sensation on the hot, burning body of her lover.

Her fingers dip down between Kerri’s legs, lightly stroking up and down her teammate’s slit. She’s wet – soaking. Misty’s fingers slid along in the moisture, reveling in the evidence of her lover’s arousal. She’s so wet – so open. She parts the furry lips, dipping her fingers inside. She allows her fingers to spread the moisture, rubbing it up and down her lover’s slit. >From her clit all the way to her ass, one finger rimming the tiny bud, slipping her digit just inside, feeling Kerri jump beneath her attentions.

“Please, Misty. Please, baby.” Kerri’s moaning openly, pleading, asking – begging for what her body craved – needed desperately. “Fuck me. Fuck my pussy, baby.”

Misty couldn’t hold back any longer. Her hand slipped down further. Her fingers finding the opening, slipping inside without resistance. First one finger, then two. She developed a steady rhythmn. Setting the pace. Slow and steady – knowing her unhurried approach would drive Kerri over the edge.

“Come on, baby. I need it. Give it to me.” She pleaded.

Misty pulled her fingers back out, lined up a third and pushed it in her lover, finally meeting with some resistance. She felt Kerri tighten around her fingers. She reveled in the sensation of filling her lover. Her pinky slipped back, first rimming, then dipping inside Kerri’s anus. As expected, her lover gave a little jolt, sending her moving quickly across Misty’s lap. The movement served to slide her clit over Misty’s kneecap. The contact nearly sending her over the edge.

Capitalizing on the contact, Misty continued her administrations. Pumping in and out of her lover with determined strokes. Feeling Kerri squirm on her lap, her extended clit connecting again and again with Misty’s kneecap.

Abruptly, she pulled out, leaving Kerri empty. Kerri virtually screamed at the sudden loss. Misty’s fingers hovered at Kerri’s opening, refusing to move in for the much craved contact, staying just out of tantalizing reach. “You want it, come get it,” she commanded.

Kerri launched herself backward, letting out a sharp cry as she impaled herself on her lover’s fingers. She worked hard at it, repeatedly thrusting herself back and forth, working Misty’s fingers deeper and deeper. With a delighted laugh, Misty reached her free arm about, supporting Kerri’s upper body as she slammed into Kerri’s body with unexpected force. She went so deep, so quick that Kerri cried out, pussy clenching onto those precious fingers before they could withdraw again. She came hard, violently, crying out as her orgasm overtook her.

Misty caught her in her strong arms, supported Kerri as her body spasmed, then collapsed atop her. Bending, she planted loving kisses along her partner’s back and buttocks. Whispering words of endearment in her ear.

Slowly, Kerri came back to herself. Tenderly rubbing her ass, she stood up, grinning wildly at her lover. “I think it’s time for that shower now, don’t you?” She dipped her fingers between her open legs, soaking them. Then, she ran her fingers across Misty’s lips. Misty’s tongue darted out, catching the fingers, eagerly sucking them into her mouth.

Kerri quickly moved away, heading towards the showers. “I think we need to see about getting you soaped up and wet.”

With a low growl, Misty launched herself off the bench, following her lover’s swaying, rose-tinted ass towards the waiting showers …………….

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