Beats Milk And Cookies Anytime

Beats Milk And Cookies Anytime

Written by Victor Field

Starring: Ariana Grande

Categories: MF, con, oral, anal

Thrown together purely for the 2014 December story challenge, which is why it’s not so much a story as one long scene (and a shorter one added on). Then again, that kind of describes most sex stories, no?

It should go without saying that it’s all purely fictional, and no offence is intended (although considering Ariana is written here as being great at giving head, I doubt any would be taken). Praise or complaints as ever on the boards or to

So now that that’s taken care of…

* * * * * * * * * *

Ariana Grande liked to keep traditions going, as long as they were fun ones. Holidays, birthdays… Christmas.

For all the rumours about her being a full-on diva, she had always believed it was better to give than to receive at this time of year. All the goodies she’d chosen for her family and friends were wrapped up and ready, and the small brunette was looking forward to seeing them all break into joyous smiles when they saw what she’d gotten them. It was always fun to bask in their reflected happiness, even if what they gave her wasn’t always the best.

Snuggling up in her bed, Ariana cast a glance on the clock. Half past eleven – not long before the big day arrived. When she was younger she was occasionally allowed to open up a gift at midnight, but now she could wait until after breakfast. She could wait now…

It was cold outside, but her bed was nice and warm. And Ariana had had a pretty long day… best for her to at least try and put the next day out of her head, otherwise she’d never get any sleep.

“Mmmmm…” she said to herself, pulling the blankets up to her neck and snuggling in. “C’mon, sandman…”

She closed her eyes and started to let herself drift off. Yep, there it was… off to beddy-byes…

“Merry Christmas, Ariana!”

Her eyes popped open on hearing the voice– it was the big day! She must have had less trouble falling asleep than she’d thought! Her first instinct was to jump out of bed and try to get to the shower before Frankie did… before she realised that it was still dark outside. Very dark. Even allowing for it being winter, it shouldn’t have been that dark in that part of the world at that time of the day.

Ariana glanced at the clock – it was twenty-five to midnight.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten,” the male voice said with a chuckle.

Instantly Ariana’s heart leaped, as she remembered and any potential unease turned to relief. She hadn’t forgotten – she just hadn’t expected it to happen, at least not tonight. It was finally her turn.

“Hi, Danny boy,” she whispered with a smile, turning over in bed to look up at the newcomer. “Came to give me an early present?”

Dan Schneider was certainly dressed for it, in a Santa Claus suit designed for him; Amanda Bynes had joked that he liked to save the appointments for special occasions, like birthdays and whatever. He also had damned good instincts – it was as if he could tell which of his female costars would respond positively to this kind of attention (the aforementioned Amanda, Elizabeth Gillies) and which ones wouldn’t (Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy). And Ariana had never hidden how much she loved the season to be jolly… maybe she could do a cameo on a Danwarp show in the future after all.

“Have you been a good little girl?” Santa Dan asked, standing directly by her bed.

“I might have…” Ariana cooed, running a finger along the zipper of his bright red pants.

“You didn’t send me your list this year,” Dan said, patting her lovely head.

“You can’t give me what I want,” the brunette pouted. “You can give me what I NEED, but not what I want.”

“Oh, come on – you might get lucky.”

“Well…” Ariana gave him a naughty little smile. “I’d love to see Jennette and Victoria fucking. Or in a matchup with a couple of Disney cuties.”

It wasn’t an accident that she’d named those two; personal issues with her co-stars aside, she knew for a fact that Jennette and Victoria Justice were strenuously, virulently pro-penis all the way. Not like Elizabeth Gillies (now there was a girl who knew the meaning of the term “sisters before misters”) or Miranda (who was straight, but didn’t have a problem with girls who liked girls). Or, for that matter, the Disney girls – she’d heard there wasn’t one of them, present or former, who didn’t like muff.

“Take it all in one go and I’ll see what I can do,” Dan chuckled as Ariana unzipped the pants and took out his rod, gently fondling the heavy pole. One good thing about being so tiny – even small penises looked big to her; luckily it wasn’t much of a problem here.

Ariana opened her mouth wide and took in the head of the prick, sucking on it slowly and teasingly. She engorged his rod, swallowing as much of the length as she could – she was jealous of girls who could deep throat men built like stallions; it was all she could do to fit half of him in her. And yet the thought of this massive dong being inside her crotch didn’t scare her… it just made her move her hungry mouth along it even more.

On and on she sucked, straining to reach his sacs and listening to his grunts of satisfaction as she slurped, waiting to get his droplets. She just hoped it wasn’t bitter…

HOLY CRAP. Ariana didn’t expect for it to come rushing out that quickly; she had thought it would last a while. And she hadn’t even been trying – he must have been excited to get a blowjob from Ariana Grande, the way some of her teenage male fans had been over the past few months. Her eyes couldn’t help but get even wider as she felt the flood in her mouth rushing down her throat.

No wonder he called it a candy cane – the cum tasted fantastic; best she’d had since that stagehand backstage at the Radio 1 Teen Awards in London. Whatever Dan had been eating, Ariana hoped he’d keep it up as she swallowed the whole load.

She pulled back from Dan’s sticky cock, licking her lips as she glanced up at him with a smile and seeing his own smile underneath the white beard.

“It still feels a little chilly out there,” Ariana told him softly, stroking his organ. “I got someplace you can put it where it’s warm and snug…”

“Mrs. Claus would kill me,” Dan replied, although his eyes were screaming for him to say yes. “She doesn’t want me leaving any more Santa babies.”

“Relax, I’m all diaphragm’d up,” the singer assured him. “Done it since I was 17.”

“That’s what Jamie Lynn said,” Dan pointed out.

“You win,” Ariana sighed, starting to turn around. “But I got somewhere else…”

“Not from behind,” he interrupted. “I like to look at the ladies I’m with.”

Ariana, halfway around, moved onto her back and thrust her hips and legs upwards, rolling back and up with her equipment facing him. Eyeing him, she watched as he stroked her legs from the toes to the thighs. He took his time over it, savouring her satin flesh.

“I’d lick them, but the beard might get in the way,” he said regretfully.

Ariana nodded – she liked men licking her legs, but she was insanely ticklish. Nothing like bursting into laughter when a guy was having sex to ruin the effect.

She jerked back – Dan’s fingers had touched her snatch, his thumbs pressing inside. They moved  within the constricted space as Ariana reached up and fondled him. She was delighted to feel something resembling muscles under the padding (if it was padding) and the red Santa suit – he must’ve been taking people’s advice and spending a little time at the gym. She dug her fingers into the fabric, about to suggest he get undressed as well and have some more fun.

“Santa has other little girls to visit,” Dan said.

“What, you read minds?” Ariana said moaning as she felt his digits leave her box and watched him put them in his mouth.

“Mmmm…” Beaming under the beard from the taste, he took a tube out of a pocket and squeezed the contents over his cock, rubbing it in to get it all good and lubed. Then his hands gripped her legs as he pushed forward.

“WHOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ariana screamed into his face as several inches of penis slid into her behind, moving up and up until she thought it would hit her tailbone. There it was, thrusting back and forth inside her, stretching her asshole to the max. Her breath exploded out of her in bursts as she thrashed under him, not caring if she woke everyone up. Dan was pumping away like he was in a hurry, and he did say he had other people to visit…

Ariana wished he could stay longer, and that was the last thing on her mind before she felt one of her favourite sensations – the feeling of a whole load of white creamy come rushing like a flood into her behind, filling it up as she yelled in joy. Dan slammed against her again and again until he was all spent, letting the young woman relax as he slipped out.

“Doesn’t that beats milk and cookies anytime?” Ariana gasped.

“My milk, your buns… can’t argue with that,” Dan agreed.#

Ariana rested on the bed with her legs spread out, ignoring the tiny moistness under her rear end – a little of Dan’s juice was seeping out. That was what happened when you came like a dam exploding, she figured. “Thank you, Santa,” Ariana whispered, opening her legs a little wider to give him one last look.

“Thank YOU, little girl,” Dan laughed, tucking it away. “Try and get some sleep now.”

“Oh, I don’t think I can…”

* * * * * * * * * *

When Ariana woke up, she was alone and the room was bright.

And since she knew she hadn’t fallen asleep with the lights on… her smile lit up the room even more. It was Christmas Day, and all was right with the world (or at least with her world). And not a sign of forced entry anywhere, she thought as she jumped out of bed – with luck, she could get to the bathroom before Frankie hogged it…

Then she saw the screen of her phone flashing. Hoping it wasn’t anything important, Ariana snatched it up to see she had a couple of texts and several messages waiting for her – probably from friends wishing her happy holidays. Get ‘em replied to pronto and she’d be ready to go, she figured as she pressed play for the first one.

“Hi, Ari? It’s Dan…”

Well now, this was nice. You couldn’t say he was the kind to fuck and forget.

“…I know we were supposed to meet up on Christmas Eve, but we had some ‘Henry Danger’ business to wrap up and then I had to do some really last-minute shopping with Lisa, so I couldn’t get away. Swear we’ll hook up after New Year’s. Can’t wait, and merry Christmas!”

Ariana sat there for a few moments, holding the phone as it went to the next few messages but not listening to them. He hadn’t been there? Then who the hell had she blown and gotten fucked in the ass by? Her mind raced through the possibilities… couldn’t have been any of her co-stars, because Ariana had sampled all the guys at some point. If she’d been done by Avan Jogia, she would know. Maybe it was one of Dan’s friends? Nah, he kept all these assignations quiet.

Racking her brains, she opened the first text.

It said “Happy Christmas, Ariana!” all right, but there was nothing there to suggest who it was from. Only that sentence – underlined, telling her it was a link.

“If it gets bugged, I’ll just dump the phone,” the brunette said, tapping the screen to open the link. “I could use the upgrade anyway.”

The screen filled with a beachside balcony; probably in Hawaii or somewhere. But Ariana wasn’t interested in what was in the background – it was what was in front that caught her eyes and lifted her spirits. Now she knew who she’d REALLY been with; from experience she knew that she wouldn’t have to be down for breakfast for at least half an hour, which was plenty of time for the show to be over. Best Yule ever.

“Happy Christmas to me,” Ariana Grande smiled, and settled down to watch Victoria Justice supping on Bella Thorne, with Laura Marano pumping Jennette McCurdy.

In the corridor, her mother yelled at Frankie to hurry up.

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