Beastial Bondage

Beastial Bondage


The story herein is nothing more than a fantasy written by a fan of the involved celebs and in no way represents known actions of said celebs. This is just fiction and isn’t meant to harm anyone. Now if you’re under the legal age to view adult rated, NC-17, stories in your local then please turn away now.

Kym got home from work feeling exhausted but relieved. Today was her last day
of shooting
and she had the next six weeks off. Working as an Aussie soap star was hard
work and she
really needed the break. A full-lipped beauty with brown eyes, auburn hair
a slim figure that
was curved in all the right places with a big tits and a tight ass at the age
of 24 Kym was the
sort of woman men dreamed of. Unfortunately for them Kym was happily engaged
and looking
forward to spending the next six weeks with her fiancee. They had been
discussing going diving
at the Barrier Reef but all Kym really wanted to do was lounge around and do
nothing but relax
for the next six weeks. She hadn’t told her fiancee Fabio that because she
knew he was really
excited about the idea.

She put the kettle on and as she was pouring herself a coffee she heard the
front door open and
close. She looked up as Fabio wandered into the kitchen.

“Hello beautiful,” he said to her grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Hi yourself,” she replied grinning. She noticed he had his hands behind his
back. “What have
you got?”

“A surprise.”

“What is it?”

“Take three guesses.”


“Ok, Ok! I know you’re not really crash hot about us going to the Barrier Reef
and would
rather lounge around doing nothing for the next six weeks.” He paused, “Well
almost nothing.”

“Fabio!” she tapped him playfully. He grinned.

“So what’s the surprise?” she asked.

“I was talking to a friend of mine who’s a real estate agent and he told me
about a farm house
that’s in the middle of nowhere and is up for sale. Apparently it’s owners
have moved overseas.
It’s a really nice spot.”

“So?” asked Kym impatient to know what the surprise was.

“He suggested we make use of the farm house for the next couple of weeks. It’d
be a nice
relaxing holiday for us.”

Despite the fact that it was probably illegal Kym was tempted. The idea of
getting away to the
country side where she could lounge around among other things, she blushed,
was tempting.

“What about water and power?” she asked.

“It’s all taken care of,” her fiancee replied, “the owners had it paid up till
the end of the month.”

“How are we supposed to get in?” she asked.

He held up his hand. Dangling from it was a key. “With this. Come on Kym it’ll
be fun.”

She hesitated. “Ok,” she said, “let’s do it.”

The next day they drove off headed for the middle of nowhere. Four and a half
hours later they
arrived at the secluded farmhouse pulling up at the end of the 10k driveway.
Kym got her first
good look at the farmhouse. Farmhouse didn’t really decribe it. Palace would
have been the
word she’d chosen. As she got out of the car she noticed that there was a barn
beside the

Fabio came round and stood beside her. “What do you think?” he asked grinning
from ear to

“It’s great,” she said.

“Come on,” he said, “I’ve got something to show you.”

“What?” she asked.

“You’ll see,” he said and led her towards the barn.

“What’s in there?” she asked.

“Look and see,” he replied and stepped aside to let her see into the barn.

Kym looked around the spacious barn and a sudden nickering caused her to look
to her left
where she saw a horse stall and a mare and a stallion looking out at her. She
looked at Fabio
not understanding.

Seeing her questioning look he said, “They belong to the owners. They’re being
overseas at the end of the month and until then my friend was looking after
them. I thought we
could go horse-riding. The stallion’s name is Blackie and the mare’s name is

Kym grinned and hugged her fiancee. “Thankyou,” she said.

“What for?” he asked.

“For being so good to me.” She turned and looked at the two horses. She
couldn’t help but
admire Blackir’s silky black hide and rippling muscles. “The stallion’s mine,”
she said firmly.

Fabio laughed, “If you insist,” he said.

Kym looked at him seductively. “Why don’t we check out the bedroom?” she
asked. Her
fiancee grinned.

The next morning Fabio gave her breakfast in bed and suggested they go
horse-riding. She
agreed and the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon was spent riding
around the
beautiful countryside.and when they got back to the barn and were unsaddling
the horses Kym
was in a relaxed mood. Blackie had been a bit restless but a couple of firm
slaps and kicks of
the heel had kept him in line. As Blackie’s saddle dropped to the ground he
darted away before
Kym could do anything but start in shock and to her and Fabio’s amusement he
began to mount
Jess. Laughing at the spectacle Kym grabbed Blackie’s reins and dragged him
off Jess. Blackie
snorted in irritation. He wasn’t happy about being interrupted. Kym led him
into his stall and put
out some grain for him. She was still laughing as she and her fiancee left the
barn and headed
towards the house. Meanwhile left behind Blackie continued to snort in
frustration and anger.

It was warm that night and when it was dark Fabio told Kym to take off her
clothes and come
outside with him. Feeling excited she stripped and followed him outside. There
was a slight
breeze that brought goosebumps to her bare skin. Fabio still had his clothes
on. She asked why
but he wouldn’t tell her. Feeling exposed and excited all at once she followed
him as he led her
down to the lakeside. He led her to a concrete slab that had a bench bolted
into it. They’d
passed it earlier that day when they’d been horse-riding. She thought it was
probably put there
by the owners for when they had picnics by the lake. She noticed Fabio had
thrown a thick
blanket over the bench. She looked at him quizzically.

“Do you trust me?” he asked her.

“Of course,” she replied.

“I thought we might try something new,” he said hesitantly.

“What?” she asked.

He hesitated, “Bondage.”

Kym had read about bondage of course and the idea of being tied up naked
outside, being
completely at the mercy of her fiancee sent a thrill through her. She
hesitated, could she do this?
The idea was exciting to her but she was highly independent and unused to
relying on or putting
her fate in someone else’s hands.

Fabio waited patiently for his fiancee’s answer. He expected a no and was
surprised when she
looked at him and said, “Ok.”

He nearly jumped with joy but restrained himself. This had always been a
fantasy of his and
now he was getting to live it.

“What do I do?” she asked.

“Lie down on the bench,” he told her, “on your stomach.” She did as he said
and as she was
settling down onto the padded bench he dragged out a bag he’d hidden in some
nearby bushes.
He unzipped it and pulled out four sets of padded hand cuffs and four lengths
of rope.

Kym lay on the bench shivering in anticipation. She had never felt
so exposed in
her life.The bench was shorter than she was and her head and legs
hung over both
ends. She gasped in startlement as Fabio touched her ankle and she
felt him put
something around it. There was a clicking sound and she realised he
was using
padded hand-cuffs. He had been planning this all along, she
realized.There was a
tug on her leg as he pulled it to the right and then another click
as he handcuffed it
into one of the metal rings that she’d noticed were bolted into the
ground around
the bench. He did the same with her other leg so that both her legs
were spread
apart. She was now essentially kneeling on the slab with her torso
laying across
the bench her big tits hanging over the edge with nothing to support
them. She
shivered in pleasure as the light breeze played across her now
exposed cunt. Her
full pussy slips were swollen in the light of the full moon and the
wind gently
caressed her neatly trimmed v of pubic hair. Fabio moved around in
front of her
and grabbed both her arms and gently pulled her forward slightly. He
grabbed her
left arm and placed a padded handcuff on it. Then he pulled her arm
as far out as
it would go and tied it to a ring on her left. He did the same with
her right arm. She
realised that if she wanted to she could lift her knees and close
her legs but Fabio
had other ideas. Using the pieces of rope from his bag he tied them
around the
bends in her knees. One at a time her pulled her legs apart and tied
the rope
forward and to the side of her knees so that there was no give. She
was now so
tightly bound that the most she could do was wriggle her tight round
ass. Up until
now she had kept her head lifted so that she could look around her
but the strain
on her neck was becoming unbearable so she let her head hang between
arms. Her cunt was even more exposed than before and the night’s
breeze sent a
constant stream of shivers up her spine.

Fabio moved out of her sight and she tried to turn her head to see what he was
doing but it was
no use. She could barely look ahead of her without getting a sore neck. The
best she could do
was look to either side but Fabio was behind her. Then he was beside her and
leaning over her.
She gasped in surprise as he placed a ball-gag in her mouth and tied it firmly
behind her neck.
Up until now neither of them had exchanged a word. Now she had no choice in
the matter. She
started to get anxious but reminded herself that she trusted her fiancée
completely. Fabio wasn’t
finished however. He proceeded to blindfold her so that she couldn’t see what
was happening
then he placed earmuffs over her ears so that her only sense left was her
sense of touch. This
seemed to heighten her sensitivity because every caress from Fabio and every
brush of the
breeze felt like an electric shock to her.

She was getting frightened now, she had never been so helpless in her life.
Fabio began to
gently massage her and slowly the tension left her shoulders and she began to
relax again. Fabio
was in total control now. Suddenly he stopped massaging her and a moment later
he removed
his hands leaving her with no idea where he was until he lifted one side of
her earmuffs off and
whispered into her ear.

“I forgot something. It’s up at the house. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Before she could react he had set the earmuffs back in place and he was gone.
Her anxiety
began to rise again. She was naked, tied up and alone. If someone else came
along she’d be
totally helpless. She reminded herself that there was no one else out her but
her and Fabio and
that they were in the middle of nowhere. The chances of someone else coming
along were a
trillion to one. She nervously waited for what seemed like hours but was
probably only ten
minutes when she felt a hand gently cup her pussy and fingers began to gently
stroke her clit
which quickly became swollen. She relaxed. Fabio was back. She was safe.
Another hand
began to gently stroke the round globes of her ass as the first one continued
to caress her cunt
which was quickly becoming slick with pussy juices. She tried to moan in
pleasure but couldn’t
because of the gag. Then she felt her blindfold lifted and opened her eyes
that she had
instinctively closed after being blindfolded so long. She looked up and saw
Fabio kneeling in
front of her looking at her a strange expression on his face his arms at his

Suddenly she froze in shock as she realized that her ass and cunt were still
being felt up but not
by Fabio who was in front of her where she could see his hands that definitely
weren’t playing
with her clit. That meant someone else was here! She tensed in fear and
outrage that Fabio
would betray her like this. She had trusted him. She squirmed but the hands
continued to stroke
her ass and pussy. Then she noticed that Fabio was naked and his chest covered
in bruises.
Suddenly he was shoved aside and she looked up to see two men dressed like
bikies standing
in front of her. They were talking and pointing at her and smiling at each
other. Seeing that she
could see them they waved at her and smiled. She started to cry. This wasn’t
supposed to
happen. This was supposed to be a nice relaxing holiday with her fiancée and
now a stranger
was mauling her while two men stood and watched and she was totally helpless
to do anything
about it. She couldn’t even scream. She started to cry and the two bikies
noticing this laughed.
She was afraid. What was going to happen to her and what about poor Fabio? It
looked like
they’d beaten the shit out of him.

The two bikies continued to watch her torment then looked away as if
distracted. Suddenly
they walked away and she saw to her horror that arrayed in front of her were
over a hundred
bikies, men and women and their children who were all watching her
humiliation. She could see
the children that were watching pointing and laughing at her. To be humiliated
and laughed at
like this by adults was horrible enough but for kids to see and enjoy her
humiliation was
something she would never of dreamed of even in her worst nightmare.
Compounding her
torment she saw that some of the adults had video cameras and were filming
her. She was a
celebrity, what if these videos got onto the Internet? Everybody would know
what had
happened. What if her parents saw this? This was all her fault for letting
Fabio tie her up in the
first place.

Suddenly the two bikies were back in front of her and one of them was leading
Blackie who
when he saw Kym snorted in anger and stamped his hoof. He must have got out of
his stall
somehow Kym thought and been wandering around nearby. The two bikies must have
him whinnying which was why they’d wandered off. At almost the same time as
the bikies Kym
noticed that Blackie had an erection and the bikie holding Blackie’s reins
pointed at Blackie’s
cock then at Kym and spoke to the other bikie. Kym’s eyes widened in horror.
They couldn’t
be talking about what she thought they were talking about. Even if they were
she thought to
herself Blackie may be horny but he’s not that horny.

To her relief the other bikie was shaking his head to the one with the reins.
He looked away
distracted as a young boy about six years old broke away from a woman who had
holding him back and ran over to the bikie who he bore a strong resemblance
to. Probably his
son Kym realised. The boy was pointing at her and talking to his father. They
seemed to be
arguing about something. Finally the father seemed to give up and picked up
his son and carried
him around behind her and out of her sight. The bikie with Blackie’s reins
stood in front of her
grinning maliciously at her.

She started crying again. She just wished she could wake up from this
nightmare. With a start
she realized that the hands that had been playing with her ass and cunt had
stopped then with a
shock she felt a tiny hand with tiny fingers touch her cunt. The boy. As she
squirmed helplessly
the boy ran his hands curiously over her ass and cunt stopping to play with
her clit and
occasionally insert a finger into her pussy. This was too much. The
humiliation was unbearable.
A little boy who didn’t even know what he was doing and thought it was all
just a game was
groping her! Suddenly two of the boy’s fingers poked into her anus and she
tried to scream but
choked on the gag in her mouth as his fingers delved in and out of her
backdoor. Tears
streamed down her face as the boy began slapping her ass with his left-hand as
the fingers of
his right-hand continued to plunge in and out of her poop-chute. She wanted to
scream at the
pain of the slaps as her round globes of flesh reddened from the stinging
blows and the pain
intensified. The boy was really getting into this, she thought. She wished she
could slap him.
Suddenly the slaps stopped. What now? she wondered. Then she felt the boy’s
fingers wriggle
inside her anus and felt a pressure as he began to slowly force his hand up
into her rectum. It
was agony as leaning into his work the boy shoved his hand further and further
up inside of her
until his arm was buried in her backdoor up to his elbow. She had never
endured such pain in
her life and instinctively pulled forward trying to get the boy’s arm out of
her. It was no use she
could only move her ass forward a few centimetres and she simply dragged the
boy’s arm with
her. His arm was firmly entrenched in her anus. When she didn’t think things
could get any
worse she felt a pulling tearing sensation. The boy was trying to pull his arm
out she realized and
obviously it was no easy task for him. The pain that had gone before was
nothing compared to
this as the boy struggled to pull his trapped arm from her body. She could see
the crowd of
onlookers laughing at her torment and the boy’s predicament. Finally the boy’s
arm slid out of
her and she felt the light wind travelling unnaturally far up inside her. Then
the boy was once
more playing with her cunt.

Finally when she thought she could take no more of this torture the boy’s
hands were removed
from her body. Then she noticed the man holding Blackie look up as if spoken
to and then he
looked back down at her and grinned maliciously. Oh no, she thought, please
no! The man
walked around her leading Blackie until they were both out of sight. Blackie
sensing her distress
whinnied in pleasure. He won’t do it, she thought, he’s a horse, he’s only
interested in mares.

Behind Kym the bikie with Blackie’s reins led the horse up to her admiring her
bare ass and
pouty pussy lips. She was quite a catch. The other bikie gestured to him and
he let go of
Blackie’s reins. They waited to see what happened. They’d probably have to
physically put the
horse into position before it’d know what to do. Blackie however had other
ideas. Although he
didn’t have thoughts as such he knew this was the woman who had thwarted him
today and he
wanted revenge. He also wanted to fuck. He sensed that she wouldn’t like him
fucking her and
so that’s exactly what he was going to do.

The bikies and boy watched and laughed in delight as Blackie of his own
volition moved behind
and proceeded to mount Kym. They laughed as she squirmed and tried to get away
but Blackie
gripped her with his forelegs and held her immobile. Then suddenly with no
warning he
slammed his giant rock-hard cock against Kym’s cunt but his aim was off and
his giant cock
buried itself deep inside Kym’s virgin anus. Despite the gag Kym screamed out
in pain and
horror as the monstrous cock buried itself deep in her backdoor. Blackie
grunted and pulled
back preparing for another plunge his cock slipping out of Kym’s stretched and
torn anus as he
did so. Kym sobbed in pain and fear as the cock left her but her relief was
short lived as
Blackie once again thrust forward this time into Kym’s exposed pussy. The
bikies and the boy
cheered. This was the best entertainment they’d had in ages.

As Blackie and the bikie moved out of her sight Kym began to squirm her
shapely ass in fear.
Then she noticed that Fabio was conscious again and looking at her. She saw
him look over
her shoulder and suddenly he leapt to his feet and rushed towards her seeing
what the bikies
intended to do. Two bikies rushed from the crowd and grabbed him holding him
back as he
struggled in their grip. Then Kym felt Blackie’s form moving over her and she
panicked. She
squirmed and pulled as hard as she could on her binding but it was no good.
Fabio did too
good a job. Suddenly Blackie’s forelegs gripped her hips in a vise-like grip
and she couldn’t
move. Then before she react she felt his giant cock invade her rear-end as he
thrust into her
tight anus right up to the hilt. A wave of pain surged through her like she’d
never felt before and
she screamed. Such was her pain that a squeal got past the gag she was
wearing. She saw that
Fabio had stopped struggling in exhaustion and was watching what was happening
to her in
horror. Blackie pulled of her and this time thrust into her pussy, again
holding nothing back. The
pain as her cunny lips and cunt were stretched beyond belief was incredible.
She was in
constant agony. His cock was so big it was actually making an elongated bulge
in her belly as it
went in. She looked up and saw that Fabio’s expression had changed from horror
to wonder.
Then she saw that his cock was erect. He was enjoying watching her be raped by
a horse! The
bastard! The bikies holding him seeing this let him go and he just stood in
front of her fisting

After nearly ten minutes of hard and vicious pounding from Blackie when she
didn’t think she
could take anymore she felt Blackie shoot his load into her womb and pull out
of her. Then in a
final act of betrayal Fabio moved closer to her and shot his load in her face.
As his come ran
down her face she could feel Blackie’s leaking out her cunt. She felt dirty
and humiliated and
scared. What now?

As she watched in amazement the bikies went back to their bikes and rode off
until just the boy
and his father stood in front of her. The father grinned at her then picked up
his boy and carried
him away. The boy looking over his father’s shoulder smiled at her and waved.
She felt like her
tears would never stop. It was over and they were gone. She was alive.

She looked at Fabio waiting for him to release her but he just grinned at her
then to her horror
she felt a horse nuzzling at her cunt. Fabio grinned even wider. Blackie was
ready for another


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